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V. Zabimaru

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V. Zabimaru Empty Wed Sep 21, 2022 11:34 am



Name: Zabimaru

Slot: Weapon

Type: Sword

Handling: Two-Handed

Class: Mythic

Quantity: Limited

Element: Arcane

Damage: +150

Durability: 3x S-rank


Description: Zabimaru is a 6-part segmented blade; each segment is wider than the one preceding it from the hilt, with 2 pick-like protrusions on the front and back of each segment, with the ones on the front much longer than the ones on the back.

Description: Some say Zabimaru is a living blade imbued with the soul of one a legendary shinobi from Joya, but nobody knows for sure.

Measurements: The blade is 2 meters long and the hilt is 30 centimeters long.


  • Zabimaru senses weakness in others. This weapon may be purchased by anyone, but they will not be able to use the spells listed below if their strength is below 150.


  • Roar: Zabimaru has a menacing aura, striking fear in its opponents and causing them to think twice before facing the user. Because of this, the target's attributes are lowered by 10% if the target is ranked equal to the user or lower and can only be used on one target.

  • Howl: The segments of Zabimaru can grow in length tremendously. The segments are connected by a stretchable thread, making Zabimaru more useful as a whip than an actual sword, however, it can serve as a regular sword just as easily. Upon swinging the sword, the user can extend the blade and make it serve as a cutting whip. It takes two seconds for the weapon to reach its maximum size. The cooldown and mana cost applied to this effect is based on the selected length increase. The user must clearly describe the selected length when using this spell.

    • Up to 2 Meters: 0 Post Cooldown (100 Mana)
    • Up to 4 Meters: 1 Post Cooldown (200 Mana)
    • Up to 6 Meters: 2 Post Cooldown (300 Mana)
    • Up to 7 or 8 Meters: 3 Post Cooldown (400 Mana)
    • Up to 9 or 10 Meters: 4 Post Cooldown (500 Mana)


  • Name: Execution
    Rank: S
    Mana Cost: 1,000
    Requirements: Zabimaru
    Type: Offensive
    Element: Arcane
    Range: 25 meters
    Cooldown: 5 posts
    Duration: Instant
    Effect: The user disconnects the segments of Zabimaru and levitates them into the air with their mana. The 6 split segments then each chase the target up to the range of the spell at 20 m/s and attack a different part of the target's body (head, left arm, right arm, torso, left leg, right leg). Upon impact, each segment deals A-rank damage to the specific body part individually (which can rack up more than S-rank damage if everything lands). The user cannot reform or use Zabimaru again in the same post. This spell leaves the sword vulnerable and useless until the next post in which the sword will become whole again. This damage cannot be increased by external modifiers, and the spell cannot be used while Zabimaru's Awakening is active.

  • Name: Zabimaru's Awakening
    Rank: S
    Mana Cost: 500
    Requirements: Zabimaru
    Type: Offensive
    Element: Arcane
    Range: 25 meters
    Cooldown: Once per thread
    Duration: Sustain
    Effect: Upon using this spell, Zabimaru turns into a long, bony tail composed of vertebra-like structures protruding from the user's hilt which trails behind the user and hangs around their waist like a loose sash. It no longer consists out of 6 segments but 20 segments. The end of the tail has a huge skeletal serpent's head which can bite targets. The vertebra-like structures have a width of 1 meter and a length of 22 meters. The final 3 meters of the blade is the serpent's skeletal skull. The skeletal serpent can be manipulated with each swing to move as the user desires. Zabimaru in this form moves at its users running speed or 20 m/s, whichever is lower. The vertebra-like structures can be used to slam down on targets to cause bludgeoning. The head can be used to slam onto a target to cause bludgeoning damage as well, or it could be used to bite and cause piercing damage.

#2Erebus Gresham 

V. Zabimaru Empty Sun Oct 02, 2022 3:36 pm

Erebus Gresham

I’d like to purchase this.


V. Zabimaru Empty Sun Oct 02, 2022 4:13 pm


Erebus has obtained his Bankai Zabimaru for 5,000,000j.


V. Zabimaru Empty Sun Jan 08, 2023 8:54 am


I will be purchasing this for 5,000,000


V. Zabimaru Empty Sun Jan 08, 2023 9:59 am

Yuurei has purchased this for 5,000,000 jewels.

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