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Lucky Clover

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Lucky Clover Empty Wed Dec 14, 2022 6:35 pm



Name: Lucky Clover

Slot: Pouch.

Type: Clothes/Hair Attachment

Class: Unknown

Quantity: Limited

Element: -

Durability: This item is indestructible.


Description: A Clover found from a lucky dog. A dog that lived through a couple of lifetimes till it found the worthy human. It is said that the owner of the clover constantly gets another try at luck rather it's with life, money or choices.


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Lucky Dog: The clover lets the user roll again if the person doesn't like their first roll. With that, the user doesn't get to pick which roll they get, only the newest roll. (This only works for game related rolls and doesn't work on Donation or Woohoo rolls.) This stacks other rolls, but they must post a 150 WC post to use it.

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