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The Banking Regulations

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The Banking Regulations Empty Sat Dec 22, 2018 1:40 pm



The banks in Fiore are ready to serve you as a client whether it is to send some money, to invest or to even transfer an item. Not all banks offer the same services though therefore it is important to seek out the right bank. The user can only use the bank once per week. The timestamp of their previous banking request will be able to prove that. Even though each user has a limit of using the bank once per week, the bank itself can have extra limits such as only being able to visited at a certain time of the month.

Banks have different transfer rates, some are more expensive and will charge you more jewels to transfer your money. Sometimes the access to a bank can only be obtained by completing a certain quest for example. There is however something important, there is an in-character factor when it comes to using the bank. The user may not transfer jewels to simply anyone, they must know the other person in-character if they wish to transfer jewels to them. This means that the user must have their names and a motive to transfer jewels.

Besides knowing the other mage in-character by having roleplayed with each other before, the world also plays a big role. It is not possible for mages from Good Guilds/Factions to send jewels to members from Bad Guilds/Factions. The same goes vice versa. The moment such a transfer would happen, the Fiorian Bank would in theory arrest you or try you for treason; in reality however it is simply not possible to even apply for such a transfer. In time when other Banks appear this will become possible, but for now with the Fiorian Bank which is controlled by the kingdom, it is not possible.

When the user meets the requirements of a bank, they can use it by creating a topic in that Bank's forum called Guest's Fiorian Bank or Guest's Blackwood Bank, depending on which forum it is. In here, the user will use the template provided in that forum to submit a transfer to another user. The other user must post a template in their own bank to accept the jewels and then go to the Review forum to get a mod to confirm it.


The Fiorian Bank is the state bank and also the most common bank used throughout Fiore. The interest goes directly into the Fiorian chest which is then used by the Royals for construction and other tasks required in the country.

  • Requirements: There are no special requirements to use the Fiorian Bank.

  • Limitations: Users may do as many transfers as they wish until they reach their maximum of 2,500,000 Jewels for the month.

  • Minimum: The minimum amount of jewels required to transfer is 50,000J.

  • Maximum: There is 2,500,000 Jewel maximum amount of that can be transferred per month per character.

  • Tax Percentage: The tax rate to transfer jewels is 20%. This means that if someone transfer 250,000J, the bank will deliver 200,000J and keep 50,000J.


The Blackwood Bank is an infamous bank controlled by a group of powerful figures from the underworld. Whenever someone is in a dire need of a loan, they come here. The Blackwoods are serious about their business. They deal out permanent injury and take the lives of clients that are not capable of paying back their loan in time. Their rates are incredibly high, therefore most people won't consider going here.

They're considered to be loan sharks since they come to collect their money if you do not pay it back in time. The moment the user receives a loan from Blackwood they will have four weeks to pay it back with interest otherwise they will receive a permanent injury. If possible they will also take away the possession that was purchased with the money if it is something tangible. In case the user doesn't manage to pay it back within six week though (which is two more weeks, not another six weeks), they will lose their lives.

While they operate as loan sharks, Blackwood does not take kindly to individuals aiming to disrespect their strength and influence. To have a loan payed off through the means of associates belittles the power that an outstanding debt carries and by associate, belittles Blackwood. As such, individuals who are currently indebted to Blackwood will be ineligible to receive a loan from anyone until they have paid off the entirety of their current loan on their own.

Deception is not taken kindly by Blackwood, as any effort to send funds given by Blackwood to others will hold both, the original loaner and the recipient responsible for the full repayment of the jewels and interest.

  • Requirements: The user must be at least C-Rank to request a loan.

  • Time Limit: The user can request a new loan after a month after which they have paid back their previous loan.

  • First Due Date: The user must pay back within four weeks after which they have received the loan. If the user fails, they will receive a permanent injury and whatever they purchased or something at least equivalent in worth will be taken away from them. In case the user manages to pay their loan before the second due date, they will receive what was taken away from them.

  • Second Due Date: The user must pay back within six weeks after which they have received the loan. If the user fails, they will lose their life.

  • Minimum: The minimum amount for a loan is 250,000J.

  • Maximum: The maximum amount for a loan is 500,000J for C- and B-Rank members, and 1,000,000J for A- and S-Rank members.

  • Interest Percentage: The interest rate to a loan is 50%.

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