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Head - Crown of Starlight

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Head - Crown of Starlight Empty Thu Jun 16, 2022 9:11 am



Name: Crown of Starlight.

Slot: Head.

Type: Crown.

Class: Mythic.

Quantity: Limited.

Element: Arcane.

Durability: 3x S-rank.


Description: A magnificent crown, easily recognizable as the ironic gold standard for how a symbol of royalty should be presented and structured as. Flawless in its presentation, there is not a dent, nick, or any sort of imperfection viewable upon its surface to where even the most sensitive of tests would struggle to pick up the most meager of flaws. Such would be plainly obvious too, the sheen as light from any sort of light source providing an almost illuminating glow as only the purest traces of gold available would ever be considered and used within its crafting. In a spark that as much highlights perfect craftsmanship as it does a sense of progress, the crown comfortably sits upon any sort of head. To whomever is given the honor of wearing such an item, they are presented it knowing that no expense was spared, that no shortcuts were taken, and that there would be seldom little craftsmanship that ultimately compares to it.

Lore: Not many could use magic on Eris, a small island far away from the mainland. And it didn't matter. They lived humble lives tending the lands, serving their community, and worshipping the Sea Dragon King at their temple. When a few outsiders washed up on their shores, the Erisians did not think twice about helping them. They nursed them back to health and even prepared a boat for them. The outsiders, however, realized that Eris had tons of resources and that the inhabitants did not have any warriors or mages among them. Consumed by greed, they refused to leave and forced the Erisians into submission through brute force.

Their rule continued for years till a young girl had enough of the beatings and snuck away in the middle of the night. She was one of the few that could use magic, but her magic alone could not stand up against the brutes on their island. So, the girl stole a shabby boat and set sail to find help from outside. Unfortunately, her boat got caught in a storm and the girl nearly drowned till someone pulled her up from the water.

The following day, she woke up on the shores of Eris with a crown in her hand. A crown that she immediately recognized from the murals in the Sea Dragon King temple on their island. As she placed it on her head, she could feel the mana moving around her hands. Thus, with the Crown of Starlight in her possession, she overpowered the brutes and forced them to leave the island. When the Erisians finished celebrating their liberation, they made the young girl the High Priestess of the Sea Dragon King's temple so that they could continue their devotion.


Requirements: None.

Mana: +2000.


  • Mana Connection: The user receives a cooldown reduction of 1 post on their spells.
  • Mana Distortion: The crown creates a distortion in mana around the user. In topics, everyone except the user suffers from a 20% increase in mana cost.  
  • Mana Sensory: The user becomes sensitive to mana and can start to sense it around them. The user can therefore sense invisible spells and react to them as if they were visible.


Head - Crown of Starlight Empty Sun Nov 20, 2022 5:50 pm


Purchasing for 6,000,000j please after my refunds been handled~

Head - Crown of Starlight Crown


Head - Crown of Starlight Empty Wed Nov 23, 2022 10:56 am

Esperia has been denied this purchase as they lack the funds to buy it.


Head - Crown of Starlight Empty Tue Jan 03, 2023 9:40 am



should be fixed once these resales go through.


Head - Crown of Starlight Empty Tue Jan 03, 2023 2:22 pm

Esperia has purchased Crown of Starlight for 6,000,000 Jewels.

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