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The Newbie Guide

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Hello there, welcome to Fairy Tail Roleplay. We're loosely based on the animanga, but since we're an alternate universe roleplay the events of the animanga have never taken place here. With dedicated members and staff, we've been able to create an interesting world for everyone to roleplay in here on the forum. For this world to be fair, we've had to come up with all sorts of regulations of course. We're quite sure it seems overwhelming at first, but with the help of this newbie guide it should become easier to navigate through it. Throughout the guide you will be redirected to certain topics on the forum to learn everything through a step by step method. In the end, we hope you get to see that the way we operate is not difficult at all and that reading this guide will hopefully clear that all up for you.


Let's begin with The General Regulations, an insight into the code of conduct that is expected. While reading the The General Regulations, we'd recommend joining our Discord Channel if you have not done that yet. Until you get a role assigned, you will only be able to access the Global channel, but this should be enough to get acquainted and ask questions.


Before creating your character, read up on the The Character Regulations first.

Creating Your Character: The Application Template will serve as a guide and must be used to complete your application. Make sure you read the field descriptions and requirements carefully for more instructions. However, there will be a few choices that you have to make that might need more information. None of these decisions are binding and can be changed at a later point for a price, if you wish. Make sure to visit the links below so that you can make an informed decision.
  • Classes: We have several Classes here in FTRP with their own perks and limitations. Not everyone can cast all types of spells; the class you pick will determine whether your character can use magic and the type of spells that they can cast along with what type of items are best suited for them. Please go through the list and  read The Class Regulations to further understand the limits and potential of each class, before picking the one that you think would be ideal for your character.

  • Guilds: We have an assortment of good and bad Guilds here, each with their own rich background and history. Make sure you read more about them to see where your character will fit in. Note that, while being in a guild comes with some unique perks, which are gained through activity, most guilds also limit the type of quests you can take depending on their affiliation. You may join a guild even after starting out as Guildless or leave one in case you started in one. However, every guild has its own method of dealing with your character if you choose to leave it.

  • Faceclaims: Go through our list of claimed Faceclaims before choosing yours. Using art/pictures that are not of your claimed character may result in a sanction. Remember recolouring the hair, eyes and such is allowed, but the original art must still be of your claimed character.

Creating Your Magic: Your character, if capable of using magic, will start off with a basic magic. You have the freedom to create and describe this magic. Although, since it is something you are starting off with, it will be a simple caster type magic. You will however have the option to buy advanced magic as your character progresses.
  • Banned/Limited Magic: Spend time going through the banned/limited magics in The Magic Regulations before you create your magic, since even similarities between the banned magic and your created magic will cause your magic to be declined. The magic that you can purchase in the shop is special, because it will offer you something that is limited.

  • Elements: We have a list of elements, along with their strengths and weaknesses under Spell Regulations. Remember that if you are making a non-elemental, also known as Arcane magic, it will not have the ability to recreate any/multiple elements. Many magic that you can buy in the shop have elemental requirements among others. So, if you are particularly interested in a certain magic, it is wise to choose the element required for that one.

If your character is a work in progress, apart from putting the WIP in the title, make sure you periodically bump the character (we’d recommend about once per week) to avoid getting it archived. If it isn’t bumped, you’ll be given a heads-up, to bump it, if you don’t respond to that within 48 hours, the application will be archived. You can still have it back; you’ll just have to contact an administrator to do so.

Once you have completed your lovely character, put it up for review. To make sure your character is reviewed, post the completed application’s link in the Character Review section. The review section, is something you should familiarise yourself with. It has different sections for the transactions that will take place on the site.


Now that your character application has been approved, the first thing you want to do is make your Character Sheet, which will serve as a log of how your character progresses. It should list the spells you have made, the items you possess and all the threads, quests and events that your character will take part in. The template is a basic skeleton for your sheet; you are free to customize this as you want as long as the requirements are met. Remember, if it is not on the sheet, its existence is up for debate.

After making the sheet, there are few more things you should familiarise yourself with, the information below should guide you through those.

Find Roleplayers: The easiest way to plot with people, is via the discord app. However, the site also provides a Find Roleplayers for this purpose. Browse it to read the roles other people are hoping to fill, or advertise your own plots.

Travelling: While you can roleplay in a maximum of five different topics at the same time, all these topics must be within the same board. If you wish to join or create a new topic at a different board, then you must travel to that board from where you currently are. The word count required for travel is dependent on how far you travel and by what means. Check The Traveling Regulations for more information.

Questing: To earn money and gain experience, you must complete Quests. You start off with the simplest D-Rank quests, and as you gain experience and rank up, you can do the more difficult ones. Make sure to go through The Quest Regulations to ensure that you meet the requirements when taking and completing a quest.
  • Quest Review: To take a quest, post under its topic and wait for a mod to approve the start of the quest. You can start the quest only after it’s been approved. When you have completed the quest, link it in the same topic for it to be reviewed. You can only take one quest at a time. Remember to link the post where you take and complete the quest in the Request Review section to ensure your request is looked at promptly.

Ranking Up: You rank up when you reach a set experience. The respective experience requirement and rewards for each rank up can be found at The Ranking Regulations.

Attributes: Here in FTRP, we have five key Attributes that we use to assist in the development of a character’s combat abilities. They are: Strength, Speed, Endurance, Constitution and Intelligence. You can read more about how these stats are used in the context of an RP in The Attribute Regulations. Note that the attributes are simply a gauge to measure the capabilities of a character; it does not warrant god modding at any point. Apart from the five stats above, we also have Mana, which is required to cast spells.

Shops: We have two different types of shops, Jewels and Point.
  • Jewel Shop: Everything you buy from the Jewel Shop requires Jewels, which you primarily gain by completing quests and Events. Most of the things that you might want for your character can be found here. For example, equipment, companions, advanced magic, potions etc. Note that many things in the shop are limited; that is, they can be owned by only one person. So, if another person possesses a limited magic, you may not buy it until it is back for sale.

  • Point Shop: In the Point Shop, you can spend your Points that you gain by writing RP posts. You gain 10 Points for every RP post. Races are exclusive to this shop and unlike in the Jewel shop, there are no restrictions on the number of Attribute potions you can buy from here in one month.

Transfers and Loans: There is a possibility to transfer jewels between characters or take a loan, at a certain tax rate. Read more about The Banking Regulations to get a better understanding of the system.

Spell Making: If you have a class that can utilize magic, you are allowed to make four free D-Rank spells to begin with. Before you begin filling out the Spell Template, please read The Spell Regulations thoroughly as spells have specific guidelines regarding their capabilities (ranges, cooldowns, damage types, etc.) depending on their rank and element. The review process would be much faster if the spells follow all these regulations.

Races: We have Races that you can buy from either the Point shop or the Misc shop. Only certain races may be purchased with a pre-existing Human character: Werewolf, Vampire, Daemon and Nephilim, while the other races, such as Half-Elf, Dwarf, and Wood-Elf, are free for a character to begin as. It is also possible to app for Demi-Human and list the animal-type e.g. Demi-Human (Fox). In such cases, the user will receive the perks of Human race. Only common animals can be listed for Demi-Human and not mythical creates e.g. Dragon. Please read through them carefully to make an informed decision. Also, some races have limitations regarding the element of their magic. So, in case you wish to buy a race for your human character at a later point, it would be wise to take this into account while you choose the element for your magic.


Activity Check: At the beginning of every month an Activity Check will be posted. To claim the rewards for the activity check, your character must have completed at least 10 posts in the previous month. You must post in it to ensure that you get to keep the items, magic and faceclaim that are unique to you. The rewards get better every month, but if you lose your streak, you’ll have to start again at month 1.

Games & Wheels: Finally, there are some OOC Games and Wheels, which can grant you IC rewards. Please make sure to read the regulations for each of the games carefully before playing, to avoid having your awards denied, or worse, being penalized and temporarily banned from the games.

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