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Base Race Upgrade - Dragonkin

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Base Race Upgrade - Dragonkin Empty Sun Feb 18, 2024 3:25 am



Dragonkin (New Character): Much like their prey, Dragons, Dragon slayers were not immune to the allure of the void, especially with word of Dragons thriving within the realm. Those bold, foolish, or bloodthirsty enough to enter the realm to slaughter the lifelong foes find themselves in a hostile and unwelcoming environment. The only way in which they can survive is through the continued consumption of both the flesh and soul of the dragons, something considered questionable amongst their kind. Hastened by the powers of the void, scales, fangs, and claws quickly replace the skin, teeth, and nails of a veteran dragon slayer. Dragonkin as they come to be known are a peculiar species reliant and molded to the destruction of their origin as such innate abilities such as consumption become virtually unusable against non-dragon magic while their scales promote an increased durability against the bites and slashes of a dragon.

Owing to their true competition being against dragons, they have become incredibly vulnerable to the other dragon slayers, with their thick scales serving little more than window dressing against their former brethren.

Dragonkin (New Character Details): The user is one of the Dragonkin.

Dragonkin (Burn): Dragon Slayers who spend their entire lives hunting, killing and consuming dragon slayers slowly transform first into dragonkin and then dragons themselves, this is hastened by being within the void.

Dragonkin (Burn Details): Dragon Slayers use the burn function to burn away a portion of their experience and statistics to successfully sacrifice their humanity into the void becoming a Dragonkin.


  • Dragonheart: Dragonkin possess more ability to retain multiple lacrimas within themselves allowing them to acquire two dragon slayer magics, regardless of type. They can, however, only purchase and use dragon slayer magics whilst being a Dragonkin. Note: Possessing multiple dragon Slayer lacrimas will occupy two enhancement slots per each additional lacrima.

  • Strength in Carnage: An incredibly combative race, the Dragonkin relishes every chance to grow as a fighter as a result they receive double the normal stat gain from fights.

  • Solitary Combatant: Owing to their aggressive outlook in life it is almost impossible for Dragonkin to properly care for a companion causing any healing and buffing spells that the user casts onto companions to be one rank lower while companions will heal and buff the user for one rank lower as well.

  • Corrupted Touch: Physical attacks such as biting and slashing from their claws and fangs leave a terrible aftereffect on their opponents dealing damage equivalent to one rank lower than the amount received for two posts while draining mana on the initial hit for the equivalent amount of damage dealt.

  • Refractive Scales: Physical damage dealt directly to the user is returned back to the source for one rank lower than the equivalent amount of damage dealt.

  • Dragon skin: Dragonkin receives a minor magical resistance against non-dragon slayer magic, however, they receive a minor magical and physical weakness to dragon slayer magic.


  • Name: Dragon Transformation
    Mana Cost: 5% of Total Base Mana
    Requirements: Dragonkin
    Type: Transformation
    Range: Self
    Cooldown: Once per topic
    Duration: Sustain
    Effect: The users eyes begin to glow as scales begin to replace their skin while their body begins to contort into a dragon transforming in size and appearance, as they transform, their equipment will be absorbed. Growing to a size of 20 meters in height and having a wingspan of 50 meters, the user towers over almost any opponent and may fly up to 20 meters in the air. While in this state, the user's spells are increased by one rank and their strength, constitution, and endurance will be increased by one tier while reducing their Speed by one tier. This is a transformation and not a spell. Limb durability and limb loss are carried over in this state. Therefore, it cannot be canceled by artefacts or magics that can cancel spells. This overrides any other transformation ability.


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Ryuko sacrificed their oblivion dragon slayer magic, Demigod race, access to her tarot aura, Dual Emperor Pact and received Dragonkin.

And still I'll be a wanna-be dragon~


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Wanna be Dragon, that you now are. Be Free!

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