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♫ Zariya | Sheet ♫

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♫ Zariya | Sheet ♫ 6r9lYa3

Name: Zariya "Zari" Onfroy
Age: 25
Height: 6’0
Eye Color: Gold
Pronouns: She
Sexuality: Bisexual
Ethnicity: Desiertan | Icebergan
  • Desiertan Royal
  • Icebergan Noble
  • Kingpin | Horseman

Class: Adventurer
Race: Half-Elf | Machina
Rank: S-Rank
Guild: Akudama Syndicate
Tattoo: Left Shoulder [Black]
Relationship: -



Zari is naturally curious, unencumbered by the restrictions, limitations, or opinions of society. A young woman who is reserved, hard to manage, capable of holding grudges to no end, but generally accepting of most things. She is highly adept at registering emotions, and has mastered the art of gaslighting and manipulation. Zari performs her tasks as she pleases, how she pleases, and when she pleases. No rank, or hierarchy can change that. Whatever she does is because she genuinely wants to do it.

Likely taking risks to quench her thirst for thrill and dealing with what consequences come later, Zariya is unpredictable in every sense of the word. She has absolutely no shame in lying, cheating, stealing, or doing whatever else may be necessary to get things done, so long as it doesn't harm her comrades. Fret not. Zari isn't all bad. When she makes a promise, you can rest assured that it'll be kept. Despite how aggressive, hot-headed and violent she may be, Zariya believes in loyalty. Towards her comrades, she has a tendency to be a lot softer.

Zari is optimistic about future endeavors, believing that everything will fall into place so long as she remains determined. Compared to other adults, she isn't as serious about the things adults should be serious about, often taking wounds both in and out of the battle-field lightly.



  • Legacy: To be remembered all throughout earth land as someone who impacted the world and living up to her family’s reputation, regardless of how she did it, is the driving force behind Zariya.

  • Identity: There is something different about Zariya in comparison to her family. she has never truly felt a place of belonging and knows deep down inside that there is more to her than she knows. The hunt for who she is keeps her alive. Until she has answers, her life on Earth will never be complete.

  • Money: If the price is right...

  • Power: She couldn't protect her loved ones in the past, and so she has vowed to never fail to do so again. She is borderline obsessed with technology and discovering the unknown, because she has found that power usually lies within them.


  • Boring Death: To end a life as glorious as her own, a legendary death is mandatory. Zari would prefer to die on the battlefield, but getting eaten by a dragon works too. Her worst fear is dying by doing something unimpressive, like sleeping.

  • Growing Old: Whatever it takes to prevent the wrinkles from finding her, she's down. Hopefully, she dies before then.

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MAIN-HAND WEAPON (prosthetic)

Miyamoto Musashi's Sword:


God Hunter:


Dhivir's Thunderous Stride:

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♫ Zariya | Sheet ♫ Lightning_bolt_simple

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Knuckles Shi


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♫ Zariya | Sheet ♫ Lightning_bolt_simple

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