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Dragon Order

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Dragon Order

"Hic Sunt Dracones"

The existence of Dragon Slayers is no longer just a myth, whether the rise of their kin was an event set into motion by the dragons that taught them their ways remains open for debate, but one fact remains: Ever since the great conflict among the Ancient Dragons their kin has steadily disappeared from the surface of the planet. However, rare occurrences happen where for good or worse a dragon does appear.

When it is for worse, people often fall back on those possessing the unusual abilities of a Dragon Slayer to deal with such dangerous threats. But like with all things there needs to be some form of order, some semblance of an organization to call upon.

Still, mortals are frequently prone to lack the desire to contribute to a cause unless they have some form of merit to gain from it, and it is for that reason a particular ancient dragon offered a price: Join this order and we will bestow onto thee power untold, prove thyself worthy of leading said order and I will bestow my own essence onto you... O Dragon Knight.


"Peace is a lie, there is only passion

Through the pursuit of your passion, your conflicts will grant you strength,

By obtaining the strength to dominate your foes you will reach for the summit: Where the throne of the emperor awaits..."

  • The Dragon Order is situated in Pergrande.

  • The perks and items obtained through the Dragon Order only last as long as one remains a part of the faction. Leaving the order will require one to kill their dragon and reclaim their heart from it.

  • As a member of the Dragon Order only Bad quests and Neutral Quests are available.


Situated on the outskirts of the Voda River a mighty keep stands proudly guard over the domain of the order. Overlooking most of Pergrade atop one of its mountains, the keep has functioned as the headquarters of the Dragon Order since its creation. From traditional dormitories for lower ranked members, to stylish offices for the higher-ranks to receive guests in, of particular notice is the converted throne room which serves as both an audience room for the leader of the order, and a place of worship for the dragon the people of Pergrande came to rever as their guardian deity.

The Dragon Knight

The current leader of the Order and the first known Dragon Knight in Pergrande's history, Ryuko quickly established herself as an easygoing and cheerful individual with a knack for socializing and getting herself into trouble. Despite the fact people often describe her as a battle-hungry woman, the fact she has gained the backing and respect of the dragons speaks plenty for her skills.

Despite the fact most Dragon Slayers tend to learn their magic either directly from dragons or more commonly from having a Lacrima implanted into their being, Ryuko is considered a special case in this regard. As her appearance reveals she has dragon-like features that betray she has started to evolve beyond the typical nature of a Dragon Slayer, and she might be willing to bestow her secrets to the rest of the order...

The Dragonborn

The Dragonborn are a select group within the order who have received the blessings of the dragons. Unlike the typical Dragoons that make up the majority of the order, the Dragonborn are an elite group that have far greater freedom in their activities.. Dragonborn their abilities are closer to that of actual Dragons, for instead of being bestowed a Lacrima they are given the rite of replacing their heart with that of a dragon, which empowers their magic, but also leaves them at risk of becoming the very beings that once granted them their might.


Order Perks:

  • Level 0: The user gains access to a Dragon Order egg, a pouch item the user can only obtain while in the Dragon Order.

  • Level 1: The user's egg hatches into a dragon whelpling, an unique companion and will evolve over time as the user progresses through the guild levels. This companion has the Fortitude in Growth perk and the Dragonborn passives that apply to each form but take up no slots/points. This whelping gains access to a Consumption spell that can absorb up to C-rank attacks.

  • Level 2: The user gains permission to purchase the Slayer relic shard at a 20% discount from the MM that stays as long as they are in the DO.

  • Level 3: The user's whelpling grows into a lesser dragon becoming an evolved legendary and allowing the dragon gains access to a Consumption spell that can absorb up to A-rank attacks.

  • Level 4: The user gains a 10% Wordcount Reduction when doing quests.

  • Level 5: The user's lesser dragon has fully matured, becoming an evolved mythic companion and allowing them to absorb up to S-rank spells. Their companion also gains access to the merge spell. This companion can be evolved into a Storyline Companion upon the completion of an Epic Storyline, for no additional cost. However, the same storyline cannot be used to claim a Storyline companion.

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