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Paradise Dawn

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Paradise Dawn

When it all boils down to it, this guild stands as a beacon of not only resilience, but also compassion and freedom. While many may believe that these words describe the ideals of a light guild, Paradise Dawn has declared itself an entity of its own, choosing to be as far away from the Fiorian Government as possible to be its own entity. In short, they are a Monster Hunting & Mercenary guild that has established their territory as its own thriving nation. After the return of the dragons, with an influx of ruthless beasts and all sorts of other creatures seemingly crawling out of hell to cause destruction, Paradise Dawn has taken matters into their own hands.

They often have a variety of political stances, some more heroic and some even more on the darker spectrum so when it comes to mercenary work, virtually anyone can be taken for the right price. Giants, evil sea creatures, crazed vampires, cyclops', lords, villains, you name it, Paradise Dawn deals with it all. Dawn is an entity that is not affiliated with the King, the Magic Council, or the Rune Knights and many members aren't fond of the nobles for their long history of corruption. Instead, this guild focuses on the protection of Paradise.

Because the guild prides itself on Freedom, Paradise Dawn is an open guild with a lot less restrictions than other guilds. However, when it's time to come together to hunt down beasts or eliminate threats, they prove to be the most united of the guilds. Members tend to be Mercenaries, fighters, merchants, bounty hunters, explorers, assassins and scholars. They have all sorts of talents, making Paradise Dawn extremely diverse. Because they are Extremely organized and resourceful, common-folk tend to reach out to the guild for help as opposed to the Rune Knights, even going so far as to building homes around the guild to remain in close proximity. They see Paradise Dawn as a good thing and a Nation to be apart of.


  • Members can take both good and bad quests.

  • Follow your heart and remain true to yourself.

  • Never give up. No pain, no gain.

  • Guild members agree to protect the guild location.

  • Members of the guild must not reveal sensitive information about the guild. This can result in Banishment or the loss of a limb.

  • Members help and protect one another.

  • Members must contribute to the guild in anyway that they can. to keep it running.

  • All races, religions, and genders are accepted.


Guild Breakdown:

The Paradise Dawn guild building rests on two sides of a mountain in Seighart mountains directly in front of a waterfall. Truthfully, it is a sight to behold. The guild is made up of multiple subsections, all connecting to each other. The architecture is a fusion of many different cultures, mostly following the Desiertan style. The special thing about Paradise Dawn's infrastructure is that it is also technologically advanced. Overall the building is vast, bridges and small merchant shops around the guild, complete with member living quarters, training facilities and research facilities.


Khalfani Morningstar, the Anti-hero and once a slave in Stella, is known for many things. He is the rogue prince-brother of Desierto, a student, and the Son of a Wizard Lord. As such, he has been exposed to unique experiences that have molded him into a young man that seeks justice above all else, not just for himself, but all people who have experienced injustice in Earthland. Khal is a firm believer in the idea that the gods do not determine ones fate. This makes him an ambitious man with goals that could seem farfetched or impossible to some. However, the dragon slayer is no stranger to beating the odds. He believes that anyone can do anything if they put their mind to it.

As the Commander, he knows when to step up and lead and when to stand down and listen. It's what makes partnerships and teams work. Though needless to say, he is analytical and able to come up with a solution on the spot. However, Khalfani does not pride himself as a prodigy or anything of the sort. In fact, he is more humble than people may initially assume. He has always worked diligently to overcome any obstacle sent his way. From participating in a number of wars he has developed a knack for fighting and  is well capable of maneuvering through the world of politics unscathed. At first, his cold and straightforward demeanor may be off-putting to some, but it becomes no secret to those that get to know him that he's passionate and cares deeply about his friends and family, so much so that he is always ready to put his body on the line to defend his loved ones.


Passive Guild Perk:
  • I do what I want!: Members can do both good and bad quests.

Level 2:
  • Work Smarter, Not Harder: Users receive 10% more experience when obtaining rewards.

Level 3:
  • Unlimited Potential: Members of Paradise Dawn can do up to 3 Neutral Quests per week. This does not allow the user to bypass the S rank quest cap.

Level 4:
  • Work Even Smarter: Members receive 20% more jewels when obtaining rewards.

Level 5:
  • To Be a Hunter: The user may once per month complete a Special Quest called either "Monster Slaying", or "Mercenary Work." The quest may be one rank higher than the user (unless the user is S-rank) and is not affected by the monthly S-rank quest limitation. The quest may be done in any country available as long as the theme of the topic is slaying a monster or doing mercenary work relevant to that region. This special quest can be done with other guild members, however, they must meet the rank requirements to tag along per the quest regulations and it will also consume their monthly Monster Slaying. Once completed, the topic may be submitted in Quest Review with a reminder of the perk to receive rewards for the completed Special Quest.

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