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Other - Lupin's Ultimate Heist

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Lupin's Ultimate Heist

Lupin is an elusive figure with a highly unique skill that allows him to traverse through the Multiverse. As a highly recognized thief, Lupin decided to use his newfound powers to avoid the authorities a few years ago and hide in the Multiverse. During his sabbatical, however, he figured out that stealing things elsewhere wouldn't be considered a crime in our universe. Thus, nowadays, he roams the Multiverse to collect items for his various clients. Whenever someone is interested in an item that isn't available anymore in our universe, they contact Lupin to acquire it for them in the Multiverse. It's only a matter of time though till Lupin's actions catch up with him and he draws the attention of forces external to deal with him.

For a special fee reserved only for his most generous sponsors, Lupin is willing to go the extra mile and steal items he'd otherwise not attempt to.


  • The user must link to the item that they want to purchase in this topic.

  • The item must be chosen from the Mysterious Merchant's catalogue. Companions, Magics and Modifications are excluded.

  • Lupin's Ultimate Heist can only be hired a total of two times per Mysterious Merchant appearance.

  • The user must pay a minimum of twice the base price of the item to acquire it through Lupin's Ultimate Heist.

  • Lupin's Ultimate Heist must be won at an auction by the Mysterious Merchant.

  • Upon purchasing it, the item will be listed in the profile with (ↂ) behind it while still linking to the original item.

  • Items acquired through Lupin are permanent and can therefore not be lost through Activity Checks.


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I’m buy this for 5,500,000 jewels after using the lupin 25% discount from my inventory and the lupin 20% discount I won from giveaway.

Other - Lupin's Ultimate Heist Faef4310

Other - Lupin's Ultimate Heist 96698010


Other - Lupin's Ultimate Heist Empty Mon Feb 27, 2023 6:04 pm

@Yuurei has purchased Excalibur for 5,500,000.

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