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Pouch - Tal-Rasha's Inversion Key

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Pouch - Tal-Rasha's Inversion Key Empty Sun May 16, 2021 7:32 am

Name: Tal-Rasha's Inversion Key.

Slot: Pouch.

Type: Key.

Class: Legendary.

Quantity: Limited.

Element: Arcane.

Durability: This item is indestructible.

Description: The owner of Tal-Rasha's Inversion Key can change their gender. When held against the temple of the head, the key can magically enter through it and be twisted to perform this feat.


  • The user must purchase this item from the Mysterious Merchant in one of his topics.


  • The user may select a second face claim for their character and have it listed.
  • The second face claim must be of the opposite gender.
  • The second face claim must appear similar to the original face claim of the user. A female character with tanned skin, white hair, and blue eyes must keep these futures in the other face claim.
  • The user may switch between the two appearances without performing the key twist in a topic. This means that the user can leave one topic as a female and enter the next one as a male.
  • It must be clear in the first post of the user each time which appearance is being used though.
  • The user may also freely alternate their avatar between these two appearances.
  • Using the male avatar does not mean that the user is male in all their topics from now on. The user can have the male avatar and still be female in topics. The first post is always important to indicate which appearance is being used.
  • When the user changes face claim, they may select two appearances of opposite genders that match together.
  • The user can use Tal-Rasha's Inversion in a topic as well to change their gender mid-topic. This means that if they enter as a male, they can change the appearance into female during the topic as well.


  • Name: Tal-Rasha's Inversion
    Rank: -
    Mana Cost: -
    Requirements: Tal-Rasha's Inversion Key
    Type: Supplementary
    Element: Arcane
    Range: -
    Cooldown: 3 Posts
    Duration: -
    Effect: In history, when chroniclers wrote about Tal-Rasha, an interesting discrepancy could be found in the various texts. Some describe Tal-Rasha as a man, while others stated that Tal-Rasha was in fact a woman. In order to confuse others, Tal-Rasha used his Inversion Key to change his gender. He would only appear as a man or woman when venturing through certain places so that their recollection of his presence would not match up with stories about him by others. Many were unaware that they were talking to Tal-Rasha when he returned to a certain region as another gender. In order to use Tal-Rasha's Inversion Key, the user must put the key to the temple of their head. A keyhole will magically appear in the user's head allowing the key to be inserted and twisted. When twisted, the appearance of the user changes into that of the opposite gender. The user can then twist the key back and pull it out of their head. This cannot be dispelled and is not an illusion. It does not seem to work on those that are unwilling of the change to be happening.


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buying Tal-Rasha's Inversion Key for 2,500,000

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Tempris has purchased Tal-Rasha's Inversion Key for 2,500,000 J

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