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Alisa Monologues - RP ad/Plotter/Relationship tracker

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Alisa Monologues - RP ad/Plotter/Relationship tracker ElMFmtE


"Hello there,

So... If you're reading this you're either interested in me or just bored. Usually it's the same for me too, as much as I like being left alone sometimes it just gets... Repetitive... So without further ado, here's something about myself...

All in all, I like beautiful people and I detest unsightly things, but I can befriend just about anyone I respect and/or find interesting. People who inspire me, defy my comprehension, challenge me to understand them. Or people who'll put on a pair of gloves and challenge my physically. Wooden men don't hit back, and I'm constantly striving towards better martial arts. But I can feel just as challenged intellectually if I find someone with whom I can talk about art, show what I can do with my crystals, maybe even give you one of my pieces.

As for romance, well... First off, I'm not sure I even have a 'type', at least not something that won't change according to my mood. As a general rule i like maturity, reserve and compassion, but I can't say I have a preference in gender even though I look at women more. With how readily they offer themselves, I'm a lot more selective towards men. But women who not only like women and will readily chase after them...? Just finding one is a selection process in and of itself.

In the end, I just go with the flow... So join me, fly with the wind some, and see for yourself where it takes us."


Acquaintances - "Some people make an impression on me long before I can decide whether they're friends or enemies."

Friends - "Don't have that many actually, at least not when compared to most people. Altough I like to think they're few but good, so let's go with that."

Best friends - "Can't really say I have any of these... I usually don't get close enough for that but who knows, it could happen."

Guild friends - "My uncle aside, I don't really have any family left. That might be why I look at my guildmates as family, but that doesn't mean I'm close to all."

Lovers - "I'm not as frigid as some people think nor as promiscuous as the rest of them do. While I don't care enough to pursue it, I won't object if someone beautiful presents herself."

The One - "...And secretly I'm quite the hopeless romantic. Again, I dislike admitting this even to myself but there you have it. I imagined how this might blossom in several ways; a strong friendship, a physical relationship, or even a platonic love affair. But that's about it..."

Foes - "We may stand on opposites sides in battle, but I don't hate them. I have no personal quarrel against anyone here, but that doesn't mean I'll let them have their way."

Enemies - "If you're on this list it's because I want to kill you. I'm thankfully not as bloodthirsty as I once was, but there's still a special place in hell for some types of people, and I'll make sure to send them there. In time..."

Ongoing plot:

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