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Frozen Walkers, Unfrozen (Neutral)

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Yuurei had been relaxing a bit more; he was the guild master in the North, and he had to take care of the people there as well. He didn’t have the time to do jobs like he used to. Still, he did miss the good old days, and he figured that if there was time, he would indeed tackle them.

There was a specific request that had come from one of the countries. This one in particular, he didn’t think would ever show up. Enca had needed his guild’s help. What he had gathered needed to be taken care of yesterday. It wasn’t just that, but it seemed like they needed a lot of people for the job.

Yuurei saw this, and he figured that it would be interesting. He decided that he would take care of this on his own. He was worth a lot, and it must have been really important if they were asking for a lot.



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Yuurei and Renji had made their way to Enca without a problem. The Seraphim would use his key to fast travel to the nearest place Enca that he had been to. Once he had done this, he would make his way to his destination by air. The job had told them that they needed to go meet with the head chief of Enca. He would move through the air quickly as Renji held onto Yuurei. The two of them were used to flying around, but the people in Enca would see this.

They were worried and fascinated at the same time. They didn’t know who was approaching the head chief’s location, but they could tell that was where they were heading. Yuurei wouldn’t take long, but he would see that he was close, and he figured landing in front of the guards was better than making them feel as if he was hostile.



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Yuurei would land in front of the two guards who were guarding their chief’s home. The Seraphim would smile at them as they looked at him. Renji would climb down to the ground as he would look at them. They had taken awhile, but they would soon realize that this man was the person who was known throughout Fiore. He was a man with many accolades and it would seem his leadership had expanded from the guild to an entire Region within Fiore.

They would step to the side when they knew who he was. They were surprised that one man would handle their problem. The guards expected a lot more than just these two.

“Chief will see you. He’s been expecting Paradise Dawn’s arrival.” He said to Yuurei.

Yuurei would smile when he heard their words. Once that was addressed, he would nod to the guards and move forward.



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Yuurei would approach the doors and he would enter. He moved through the place with confidence and he would see that the head chief of the tribes in Enca was waiting for him with the others. He would approach them and he would wave to them all. They all looked at him wondering how one man would solve their problems.

“Where is your army, Yuurei?” He asked Yuurei.

Yuurei would look around and then rub the back of his head as if he didn’t bring anybody.

“I should be enough to handle the problem you guys are dealing with. No worries you will see that I’m enough personally.” He said to the chiefs.

They would hear this and laugh a bit before the chief would shut them up.

“Are you certain? This can lead to your death if you are overconfident.” He said to Yuurei.

Yuurei would give him a serious expression as he was pretty sure.



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“Yeah, I’m confident. I will show you guys what the strongest mage in Fiore can do.” He said to them.

When the chiefs heard how he sounded, they wanted to laugh again but knew it would be wrong. If this man was sure of himself, then they would just have to see for themselves.

“Alright, then, let’s proceed. The ice around the areas has melted, and due to that a small militia of creatures said to be frozen through time has been unleashed. We need this to be taken care of. We tried to handle it ourselves, but their powers are too superior. We now understand why they were sealed and not killed.” He explained to Yuurei.

Yuurei would nod as he listen to the man and he knew that this was going to be an interesting task to handle.

“Alright, I’ll take care of it. Where were they last seen?” He asked as he was ready to handle their situation for them.



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The chiefs heard the confidence in his voice but knew that he must have been out of his mind. They couldn’t see him coming out of this alive. The head chief would see Yuurei was excited to go, and he wondered what was driving this man.

The chief would shake his head and he would give Yuurei their last known location. The hunter would get this information and he would look at Renji. The two of them would turn around and would walk out of the place. When that happened, Yuurei would pick up Renji and place him on his shoulder, and would start flying to their destination.

“You about to show off are you?” He asked Yuurei.

Yuurei would look at Renji and he would chuckle.

“I am, but I got nobody to show off to. Still, using this militia as a practice with my weapons is not a bad thing.” He said to Renji.



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Yuurei kept moving in the air and he could see that there were certain places that were empty. They had been abandoned by the tribes, so their people wouldn’t get hurt. Yuurei was glad that they at least planned ahead and evacuated the people. He kept moving as he was going to see the militia soon enough. When he got them in his sight, it would seem like they had also spotted him.

The Seraphim would sense the danger coming from below, and a beam of ice magic would come straight to Yuurei. He would dodge the attack but was surprised that they had spotted him. It would seem like they had his attention now and would start attacking him from the ground using ice magic. The Commander would dodge what he could from the ice, but one of them would land a hit on him. He would move his arm to bring forth his armor to take the brunt of the attacks, but he was sent falling to the ground.



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Yuurei would crash on the ground, but he would make sure it was on his feet. The debris picked up as snow was flying everywhere. He wasn’t sure if they could see him or not, but he felt danger all around him. He would get out of there as he jumped back; it was then attacking were flying all over the place and he deduced that they could see him through all of this.

The Seraphim would took in a deep breath as he would bring forth his Lord Drakkon’s Helmet and his Shadow Guile. He needed a way to harm them in bunches, rather than single handling them. It would take too much, too much energy, and it would be harsh on his body.

Renji had already disappeared as he had fused with Yuurei, and the young man would feel and see the changes within his body.

“This will be enough for you to handle more damage.” He said to Yuurei.



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Yuurei would smile when he heard Renji’s words. It was time to begin; Migi would be silent through this, but he was ready. The appendages on his right arm around appear and they were sharpened as well. They were ready to cut down anybody who got too close to them. Yuurei’s choice of weapons at the beginning was simple. His Excalibur would be in his left hand, and then his Jeweled Sword Zelretch would be in his right hand.

He would swing his left hand down and he would scream the name of his blade. This would bring forth a huge slash of energy to reign on everything that in front of him. The monster’s eyes widen when saw this as they would be engulfed by the attack. They would all be hit and the power behind it wouldn’t diminish. When it reached the furthest it could go it would diminish it would show the results of the attack.



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Yuurei would see that there were still some that were moving after the attack, but a bunch of others had been killed in the process. While he had done that, Yuurei had been attacked by the others that were not in his line of sight. He would move to the left to avoid their attacks and he would see that a few of them had gotten close to him. It was then he would cast his smog walker ability to cast smog around him and blind their sight.

It would seem like they could see through snowstorms and snow debris, but couldn’t see much through the smog. They would also start taking damage from this as well; this was good as Yuurei could see the number of them approaching the area. The hunter would use his Jeweled Sword and he would cast his Ausbruch, by thrusting his staff into the air and bringing forth pure mana to fly everywhere around him.



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The creatures within the smog would be taken out from what Yuurei could tell, and the beings that were roaming to the demise of the Enca had stopped. Their focus now was to handle the man that had approached them. They were intelligent beings and knew that Yuurei had to be within the smog. It was then that they would attack without hesitating. He saw this and he would fly into the air to dodge the ice magic that was being used to try to encase him.

He would land on an empty spot and when he saw he was in the clear, he would shoot out a beam of arcane energy from his helmet. It would cover an entire area as it would take out a bunch of the blue frozen beings. They would be surprised by this as they were being destroyed by one man. Migi was also impressed that his host was someone as powerful as Yuurei.



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While this was happening, some of the beings were getting close to him; he would see this and so would Migi. Yuurei’s appendages would strike four of the monsters without hesitating. It was then he would thrust his Jeweled Zeltrech in a different direction and a bunch of pure mana would be sent to the creatures in front of him. It would seem like Yuurei had an endless amount of mana, but he was only able to do this because of his mastery of mana and his staff used its own supply.

The Seraphim would switch out his Excalibur and his Jeweled Zeltrech and he would bring something different. He would bring forth his Yin and Yang Gauntlets as he would rushed to the beings that were left. While he had done this a Taijitu symbol would appear under him, allowing him to use any of his spells from either hand now. His Shadowguile had also changed into his Berserker’s Suit for whatever was left.



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Yuurei had moved forward and it was then one of the frozen beings had approached him at a higher speed than the rest of them. He would dodge the attack as it was close, and then he would see another attack. He would parry the second attack with the use of his Seikuken and he would attempt to attack them. Migi was also on the move as well as they would attack the being in front of them. The creature would lunge away from the attacks, and Yuurei would see the other beings coming to him.

It was then his Arcane energy would be released from his armor and it would hit the creature in front of him. Migi would cut two other beings that had approached him. Yuurei would land powerful blows to the monster in front of him. It would cause them to shatter on impact as the power behind Yuurei’s punches was no joke.



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Yuurei could see that there were only a few of them left, and the Seraphim would glare at them. He would release a large beam of arcane energy and it would be sent flying straight to the monsters in front of him. When he was done there was only one creature left. It would let out a powerful screech as his army had been destroyed. Yuurei would cover his ears as he wasn’t enjoying the sound of that. It would come after Yuurei again and it would cast a huge spell.

The Seraphim wasn’t sure what it could do, but he wasn’t going to sit here and allow it to be cast. He would use his Taijitu symbol to nullify the spell that was being cast. When he did the frozen monster would rush to him angry that he had appeared to stop his plans. Yuurei would dodge their attacks a few times, but it was then one of them would land.



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A smirk would be revealed on Yuurei’s face as that was what he wanted. Migi would react to this and he would attack the monster. Still, it would dodge the appendages that were on Yuurei’s right arm. Of course, it was what Yuurei wanted as he would swing his left arm from below. He would use his Trigram’s Destruction and it would press against the monster’s torso. It would look at Yuurei and then after that, a huge blast of force would come out from the monster’s back.

It was then it would shatter right in front of Yuurei as he had dealt with it in one attack. It was a powerful attack, which cause him to have finished the last of the monsters here. Renji would separate himself from Yuurei as he had also used a lot of mana as well. He would give his friend the thumbs up as they were going to have to report to the head chief about this.



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Yuurei had gone back into the air, now that the fighting was over. He had made sure that none of them were left alive, and when everything was clear, Yuurei would head back to his original destination. When he appeared once again, the guards were surprised that he had returned. He was also in armor, which he forgot to take off, but would do so in front of them. He would wave at them as he entered the place again. The chiefs there were surprised to see that he had returned; Yuurei would explain the situation and what had been done.

They were surprised about this but were grateful to the guild master of Paradise Dawn. They had owed him one even though it was a job he took on to begin with. Yuurei would take his payment though and he would bid his farewell to the country. Yuurei would use the door near him to return back to his office.




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