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Lumikki Omena’s Sheet

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Relationship: Single

Class: Spell Howler

Magic: Frost Godslayer

Guild: Paradise Dawn

Family: ☼ Uncle Brone Heavyaxe ✧ The Shield of Dawn ☼


Weapon: Abyss Spine
Orpheus Harp

Head: Raven's Crest

Body: Plumage for the little Raven

Cape: Kal-El's Heroic Cape

Ring: Raven Night Ring

Relic: Nevermore

Companion: Tenevi


Dark Frost Spells

Dark Frost Strikes back Lumikki returns

Lumikki's Ice Age 3

The Longest Night in Winter

Freshly Fallen Snow


Table of Contents

Topics Completed:

Training Arc:


Fight Scene:

Topics Ongoing:


D-rank Quests Completed:

C-rank Quests Completed:

B-rank Quests Completed:

A-rank Quests Completed:

S-rank Quests Completed:

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Lumikki Omena’s Sheet Giphy


Age: May 5th, X774

Sexuality: Bi

Height: 4’11”

Personality: Swears she’s a sweet child but that has long been up for debate. For a gremlin clad in ice and so small, she is absolutely fiery for no reason. Often with the audacity to appear as if she owns the place. She's mischievous and chaotic, an annoying wild child. Only tolerable because her preferences are at least consistent therefore predictable. Enjoying the torment of slowing her victims and dragging out their demise. Hard to believe she claims relation to the saint that is Brone. Oddly if you actually observe her long enough, you’ll find commendable work ethic and determination. Often finding  her at times performing her mundane tasks and training. Never choosing to cut corners when she takes on her work, she steadily makes slow but consistent progress in all she sets out to do. Even rarer, catching her in sweet moments as she’ll accidentally assist other members before she snaps back into her more playful tendencies. And sure enough you’ll find yourself at times listening to the chimes of her laugh, like a delicate fairy up to no good.
For all the disturbances she enjoys partaking in, it has also been observed she takes loyalty deeply to heart. This little demon is barely distinguishable from a Dwarf in the insistence of loyalty and justice, though her justice is a bit unruly. It seems she will never accept anything less of an arm for an arm. Hard to believe this little demon has any honor in her at all, but it's more convenient she affixes quite well to the needs of the guild. Taken to the concept of seeing it as an extension of the family.

When Lumikki joined Paradise Dawn she was still very hurt and naïve. Just before she entered, she was forced into a pact by a Demon that claimed it have hand in making her. Her Nan dying only through her into a devastation. It was her mother that pushed her to join a guild at all, hoping the it would save Lumikki from her sorrow.
Lumikki is a nice girl, she always was, but the affects of the Obscura slowly change her. She fears one day she could be the monster in her story, that no one would love her as they do her Uncle Brone. It eats away at her as she tries to maintain her humanity and sense of self. As she tries to only be her Daemon self to the monsters that deserve it.


“I feel her growing ever so subtly. A tiny thing she is, yes, but I can almost taste the potential within. It's only a matter of time before she will want to consume her fill, yessss I can see it now Fracnur.”

“You will see nothing, you haggard creature. She has nothing to do with anything and I plan to keep it that way. Don’t you think you’ve claimed enough from me! For all the honor you pretend to have, you really are nothing but a ravenous beast with policies, aren’t you. I doubt your ilk are different. I just hope none tangle my dear girls into their nonsense as you’ve long tangled me.”

“Ay if that's how you feel old friend, say what you like. Run from the truth of things as you’ve always have, not like I can understand it myself. She's long been tangled, as you called it, the moment she began to be. Now, it is only a matter of time before she hears the calling herself. Ensnared so deep, even a coward like you would be hard matched to pull her out”

“That may be so Lorimer! But this will be the start. If this is all I can give her, I best start on my way now.”

“Sinister laughter* If you insist, old friend. All this running and you have forgotten how to think things through. I had thought these past 5 years would of done you some good, you know, staying in one place long enough to hold a thought. Seems you are as shifty as all ways. Yet you call me the demon, ha! I jest Fracnur. Do what you think is best, it is all the same to me. For once in our pact, you have provided something of use to me…”

Deep in the bustling city of Fjallgard resided Lumikki Omena. She was the spoiled daughter of a driven Demi human and hardy Dwarf. Particularly dotted over by her sweet grandmother. Lumikki lived a very comfortable life. In the void left by her father, it was more than filled when Viola met Morgrym . It wasn’t quite love at first sight, more akin to a bar brawl. After all the sparks settled though, they found that they had plenty in common. Morgrym, never particularly thinking of becoming a father, grew to love Lumi very quickly, finding the very sweet child quite wholesome. He accepted the prospect of his new adoptive family as an earnest experience for the years to come, establishing a new smiting shop within the city. Morgrym was quite stern a father, instilling a strong sense of discipline and work ethic. Lumikki took well to his guidance, developing a sense for tradition and commitment. As far as she knew, she was Dwarven herself.  
Viola instilled a sense of drive and passion in her daughter. Making the world seem less daunting with her confidence to take on anything. This gave Lumikki the sense she could do just about anything too, eager to conquer any of the challenges in her path with her dad’s grit and mom’s ferocity.
The final pillar in Lumikki’s life is her Nan. The wise and aged women held all the secrets and traditions of the family. Viola’s insistence to pave a path made her reluctant to look back, leaving many of the old ways behind. It came to a great relief that Lumikki was very receptive where her mom was not. Not all taking in the old traditions and stories, be hungrily devouring the old knowledge. It was through Nan that she was introduced to the frost and fostered a strong love for the magic. With Morgrym presence fortifying the importance of tradition and the resolve to take on the meticulous task of mastery, even down to an appreciation to the mundane. For as eager as Lumikki was to move on to the next task, she gave them all the time care they each deserved. Forming a strong and deep foundation for her magic. Her Nan was quite the encouraging presence, even by Lumikki’s side supporting and guiding her. Though that wasn’t the only reason she stayed so close to Lumikki’s side. She has sensed long, long ago a dark presence encroaching on the little one. One she refused to back down on. So she set wards for her little raven so that she may not be tangled in the darker things. Not yet, not until she had the strength to confront them herself. And so she also set to the task of teaching her lil raven all she herself knew.

Lumikki spent many pleasant and peaceful years with her family, but eventually whispers crept in. Indistinguishable at first, they were annoying but easy to ignore. In time thought she was able to make out words. Nothing that made any sense to her yet, they hardly ever related to the other. She was content to distract herself from the nonsense in her thoughts, feeling everyone must have thoughts that pester them, until one day all she would hear was one word. Over and over, insistently. It was driving her mad to relentlessly hear her name called out to her within her head. Her stubborn ferocity would shove it far from her forethought but she would sadly feel it echo deep within her mind.
Almost accustomed to the scratching of the second voice, life had returned to a sense of normalcy. It had been many years since the whispers began. Sadly as the life in Nan was  beginning to wane, a deep sadness Lumikki had never felt before surfaced. She could hardly be torn from Nan's side, insisting she could never leave. Not when someone so precious was withering away before her very eyes. Sadly, nothing Lumikki did mattered. Nothing she did bought her any more time, or eased Nan's pain. Not like the woman showed any bit of it. She chose to fade as gracefully as she could, spending her fleeting moments reassuring her lil raven all will be okay. After all these are simply the ways of life. Nan did her best to instill peace into the girl's heart for she sensed the growing distress. The darkness was beginning to gather stronger than ever around her precious little raven and she barely held the strength to hold the wards up any longer. She set herself to craft a charm, her last token of protection. A last, death crept and took her before she could finish. The incomplete charm rendered useless.
It was then the steady and small streams of darkness and despair broke into a rushing current. Hungry to envelop and overwhelm her in its caress. Defenseless and ignorant, she could hardly fight back. The voice is clearer than ever before. And so it speaks.

“Aaaaah dear child. You know not how patiently I had waited for this moment to come. Your father sends his tidings. A good friend of mine, he is. That grandmother of yours was quite the mage. I hadn’t expected her to delay my influence all these years. But yoooou lil raven, you are all that and so much more….”
Lumikki shivers from the words of the voice, the sensation so foreign since she hasn’t shivered in so long. Disgusted from her reaction and the display of over familiarity, her anger began to spill over.
“Don’t mention that useless man to me! Didn’t have the nerve to even let me see his face once, what good is he now. Who are ye anyway, besides the annoying gnat in my ear. Pathetic creature ye are, pestering a child.”
“Good, you have so much more fire than that coward of a father of yours. Oh how I love how entertaining you’ll become. Now child, it is time we make a pact. I am sure you will find the offer interesting.”

Lumikki Omena’s Sheet Giphy

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Pokedex Entry

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Brone Heavyaxe
Lumikki Omena’s Sheet 26844-10

The Shield Of Dawn and Esteemed member of the Heavyaxe clan. A branching clan of the Hrútr, Lumikki's Dwarven clan on her stepfather's Morgrym side. It is this factor that connects Brone and Lumikki with familial bonds. Brone and Morgrym being cousins. He was also the first member to meet her when she first stepped within the Dawn and was the one to help start her on her journey from there.
Events shared: World Tarot Adventure, First quest, Joyan war, Spell Training, Their first Battle.

Tamás Horvath
Lumikki Omena’s Sheet 27774-10

The Metal Golem of Paradise Dawn. His dream is to one day open up his own guild and all the steps he's been taking have been leading up to that. Along the way of his journey, he's met many characters including Alex a fellow Frost user, and oddly enough other Daemons. Beating them into submission, he hopes to band them and other outcasts together for his future guild.
Guild Masters met: Yuurei, Jikan, and Judith.

Michael Winters
Lumikki Omena’s Sheet 27772-10

Ùlfr a member of Blue Pegasus that happened to show up at Orchidia on the Christina. He met the Daemon walking along the river and the two hit it off from there. Too well, the naive Daemon fell head over heels for the werewolf. Both are within the other's mutual pack/flock. Though there is no telling what chaos is to come.
Has a smitten his "lil Birdie"
First voice Devoured- Very slang, very brash, very free

Emil Alexanders
Lumikki Omena’s Sheet 26810-10

Thunder God is a fellow member of her guild. A man with twins and a quest. The desire to make sure his family is taken care of. He tends to be brash, wreckless, and rude, but he is also considerate and attentive. The delicate dance he happens to lead. He is the third strongest Pillar of the Dawn.

 Lumikki Omena’s Sheet Img_0011    

Pokedex Entry

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