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IV Myrkr Hulda

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IV Myrkr Hulda Img_7011


Name: Myrkr Hulda


Type: Ring

Class: Legendary

Quantity: Custom

Element: Dark

Durability: 2x S-rank


Description: A pointed armored ring with three segments and three black frost gems embedded. The side of the metal was stamped to resemble the texture of a bird’s talon.

With her growing Demonic influence and followers, cults were born in her image. Many who do not side perfectly with the Illumin Church’s ideals would now come to seek her as an alternative. A striking being that proves to be an opposing force to the faith they know. Of course, not all who came to seek her found a comforting embrace as some saw her destructive prowess firsthand. Yet it was also the capacity for destruction that called to certain stray individuals who sought the darker things in life. This ring was one of the many offerings made by people yearning for her destructive presence in this world.

The materials were gathered from some stray pieces of her lingering magic and metals found within her Icebergian homeland. The individual who handed her the ring now also garners her favor and some of her power. Incentivizing more such individuals to find their way to her and pledge to the rising Demoness.


  • Lesser Summoning Circle: A minor spell enchants the ring to open a small portal into a pocket of the infinite Abyss. You receive the Pocket-Dimension effect from this item and it may not be modified.

  • Demoness Veneration: The newfound worship and follower’s prayers are slowly building up the Demoness’ powers so that she can move quicker. She gets a 20% word count reduction on completing quests.

Points Breakdown

Please list Forge Points gained and lost for a faster approval process.
  • Legendary
  • Ring
  • Pocket Dimension (10pts)
  • Quest Word Reduction (20pts)

Total points Acquired:30
Total Points Spent:30
Claiming with my legendary custom ticket

IV Myrkr Hulda Img_0112

Pokedex Entry

IV Myrkr Hulda Empty Sat Dec 09, 2023 1:25 pm


IV Myrkr Hulda Img_0112

Pokedex Entry

IV Myrkr Hulda Empty Sat Dec 09, 2023 2:30 pm

Lumi has claimed their Myrkr Hulda.

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