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The Arena of Champions

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The Arena of Champions

Ladies, gentlemen, and folks of all genders, we introduce to you... the Arena of champions!

Every month people from all over the world travel far and wide to Seven in order to see the strongest, most talented fighters participate in the most famous Arena in the world! Lords and ladies come to place their bets or to choose the best of the best to hire for quests, and people from all over the world come to witness the greatness of participants. Heroes and Villains alike sign up to prove their worth. In the Arena of champions, anyone is capable of participating without discrimination, but watch out! There are some extraordinarily talented mages out there.

Seven is a land governed by the gods, dictated by deities who control our fates. This Arena is known for not only its bloody battles, but for also producing true champions who the people of Seven believe to be chosen by the Lords above themselves! In the Arena of Champions, you're not only fighting for you, but you are also fighting for the gods! So make sure to come prepared to show out!

The Arena of Champions is sponsored by Lords and Ladies of countries from all over the world. Each champion is here for a reason, whether it be fame, glory, money to settle quarrels or just for fun. There are a ton of Arenas to participate in for all different types of fighters. Are you a mage capable of using powerful magic, or an adventurer with a collection of different items in your arsenal? Maybe you're a team player with a strong support type magic? Whatever the case may be, there is certainly a space for you here! So come on down, prove your worth and sign up for the Arena of Champions! Make your mark on the world today!

- Despina the Announcer

Arena Conditions

  • The Arena is a constant event available for members to put forth or accept challenges. Members may only participate in one Arena Fight at any given time, and will not be able to challenge or accept challenges from the same person more than once per month whether the fight occurred inside or outside the Arena.

  • Members are not forced to accept a challenge under any circumstances. The Arena is intended to be a platform for members to find matches and leave a record of the established rules and conditions agreed upon by both parties.

  • Users may join Arena topics as Spectators in order to spectate, socialize, and commentate on the fights. Spectators do not affect the participants posting order or time to respond.

  • Spectators may not use effects, spells, or any other means to interact with the participants. The most a spectator may do to interact is cheer if they choose, but it may not be acknowledged by a participant due to the circumstances.

  • Users may roleplay in the Arena topics without needing to travel to Seven.

  • Users may fight each other without the fear of being arrested in the event of them having a contract or bounty and losing to an opposing aligned opponent.

  • All fights within the Arena of Champions are considered Green unless otherwise mentioned in the rules chosen by the participants.

  • Limb loss caused through fights in the Arena of Champions may be regenerated through the shop for half the normal amount.

Arena Details

  • The User may participate in the Arena with all of their characters, however not against each other.

  • Fights are considered one on one unless otherwise stated in the Arena Type and can not be invaded as they are protected through the Arena guard.

  • Challenges are issued to members following the sign-up format below. The User should mention the person they are challenging in the sign-up and contact them on the discord in order to ensure they receive a response to their challenge.

  • If you are challenged, you should quote and respond to the challenge with “I accept” or “I refuse”.

  • If you would accept the challenge if the rules were changed, you should discuss it and have them edit the challenge before responding with your acceptance. Similarly, if you can’t reach a consensus you should refuse at that point.

  • The User issuing the challenge is responsible for creating the topic in the Arena of Champion section of Seven. In the case of an Open Challenge, the User accepting will be responsible for starting the topic.

  • In the event a battle moderator is called in to clarify, resolve, or determine the fight, their decision will be final, any unreasonable disagreement with that decision will result in the parties not receiving their fight rewards.

  • Users receive fight rewards for participating in the Arena with the following modifiers:

    • The user receives a 20% jewel increase for completing a fight in the arena.
    • The user receives a 20% experience increase for completing a fight in the arena.
    • The user receives an additional 50% Statistic Points when completing a fight in the arena, this effect rounds up.


  • The Participants in the match may wager their jewels one-on-one with one of their opponents to add to the stakes, further increasing the rewards the winner may obtain.

  • The amount the User may wager varies based on the risk involved with the bet.

    • Winner Takes All: A Winner Takes All wager is one where two participants bet an equal amount of jewels on their own victory. As the risk involved in this wager is the highest, the maximum bet possible is also the highest for this option. Maximum Amount: 5,000,000J

    • Reward: A Reward wager is a one-sided wager offered by one side, typically the more confident or superior of the two, as a means to incentivise the opponent. It is offered to the opponent on the condition that they defeat the one offering the Reward. There is significantly less risk involved during a Reward Wager compared to a Winner Takes All, so the maximum bet is also lower to reflect that. Maximum Amount: 2,500,000J

    • Compensation: Compensation is precisely that. Although it’s considered a wager in the Arena, it is an amount of jewels offered by someone who is seeking a fight at all costs. Compensation is a wager offered by a participant to the person willing to accept their challenge, and due to this it has a relatively low maximum. Maximum Amount: 1,000,000J

    • Betting: Betting is the only wager option available between spectators. As it is between two spectators, they may not bet on the same individual and must naturally do so before the fight finishes. Maximum Amount: 1,000,000J [The process for betting would be done in the fight topic, both users would state the amount they wish to bet in their posts, and the winner may claim it by linking the two posts with the amount bet in The Arena of Champions topic.]

  • Users may only earn up to 10,000,000J from Wagers within a 6 month period.

  • Participants may offer the jewel reward from the match towards the wager, but the amount must still be within the existing limitations of the wager system.

  • The Wager mechanic is something offered in order to create a new dynamic related to fights, and it is frowned upon to misuse the mechanic. Any blatant misuse and abuse can and will result in voiding the bet at best, and the removal of the jewels bet at worst. The mechanic is not intended to be a new method to transfer jewels between accounts at a higher rate, and is there solely for the sake of improving the Arena experience both in and out of character.

  • It’s important to note that this is a Roleplay mechanic and that all members of the staff understand that there are times when the story takes priority over which individual may seem stronger on paper, or even who should win. We hope that all members will respect the mechanic just as much and not actively try to use it in ways that abuse it.

  • You may not wager in any manner with an alternate character and any attempt to move jewels from between accounts with the assistance of others may be denied at the discretion of the Staff Team.

Arena Types

Within the arena of Champion, there are several different arena types that suit a variety of individuals, the berserker ready to go all out on their opponent around them in a One-on-One brawl, or the squishy support in a Team Conflict. Each Arena Type has a designated fighting stage designed to highlight the battle.

  • One-on-One: Opponents engage in combat within a 25-meter by 50-meter area. Should a fighter be knocked out or pushed out of the arena, they will be considered a loser.

  • Team Conflict: Teams may consist of at most three members on each side normally. It is possible for an individual to initiate a challenge towards a team as long as those challenged are of a lower rank than the User. The two opposing teams engage in combat within a 50-meter by 100-meter area. Should a fighter be knocked out or pushed out of the arena, they will be considered a loser.

  • Open Challenge: The Open Challenge Arena is a special venue for those with absolute confidence in themselves. The type of battle is determined by the person who accepts the challenge; the only restriction is that a Magic Restricted fight cannot be forced on an adventurer through an Open Challenge. Whether the Open challenge is one-on-one or a team conflict, that is determined by the number of individuals hosting the challenge.

  • Challenge the Unknown: The most mysterious challenge hosted at The Arena of Champions is this one. No one knows exactly who or what will appear, but every past occasion has revealed unknown or lost items and magic for those willing to challenge the Unknown. The opponents engage in combat within a 50-meter by 100-meter area. Should a fighter be knocked out or pushed out of the arena, they will be considered a loser.

    • Challenge the Unknown is a special challenge reserved for when the staff is seeking the assistance of the community to test new mechanics in order to balance them. While it may not occur often, the exact details will likely vary from facing NPCs with the effect or possibly another RP’er that has been chosen to test the effect through an item. There may even be instances where both members are given access to a new shared mechanic. We seek your understanding should this occur as the effect or mechanic is untested and may result in a less enjoyable experience. On the other hand, you will be rewarded for your efforts regardless so we still hope you will participate when the time comes.

Arena Restrictions

  • Equipment Restriction: Opponents may only fight their opponent using their equipment, this includes companions, the user's magic spells are entirely nullified the moment the user attempts to cast a spell.

  • Magic Restriction: Opponents may only fight their opponent using their magic, the user is entirely stripped from their equipment, Adventurers, Beastmasters, and Requippers are excluded from this Arena Type entirely.

  • Rank Restriction: Opponents may only fight their opponent using their statistics, mana and rank equalized, the user's statistics will be reduced to the member with the least amount of statistics.

  • Custom Restriction: It’s possible to establish a Custom Restriction that hasn’t been seen previously, but both members must agree to implement and test the Restriction. This may be a variation and combination of existing Restrictions in order to tailor the restriction to the fight, or it may be an entirely new concept that isn’t represented currently.

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Participant(s): What is the name of your character?
Rank: What rank is your character?
Opponent(s): Who are you challenging? Please mention the User in question here and/or reach out to them on the discord in order for them to respond in a timely manner.
Response Timer: 48 hours is the default for this, but you may choose to adjust or remove it for the sake of a challenge.
Arena Type: What type of arena will host your challenge? If choosing Open Challenge, you may leave the opponent section empty.
Danger: What Danger level will the match have? The default is Green, but may be set as high as Orange (2 Injuries) for matches.
  • Which restrictions apply to your battle? If you intend to use a Custom Restriction, write it here.


Participant(s): Giorno Giovanna
Rank: A-rank
Opponent(s): Bruno Bucciarati
Response Timer: 48 hours
Arena type: One-on-One
Danger: Green
  • Equipment Restriction
  • Rank Restriction


[b]Response TImer:[/b]
[b]Arena Type:[/b]

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The Arena of Champions Empty Fri Oct 07, 2022 10:11 am


Name: Jikan Supēsu
Rank: X
Month: October
Formats: Host's choice (open bracket)


The Arena of Champions Empty Fri Oct 07, 2022 11:23 pm


Name: Kon
Rank: X-Rank
Month: October

  • One-on-One (Open Bracket)
  • Team Conflict (Open Bracket)
  • Host's Choice (Open Bracket)
  • Equipment Restricted (Open Bracket)
  • Rank Restricted (Open Bracket)


The Arena of Champions Empty Mon Oct 10, 2022 11:40 am


Name: Erebus
Rank: X-Rank
Month: October
  • One-on-One (Open Bracket)
  • Team Conflict (Open Bracket)
  • Host's Choice (Open Bracket)
  • Equipment Restricted (Open Bracket)


The Arena of Champions Empty Mon Oct 24, 2022 9:48 am


Name: Yuurei Starlight
Rank: Z-Rank
Month: October

  • One-on-One (Open Bracket)
  • Team Conflict (Open Bracket)
  • Equipment Restricted (Open Bracket)


The Arena of Champions Empty Sat May 27, 2023 11:40 am

Participant(s): One (Kishin 1 personality), Esperia, Kaito, Yuurei
Rank: S
Opponent(s): Kaito, Yuurei
Response Timer: 48 hours
Arena Type: Open Challenge?
Danger: Green
  • The Arena challenges you. The surroundings shift, your mind itself placed into the current moment of the One topic, in an alternate reality. A chill crawls down your spine, the Bad Ending having arrived, the plot armor having slipped.
  • One's Draft:
  • This One possesses data and pieces of personality of famous characters. One's styles and difficulty progressively get harder, but it does not possess any customs or abilities beyond what's expected. Upon defeat, alternative options are presented.
  • When someone is skipped or not interested, a Voidling helps One and an NPC of your ally is put under your control.
  • Yuurei remaining conscious beyond 3 One posts will liquidate all of Kishin's sheet, to be put toward a 10,000,000 debt to Yuurei.
  • Kaito defeating this One will immediately kill Kishin, consumed by alternate realities in The Fractured Sky, with Kishin's sheet liquidated to Kaito.
  • 1,000,000 J offered from me to participate, rewarded within a month of fight rewards.


The Arena of Champions Empty Sat May 27, 2023 6:02 pm

Participant(s): Kishin
Rank: S
Opponent(s): And/or Alisa, Atani, Averie, Azure, Brone, Daiko, Daisuke, Dan, Destin, Elise, Emil, Felix, Fuyu, Ikanbi, Ikazuchi, Izanagi, Jazmynn, Jin, Judith, Kanna, Kon, Lumikki, Mary, Michael, Mimi, Mishiko, Nastasya, Nikki, Noel, Ragnar, Ramses, Saturn, Siban, Skald, Sofia, Sophie, Toge, Vex, Yukirochisu, Zane.
Response Timer: Custom
Arena Type: One-on-One?
Danger: Green
  • Custom rules


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Participant(s): Ryuko
Rank: S-rank
Opponent(s): Kamui
Response TImer: -
Arena Type: One-on-One
Danger: Green

  • Both participants are allowed to use their sacs once released
  • Ryuko's dragon transformation is off-limits until she has been hit at least once directly


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Participant(s): Erebus
Rank: X-rank
Opponent(s): Lumikki
Response TImer: -
Arena Type: One-on-One
Danger: Green
Restriction(s): Both participants are allowed to use their sacrifices.

#11Alaric Holloway 

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Alaric Holloway
Participant(s): Alaric
Rank: B + A
Opponent(s): @Salem E.
Response TImer: -
Arena Type: One - on - One
Danger: Green

  • None

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