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IV - Luci the Demon

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IV - Luci the Demon Empty Sat Jan 08, 2022 6:47 pm



Name: Luci

Slot: Companion

Race: Demon

Class: Legendary

Quantity: Limited

Element: Darkness

  • Strength: 1
  • Speed: 100
  • Constitution: 100


Height: 30 centimeters.

Appearance: Luci looks similar to a shadow with a spearhead tail. Somehow, Luci's shape often causes people to confuse him for a cat.

Description: Luci is a demon from the vast lands of the Abyss. In comparison to what most people perceive as a demon, Luci looks incredibly harmless and is sometimes even mistaken for a cat. Something that still surprises Luci to this day for he believes he bears no similarities to the creatures. Despite his appearance, Luci remains a demon. While brutes use their power, Luci uses his words. He is a hedonist who loves to smoke, drink, and take drugs. While there is no way of knowing whether his smoking, drinking, or drug-taking has any effect on his "health", it is clear that they have an effect on him. Luci has been roaming around and causing trouble on Earthland for about 300 years which is about half his lifetime.

Personality: In the beginning, Luci's nature was that of the traditional demon: he was pure evil and not capable of love or compassion. Over the last few decades, he has softened a bit. Luci hangs around a person that seems interesting to them and then acts as if he is guiding them towards their destiny. Something which he does by generally encouraging others towards mischief and leading them astray. His actions are usually subtle despite being chaotic and seemingly random. Luci's actions vary from encouraging worse-than-normal behavior and actively disrupting events to being helpful in a crisis. He once got a princess drunk before her wedding, however, it made her realize that she wasn't in love and she ended becoming a fierce warrior-queen. In another decade, Luci stalled a young knight by having him party all night in a brothel. The next day it turned out that his garrison had been ambushed by a traitor among them who could only be pointed out by the young knight now. Thus, the mischief-making antics of Luci might act as a catalyst for destiny. Luci doesn't do this on purpose though, nor is he aware that his antics sometimes result in destiny-altering outcomes. Despite his chaotic nature, Luci might end up caring about the person he hangs around with. He might comfort them in times of pain, fight alongside them, and even save their life. This might indicate a good side, though he refuses to ever give in to it.


Requirements: None.


  • Speech: Luci is capable of speech. This might not be a good thing with all the sass and mean things that come out of his mouth.

Companion Perks:
  • Minor Fire Resistance: The companion has a Minor Resistance versus Fire-type in addition to its natural Minor Resistance versus Darkness-type moves.

Partner Perks:
  • Misschief Is My Middle Name: The user receives an additional 20% experience when completing quests, however, they must do something chaotic during the quest without ruining their chances of receiving the reward at the end.
  • Five Finger Discount: The user receives a 20% discount in the Weapon, Armor, Accessories, and Misc. sections shop, excluding the Point Shop. Luci claims it's because of his negotiation skills, but you should know better.
  • Disco With The Damned: The user receives a Minor Resistance versus Darkness-type spells.


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give him to me 🖤


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Nuala has purchased Luci the Demon for 2,500,000 J.

IV - Luci the Demon Lu7gGv2
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#ffe666 - Fiorian #ccc666 - Elvarin #999966 - Val'Elvarin
#9b2222 - Sinese


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Purchasing once this -> (click) goes through.

#5Achlys † 

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Achlys †
Za has purchased Luci the Demon for 2,500,000 J.


#6Go D. Drakkon 

IV - Luci the Demon Empty Wed Jul 20, 2022 9:29 am

Go D. Drakkon
I will be purchasing this after this Link goes through for 2,500,000 jewels


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Toge has purchased Luci the Demon for 2,500,000 J.

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