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A Ravens Musical Adventure (Lumikki)

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#1Michael Winters 

A Ravens Musical Adventure (Lumikki) Empty Wed Aug 30, 2023 12:15 pm

Michael Winters
He spent quite a bit of time with Lumikki, he woke up around 9 am and stretched. He waited for her to wake up and got some breakfast with her. He spoke to her "I gotta go quick. But remember that bar. I'll meet you there when your band shows up again" and with that he left in a hurry as well as getting his guitar.

From there on out Michael used his nose. His mission was to sniff out her favourite band. He needed time for this evening and so he will hammer some music in their heads. He caught the scent of the female that sang in the 2nd song and sniffed her out, following its lead. Eventually finding her. He spoke to her in a bit of a demanding and persuasive manner and spoke of his intentions to the band. Making a special request for them. Which included them learning some different songs for them to perform when the time came. Why? Because he was gonna be the vocalist for the 2 songs. While the last one is gonna be a certain instrumental piece. So Michael spent the most of the day rehearsing with the band, showing them the music they'd play and the notes and everything. They had a surprise for the birdie


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Lumikki had a mouth full of food, stuffed like a chipmunk when Michael kissed her on the cheek goodbye and told her the plans. Meet at the bar? Ok, she thought, still half asleep. She was impressed he was so energetic. He grabbed his guitar and dashed out the door. She felt a sense of determination in him, though she couldn't figure out why. She was just happy she could see him again and so soon,  her goofy face was full of glee.

When she finished the last bit of her breakfast, she willed the shadows into another dress, it was simple compared to the one before.  She went down to check out and return the key, and when she stepped out of the inn it was Trygve who would greet her.

"My Lumi, I'm glad to get to see you in the morning. I figured you would sleep till noon so this is a nice surprise. Are you done spending time with the do...friend of yours?"

Lumikki shifted to a raven to join him beside his perch before taking off for home for good. "Nah we're gonna be out tonight as well, and well....I confessed me love to him and he loves me back!~" She took off in flight just after the last word left her beak, meanwhile Trygve almost passed out in the spot. Floundering to rejoin with the Daemon in the skies, his flight lacking all usual grace. Lumi didn't pay it any mind. She was just thinking about what she owned so she could pick the best outfit out.

Lumikki returned home and took a nap. Telling her ravens to wake her up in time to get ready. When she awoke, she stumbled and tripped on her way to the bathroom to get ready. Finally taking a look at all her battle scars. Tracing over her bites and blushing. She had no interest in hiding any of them and so she got to work.

She slid on another short blue dress with flower detail, only to layer over it with a long sheer black one that trailed behind. She did her lips and eyes in blue this time. Adding flowers and feathers in her hair, which was pulled back in a nice messy bun. When she was pleased with the sight of herself in the mirror, she slipped on her shoes and went for her window like usual.

Trygve is still recovering, didn't have much to say. In truth, it wasn't that he hated the wolf more than sheer annoyance. But he wasn't sure he wanted to lose Lumi to him, losing attention and company. As far as Trygve could figure, the Daemon spoiled the wolf just too much.

The Daemon flew her way back to the city. Only to land right before the bar. Walking right in and being let in with nothing but a nod. She descended the stairs and sat by the bar where she sat the night before. Right on her spoke on the counter.

"Well if it isn't the lil goddess, two nights in a row? How rare. And looking a bit more dolled up than usual, don't tell me your smitten lil raven." Leon teased her from all he saw in a glance, already preparing her drink as she was already chilling bard. "Aaay man even left his mark, huh, you really do love him. You gonna break more hearts than usual ya know lil raven~"

Lumikki pouted more than usual, but she softened up just as quickly cause he had her beat. "What can I say, he slipped right past the ice walls." She sighed as she took her drink and blushed. Sipping a good bit before returning to the conversation.

"Whatever makes the girl happy I guess, long as he doesn't hurt ya of course. Won't be able to show his face around here if he breaks our lil lady Lumi's heart." He traced the bite mark and bruise apparent on her neck. She flinched at first but let him be, she didn't feel embarrassed. "Didn't know the lil lass like it so rough though~" She turned to him in an instant to pull a lock of his hair. He laughed it off all the same.

She turned back to the stage curious when her wolf would return. Leon pinched her cheeks as she pouted.
"I never knew ye had it in ya to be so annoying."

"To be fair, there's a lot you don't know lassie." A frost talon pushed his face away from her.

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#3Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
Michael arrived at the bar with the band and he was gonna perform with them. Only difference it was his songs and a certain surprise for the finale of the third song. He was in the back with them as they made the last prep. He was sure this was gonna do. Michael was always nervous on one on one performances and singing. But with a band and a crowd, he could lose himself and be more at ease.

At first the other bands played. But eventually it was this bands turn and soon enough Lumikki would see where he was. He wasnt joining her in the crowd this time. Soon enough they would play the song.
"I'm trying not to drown
Beneath the sound
But it's taking over
I've tried to shut it down but it grows ever loud"

Of course she learned that when he was alone he'd cope and play music and write songs. So the music he'd usually play was something he could relate to. But this song was not that obvious about lycantropy and was more universal to both of them

"Two voices in my head and I want one of them dead
So I can focus on remembering the words you said
Foundations trembling, these voices deafening
Feels like I am running out of time
I need to kill the sound!"

She spoke about her own Obscura and inner voice. He thought it be fitting to then play a song that could apply to both of them in certain levels
A song where in a way you'd hear two voices, how you'd heard a good voice and a bad voice and how you'd heard an odd voice saying that you should kill the other, kill the sound. Hence the songs name Kill the Sound. He believed the song fitted more than the other one which was The Animal, which was something she wasnt


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Lumikki was swaying at her seat, chatting with Leon, the only one she'd let approach her. Just killing time until the wolf would come and join her.

So when the band began to play their instruments and she heard his voice from the stage, she froze before dropping everything to look forward. Enamored the Daemon jumped off the counter and sprouted her wings. Flying into the air so that she no longer had to fight the crowd to see her precious Ùlfr.

She hung on his every word. Hearing what he sang as it now intertwined them both. The little raven simply thought about how she doesn't think she's ever felt so seen, so understood.

Of course, the band had garnered her favor. And after tearing her eyes for a moment she finally recognized who they were, the one she gushed and entertained the night before. The little smitten raven in her blue dress turned all red in the face. She pulled her arms back as a dark smoke would originate and pour off stage. She was keen to join in the fun and enjoy the moment with him together. Lending her magic to accentuate just how magical the performance would feel to her.

Black snow would fall again, as the Daemon herself only fell more in love.

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#5Michael Winters 

A Ravens Musical Adventure (Lumikki) Empty Wed Aug 30, 2023 2:55 pm

Michael Winters
He'd soon see those familiar wings and smile. Soon he would see what was it like to the band when they garnered the birdie's favour. Though this next song was one for the two of them. If she thought Kill the Sound was good. Then the next one would knock her off her feet... or wings

Soon enough the 2nd song would start.
"Inside this fantasy it seems so real to me"
He'd start the song and Lumikki would soon enough realize this was a new song as the topic was very very risque and intimate. Reminding her of what they did. Yes he made a song about THAT. And not just that, a song about HER
"True life behind the wall where men and angels fall
A fading memory when my mind is Frozen"

he started with a gentle chorus with introduced the topic and the name of the song. Frozen

Soon enough the verse would start
"I can see a frozen point in time where her figure still awaits
Tongue of fire tracing lips outline where frozen breath originates
With one motion of her wanting eyes she strips everything away
This one moment is intensified and the colors all fade to grey

I am in the only place that I want to be
Though we know that it ends eventually
But it's alright 'cause right now we're frozen
I want to forget mistakes they've helped me make
It's better to be broken than to break

A song about the two of them and his mind being frozen to that time they were together. His mind replaying it over and over. Everything fading to grey as he only thinks about the two of them. Though she'd have plenty of time to hear that in the song

"I can see a frozen point in time that is easy to retrace
Light and darkness are both intertwined, the elements are in their place
With one motion of her wanting mind the real world begins to fade
And all the hateful things I have become temporarily go away"

Each time the chorus is sang, it would gain in more passion and that wild intensity. And soon she'd see why he also chose this band. It had a female singer. Because this was a new song that Lumikki didnt know and was a surprise. He had a surrogate as a replacement to sing the lady parts.
"When my mind's frozen
Take me anywhere you want to go
We're far from anything that feels like home,"
"let's go"
"Here I'm anyone I want to be"
"It's here and now, and now it's only you and me"
"It's never enough," "mmm, that's true"
"I want to stay here", "yeah, and I do, too"
"Breakin' it down," "takin' it down"
"With smell, touch and taste, sight and sound"

"How long will I be here without you near?
Because I'm so cold
Break them first or I'll get broken, is not what I was told
Now I'm so cold, I'm so cold
So cold"

Once more he'd sing the chorus, give it his all as the song was amped up and he'd finish the 2nd song
"I'm so cold"


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It didn't hit the Daemon at first. She thought the line of the angel cheeky and the word frozen a nice surprise.

But when the first verse hit her, she smacked her cheeks hard and almost fell from the sky. She only managed to recover because she made a frozen talon to sit atop. It suspended her in the sky and she would let her wolf sing on.

Sing of the night they had just before and how they both wanted to keep it suspended in time, keep it frozen. The flustered Lumikki, one hand still on her cheek, the other swung forward. She added the "frozen" to the performance. Frost ravens would swirl the stage and various black frost statures would manifest on the stage. Lasting for a moment before disappearing away to be replaced with another. They capture still moments of a couple dancing. Their moments frozen time. Their passion was captured in the moment before it had to be tucked away.

The Daemon tried to be creative in her part. She could only focus so much when the night before was brought back to her mind. Some of her statues formed with wings in particular moments she was too lost in the song to pull them apart.

Then the wolf sang of being so cold without her. She couldn't help but find the words and sentiment so charming. She herself worrying she'd only bring her cold was eased by his lyrics and answer.

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#7Michael Winters 

A Ravens Musical Adventure (Lumikki) Empty Thu Aug 31, 2023 1:41 am

Michael Winters
For the finale, he would play a song that she knew well, because it was a song that she showed him, a tune she played on her harp. Only this was his rendition of her tune. He enjoyed playing the music for her. As he figured she would like this and it would show his music more truthfully to what it really is, compared to just his shitty voice and one instrument he plays. Now she had a full picture of it.

Once he finished the final song. He playfully bowed to her, before jumping off the stage with the guitar and going over to her "Wanna scram?" he asked if she wanted to leave the bar with him now that his personal mission was completed. He'd give a wave to her band, before making his exit with the daemoness


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For this one, the smoke of darkness and ravens were enough. Lumikki could only sit and watch, already far too smitten to ever find her way out. Just as the song would end her wolf returned to her. Beckoning the raven go with him. She blew the band a kiss for her thanks. “I shall be bothering ye later doves~” After their complaisance to help Michael with his cause, she just had to befriend them herself. Ever winning a place in her heart, she’d choose to spoil Pentakill when ever she sees them.

Lumikki dropped to the floor. The crowd begrudgingly parted. At first they were quite to see the raven back the next day thinking that she wouldn’t return for a bit of time. It put them at ease to see her alone. Though the bites told the story they didn’t care to read. They choose to swallow their frustration and choose denial. But when the saw Michael on stage they dropped silent. They couldn’t ignore this. Yet they couldn’t anger the raven either. Of course not all the crowd were full of fools. The rare collaboration was greatly welcomed. It brought a fresh wave of new and ever before many people appreciated. Knowing this could be the only time this performance was ever played.

The band themselves drank the applause and attention. Good or bad, they were the focus as well. The lead singer thanked their special guests, the woman blew the two a kiss just after Lumikki blew hers. And it was clear they would see more of the other.

The pair walked themselves out, Lumikki slapping the counter to and winking at Leon as she passed by. They rose the steps and were out again. A new evening, but not late into the night. The couple walked towards the markets. Lumikki looking for a decent restaurant to enter before wondering if she’d want him to meet Carla in the Silver Cleaver. Aaaah she thought better of it, she wasn’t in the mood for all her teasing and she wanted to be alone with him instead.

”I’m speechless Ùlfr…that truly was amazing. I always knew ye could knock out a show but SEEING it well, I’m still spinning.” She looks to him with a goofy grin, too much happiness to hold it back into a cuter smile. ”I can’t even believe ye played with that band. How did ye do this!?” She was holding his hand the whole time they were walking but in her excitement she just clung to his arm. Gushing over how she felt for the show.

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#9Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
"Heheheh" he chuckled as he'd heard her compliment when she saw this. But when she questioned how he did it, he tapped his nose "I sniffed them out and talked to them peacefully" nah not peacefully. He was demanding, very. And he only calmed down when the band agreed to help. Thankfully they didnt need a lot of persuasion, but Michael had the subtlety of a bull in a china shop. Just ask the Mysterious Merchant who sold him his new werewolf transformation blood. Poor guy had no say in it. Not even to explain what he was selling the wolf. Same with the band. They kinda had no say in it, they went along with it. But it worked out thankfully. It all did

"I'm glad you liked it. I just felt yesterday was a poor display of what I really can do. So when I heard your medley, I thought it be cool if I play my version of it. And well, the inspiration for the other song also came and it happened. But other than that. I didnt plan anything else ahead, so I dunno what to do"
he said as he confessed that he only thought of making this musical rendition for the evening for her. Nothing else. The whole day was spent rehearsing for these 3 songs


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Lumikki laughed but planning and rehearsing was enough for her. Really, it was amazing. "I could easily say that no ones ever done anything like that for me. And honestly, I'm sure no one else ever would." She kept glancing at restaurants for inspiration until the smell of meat and cheese hit her and she knew exactly what she was in the mood for.

Nodding the Daemon proclaimed, "Aye, let's lasagna. It's been a while since I stuffed me face with that!" She grabbed him by the hand and took the lead. No alleys this time, she just walked along the main street until she stopped before fairly wore out restaurant. Despite its age clearly showing, it was one of the better places to eat around. The shop has been run by the same family for generation, so the recipes were fine tuned and rich. And the proportions were glorious. Truly a traditional family that took pride in their work.

When they entered, the were pointed to a table. The pair would sit and someone came to them soon after. "Two orders of Lasagna if ya would, a beer for him and a plum white wine for me dove." Lumikki would order for the two, having been here before she insisted it was worth it. The server nodding and was off to fetch the drinks.

"How did it feel playing again? How was it playing music again?" She blushed as she spoke and smiled.

The server returned with the drinks ordered and Lumikki started sipping her wine. Sitting like this in a restaurant was really cute to her. Something so simple but pleasant. It was nice to seeing him in another setting. She would only hope she got to see him in many more in the time to come.

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#11Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
She took his hand, and escorted him to a restaurant. She ordered a meal for the two of them. In a difference for drinks but anywho she'd ask him questions. Like how did it feel to play music again. "It was nice, I mean I stopped when I joined Blue Pegasus, but I wasnt in it that long. So the pause wasnt that significant. But it HAS been ages since I played with a band, granted I do miss my band, even if one of them is problematic" he spoke

"Anywho, enough about me. How are you? Hows your day or days? Has like anything significant happened" now he wanted to talk more about her and the north. How was things with her guild, did anything exciting happen. And if not, was her day or life peaceful. He hoped he didnt totally ruin everything with his arrival


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Things felt like they were going so fast the the Daemon didn’t expect this inquiry. The time they have spent together was so charged that this felt so normal and mundane. Just like the sensation of dinning with him in a restaurant and as she was, Lumikki was even quite dressed up. When the realization of it occurred to her, it just hit her all at once. She blushed profusely as she looked away and pulled some of her behind her ear. Only able to meet his gaze once more as she took another sip of her wine.

”I could say this things have been quite eventful for me honestly. Much like ye, me life changed so much after joining me guild. I really lucked there cause how I was looking, I could of prob easily met with a darker path.” She put her elbow on the table and rested her head on her palm. Fully looking into the wolf’s eye’s once more with beaming affection.

”Sometimes I ponder just how things fall into place so nicely. It’s not perfect mind ya, but I have things in me life that make it all feel worth it. Like me ravens, could ye believe that it was only recent they took to me? And that I happen on to a trinket to hear ‘em?”

A flash of sadness showed on her face for a moment, ”A friend of mine in the guild is also about to make his dream come true, bastards gonna be a Guild Master like he’s always wanted. I hate to see him go but I’m just so happy for him….”

She didn’t linger on the feeling, she wanted to be happy.”I’ve been doing me best to work hard to. I wanna be a pillar of the Dawn. I want to feel satisfied with meself.” She looked away from him again as she couldn’t help to look at him as she spoke about it. Sipping her wine again as she looked at a vase full of flowers as if they were an interesting sight worth studying. ”I have a fear I’m not enough…. And that I never will be. I worry that I would never be strong or worth me salt. Like I would fail and turn to a beast by the end. Sometimes I worry when people remember me story, I’ll just be the villain in it. No one will remember me or who I was, I’ll become some nameless monster…” She could only muster looking toward him from the corner of her eye. Her hand over her mouth to somewhat obscure her face.

”I love tales of old. Me Nan raised me on ‘em. I pursue readin ‘em hungrily, but that’s when i took notice of all the nameless characters and beasts. Sure they were monsterous in a way. But how I saw ‘em, they were just the kinda ilk to lose themselves to their passions, naive or foolish of the cost. Medea the poisonous witch, Fenrir the bringer of Ragnarok, Scylla the devourer, and so on. They didn’t start like monsters, but that’s the only part people even want to see. It makes me worry Ùlfr, being a Daemon and all. Would I falter to? Would I be a pitiful monster? Me Uncle and Guild Master are both cherished heroes. Will I simply become the beast of the Dawn, lacking all grace and sense cause I lost meself to me passions and dreams to be a Demon of me own. To claim the power for meself so no being above dare toil with me again?”

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#13Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
The two spoke about their time and he asked her how were things from her end of the spectrum. He really enjoyed her presence and enthusiasm. She was just so fun to be with. He nodded as he listened to her
"Oh? You have a trinket? I thought it was like your natural ability and attunement to nature?" though as he spoke he also realized her face was now filled with sadness which made him sad that she was sad.
Though he listened to what she spoke
"A new guild? Thats interesting. I guess thats something to look to. But hey, you can at least visit them?"

He was glad she switched from sadness to happiness as she spoke her dream and he nodded
"I think you already are a pillar in my opinion" though he noticed she turned away from him for sure reason, being oblivious as ever. Though still after she spoke, he replied "Villain? Honestly, I find that whole thing baloney, heroes villains. Right and wrong are not what separate us and our enemies. It's our different standpoints, our perspectives that separate us. Both sides blame one another. There's no good or bad side. Just two sides holding different views. Again to look at us werewolves. We're just wild animals hunting for food, feeding and eating. And like any animal also mating. What makes us different from lets say a lion? Its the fact that we can turn human and speak. They think we're evil. We're not. We're just doing good, well whats good for us. I find the term dark race bullshit, y'know. You wont turn bad. You'll be fine. Besides i know you're kicking ass already.. Besides besides. Im the one who is weak. I already got turned into a monster and had taht angel beat the shit out of me. You're gonna be fine" he smiles to her to reassure her. Even reaches out to hold her hand


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He made her chuckle and she welcomed his hand. Holding it tightly in hers so that she could sooth. His warmth was calming her down.

”Ta be fair, I fought the Heartless Angel again meself recently. I know full well how he won’t pull punches. Man would smite ye at yer level, so he won’t kill ye but he gets damn near close. It makes me want to tear his throat out but also something to work for. I don’t hate him, I just want ta pluck his wings….” There was definitely some ice in her voice as she spoke toward the end. It was hard to say if it was personal or the natural disdain the two races tend to hold for another. Either way her reaction was charged.

“The bod ceann Angel threw down from the sky a massive light Lance ye couldn’t escape…..told me something about an impossible scenario….I feel he owes me a wing on me wall really….”  Her cold hand tightened on his. Not enough she could hurt him, but enough his annoyance and distress was known through her touch alone.

Lumikki blinked out of her bloodthirsty daze. Finally returning her gaze toward Ùlfr once more and in the moment, she smiled again. “I agree in yer mention of the complexities of good and bad and I concur on the matter of the dark races getting a bad rep when they simply feed. Ain’t their fault what they’re nature is…most times.” She giggled at what she said and then soon enough stopped and looked him in the eyes.

”If any race deserves the title of Dark, I’d still say it’s the Daemon. Dark affinity aside we aren’t compelled by food or survival but destruction and ruin.” With her free hand she opened her palm and brought it near her wolf. A black orb much like her usual magic swirled and formed, bubbling as the shadows came off like smoke. One could feel the chill of malice easily from this magic. ”This is the dark magic that naturally surges through me. For it I developed an affinity but could of easily lacked the talent. This is the dark from the Abyss to which Demons form and exist. It is the power they “gift” of in their pacts. But really it is only a poison that would in turn corrupt ye over time. It’s pure malice and “evil”. It is for this reason I worry and it’s for this reason I make me claim. Not to be theatrical but reasonably cautious…it’s part the reason me hands and arms are so stained of black.”

She clutched her hand and squashed the orb, opening her palm to reveal a new orb forming. One more like her usual magics. It was the cold darkness Michael would be used to. ”But me Nan raised no fool. That old soul pushed of me fate until her last breathe and I think her for it. She always spoke of the primordial frost Aurilandür. Well I dove into the research meself and Frost mother had a sister named Nótt. The two circle and intertwine making the Ginnungagap. The cold darkness in which all formed. It’s in her I tap into for me magic. And it’s through her I slow the affects, but whose to say what is me fate all the same when me Demon father wishes ta claim me. It is all in this that I build me worries on Ùlfr. It is in all this that I say what I do. So may not be a monster in me story. For if I do, I’d spread ruin…even now I feel the desire to bury the world in ice and bring it all back to the beginning….”

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#15Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
"I dont think I wanna face him again. Not anytime soon. I dont think I can take too many L's." he was not good at losing. Not much of a good sport. He can tolerate one loss. But repeatedly losing was just bad for him and his own mentality and self doubt. He fought Yuurei while.... not being himself. But he would be open to 'fight' him like himself. Still though, the such vast difference of power would be more depressing than motivating. More soul crushing than inspiring.

He felt her hand and his grip tightened to match her ferocity as a non verbal way to show that he understands and that his blood boils at impossible scenarios. Though eventually they both got cooled off and switched topics. Though conversations of good and evil made her show her magic and explain a few things on demons and daemons. He couldnt say much since it was beyond his understanding but he nodded.
"I do like your hands tho. I thing the colouration you have is pretty" he says as he looks the black on her hands
"Was it always like this?" he asked as he looked at her hands, though his gaze went to her back eventually as he processed her words.
"Icy" was all he could say to her last few things as he did not understand magic well, but did understand the feeling of burying the world in an ice age. So the 'icy' was more of a pun for I see. Like what else can he say?


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Lumikki giggled. "Can't blame ye for not wanting to face the Angel. He crushes me entirely, body and soul, but I do it cause that is how much I wanna grow and test me power. I'd prob never match him, but I would be respected along side him. And so I'll fight that dumb fight the many times it'll take. Sides, if he's the worst out there, I'll lose me fear of all else..." Lumikki answered before moving on to the next topic at hand. Going on about the forces she would dance between.

At his mention she would look her hands and arms over, turning them over in her gaze. She smiled as she glanced at her odd quirk. "Yer the first ta make note of it Ùlfr and with that the only one to make me blush over it. I personally like it, makes me feel I got me own talons even in this form of mine, but I never thought another would ever find this trait charming. They weren't even always like this, just started to happen the more I used me new magic." She blushed some more as she looked him in the eyes, "Thank you."

Her fingers tapped the table now, black frost creeping from her finger tips along the table. "I already told ye I had a massive and hankering hunger. Well it was more than just a way of saying I wanted ta lock talons with ya. The hunger in me pangs deep within. Though I doubt I have to explain to ye of all people how the craving feels. I just hope I won't fall into me own endless winter as I bring one of me own to the world."

Lumikki was cut off from that line of thought by the server returning. Unloading their meal before them before asking if they needed another else and running of. Lumikki gestured to his plate, encouraging him to feast. It smelled heavenly as is, so even the Revna couldn't hold herself back now. She chilled it to her liking to skip the wait of letting it cool down before digging in right away.

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#17Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
"Yeah talons, thats what I was thinking about. Thats why I like em. They're unique" he listens and nods as she says they're from the recent use of this magis she has. "Right. So this is kinda new. Which is also cool"

Though as she spoke she got interrupted as the waiter came with the food. The two were served and Lumi chilled her meal, while he dined right away and enjoyed it.
"So, what do you wanna do after this?" he asked.... with his mouth full. He was enthusiastic about hanging out with her. So he wondered what was she into. They could go back to nature and do that nature stuff like chillin. He swallows the bite he had and quickly goes for the other one to gorge himself with the food. He was an animal. Being prim and proper was not him really. Though he wondered what do they do after this


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The two could hardly speak now as they were immersed in their food. Lumikki didn’t gorge herself for animalistic reasons but because she was a greedy little gremlin who enjoyed biting more than she could chew.

The food was as amazing as she lead it on to be, the serving was also substantial. By the time she finished, Lumikki was stuffed. Lumikki went to the ladies room to tough up, passing the waitress on her way there and handing her over the jewels for the meal.

She touched up her lipstick and hair in the bathroom. Taking a moment to really look at herself while she was in the bathroom. As she was reapplying her lipstick she would keep glancing at her hands the comment Michael said would keep tickling her thoughts. Giving herself a goofy smile that she would see for the first time. She took it all in. The faces that would cycle as she thought of him and she was enamored, taking it all in that this is the sides of her that he kept seeing. She would see the blush creep on her cheeks at the thought of it and how her eyes gave her away. Oh and what she loved most was the sparkle in her eyes. Never in all the mischief that she caused did they ever shine this bright.

Lumikki took it all in as she leaned forward and gripped the sink. For the moment, lost in seeing the person she was changing to. She arced her head to make out her still fresh bites on her neck. Tracing it with her fingers and enjoying her temporary mark by him. She even wondered for a moment if it was possible to make something more permanent.

As that thought flashed her mind, she chuckled as she shook her head. Trying to discard her fantastical nonsense. Finally would she leave the bathroom and meet with him again. Wondering herself what thoughts would cross his mind as she was gone for the moment.

Lumikki walked over, grabbing his hand to prompt him to get up and follow her. She was still quite full and so she wanted to walk it all off. At this point, nothing beating the place they seemed to keep frequenting as it was too perfect. Lost within the night, obscured by the nature, where they would be left alone. Though within her pocket of peace, she had another place to bring him. One she had happened on some time ago as she flew over as a raven.

Lumikki would speak to him of places around the city worth eating were he to stick around and she’d point out her favorite bars. When they entered the outskirts, her hyper energy would wane as she soaked up the ambiance. The stillness of the trees only moved by the breeze. The animals would stand frozen as they walk by, sensing the twos dangerous nature. Though as long as they were in view for a moment, Lumikki’s would lock on them. Trailing after the could be game but keeping her calm from the moment.

”Aye, we had a moment of peace and the walk was nice. Wanna cut loose for a bit and unleash ourselves? Run a muck in this forest before I show ye one of me treasures? I feel I could find a deer before ye could, but if I do what should I win, I wonder?”

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Michael Winters
After some fine dining, Lumikki would excuse herself to the ladies room. Probably to powder her nose or whatever girls do in there. Gossip about dates maybe? Anywho Michael waited on her now. He looked at the palms of his hands which had their own hidden scars and old wounds. Now all seemingly mended. If there was any doubt, Lumikki sure shut that down when she performed her healing magic that one time. He closed his hands into fists and relaxed them and opened them once again. Getting a feel of them. Their topic was somehow hands. She had nice and pretty hands, with cool colouration and he kinda always wanted to hold and touch em. Meanwhile his were.... well his. Usual male fingers and nails that now that he looks at it are... messy. Somewhat dirty and not like properly maintained. Like not uniform length because he'd chew on his nails, so some did grow a bit and some did not. Though they're still human length to say the least

He was bit of in awe at how things changed for him. Before he was rejected by women like all the time, now he's like being mr worldwide or something. Like so popular with ladies and shit. He still didnt know how to handle it. Like he still needed to work a lot on himself. Both physically and mentally

Soon Lumikki would leave the bathroom and take his hand to follow her. He oblidged and did so. She would give him a tour of Orchidia and he'd nod and listen and observe the places she'd show him. Enjoying her tour.

When they entered the outskirts, her hyper energy would wane as she soaked up the ambiance. He enjoyed it too, it was quite beautiful and relaxing. But he still felt that call of the Hunt. And no wonder, he'd look at the animals that would stand frozen as they walk by, sensing the twos dangerous nature. Soon Lumikki would speak to him "I do. But that means you know what'cha gotta do" he said as he took off his shoes since he was gonna cut loose and transform. He also took off his shirt, but he considered keeping the jacket. Not sure if he should keep it or give it to her for her darkness safe keeping as they cut loose.
"Hahaha, you think you'd win? Im the apex predator birdie. But I like your spunk" he says and kisses her lips briefly


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The raven threw her head back and laughed before walking over to grab his things and tuck them away. "As if there is only one Apex to be had. Sides, ye underestimate just how well a raven finds the meal first. So finicky is yer smell if ye don't know where to head first. Ye are at the mercy of the winds Ùlfr, while I meself ride 'em."

The ground at her feet would begin to frost over, black flowers sprouting and blooming all at once. The night would caress her before twisting and forming her beloved wings. One of her eyes shown gold, the other purple. Her cheeky grin would spread on her face.

"I aaaam curious ta see ye in the hunt though." There was a giggle in her voice as she spoke. All her wings would pull back at once before beating hard to the ground, sending the Daemon meters into the air. "We can present our catch in our usual place. Loser gets to fulfill the wish or favor on the victor." The Raven leaned back in the air as she giggled, flipping over fully before looking over to the wolf once more. Her smirk still plain on her face as she gave in a wink as she spoke. "But no worries me big bad wolf, I won't use me wish to chain ye down. I simply favor black over red hoods after all."

The cheeky Daemon took off to the skies to scan down for prey.

We shall roll a D20 and that with the higher roll wins the challenge. Making their next post on how they found their prey and reaction to winning as oppose to losing <3

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'Dice 20' : 8

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Michael Winters
He laughs "Theres that spunk. You underestimate the nose. Theres a reason they say the nose knows. I can pinpoint a smell with ease and charge that way straight over like a bullet. Straight in one direction"

But enough smack talk. Once he took off his clothes, he changed his form just as his lady grew her wings. He'd look at her and reply "I am curious to see you hunt too. Shame I wont see it as I'll be too busy winning" he says with a shrug and a chuckle.

Michael nodded as he heard her out. Though he did not get what she was saying last. Instead as she flew, he used his nose to get a scent and running in one direction to get his prey.

Lumikki underestimates the nose and he will show her that. Though he had no idea what his wish would be and was curious what hers would be


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'Dice 20' : 14


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Lumikki had to fly high into the air before she could begin her hunt. Fearing that her presence to close to the ground would trigger the prey to stop in place. She could still make them out perfectly with her sight, but the moment would help direct her gaze. It would make the task much easier than tracing ever line of foliage with her eyes looking for a deer among them.

After a few minutes that she felt were wasted, she saw a small herd moving. They looked as though they wanted to wonder toward the waters. Not fully aware just yet they were seen but the sudden desperation in their step made her wonder if an instinct in them were catching on.

She wasted no time as she darted for them. Like a dark arrow she shot forth, locking on the one she deemed the weakest. As she neared she readied a lard black ice shard their direction. Shooting it forth to hit her mark. The deer could not escape it, the shard would only follow. It pierced what she intended for, it's head. The deer just as quickly dropping to the ground as the others would run off.

A massive frost talon would snatch her game and she would dart back to the cliff top they enjoyed. Hopping she would be the first to arrive but as she flew high enough to see the point, her sneer dropped to a pout as she saw him there.

Grumbling as she flew she dropped her deer before him pouting and crossing her arms. "Aye ye got me I suppose. Though I'm sad to lose it was only fair. Lets drop 'em off a nearby wolfs den so as not to waste 'em. And tell me Ùlfr, as to what wish I shal grant ye. Suppose it's only fitting a Daemon practices the work of a Demon." Annoyance but merriment were heard in her voice. She enjoyed the thrill and the challenge more than she hated she lost.

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Michael Winters
His nose caught a scent and he made a beeline for his deer target. He ran on all fours as he chased the creature down and in one lunge, he caught the animals neck in his teeth and hunted it down in one fell swoop. With his swift victory he went to the spot. Set down his prey and munched on it a bit as he waited for Lumikki

Once he saw her on the horizon he gave her a smug victory smile of glee. His smile widened as he saw the pout. He couldnt help it, victory tasted sweet.
"I told ya birdie. The nose knows." now as for the wish that was a tough one. While he had a plethora of lewd wishes. He wanted something that wasnt sexual or lewd conduct. So he took his time and thought. Until he remembered
"Remember when we first met. Your singing was calming and made me sleepy. When I asked you to stop, do you remember what you offered me" he asked

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