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Modification - Machine Heart

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Modification - Machine Heart Empty Sat Sep 17, 2022 2:14 pm



Name: Machine Heart.

Slot: Modification.

Type: Race.

Class: -

Quantity: Limited.

Element: -


Description: Even among the master artificers of Talaz Lagaar, the very act of replacing a person's organs with prosthetics and artifice is looked upon with awe and certain degree of mysticism, as a feat achievably only by the most talented of machinists. It's said that once all vital organs are replaced, the subject will have either become a soulless cyborg, or something else entirely: By replacing the user's heart with a Machine Heart, they can in turn replace all of their organic tissue with artifice and become a Machias.

The rate of success is said do depend not only on the brilliance of the artificer, but the unyielding spirit of the one undertaking the procedure, to transcend the body of flesh and blood they're bound to. Those who successfully transform into Machias are blessed with an undying, mechanical body that will weather the test of time, that can be manually repaired as necessary and adapted to any hardship they face, allowing them to retain their prime throughout the rest of their life.


  • The user must purchase this item from the Mysterious Merchant.
  • The user must be a Human, Wood Elf, Half-Elf, or Dwarf to purchase this item.

Effects (General)

  • Circuitry: Machias receive Minor Weakness to Lightning & Fire-based Damage.

  • Power Scouter: When looking at a target, the user can see the amount of mana they possess and their exact distribution of attribute points. They cannot mention the number to others since it would make no sense to them, but the user can make perfect sense of the value they see.

  • Prosthetic Replacements: Constantly looking to improve themselves, Machias receive a 50% discount to all prosthetics. They are also capable of replacing their limbs, torso, and even their head with the Etherium Prosthetic with the respective item slot. They may also use their off-hand slot regardless of class as long as it is in a prosthetic.

  • Living Machine: Limb-based Prosthetics can be damaged without causing the user to receive damage to their overall durability, and replace the durability of the Limb. Head and Chest-based Prosthetics also cause the user to receive damage to their overall durability when taking damage, but add onto their respective body part's durability. Once said body part is replaced with a prosthetic it can no longer be impacted by Armor piercing, as there is no distinction between their armor and their body.

  • Strategic Repairs: In the event that Machias can cast healing-type spells they may restore the durability of prosthetics as though they were limbs. However, the effect of the healing spell is reduced by one rank.

  • Robotic Limitations: Machias start off fragile in form and are libel to being broken. All their topics are considered to be in Orange danger mode. This means that they can lose their limbs in all topics. In case their limb has been cut off and it is still intact, they may pick it up in the same topic and reattach it. This procedure takes a few minutes, and can't be done during combat.

Effects (Non-Mage Classes)

  • Mana Engine: Machias who lack the ability to use magic can use their enhancements with their prosthetics.

  • Realigned Power: Machias without their own magic instead have the spells from their prosthetics treated as their own magic spells, causing all item effects and mana reduction from their intelligence to be applied to item spells instead.

Effects (Mage Classes)

  • Magical Prosthetics: Machias who possess magic are capable of casting through their prosthetics regardless of type.


  • Name: Full Drive
    Mana Cost: 10% of Total Base Mana
    Requirements: 50 RP posts as a Machias after this has been purchased
    Type: Transformation
    Element: Arcane
    Range: Self
    Cooldown: 3 Posts
    Duration: Sustain
    Effect: The user revs up their machine heart, causing raw mana to erupt from vents in their back, enabling them to soar freely across their air up to 10 meters above the ground. The attributes of the user are increased by 50% of their base amount. This is a transformation and not a spell. Therefore, it cannot be canceled by artifacts or magics that can cancel spells.

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do it

make me a machia! mwuhahahahahhahahaah

Modification - Machine Heart BgYy4ZU

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Ikanbi has made the Temp Machine Heart they had permanent With their giveaway win and this would have been better listed in the Mysterious Merchant Lupin so not to confuse people of its availability numbers.

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