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5.d. Tarot Regulations

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5.d. Tarot Regulations Empty Sat Nov 13, 2021 7:27 am


Tarot Regulations


  • Each user is able to receive an aura for their character via the Tarot System upon character approval users may roll for a tarot.

  • The tarots are divided into rarity with different percentages to acquire them.

  • In order to receive a tarot, the user must enter this topic: https://www.fairytailrp.com/t61501-tarot-rolls

  • The user must roll a dice to claim a tarot.

  • The user will receive a tarot based on their roll. After that, the user must complete the requirements of their tarot to unlock the tarot's aura.

  • Once the requirements have been completed, the user must enter the Tarot Review topic in the Review section to get their topic reviewed.

  • Upon getting it approved, the user will receive the aura (in their profile) and will have the benefits listed in the effect section of their tarot.


  • Chances are that the user may want another tarot instead.

  • The user does not have to complete the requirements of the tarot if they are not interested in their tarot and plan on rerolling later.

  • The user may reroll once per month for free in the tarot topic after completing the previous month's activity check.

  • Alternatively the user may submit a quest of their rank completed within the month of the reroll with each subsequent roll up to 5 times per month.

  • For any consecutive rerolls after the first in the same month, the user must pay a jewel amount added on top of submitting the quest equal to the listed amount below.

  • D-C characters must pay 100,000J, B-A must pay 250,000J and S-ranks or higher must pay 500,000J.

  • As S-rank characters are limited to two S-rank quests per month, two A-rank quests can be used to meet the quest requirement for rerolling. This can only be done after submitting two S-rank quests for rerolling that month

  • The requirement resets each month. This means that, in the next month, the user can reroll once again freely, and after that by submitting quests and paying to reroll.

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