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Regulations & Guidelines

We have a vast and immersive world with all sorts of lore and details that are going to be relevant when you head out to explore it for yourself. In here, not only can you find the regulations that serve as a base for many thing, but also information about cities, countries, races, guilds, factions, and much more. Since there is a lot in here, we'd recommend you to simply read the regulations first and then come back in here whenever you need information about something.

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    News & Announcements

    There are wonderful opportunities for your character to grow and become better. These opportunities present themselves as both in the form of roleplaying events and out-of-character occasions, both of which are rewarding and fun. This sections offers information about such openings and also serves as an area in which you can find out about any other radical changes that are being made to the site. Check in here from time to time to stay in the loop.

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      Introductions & Farewells

      Are you new here? Would you like to leave the other users a little note introducing yourself? Allow the members of the site to get a little peek at who you are and to welcome you into the world of the site. Have you been here for a bit, but need a breather? Maybe real life has suddenly become too demanding? Feel free to leave a note for the site here as well. If you were gone and are coming back, this is a good place to let people know that too.

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        Questions & Suggestions

        Need some clarification? Leave your questions here for the community to offer their input and help you along. If you are offering to answer, please be responsible about it and make sure it is verifiable. Misleading information is sanctionable. Got some ideas to make something better, perhaps balance something that exists? Or maybe a cool thing you'd like to see added? This is also the place to post your suggestions. Every suggestion is considered.

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          If you have gone through the rules and lore and feel ready to make your character, look no further. In this section, you can find the character template to use for your application. Be sure to read regulations pertaining to character creation, as well as the requirements for the fields in the template carefully, to ensure a swift review and approval. You can also find the list of faces in this section. Additionally, the approved characters are also found here.

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            After reading the spell and magic regulations, feel free to pop in here to apply for your spells, up to 5 spells per topic. The spell template can be found here, and the application will go through a review process much like the characters. Within the section, after the review, you may choose to either buy the spells, or train them and they'll be moved to the appropriate sub-section based on that. The more strictly you adhere to the rules, the faster the process.

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              This section is to keep log of your character progression. The sheet is where you list all the threads you have participated in, including the travels, events and quests. It should also list and link the spells, race etc. Basically, everything you obtain and achieve goes in here. If it is not in the sheet, its existence can easily be up for debate, it also helps the staff members make sure everything is in order so try and keep it as up to date as possible.

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                Finally, the review sections exists to help move along the approval and review process. Feel free to use the sub-sections here, to get a staff member to review your progression. The topics range from character, spells, bank transactions, shop purchases, quest reviews etc. Make sure that you are posting in the correct section to make it easier on the reviewing party. Also, read the requirements carefully, to help in a smooth review process.

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                  As your character progresses, it is probably time for them to get stronger, wield better weapons, perhaps? Upgrade their magic? The section below aids you in doing exactly that. It consists of information about all the items, magics, companions and potions that are up for being bought and also allows you to make the purchase. Read about your options carefully to make an informed decision and make sure you meet all the requirements.

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                    This section lists all the banks that your character may employ for their transactions. Each bank offers a unique service and currently, as a whole, the bank services currently include exchange of money between two characters and the option to loan money. When dealing with such transactions, make sure you familiarize yourself with the requirements and regulations around it to avoid being denied, or worse, getting yourself into a sticky situation that you can't buy your way out of.

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                      Nothing in the shop that suits your style in terms of magic? In this section, it is possible to enhance your magic to customize it so that it suits you more. Should you have a slot open for a magic enhancement, it is recommended to browse through this section to find out whether there is something that catches your eye. Fully enhanced magics can be on par, or even stronger, than magics that can be purchased in the shop.

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                        Nothing in the shop that suits your style in terms of equipment? Upon meeting certain requirements, you will be able to create your own equipment here. A guideline is provided inside this section that details regulations on the design and potency. Some methods to acquire the rights to create a custom piece of equipment are events, storylines, and completing your first 250 roleplay posts. Once the piece is approved, it will be moved to the shop to be claimed by the creator.

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                          Nothing in the shop that suits your style in terms of companions? Upon meeting certain requirements, you will be able to create your own companions here. A guideline is provided inside this section that details regulations on the design and potency. Some methods to acquire the rights to create a custom companion are events, storylines, and completing your first 250 roleplay posts. Once the piece is approved, it will be moved to the shop to be claimed by the creator.

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                            Good Quests

                            The quests listed in this section are for the characters that consider themselves to be good or are part of guilds that encourage justice. Doing these quests will rack up fame. While that serves as a tool to be liked by the people of the land, it also may become a reason for the bad guys to put a target on your head. Quests are a swift way for your character to gain experience in order to level up, to make money and earn some extra rewards.

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                              Bad Quests

                              The quests in this section are for the more chaotic, sort of characters and guilds. They are shadier tasks that can range from petty thievery to murder. Instead of fame though, for bad quests, you character earns infamy. Infamy serves as a marker for how dreaded your character is in the community and how sought after they are by the good guys. Much like the good quests, these are are divided by rank and are equally rewarding.

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                                Neutral Quests

                                There are many tasks one can complete throughout Fiore if one wishes to make a name for themselves. The clients do not care which alignment the taker is, and how they complete the mission, so long as they do what they've been asked. Some people are in it just for the money, some people wish to try and better/worsen their otherwise perfect/despicable selves, and some just want to hear their name in the wind. Whatever your reasons, there'll be something here for you.

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                                  Event Quests

                                  The event quests are listed in this section and are usually those that are entwined with the lore of the site. They often involve people that are either from a certain guild, of a certain race or maybe even in the possession of a certain item. They are quite different from the usual quests that a member can take. These quests may be ongoing, or may only be temporary. Additionally, some may require player versus player combat.

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                                    Storyline Quests

                                    In this section, the user can create a storyline of quests tailored for their character should they meet the requirements. Storyline quests can be seen as a story or plot that user wishes to play out and get rewarded for it. The quests come with their own set of rules which can be found in here as well. There is a cooldown and limitation, however, on how often storylines can be done by a user. This applies to all characters of the user.

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                                      North Fiore

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                                      Worth Woodsea (Conquered by Judas the Betrayer)

                                      Worth Woodsea is a large forest complex in the northern parts of Fiore. There are many interesting places in the wildlands but getting there is often the problem as magical beasts make it difficult to simply venture through the forests carelessly. The ruins of an ancient civilization can be found throughout the forest. When unaware of the surroundings here, even simple animals can bring demise to the adventurers roaming here.

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                                        Orchidia (Conquered by Kari the Callous)

                                        Orchidia has the appearance of an old, overgrown city with streets lined with crumbling, derelict buildings and rough stretches of asphalt buried under carpets of moss and entwined with vines. Annexes and additions have been stacked organically onto the ruins, and the roots of trees spread out across the roads. Closer towards its center, the city is cleaned and repaired to a degree; streets are swept clean of debris, and buildings repainted or decorated.

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                                          Sieghart Mountains (Conquered by Brone the Bastard)

                                          Sieghart Mountains is a vast mountainous area, usually it is quite arid, the days are very hot and the nights are infamous for being very cold. But the cruelty of the weather isn't the only thing that makes the region quite dangerous to step into. The valleys are notorious for being filled with dangerous creatures and it is rather easy to get lost. Additionally, there are several crevices and large fissures in the ground, that aren't visible in darkness and can often consume a wandering soul.

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                                            West Fiore

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                                            Oak (Conquered by Khal the Usurper)

                                            Oak is an old castle town. It is situated on a hill, surrounded by forests and mountains, with the river flowing nearby. The city is historic, with numerous turrets and battlements. In the center, towering above the town, there is a castle which belongs to the nobles. While most would believe that trouble happens in the open here due to the housing of an illegal guild, it is actually the contrary. It is a quiet town where certain factions operate in the shadows to not draw attention.

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                                              Baska is a lively location, loud and boisterous in its day to day activities as citizens barter for their goods. It is a small merchant town that is famous for its annual flea market festival. It is said that literally everything is to be sold in the town's annual flea market festival, including junk, weapons and jewellery; apparently, it once even had a crown from a distant kingdom. Besides acting as a modest trading hub for small merchants, it also offers weary travelers a place to rest.

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                                                The coastal town of Astera is very densely constructed. The buildings look like a carpet of white that is cradled between two shallow mountains. From afar, the town looks very uniform in appearance, but as one finds themselves within it, each nook and cranny has a surprise to offer. Overall, the picturesque town is full with interesting experiences and makes for a wonderful tourist spot. The azure sea is usually pretty calm, and makes for a breath taking view.

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                                                  Central Fiore

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                                                  Crocus is the capital of Fiore and one of the largest cities with a vast amount of buildings in a circular formation as far as the eye can see. The most distinctive trait of the town is the limitless amount of flowers adorning the streets, with flowerbeds being placed everywhere, and garlands of flowers appearing as one of the town's most prominent souvenirs. Many parts of Crocus appear to be surrounded by walls which seem to eclipse the city itself.

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                                                    Era (Conquered by Kaz the Malevolent)

                                                    Era is a large town, built around a high, rocky mountain. The mountain nests the headquarters of the Rune Knights. This turns into a town with almost no crime and is therefore considered to be one of the safest towns in Fiore. The rocky mountain is located in the heart of the city, and it features a jagged pathway that encircles the circumference of the mountain as an entrance into the Council headquarters. The town is surrounded by forestry and snow-peaked mountains.

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                                                      East Fiore

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                                                      Magnolia (Conquered by Kai the Vagabond)

                                                      Magnolia possesses a large built-up area, extending over a large, rectangular surface to the shores of Sciliora. Splitting the town vertically and horizontally is a series of large roads. The whole place is western in style, with its buildings being mildly reminiscent of neat medieval ones. In the middle of the town, overlooking the central path is the cathedral, one of Magnolia's distinctive landmarks. Magnolia relies mostly on outsiders spending money at the shops in the town.

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                                                        Dahlia (Conquered by Esperia the Cruel)

                                                        When the light fades and the moon rises over Dahlia, humanity becomes the universal prey. Packs of lycans are drawn out by the moon, their humanity washed away by animal rage. Vampyre families bare their fangs at the scent of human blood. Hordes of walking dead lurch across the manors and moors, driven by an innate hunger for the living. Ghosts haunt the huddled human towns and terrify travelers along the dark crossways in between.

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                                                          Hosenka (Conquered by Yuri the Damned)

                                                          Hosenka is a city in the east, close to the mountains and a bed of hot spring areas, and is well regarded as one of the premier hotspots for holidays and other breaks due to its abundance of spa’s, the regular markets and festivals, as well as the thriving night life. Founded by settlers many of whom came from Joya, the buildings reflect this in their eastern design, mostly commonly seeming to be sculpted from wood rather than brick and mortar like other places.

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                                                            Marchen Mountains (Conquered by Leonindas the Tyrant)

                                                            The cold Marchen Mountains is a range of mountains with a characteristic alpine climate. Snow cover lasts all year-round in this mountain, no matter what season. There are also frequent snow blizzards. Access is possible only to a certain altitude, at which point it is necessary to move on foot. Its characteristics include the occurrence of numerous caves where the shelters are different representatives of the local fauna and flora.

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                                                              South Fiore

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                                                              Hargeon (Conquered by Lisa the Narcissist)

                                                              Hargeon is located in the southern part of Fiore, near Magnolia. Hargeon is one of the Fiore's ports and also one of its most beautiful old towns. It is surrounded by water, being characterized by waterfalls and canals. Hargeon has many and varied locations, such as cafes, ship-bourne market places and parks. It is of a considerable scale and has a complex maze of streets. Visitors can ride the gondola to see the sights. Like any port city, it has its own large marina.

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                                                                Marigold is a city with a castle situated on top of a hill looking down on the city. The citizens are all quite cheerful and welcoming of travelers whom wish to spend some time here. Since Marigold is quite small, they can only house about a hundred travelers in their inns at the same time. Marigold is known for producing high quality plays at the Marigold theater, even on par with those in larger cities. The people are helpful should one find a need for assistance.

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                                                                  Myras (Conquered by Kon the Conqueror)

                                                                  Myras is built at a high elevation at the base of a mountain. Because of the mountainous terrain surrounding it, caravans cannot reach it and travelers must go on foot. Its location in the mountains makes it a prime site for mining. Just accomplishing the task of having a city across the uncooperative terrain is a sign of their stubborn creativity. It is an industrious city managed by the famous Merchant's Council under the supervision of the lord.

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                                                                    Fieros Girdle (Conquered by Jikan the Merciless)

                                                                    Fieros Girdle is composed of a black landscape, with many irregular columns covered in veins of lava jutting out from the ground. A large concentration of mana deep underground the Fieros Girdle keeps some of the volcanoes here constantly erupting. The high temperature, along with the uncontrolled atmospheric mana, also makes the surrounding air difficult to breathe, giving the sensation that the throat and chest are burning.

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                                                                      Luluhawa Island

                                                                      Aloha. The oldest of Luluhawan chants describes the Luluhawa Island, the spirits that inhabit them, the forces of nature that shaped them, and all the living things upon them as inextricably connected. This sense of connection is the foundation of Luluhawan culture: understanding that they all have a mandate to care, to care for their environment and for one another. The spirit is expressed through chant, music, hula, arts, cultural practices, and the warm, genuine greetings that are a hallmark of Luluhawan hospitality.

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                                                                        Hellsea Bastille

                                                                        Hellsea Bastille, also known as the underwater prison, is the Council's maximum-security prison for the most dangerous criminals. It is located underwater in the middle of the ocean. Hellsea Bastille is a large submerged tower-like structure whose foundation is at the very bottom of the sea bed. Due to it being built at a dangerous location, the entire structure is constantly surrounded by gigantic sea beasts swimming below the water. Along with these beasts, the prison is guarded by a force of Rune Knights. The prison is made out of multiple levels in which the prisoner's assigned level is determined by their threat level.

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                                                                          Other Islands

                                                                          Explore the open seas and find more islands than the ones listed above. The islands in this section are owned by other users. They are in charge of their island and are often considered its ruler. Each island may vary based on its ruler. Some may be populated while others could be practically uninhabited. Not all of the islands listed in this section are welcoming though. It is therefore recommended to read the descriptions carefully to ensure that you will not be considered a trespasser when exploring the island.

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                                                                            Other Countries

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                                                                            Iceberg is steeped in storytelling and song, and all of its denizens share a common ethos: it is a plane of warriors who boast of their great deeds and yearn to die heroically in battle, who fight hard and celebrate harder, and where great tales pass into myth through the ages. It is a harsh and unforgiving land. Proud and fiercely independent, its people are born warriors, with a strong raiding culture. While there are many individual tribes within Iceberg, the battle lines are being drawn in civil wars. The region is very snowy and cold. Much of Iceberg is vertical; mountains, cliffs, and deep valleys.

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                                                                              Bosco is a powerful country with a fearsome reputation. To those beyond its borders, Bosco is brutal, expansionist, and threatening, yet those who look beyond its warlike exterior see an unusually inclusive society, where the strengths and talents of its people are respected and cultivated. Under threat from all sides, they aggressively took the fight to their enemies, pushing their borders outward with every passing year. Anyone can rise to a position of power and respect within Bosco if they display the necessary aptitude, regardless of social standing, background, homeland, or wealth.

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                                                                                Stella consists of several magnificent cities and a lot of nature. The cities are all ruled by different kings for Stella doesn't have a central power system. Many human warriors of Stella command and ride beasts, and they are protected by the magic of their sun priests. Whenever a beast moves through a Stellan city, it is under someone's direct control—and there's always the risk of it breaking free. This is part of the Stellans' world view: nature is a tool to be wielded, bent to human will, but it is a constant test of will and strength. Nature can't be tamed, but when humans live alongside nature they are made stronger.

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                                                                                  Towering, gold-encrusted monuments break the unending monotony of a horizon formed of sun-blasted sand. A wide, life-giving river offers its abundant bounty, providing for every physical need. Happy, hopeful people offer sacrifices in grand temples dedicated to their benevolent gods, addressing their spiritual needs. Though, Desierto is a nation of dichotomy. Beyond the lush river valley lies endless, scorching desert. Accursed, desiccated mummies, serpentine beasts, and more roam the desert. The nomadic inhabitants of Desierto eke out a meager existence from the unforgiving land. Some have built small outposts to defend the few oases, while others delve into long-lost catacombs in search of the untold riches that must surely lay buried there.

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                                                                                    Minstrel is home to countless intrigues and plots. The lords and ladies of the High City of Rosailles vie for supremacy through the Grand Game. Move is met with countermove, and trust with betrayal, all under the auspices of the monarch of the moment. The goals of the game are personal prestige, reputation, and patronage, and its "rules" are as simple as "anything goes". Nobles often employ assassins or, more often, bards to accomplish these goals. Social engineering is also important in this aspect of Minstrelian culture, and masks, elaborate dress, and social engagements are important tools to further the Game.

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                                                                                      Seven believes that the country is ruled by an awe-inspiring pantheon of gods. Mortals tremble before them, feel the sting of their petty whims, and live in terror of their wrath. It is a country where barbaric, cave-dwelling minotaurs descend on wayward travelers. Giants stalk the land, drawing strength from the terrain on which they tread. At sea, massive krakens prowl its depths, and sirens lure its sailors to their demise. Yet amid such colossal perils, the Sevenese have found a way to endure. Not only have the Sevenese endured, they have managed to thrive, for Seven it is also a country where civilization is protected behind the walls of great poleis, each city-state a bulwark against the raging monsters that roam the more savage places of Seven.

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                                                                                        Joya is known for its natural sights with cherry blossoms and beautiful mountains. The political structure is quite similar to that of the Western Earthland nations. The highest authority is the Joyan Emperor, however, true power lies within the hands of the Shogun. The country itself is divided into many pieces controlled by feudal lords who constantly battle each other over territory or personal matters. The feudal lords use their samurai for these battles through which the samurai gain honor. Without a lord, they cannot gain honor. Thus, the samurai without lords are considered disgraced ronin. Not everyone is interested in grand battles though. Some feudal lords prefer to hire shinobi to sneak upon their enemies and end a battle from the shadows.

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                                                                                          Enca is an island nation located beneath Sin. Once notorious pirates and sea raiders, they eventually grew into a strong warrior nation that even Sinese try to avoid conflict with. Enca is a federation of multiple clans; each with its own laws and autonomy, with a nonaggression pact guaranteeing peace between them. As the hierarchy system of the Encan Tribes, the Grand Chief is a head of state while coordinating the other chiefs that rule their respective clans, and the patriarchs are heads of the villages. Enca consists out of snowy and icy landscapes with enormous frozen tundras.

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                                                                                            Somewhere, around the time of October, a mysterious town shows up in the middle of nowhere. The citizens of Samhain aren't humans though. Instead, it is inhabited by all manner of friendly monsters including skeletons, zombies, and floating jack-o-lanterns. Should an outsider find Samhain, they may enter it, however, they must be dressed up in a Halloween attire. So don't be scared and explore the streets, bars, and games of Samhain while it is still around.

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                                                                                              Lounge & Laughter

                                                                                              If you've had your fill of role-playing and want to take a break, this is the section for you. Maybe just want to discuss something fun that may or may not be related to the site? From discussions about anime, to games we play, books we read, there are always things to give your views on and new things to share, so that others can pitch in. Have fun, but remember not to go too crazy. The basic rules of the forum still apply to this section. Stay respectful and keep it fun.

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                                                                                                Adverts & Affiliates

                                                                                                This is the only section where you may advertise other role-playing sites and gain some more exposure. Within the section, there is are rules and regulations around the advertising, follow them to avoid having your post removed. It is guest friendly, so you may post without having to make an account here. Additionally, please remember, since we are offering you a platform, we'd like a section in your site to do the same for us as well.

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                                                                                                  Find Roleplayers

                                                                                                  Need a brother or a sister for your character? Looking for a best friend or maybe a nemesis or a lover among the users of the site? Maybe you simply want to know if someone is in the same town as your character. This is the section to post and ask about it. A lot of the plotting ends up happening on Discord, but this section is for those who prefer to have a more organized platform. Create your stories, create something beautiful or create something edgy; more than anything, have fun.

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                                                                                                    Graphics & Goodies

                                                                                                    This is the place to go if you are looking for help with any graphics or templates that you wish to use for your character. The kind and talented members of the community offer their services here to stylize your roleplay experience. Note that all services provided are free; so, please remember to be respectful of their time and effort. If you got some skills in the GFX department, and wouldn’t mind spending some time helping others, feel free to create your own topic here.

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                                                                                                      Games & Wheels

                                                                                                      Here is where you will find the various OOC games that you can play. They are fun and offer the chance of obtaining some IC rewards. Each of these games come with their own set of rules, however. Please read them carefully to avoid having your rewards voided, or worse, banned from the games. May lady luck smile on you.

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