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Pouch - Tal-Rasha's Skeleton Key

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Pouch - Tal-Rasha's Skeleton Key Empty Sun Mar 29, 2020 2:11 pm

Name: Tal-Rasha's Skeleton Key.

Slot: Pouch.

Type: Key.

Class: Legendary.

Quantity: Limited.

Element: Arcane.

Durability: This item is indestructible.

Description: The owner of Tal-Rasha's Skeleton Key can traverse anywhere they have been before as long there is a door. When this key is inserted into any door with a keyhole, the door becomes a portal to any other door in the world that the user can clearly visualize. The user of the key must have seen a door in the location they wish to travel and they must have already visited what is behind that door.


  • The user must purchase this item from the Mysterious Merchant in one of his topics.


  • The user must pull the key out in a topic and twist it into a door. This method will then become an instant-travel replacement bypassing any requirements of a travel topic.
  • The user is the only person capable of traversing through the portal.
  • This method of traveling can only be used if there are no more ongoing topics of the user, therefore it should be either be used in the last ongoing topic or a new topic purely made to travel.
  • The function of this item is to bypass traveling topics. It may not be used for other purposes e.g. appearing inside a guild and causing destruction or showing up inside the palace.


  • Name: Tal-Rasha's Traversal
    Rank: S
    Mana Cost: 500
    Requirements: Tal-Rasha's Palace Key
    Type: Supplementary
    Element: Arcane
    Range: -
    Cooldown: -
    Duration: -
    Effect: Tal-Rasha, a powerful mage from Desierto, spent most of his life researching magic. Distractions were a curse to him, but many would travel from far and wide to seek Tal-Rasha's wisdom and expertise. Necessity being the mother of invention resulted into Tal-Rasha designing a highly complex spell to traverse anywhere he had been before. Thus, whenever Tal-Rasha would twist his key into the keyhole of any door, the door would open and create a portal elsewhere. This allowed Tal-Rasha to easily access his hidden libraries across Earthland to continue his research without delay. It is said that whoever possesses Tal-Rasha's Skeleton Key will be able to open doors elsewhere on Earthland, should they have been there before.

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Buying off auction for 3,100,000J

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Alisa has purchased Tal-Rasha's Skeleton Key for 3,100,000J.

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Buying these as part of the Mysterious Merchant for 2,500,000 Jewels.


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Konyo has purchased Tal-Rasha's Skeleton Key.

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