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Talaz Lagaar - Science Gone Wrong [Main]

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Science Gone Wrong

Cries of anguish could be heard throughout the metal walls of Talaz Lagaar as its citizens bleed through their orifices. A plague originally designed to cure disease has left the island vulnerable and desperate for aid from outside parties. With little option leaders of the island provide what they can in exchange for resources and aid. The origins of such a deadly infection are largely unknown however many suspect that researchers within the inner realms of the Talaz Lagaar were experimenting on things beyond the understanding of man and thus had awakened something otherworldly, this plague only being the start of what is to come. Amongst this devastating virus, unusual behavior could be witnessed with the normally static mechanized island of Talaz Lagaar leading some to believe the Singularity was only a few years away when metal frames began to have their own sentence.

Event Conditions

  • Science Gone Wrong may be participated by all the user's characters however certain events may be restricted to one character per player such as Man into Machine and an Unknown Sacrifice.
  • Topics within Talaz Lagaar as part of this event are not considered towards the user's roleplay region, however, any topics that are done elsewhere within Ishgar are counted towards a member's roleplay location nationally.

Event Details

  • Certain Events have other variables beyond word count and can even be failed so members are recommended to be vigilant when signing up and completing events to ensure they receive optimal rewards.
  • Like in other locations in Ishgar, users will be considered unaffiliated in regards to Guild alignment outside of formal alliances with the Rune Knights having no official jurisdiction over the affairs of Talaz Lagaar as a consequence any bounty or contract claims within the island will cause members to go to the inner sanctum for experimentation instead.
  • There is no defined end date on Science Gone Wrong with more to be expanded upon as the plot progresses.

Science Gone Wrong Events

There are multiple events tied to Talaz Lagaar that will all be ongoing for a while till a cure for the disease is found or until the robots overthrow the people of Talaz Lagaar

⚙ Gift for Healing Salve
With medical staff being largely scientists rather than doctors or nurses, the island began to feel an overwhelming need for support from the other countries, as such powerful individuals capable of aiding those too sick to care for themselves have been requested to heal and maintain their wellbeing while the truth of the plague is revealed and ultimately the cure for it. This is considered a substitute for members to complete as a Neutral Quest at their own discretion.

⚙ Poisoned Air
Equally affected by the plague, long term foreigners will begin to feel the effects of it being worsened in situations of heightened stress such as fighting with people suffering and losing 1% of their total mana pool per turn while their spells and physical damage are reduced by one rank and one tier respectively whilst roleplaying in Talaz Lagaar. Perhaps most interesting is who are not impacted by the effects of the plague including the undead and Machia.

⚙ Man into Machine

Prior to the virus breaking out to plague Talaz Lagaar, citizens within the island were able to freight out a series of machia ready for a living mind led by the mysterious Professor Braun, a newcomer to the island who left the country conveniently just ahead of the disaster. Alongside the robots of Talaz Lagaar, these Machia were said to be immune to the virus and thus were transported offshore ahead of time. Dozens of these were exported through various neighboring countries in an attempt to get assistance from people who were willing to transfer their minds to the machines.

⚙ An Unknown Sacrifice
Amongst all the Chaos and deteriorating health of the Talaz Lagaar Citizens, Mechanicized Guards of the Fractured Sky have been reprogrammed to aid their masters and help support their worst impacted by the Plague. With the reduction in security and the magical barriers around the power plant being offline, individuals may come right up close and personal with the artificially created rift maintained by immense forces on both sides. Those willing to take the risk may siphon off some of their energy into the rift which will be considered unusable for the duration of the Talaz Lagaar Event.

⚙ Pillaging Forgotten Relics
Users may explore Zero, a powerful monument to the people has been left unguarded with the transition from the robots as shields to its citizens to their carers as a consequence there have been rumors of individuals gaining access to the otherwise inaccessible area and pillaging the decaying structure. Members may pillage Zero and potentially lose favor with the people of Talaz Lagaar.

⚙ Diplomacy with Artifical Life
Should members be within the same country as One, they may interact with them, initially One is treated as a simple rogue entity by Talaz Lagaar however further information is revealed through investigations leading to a substantial bounty & contract being placed upon them attainable by all parties with morality being the driving decision maker. Members interested in making some extra jewels may hunt and fight One potentially leading to his capture and partial dismantling by critically ill Talaz Lagaar researchers.

⚙ Pen is Mightier
As the factions prepare for war, gathering supporters in foreign countries is paramount. For the faction to win the conflict, they'd not only need an overwhelming amount of resources compared to their foes, but the ability to reopen diplomacy with neighbouring countries. Members may reach out to ambassadors of foreign countries, each with their own agendas, and show them that the future lies with their faction ruling Talaz Lagaar.

⚙ Changes in Talaz Lagaar
With more and more people choosing their side, the lines grow increasing defined and the various factions begin to take action against one another within the very lands of Talaz Lagar. The cold war grows hotter with every passing year as saboteurs from one side attack the other. Members may choose to sabotage the enemy or protect key locations of their faction, or simply focus on using their faction's resources to fighting the plague.

⚙ Creation of Two
Following the capture of One, Members may infiltrate Talaz Lagaar to free them, however with their dismantling, they are forced to reconstruct themselves with anything found in the nearby area causing them to adopt the new idea of Two as they replace their metal skin for those that had captured them. In turn creating the first replicant, the polar opposite of what society known as Machias, the soul of man residing within a metal frame.


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