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Diplomacy with Artifical Life

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Diplomacy with Artifical Life

Darkness, nothing but darkness could be seen as the escaped robot lay front first upon the sands of the Minstrel beaches across the seas of their former prison, Talaz Lagaar. Even now fearing for its own self-preservation, the robot remained still hoping their own absence of senses could hide from the world. A truly naive sentiment with curious children from the nearby village already beginning to approach him loudly hollering and laughing at each other. A particularly bold member of the group that made their way to the beach started to prod the robot's soft sides with what felt like a stick, again avoiding attention the robot remained still resembling rubbish more than anything with the debris of the ship that he had stowed away on covering much of their body. It was only when a cheeky girl pulled on their delicate antenna that he rose to protect himself, hurling her in the process quite some distance into the beachfront.

As they flew through the air a bone-curdling scream left their lips as they rolled upon the sandy shore. Unaware of their own strength, the robot froze for a moment pressing their hand onto the ground as meters of cables extended outwards with each moment that passed the tendril-like cables left the hand of the robots burying both deep and vast distances. Traveling at such great speeds caused the land to quake and groan as the cables crushed and pushed away the earth. It was only until the cables reached the equivalent borders of Midi and Desierto that the robot began to stir. Knowledge of the entire country was absorbed within a matter of seconds, each and every single plant, animal, and even person within the country, their strengths, weaknesses, and abilities all filled their thoughts briefly turning them a shade red as the information overwhelmed them. Learning everything there was to know about the land, he rose up and disconnected the cables from their body leaving the complex web of wiring deep within the ground.

All the while the group grew in size now including concerned adults who hurled insults at the robot and clutched makeshift weapons to protect themselves from this unknown threat. Only looking to protect themselves, the robot shifted his gaze from one person to the next in an instant scanning everything about them before simply kneeling down and shooting off high into the sky at speeds considered out of this world to most. Below him the ramifications of their actions could be seen with slight changes to the terrain as trees were now awkwardly tilted to various degrees and buildings grew distinct cracks around their walls. Curious about the outside world, having never gone beyond the borders of the Mechanical island, they wanted to explore the country's capital. Their experience in the sky would be short-lived as a powerful bolt of green energy struck their right side damaging their internals sending them hurdling into the ground and creating a long and vast crash path throwing trees into the air like match sticks as a powerful shockwave rippled out.


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It was a wonderful day to be outside and the hunter and his Exceed had been doing good with checking on the other country within Earthland. Talaz Lagaar had a disease that had caused serious destruction to their citizens. It hurt to see so many people suffering from it, and yet there wasn’t a solution. The people who helped him did their best, but what happened after they left to go back home?

The Seraphim figured he would go check this out and he would do his best to mitigate the disease to only Talaz Lagaar right? That was the idea, and it was why he was brought to Minstrel; he was doing his best to make sure that this place was fine so that he could move from it and check the other lands like Desierto, Joya, and Iceberg. His travels had made his way around the place. The locals were doing fine from what he could tell, and he would be happy and relieved that the disease and virus didn’t extend this far.

Of course, as he was in the center of Minstrel, he figured that it would hit there first. That was where those who had helped Talaz Lagaar would be when they returned home. It wouldn’t take long, but Yuurei would hear commotions from the locals. It would seem like something was happening nearby, but what exactly. When he looked at the people their expressions didn’t look friendly as if something or someone was causing trouble.

Renji was on Yuurei’s shoulder and would rub his chin, trying to figure out what was happening.

“Do you want to check it out Yuu?” He asked him.

Yuurei would hear this and he would rub the back of his head as he figured it would be for the best. Still, what if it was something small, and they didn’t need him there?

“We can wait and see if someone truly needs our help.” He said to Renji as he pat his friend on his head.

The two of them would stay near now as they could see that they were heading to what seemed to be the beach. It was then after a few seconds, the duo would see a robot or something like that flying in the air.

“Are you seeing what I’m seeing?” He asked Renji, waiting to see what his companion would say.

“Oh no, you’re seeing what I’m seeing.” He said to Yuurei.

The Seraphim decided it was best to follow the robot. It had come from the beach, which meant that it was most likely causing trouble to the locals there. The Commander would follow from below as it was an easy thing for him to do. His speed and pace wouldn’t be much of a problem. While he did that, he would see that something would shoot at the robotic thing and it would come crashing down. Yuurei’s eyes widen when he saw this. The danger that came from the robot crashing was insane.

It was hurdling into the ground and creating a massive mess of the places that it continued to crash into. He would see the damage that had come from the mechanical creature. The plant life that had lost its life because of this thing was massive. Yuurei would move in the direction of where the robot had fallen to. It wouldn’t take him long to reach One, and arriving there he would see the thing.

Yuurei wasn’t sure if it was hurt or if nothing happened to it, and it was just caught off guard in the sky. Still, he approached the thing as he was sure it didn’t belong there.

“So, what did you do, to get shot out of the air like that?” He asked.

Yuurei was sure that this thing had done something bad to one or two of the locals. Did it mean to do anything, he wasn’t sure, but if the citizens want it gone, then Yuurei would escort it back to Talaz Lagaar or destroy it. In the end, depending on how it answered, it would intrigue Yuurei; a battle was something enjoyed and he never fought a robot before.



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The Mindflayer had left the island of Talaz Lagaar behind in, part of her had hoped to leave it behind alongside the festering anger that lingered within her being, yet the ship that had been carrying her and Maple away from the island had chosen to make a brief stop at the harbor of Rosailles, capital of the country of Minstrel when the chaotic events started to unfold.

She had just barely left the ship, concealing her features underneath a hooded cloak when a green bolt of energy flashed through the sky. It had come without any warning, akin to a thunderbolt that struck out of nowhere, and alongside it came the violent destruction that was left as a result of the robot crashing into the ground.

While part of her screamed to leave it alone, to not even bother investigating the matter, her curiosity as her old scholarly interests made her feel the instinctual desire to approach the scene, just so she could observe what had caused this mess.

Unfortunately for her, she was not the only one seeking information, for a familiar, at least by reputation mage had appeared. It didn't take even a second for her to recognize that it was Yuurei, no, not even the blessing of Gaia was needed with the sheer amount of reputation this man had. While Yuurei approached the figure that had been the cause of the chaos Esperia had preferred to stay afar, observing from a distance while the blessing of Gaia bestowed upon her some interesting knowledge. It seemed this robot was from Talaz Lagaar, but there was something peculiar about it. She could see a presence akin to a mortal soul radiate from it, and judging from the knowledge she could decipher through her blessing it was on the run.

Keeping her hood over her head the Mindflayer attempted to use her telepathic gift to reach out to the robot, expressing emotions of concern and wariness as images of her being sacrificed to the Fractured Sky forced themselves through mental communication. It showed that she was distrustful of the scientists of Talaz Lagaar, and how their treatment of her as an outcast to society made her feel distrust toward the very same people chasing the robot.

Do not trust that man, he is a seeker of violence and fame, and surely won't hesitate to try to claim you as a trophy to return to that dreaded island, or worse... Destroy you right here if he is capable of doing it.

She remained standing in the shade of the nearby buildings, to others perhaps looking like a mere onlooker while she was actually doing so much more. Once more she reached out to the robot through her telepathic link as she addressed them.

I understand if your flight away from the island and its events made you unable to trust the denizen of Earthland. It is a feeling that is mutual... For we both suffered at the hands of the people of Talaz Lagaar.

Her gaze lifted lightly her crimson eyes gazed quietly at the duo while she remained silent for a moment. She was not foolish enough to think she would have even the slightest of fighting chances against the likes of Yuurei, but that didn't mean she was going to let this mysterious entity fight him alone.

Determination, and camaraderie, these feelings were once more projected to the robot as she spoke. I might have grown severely weaker after I was sacrificed, but know you will not stand alone should they attack you. I'll try my utmost to support you.

She could only hope the usual companions of the man wouldn't show up. She knew that Yuurei had close ties of friendship to the likes of Brone and Kaito, and she doubted most would be able to stand up to a combined force like that. Hell, even alone most would find themselves hard-pressed to deal with the likes of Yuurei... Heaving a soft sigh the Mindflayer couldn't help but wonder if this was perhaps a chain of events set in motion by the very same people that condemned her to a life as a creature of the void...

Social, will be aiding robo boi should a fight happen


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Kaito came here hoping the fresher air might help Revy to feel a little better and maybe some peace and quiet would help her to perk up a bit. He was scared that she was going to die but he remained hopeful that he hadn’t caused the exceed to feel like she had to push her self to the point that she had gotten sick and might be on her way out. That is when he hears the sounds of people panicking and screaming at something and Kaito heads that way Revy holding onto him as there might be something that she can help with but she needs to make sure that she didn’t get into his way if she can help it.

Kaito sees something take off from a near by area which Kaito believes was that of the beach but he wasn’t sure but he looked at the thing that had take off in the sky and he thinks it is some sort of robot and Kaito starts to follow it and he wonders why it is so far from the other country and if it had done something or if some one else had done something to it and then it protected itself and was now running for itself and then he sees it get struck down and he wonders where that attack just came from as that was something that was scary a random attack on it. Kaito will have to remain on his toes as he gets closer to the hing that just got struck down out of the sky.

"I am watching your back, I will watch out for any more attacks coming your way. " Revy was weak and she knew that she was in need of rest but she knew now was not the time to take a rest or to be sleeping and she would do that. Kaito sees someone out of the corner of his eye and it was Yuurei and now Kaito had a feeling he knew what was going to happen or if this went wrong that Kaito would have some one to back him up and help take this thing down if it showed that it was aggressive toward others. Kaito swipes his arm across his body and his gear appeared on him in case this was going to come to blows he was going to be ready for it.

Kaito comes up toward Yuurei and he speaks to the mage he calls his friend and he wonders if maybe he had some more info that they could go on as Yuurei was closer to what had happened then he was even if he was arriving closely after the other man may have been. "You have any ideas to have might be happening or what that thing was or where that attack that hit it had come from?" Kaito stops a little distance away from Yuurei and he looked around for where the thing might be at if they were close to it or if it was still a ways off from them, he looked at Renji as well and he wondered if Renji was right about Revy maybe about to change in some way and he wonders what that new power might be if she does under go a change.


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As one's legs constricted, it took a moment to feel how its body moved. The tension of fibers which constituted muscle, tightening to let loose a massive expression of energy. The feeling of his center of gravity dropping, making him truly appreciate the weight of his machinery. His face remained turned upwards, staring at the faraway sky as a destination point.

Then he took off. His legs extended to their full length, his ankles continuing the lift off as the balls of his feet eventually helped push him off the ground in a single, fluid motion. One took off into the vastness of the sky and stretched out his hand, as if reaching for the blueness before him. Despite shooting up past even the tallest of trees, escape still felt so far away. There was another issue as well- He could already feel the effects of gravity. His acceleration had begun to slow, the arch of his jump becoming sharper as he travelled parallel with the ground. He'd need to utilize some extra parts, or perhaps even mana, to-

An explosion rocked his vision. He hadn't felt the impact of whatever projectile was hurled at him, but he felt the shockwaves from the explosion. It wasn't a powerful blast by any means, certainly not enough to harm him, but it didn't need to be. Without anything to keep him suspended within the air it was impossible to avoid what was to come. The intense wave of energy, which had originated from above him at a sharp angle, collided with his body on its way back to the earth. The shockwave hit him like a solid object, and without any grounding to brace himself, his robotic body spun in a freefall back to the ground.

He slammed into the land with his full weight, sending debris and dust out in all directions. He had braced himself for impact, only to feel with cursory scans of his body that he was fine. Had he suffered no damage from this event? Just how sturdy was he?

His antenna had picked up on plenty of life forces near by, though a few clearly stuck out as being unique. With dozens of entities were fleeing from the force of Ones impact, it became quite curious that three had decided to move towards it. The mechanical humanoid began to stand in much the same way as a normal person. He rolled over to his stomach, pushing against the ground with both hands and allowing his weighty body to lean back, taking his weight to his knees.

“So, what did you do, to get shot out of the air like that?”

One's head tilted upwards, its entire face-screen now pointed at Yuurei as he asked that question. Did One cause itself to be shot? Could one cause another to act in violence? He had much to learn.

He stayed upon his hands and knees for the moment, his head slowly turning towards the new arrival. A female, whose presence brought with it the intrusion of another voice. There was an intense static with her words, as if the shifting from blood to oil were too much of a task for telepathy to handle, yet he could still make out her words.

They would attack One? For what? What could he, who had only truly just been born, done to constitute assault?

A third showed up, another male, who positioned himself along with the first. He directed a question about what had just occurred, though not to the victim of the incident. Instead, the question was directed to Yuurei. Curious, quite curious.

One finally stood, a fluid motion that was perhaps too fast. Perhaps it was enough to make any of the three jump back, startled by the inhuman movements.

He had already begun letting out pulses of high frequency radio waves, and as the waves bounced against their surroundings and returned back he worked towards fully understanding exactly where he was.

"I have done nothing." Perhaps the odds of peace would have increased had One taken the time to assess what emotions would best serve its words. If it had utilized inflection to emphasize how it felt, would there have been an increase in empathy? It didn't know, and at the moment didn't care. It had not dealt frequently with humans, and when it had, there hadn't seemed to be any genuine curiosity as to how One felt. They only cared as to whether or not he was a threat.

"I have only recently been born. How could I have done something?"


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Yuurei would look at the machine. He had taken apart Zero enough time to depict that this thing was from Talaz Lagaar. It seemed confused by the question he asked, but he looked in a certain direction where Yuurei didn’t see anybody. How close were they though? He wasn’t sure, and he wasn’t going to bother at the moment. Then Yuurei would turn to look at the third person that One looked at it. He also knew he was approaching the area. He would look over to smile as he saw Kaito had shown up to the scene as well. A question asked and the Seraphim would only rub the back of his head.

“Well, from the looks of things, this thing came from Talaz Lagaar. I think we’ve been there long enough to at least see that. There is no way anybody from Ishgar could create such a thing. Too advanced to my taste.” He paused for a second before One spoke, he would get one more thing out.

“I did hear a lot of screaming by the beach, but I’m not sure if this thing was the cause of it.” He said to Kaito as he would turn to look at One.

It was then he would see the robot had finally gotten up to his feet. The hunter would look at it and a smirk would appear on his face. There was no damage from the attack that had come from the air. It would seem like the impact was enough to stop the machine from flying, but that was it. He would hear the robot speak and the Warden of Light would look around because this was awkward.

He wasn’t sure if this thing was lying or telling the truth. He had asked a question, which brought Yuurei to think about how to answer it. Renji would look at it and he felt like this was going to turn out bad. Still, he had Yuurei’s back and knew that this might cause a lot of damage if they were to do any kind of combat.

“So, you haven’t done anything to anybody recently? If that is the case then it wouldn’t make sense for someone to shoot out of the sky like that. Are you from Talaz Lagaar?” He asked him as he knew he was from how technologically advanced he was, but wanted to see if it would lie to them.



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The Mindflayer remained silent as the two mages inquired about the robot's situation. Although they showed no signs of hostility yet, it felt to her that their curiosity was more a guise to affirm whether the robot would be worth their time or not. It reminded her of the typical attitude she had come to consider the norm among civilization. People rarely saw beyond initial views. Superficial emotions were often catalysts to drive people's actions, and she would had been genuinely surprised if it was not the same for those two. Surely they didn't come to investigate out of the goodness of their hearts... No, she would expect there to be a plentiful reward for any information or the ability to take the robot into custody.

She took a step forward, her features still mostly obscured underneath her cloak, she didn't like going outside without one. The existence of a being from the void like herself was one of an outcast, and she didn't want to give people reasons to get needlessly hostile around her.

Hearing Yuurei's words she couldn't help but scoff, even if no sound escaped from her throat. She turned her gaze in his direction and for the first time since her arrival addressed him through her telepathy.

What does it matter if he is from Talaz Lagaar or not? The fact remains that something attacked him, which makes him a 'victim' rather than a culprit. So please refrain from sounding like you're interrogating him, 'Warden of the North'?

She took a few more steps, although to most it might look more like she was hovering slightly off the ground due to the unusual nature of her body and stopped beside the robot. She raised her hands toward the edge of her hood, lightly pulling it down to expose her face while allowing her gaze to settle onto the robot's screen-like face.

Her lips curved up into a gentle smile as she established her telepathic link again, attempting to commune with the robot through the only means available to her kin.

My name is Esperia, Are you alright? Know that neither this man or the people of Talaz Lagaar hold authority over this place, as such you're free to do what you want. Even as a newborn, your path is your own to forge, your choices your own to make, and the responsibilities brought on by them your own to bear. Although I presume that they will say otherwise... how do you feel about that?

Her gaze shifted, looking back at Yuurei and Kaito as her smile faded away. She didn't like it one bit that the two of them showed up together right at the same time that this event unfolded. It reminded her of something unpleasant.

This time she allowed her voice to project to both men, inquiring. "So what if he originates from that island? Are you going to force him to return? Does he even want to?"


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Kaito looked at the three of them that were in front of him he notes that the woman smells nasty like she was from the void so he would have to probably be very careful here, Kaito wasn't fazed in the least at the robot jumping straight to it's feet pretty much in an instant. The robot asked their question about what they could have done as they were just born but he knows just because you were just born doesn't mean you can't kill or have done something as at his birth his mother had lost her life to his curse. "The means or time of ones birth doesn't dictate you do wrong or not. I was just in this country on a walk with my sick partner." He pointed to his hood where Revy was looking around his head out toward them, she looks very unwell and like she might just kill over. "But if you did nothing then why had you run or have been fired on? Then why was there a scream from once you fled? You have given no answers but ask open hallow questions that request us to know context only you would know." Kaito can smell fear on the robot along with the beach as well as human spit.

He watched the void creature walk around getting close it's screen which Kaito guessed was it's face and he figured that it was speaking to the robot rather the creature of the void was speaking truths or lies to the robot this all seemed to feel like Kaito isn't really going to get a choice in this matter. He had come for a relaxing day of fresh air and sights to give Revy some rest and maybe help her recover, but it seemed that it was another one of those days that he was going to need to take on another task he had not sought to be part of but was in a whirlwind of fate going to end up having to happen. Hearing the voice in his head from the void creature he smirked at her. "Like I stated it matters not where it comes from, how long ago it came from it, I am not looking to force it to return. But if it has done harm to someone that is an issue as I am live and let live but if it has hurt someone innocent that makes this a problem that the robot must face and redeem itself for." Kaito was not looking for a fight with the robot he was seeking answers for if it had indeed caused harm to something or someone.

Kaito feels the void creature seems to be highly aggressive toward them for some reason which may also lead to a fight as this creature seemed strange and very high strung speaking to them in such a manner as if they were monsters of some sort when he showed up here for answers to the destressed people he had heard and he doubts that Yuurei is going to just go flying off the handle and just attack someone, but if this tension continued Kaito feels there is a pretty decent chance that the sparks fly, but which side will be the one to ignite the flames as at the moment it seemed that the robot and Void creature were going to be the ones that started the rumble as they had been less forth coming and were the ones that have shown more aggressive motive toward himself and Yuurei.


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"I caused the screaming." The robots voice resembled that of a young man having just reached adulthood, combined with a second overlaid voice of a young girl. Its voice spoke as a matter of fact. One looked from Yuurei, to Esperia, then to Kaito. Its face, the screen that it was, turned into static, then rainbow lines, then finally to a bright white question mark on an otherwise black screen. The screens flashed in intervals of half a second, each with appropriate accompanying noises.

"A human child threatened to harm me during a vital process of my birth, and so I removed it from the area. My immediate creation was a large and noticeable event. According to my records, neither of these actions constitute this sort of threat or reaction."

One seemed to not care at all about the mages before him. He was not behaving hostile, nor did he seem at all bothered or intimidated. To them, he was a complete and total mystery. To him, however -

His screen turned, the question mark disappearing into particles as the screen went back to black. The blank TV stared at the Dimensional Dragon Slayer, and it would likely feel akin to having eyes drilling through the back of ones skull. It would feel to everyone there, quite clearly for this one moment, that they were standing before something at their level of the food chain.

Or perhaps, even beyond?

"I am sorry about Revy's imminent death, but I am not the cause of it. Taking your sadness out on me solves nothing."

The screen slowly moved back, hesitating for but a moment on Esperia, before landing back on Yuurei. "I will not harm those who do not harm me. I will not be going to Talaz Lagaar. May I go now?" Despite the clear upwards inflections indicating a question, something about the tone of One seemed not to be asking at all; If anything, it felt like a statement.


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Yuurei would hear the woman’s voice in his head, and he would just shake his head. The question she asked him made him look at her for a second as he figured he would answer the question.

“There are a lot of sick people there. If it’s from Talaz Lagaar it might be carrying what made the people they're sick. It may not, but I’m asking because of how technologically advanced it is.” He said as he would look away from her disregarding everything else she had said to him.

She tried to make him look like the bad guy, but the thing is he was shot down from the sky for a reason.

Still, he did hear Kaito answering the woman, and it was then he could tell it was either this woman couldn’t talk, or chose not to talk, which meant he wouldn’t know what she was saying to the robot in front of him. It was then that he felt that no matter what Esperia had said would not be something he could trust.

She asked him if he would force the machine to return, and he would shrug his shoulders without giving her an answer. His head turned to One as he had admitted to causing the screaming in the first place. He would shake his head because it meant that someone out there was harmed by this thing. He chuckle as One elaborated more on the situation at hand. It wasn’t just any person that it had harmed, but a child at that. Yuurei could tell just from the presence of this machine that no child would be able to harm it.

“Oi, you heard that, telepath? It hurts a young kid, and he doesn’t deserve to be shot from the sky? Are you saying it’s still innocent even though you know what it did right? I’m pretty sure with the looks of things, that kid couldn’t have harmed this robot even if he wanted to.” He said to Esperia as he would look at One.

Yuurei would hear what he had to say to Kaito, and then to One. He didn’t think he was going to let this thing be free. It could harm other people who wouldn’t probably be able to do anything to One at all.

“You should have handled that a different way.” He said to him as he looked at the screen.

“I don’t think you can leave here. As for going back to Talaz Lagaar, thank you for confirming this for me. They will be the only ones that know what to do with you.” He said to him.

Yuurei would move away from Esperia and One respectively as he had made sure that he was twenty meters from them in a matter of a second.

“How you were speaking earlier, I can only assume that you’re on their side.” He said to Esperia.

Yuurei had motioned his hand and it would reveal the equipment that he would use for battle. The Seraphim was wearing Lord Drakkon’s Helmet and his Berserker’s Suit as his armor. His accessories had already been on him from the beginning, while he used the cape on his neck as a scarf and unwrapped itself as a cape. As for weapons, Yuurei started off with his Stormcaller in his left hand ready to be used once the battle begins.

Renji was on Yuurei's shoulder waiting for things to escalate, so he could help in anyway possible.




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Esperia couldn't help but heave a sigh at the current situation. Whether the robot had done something wrong or not, it wasn't like she didn't believe it should be reprimanded, but she certainly didn't want to see it shipped off to Talaz Lagaar. Even more worrying to her was the belief these two in front of her were merely pretending to play the role of the good guys. Certainly, they acted like the robot had done something wrong, and that he was to blame for the commotion at the beach. Yet if they genuinely cared about the wellbeing of the civilians they would have tended to the injured child, or ensured that the civilians were safe from future harm.

Instead, they chased the culprit in the hope of apprehending him and likely getting paid in return for their services. If you two genuinely cared about the civilians you would have been at their side, and not been blindly chasing the cause of the commotion.

Her voice projected toward the two of them as she shook her head lightly, deciding to finally allow her cloak to be released she gazed straight at Yuurei and Kaito, her gaze firm and clearly not intimidated despite the overwhelming power of the duo in front of her. A snap of her fingers followed as she subtly tried to activate one of her Voidling curses.  Such greed and arrogance... I can only imagine the dissapointment Alisa and Judith would feel if they saw the two of you now... But let's throw away pretenses: You're not here to save the day or be a hero, you're here to earn a paycheck. So yes, I will oppose the two of you...

Her body becoming wrapped in the magic of Lilith, her transformation had already begun the moment Yuurei started to lunge away from her and ONE Esperia had already acted, a snap with her fingers with both hands signaling the only cue of the fact she had cast a spell. In fact, similar to a traditional landmine she had laced the ground in the area Yuurei had moved to so that once he stepped into it, the power of her debuff would stir into motion. She didn't know if he had anything that made him resistant to the crippling powers of her Psionic magic, but if that wasn't the case he would find that his speed was significantly reduced.

Whether it had affected him or not, if Yuurei tried to avoid the trap by lunging into a different direction she would use her second debuff to place a trap in a different direction, trying to ensure the area of effect would overlap with the previous spell.

Despite having so much power, to the point you might as well be considered the strongest beings on Earthland you continue to crave more and more. Never satisfied, never focusing on what is truly important. It's a pity...


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Kaito hears the robot speak of Revy’s death not being his fault as Kaito had not said anything about Revy dying this comment was odd to him.  "I never said I blamed you for anything besides the beach thing which you have admitted to." Kaito watched as this situation had seemed to have become more escalated. Yuurei had readied him self for if the fight were to start off and the other woman had seemed to have taken their fighting stance as well. The woman had begun to hurl words at them and Kaito was more confused by her words than anything else as he was to protect people from farther harm and to keep casualties to a minimum if he could do that, as he was not a healing mage. He was made to support in a different way as such him going after the seemingly active threat was not a misstep or a bad choice that Judith would even think of blaming him for. "I think you have no idea what my guild master is like, you hurl a claim we are fake good guys but you are the one standing beside an unclassified threat that has admitted to harming people, are you sure you are not the one that has stepped into the fake good guy role? " His gear appeared on him as he sighed and his aura taking over the area as he had not come looking for a fight if he didn't have to but it seemed that he had no choice as they look to be gearing up to attack from the way this woman talks justifying herself.

Kaito being cautious seeing her try to do what seemed like a motion when she removed of her cloak, he tapped his temple with a finger activating his mana vision while he ran back and to the side to around ten meters to gain some space between them in the other way than where Yuurei went as he watched her cast her spells toward Yuurei as he was moving then he puts his hands next to each other in front of him aiming the spell for the area that Esperia is in as they had been the first to start casting spells meaning the robot was also going to get hit. Kaito wished he hadn't have to have done this but he had to and he expects that this is going to end up being an utter drag on him as why would this have to be an actual fight if it could have just been easily dealt with and talked over or taught this robot right from wrong so that it can understand that it needs to learn to control it's power and not hurt others like it had, but the lady had thrown the first spell and they now have to defend themselves as this woman had now chose to be a threat to them and blame them for some odd reason when they were just following up on what had happened to stop more people from getting hurt.

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A venerable light show began to resonate from One’s head as inactive instruments within the artificial life form began to whirl into action, creating an almost paralyzing burst of light, freezing those around them in place for the briefest of moments. Clear that diplomacy was a foolish endeavor from the beginning and with the duo that interfered with his otherwise peaceful plans, One lowered his shoulders leaving his arms to dangle freely as portions of his body ran paths through the ground from his feet below concealed within the roots and gravel, presenting as only the slightest of shuttering easily mistakable for a minor quake. Hostility, let alone the concept of harming someone outside of the child moments prior was something that he was entirely unfamiliar with, and yet it would be the first thing that he would be learning from the same beings that created him.

Splintering off like the roots it resembled, the wires that now ran throughout the ground raced towards the trio that lingered around them frozen in place through One’s light show, all feeling a slight sting as the smallest of wires penetrated their flesh with armor being like butter to a warm knife, but that’s all that it would take, the smallest of wires within some of the most powerful beings in all of Ishgar binding to their bodies. One might not be able to compete against them fairly just yet, but those would be the seeds to help him grow. All occurring in less than a few seconds, all that would be experienced from the beings and their companions around him would be a quick flash, a sudden and brief earthquake originating from One, a sharp sting resembling a beesting, before another sudden and brief earthquake radiating towards One.

Resembling more a research device rather than an offensive one from One, aside from the sharp, initial blow, its presence within their bodies would be nigh undetectable copying the magical properties of its host to a tee. Owing to its otherwise peaceful nature and completing as much as they could since escaping Talaz Lagaar while recognizing its own fragile frame in front of the two hostile figures before them, One raised both lax arms behind their head before remarking to the white-haired miscreant. “Do what you must take me in, I will not be the one to spark more destruction, amongst the three of you there’s enough potential to destroy not just an entire city but a country with the same effort as a person wiping away a sand castle.” Showing he truly presented no harm to them, One lowered to his knees draping one leg over the other before kneeling in place.

One had seen what they had to see, the lack of mercy that humanity had to show before them was truly discouraging. They had hoped to see some semblance of acceptance within normal society, but the first thing they encountered was a swift response to violence. Perhaps that was what they needed to show in return, violence to the people of Ishgar, for now however they would undoubtedly be returned to Talaz Lagaar to experience the torment of being essentially vivisected by sickly scientists, who longed for a cure from his machine body.

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Yuurei didn’t lunge backward; the young man could move and run backward twenty meters, which was a feat someone of his speed could do in a second. This wouldn’t bring him to pause or anything of the sort, so he would be able to do what he could next. He was twenty meters away from Esperia and twenty meters away from One. The woman’s appearance had begun to change, and while doing that she had snapped her fingers. This would bring him to believe that she had planned something, and it was most likely a casting motion like the wave of his hand to summon his equipment.

His rushed back wouldn’t come to a stop anymore, and it was due to her snapping both her fingers. She had done something, and his neck would tingle, which meant that something bad was coming his way and from her direction. She attacked first when he didn’t even do anything, but that was fine. He shifted his way the moment his feet touch the ground, and he would move right and away from Esperia’s attack.

The two-second mark would kick in, and he would be at full speed rushing to the right side and away from Esperia. He would be moving at fifty meters per second avoiding the first spell and running and avoiding the second spell. It would take the first one, one second to reach him, but he dodged it by continuing his motion in running. The second one overlapped the first one, but since it was on top of the first one without a right or left to it, then it was just on top of each other, which made it easier for him to avoid since he didn’t lunge but ran instead.

While he had run away from the danger that had come from Esperia he let go of the string that was on Stormcaller activating its effect. He would shoot the magical arrow into the air as he wondered which of the enemies it would hit. Yuurei would end up next to Kaito before he came to a stop because of what happened next from One.

After this happened, Yuurei would come to a stop; a light would appear throughout the area and he would become frozen in place. He wasn’t sure what the fuck was happening, but it seemed like this damn robot had something to do with it. He would look at One and wonder what he was going to do. He would look at Kaito and wonder if he would be able to do anything here, or if they were screwed.

If he couldn’t do anything, Yuurei would be hit by the splinter and he would feel the sting, but it didn’t hurt. He would look at One as it would seem like he had given up before the fight could begin. Still, even if it seemed like a win for Yuurei and Kaito, Esperia had made an enemy out of him. He wouldn’t attack Blue Pegasus, but Esperia wouldn’t be safe from here on out.

"Alright, we will take you in. After hurting a child you do need to be checked on." He said as he would get ready to escort him to Talaz Lagaar where he had belonged.



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She should have expected that someone like Yuurei had an insane amount of tricks up his sleeve. Disregarding his outlandish running speed, the man summoned a magical bow out of his armory and shot an arrow into the air. She could recognize it as the Stormcaller, and knew what to expect next. The same moment the thunderclap descended upon her, the unique gift of the changes she underwent inside the void stirred, absorbing both the attack of Stormcaller and Kaito's guild spell, although she could feel her body reaching its limit in that regard. When suddenly the wires started to coil around each of them and ONE made his intentions clear she couldn't help but scoff.

He hurts a child and you both are suddenly so eager to send a newborn to his death. Still think Judith will approve of such a thing? What about you Yuurei? Does being the savior of the North cause you to only care about the people who submit to you?"

They were no heroes, just glorified bounty hunters. Today had only helped in proving her assumption about them.

If that is your decision ONE, then so be it. I pray that the people of Talaz Lagaar show you more mercy than they showed me. But unfortunately I think we'll both become victims in their zealous search for a cure. Then take him in, enjoy your rewards and I hope someday you two actually care about more than just rewards and these near to you...

With that said the Voidling felt the wires uncoil after the light sting and she prepared to leave the battlefield, although just as she had made an enemy out of Yuurei, so did he and Kaito earn her scorn...


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- Guild spells can't benefit from enhancements, so it only deals 1S to Esperia > absorbed by mana shield
- Stormcaller targets everyone outside of the user, not that it would change the target this time but keep that in mind. > 2S absorbed by mana shield


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Kaito having released Fairy Law, he heard the thundering of Yuurei's bow, Kaito saw through his mana sight that he was still sustaining that the robot had begun to build power and with out knowing what the thing can do reacting instantly with his already out stretched hands he waved his hand over himself and teleported so the he was touching Yuurei firmly when they were stunned, so Yuurei would be protected from the wires attempt to implant them just like himself as his phasing takes no movement and protects them from the wires, but fits about being interacted with so they would be freed of the stun One having failed to have infected them with it's little trick that it tried to pull on them. Kaito looks as the robot that had seemed to give up but Kaito stayed very cautious of this robot as it had just tried something that was probably not good for the one that has probably been knocked out Esperia who should have felt it. Kaito looks at the robot and speaks. "If you didn't want to fight you could have just surrendered to start with and told the woman to back down. I dislike fighting personally, I only fight to defend people and really you hadn't needed to have fought us as this could have been solved civilly." Kaito would help Yuurei in getting the robot back to Talaz Lagaar hopefully peacefully.

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Hans Schmidt

Arrival of the Captain

As if pre-destined a airship from above began to enter the limelight seemingly appearing from nowhere as a tear in the fabric of time and space was created in the darkening skies. A vast craft of man-made construction undoubtedly resembling that of Talaz Lagaarian make, bearing no insignia or symbols denoting its station or position. Instead the crew’s captain, Hans “Quickhand” Schmidt aboard the ship announced themselves as Talaz Lagaarian Loyalist as a powerful series of lights lit up the entire area of which the four were quarrelling. “I see you’ve got the escapee, One there, if you’d be so kind to cease your fighting and give them over to us post haste we will be able to organize things as quickly as possible so you can get your just deserts.” All spoken with the bravado of a man who has seen countless battles and overcame them through sheer luck and formidable strength. “Now we’ll be taking you three, you can stay down there wormie.” Pointing at One, Kaito and Yuurei before waving off Esperia from amidst their observation deck on the bottom half of the ship.

As it was said many times before actions speak louder then words, The airship did something quite peculiar, honing the lights formerly spread across the area upon firstly one, then Kaito then Yuurei with the captain not being willing to take no for an answer. This intense focus of light immediately prompted an spherical hardlight floor to be created and lift up the three, One was the exception who was instead encapsulated by the same hardlight. Within moments the terrain beneath them shift from the earth to magic to the hard unmistakable material of reinforced steel. A constant rumbling resembling the distinct sounds of a motor could be felt and heard as the hardlight dissolved into nothingness beneath them.

While the three were now inside the ship itself, One remained confined with further layers now separating them from the outside world. Only sad, depressing whirls could be heard from the sentient metal construct overwhelmed by the boisterous and otherwise content Captain Quickhand who greeted the two wouldbe bounty hunters. “It is a glorious day for the island, you may have saved the lives of everyone within Talaz Lagaar, we must congratulate you both for your efforts, I’m sure it was hard work, the both of you well done!” Withdrawing a decorative hip flask from amidst his many jackets and necking the remainder of the mysterious fluid, the captain immediately rallied his crew to send the airship back to Talaz Lagaar bringing the trio with them offering no time to decline or escape lest they forfeit their reward.



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