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As your character progresses, it is probably time for them to get stronger, wield better weapons, perhaps? Upgrade their magic? The section below aids you in doing exactly that. It consists of information about all the items, magics, companions and potions that are up for being bought and also allows you to make the purchase. Read about your options carefully to make an informed decision and make sure you meet all the requirements.

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    This section lists all the banks that your character may employ for their transactions. Each bank offers a unique service and currently, as a whole, the bank services currently include exchange of money between two characters and the option to loan money. When dealing with such transactions, make sure you familiarize yourself with the requirements and regulations around it to avoid being denied, or worse, getting yourself into a sticky situation that you can't buy your way out of.

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      Nothing in the shop that suits your style in terms of magic? In this section, it is possible to enhance your magic to customize it so that it suits you more. Should you have a slot open for a magic enhancement, it is recommended to browse through this section to find out whether there is something that catches your eye. Fully enhanced magics can be on par, or even stronger, than magics that can be purchased in the shop.

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        Nothing in the shop that suits your style in terms of equipment? Upon meeting certain requirements, you will be able to create your own equipment here. A guideline is provided inside this section that details regulations on the design and potency. Some methods to acquire the rights to create a custom piece of equipment are events, storylines, and guild level maxing. Once the piece is approved, it will be moved to the shop to be claimed by the creator.

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