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Aura - Embrace of the Tegicram

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Name: Embrace of the Tegicram

Slot: Aura

Class: Legendary.

Quantity: Limited.

Description: While Demons and Seraphim are commonly seen above the influence of man, they are also vulnerable to the void as is the example of Tegicram, an ancient demon who ironically wished only for peace amongst all the species within Earthland. Their wish would go unanswered when they were flung into the void, unable to escape, and instead forced to fight in order to survive. As is the case with anything that falls into the Void they are slowly morphed into something otherworldly illustrated in their unusual appearance and abilities. As a powerful magical being, Tegicram swiftly made a mark within the realm subjugating those that underestimated the scaly beast. The most challenging competition was another demon, Nejal'reum that fell through a similar gap between the two realms leading to a centuries-long stalemate. This bitter rivalry was brought to a bloody end with the defeat and ultimate death of Nejal'reum at the cost of the left portion of Tegicram's face.


  • The user must have acquired this through the Unknown Sacrifice Event and can not purchase this through Lupin.

  • Ageless: Due to the vast timespan within the void, Tegicram became disconnected with time as a result those who receive their blessing find themselves out of sync with reality being unable to age and commonly regress physically to certain degrees. This also impedes their overall physical growth permanently reducing their strength and speed by one tier.


  • Void Touched: After receiving the blessing from Tegicram, the bearer of the magic becomes a creature of both the real world and the void, causing concepts such as mortality through age to no longer impact them. This impacts them in other ways allowing them to become uniquely resilient against the void, providing them with a minor resistance against damage dealt through weapons and magic augmented through the void (They must be obtained through the Fractured Sky Sacrifices).

  • Pushed Beyond the Edge: Owing to the powerful magical properties of Tegicram, the user will find themselves more confident in their magical abilities granting them an additional enhancement slot whenever they are a mage.

  • Tegicram's Armaments: The user may enchant Arcane weapons with their magic's element changing its elemental alignment from Arcane to said for the remainder of a topic. This doesn't change the element of the spells attached to the weapon. When applied to Bows or Guns, the Basic Shot spells of the weapon change to said type as well. If the user does not have magic then they may change the element to Darkness, if they have combination elements then they may select between one or both elements.


  • Name: Regeneration
    Rank: D-S
    Mana Cost: 25-500
    Requirements: Embrace of the Tegicram
    Type: Healing
    Element: Arcane
    Range: Self
    Cooldown: None
    Duration: Instant
    Effect: As an immensely powerful being Tegicram has incredibly regenerative abilities repairing almost every injury save from other celestial beings as a result those blessed with their power can also heal from almost lethal injuries. Using Tegicram's powers the user will regenerate their cells to heal themselves for the endurance of indicated limbs. They can heal the same rank of damage as that of the spell in 5 seconds; if they pay double the base mana, they can perform this within 2 seconds. At S-rank, they can even regenerate completely lost limbs or organs.

#2Go D. Drakkon 

Aura - Embrace of the Tegicram Empty Tue Jul 18, 2023 2:44 pm

Go D. Drakkon
I will be giving up my Mana Stats, Mana Inventory, Stats, mount slot, and aura.


Aura - Embrace of the Tegicram Empty Tue Jul 18, 2023 5:11 pm

Toge Liso his completed his sacrifice and gained this aura.

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