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IV. Shinryu's ring

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IV. Shinryu's ring Empty Thu Apr 18, 2024 11:22 am



Name: Shinryu's ring

Slot: Relic

Type: Ring

Class: Legendary

Quantity: Custom

Element: Arcane

Durability: 2 S-rank


Description: A mysterious ring that Ryuko wears as a memento of her past. Its powers are a closely kept secret.

Measurements: -






  • Work hard, play harder: The user gains a 20% WC reduction on quests.
  • Jewels Hoarder: The user gains a 10% increase in the jewels obtained from quests and social interactions.

Points Breakdown

  • Legendary - 30
  • Ring
  • WC reduction - 20, jewels increase 10

Total points Acquired: 30
Total Points Spent: 30


approved here~

#2Alaric Holloway 

IV. Shinryu's ring Empty Fri Apr 19, 2024 12:52 pm

Alaric Holloway
Ryuko has claimed this ring!

IV. Shinryu's ring THOXIZP
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