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Each user is capable of purchasing magics in here as long as they are not an Adventurer. In order to purchase certain magics in here, the user must meet the requirements listed in the magic description. In general, each magic can only be purchased by users who possess the same element. Also, magics can only be purchased by one person.

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    In general, everyone can wield a weapon of their choice. Though, only those proficient in the weapon's use know how to wield it effectively. Factors such as race or class can play a role in the determination of proficiency with certain types of weapons. There is no disadvantage to wielding a weapon that doesn't match with a race or class. The only difference is an advantage that can be gained.

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      ● ARMORS

      Armor is a protective covering used to reduce damage from being inflicted to the wearer. Armor mitigates physical damage and magical damage; it does not make you harder to hit. There are three different types of armor that can be purchased to supplement the roleplay experience of characters. Heavy armor for example is great for close-combat purposes, however, it does not perform as well in the magical area as light armor.

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        Accessories are items that enhance characters without offering direct protection like armor. Such items grant capabilities a character could rarely have otherwise, or they complement their owner's capabilities in interesting ways. Using the right combination of accessories can have a significant impact on a character. There are four different types of accessories: rings, necklaces, earrings, and relics.

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          ● CREATURES

          Creatures that can be purchased here are split into two categories: companions and mounts. Companions and mounts come in all shapes and sizes. Ranging from magical support to physical brawling. Most companions are limited to one person. Mounts are mainly used to get a discount on traveling, however, some mounts can offer extra advantages in certain regions and terrains. Sometimes certain requirements have to be met to purchase a creature.

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            ● MISC.

            In this section the misc. items available for purchase are listed. Anything you can think of, from stat-enhancing potions to radars to help you pin down a dragon slayer, things that can't be found in the other sections will be here. Please keep in mind that many potions in this section have a limit of purchases per month, so always check how many you've bought so far in a month beforehand.

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              ● EVENT

              In this section the event items are listed. These are items can be obtained or purchased via certain events that are ongoing. When the event concludes, the items can't be obtained or purchased anymore. The things listed in this section vary greatly for it contains weapons, jewelry, and more. The event items have been separated to not clutter the actual shops with things that can no longer be obtained.

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                ● THEMATIC

                Certain items fall under the thematic category. Often times, these items are released during events. Participation can either give someone the right to purchase one or a discount. Upon conclusion of an event, the items can still be purchased should they be available. Purchased items can still be acquired upon inactivity of the wielder. Regardless of rarity, the items in this section are limited to one person and discounts do not apply.

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                  ● MYSTERIOUS MERCHANT

                  In this section the wares sold by the Mysterious Merchant can be seen. The wares offered in this section are highly diverse, but it comes with requirements. The user must purchase the products from the Mysterious Merchant directly in a topic after which they will be allowed to purchase it in here. Furthermore, the Mysterious Merchant only appears from time to time and his wares are quite limited. Beware, the Mysterious Merchant only sells one product at a time to any customer.

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                    ● CUSTOMS

                    Through special circumstances, you may sometimes gain the right to create their own custom item, whether it be magic, equipment, or even a companion. Some methods to acquire the rights to create a custom piece of equipment are events, storylines, and guild level maxing. Customs need to be reviewed and approved in the Forge section first before they are moved here to be claimed. Once claimed, the custom remains with you regardless of activity checks in the future.

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