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Akudama Syndicate

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Akudama Syndicate

Their legacy thrives not in darkness alone, but in the cunning maneuvers that make them masters of their game.

The Akudama Syndicate's reach extends beyond the grimy corners of back alleys. They are the architects of unexpected alliances, trading goods, drugs, assassinations, technology and weapons with an audaciousness that catches even the most powerful off guard. From noble courts to halls of authority, they have their fingers on every pulse, maneuvering with a grace that disguises their true intent. They remain just beyond the reach of labels, a testament to their mastery of the art of subtlety, blackmail, and manipulation.

In times of conflict, when the drums of war resound, the eyes of those in power turn to the Syndicate. A force to be reckoned with, they stand ready to lend their expertise to the highest bidder who dares court their favor. But their ultimate goal remains steadfast: profit. Money flows like blood through their veins, and each member of the Akudama Syndicate is vital in the engine of opulence. Rumors whisper of connections to the highest echelons of power, yet such mysteries remain veiled in secrecy. It is from these hidden vantages that they orchestrate their schemes, commanding their pieces with deftness that few can fathom.

The Akudama Syndicate welcomes those who are drawn to the allure of their world. Thieves, assassins, drug dealers, and brilliant minds—all are embraced within their ranks. Here, every member brings a unique flavor, a new facet to this gem of criminal prowess. From the shadows, they rise like serpents, united by a shared drive to amass wealth beyond measure. This is the Akudama Syndicate, where shadows are a canvas and power is a brushstroke. In the underworld's ballet of control, they are the lead dancers, their every movement a testament to their mastery. They are more than a guild; they are architects of ambition, and weavers of wealth.


  • Members who join are called Akudama.

  • Members must be driven. If you aren't pulling your weight, than what the hell are you doing here?!

  • Members must never expose their clients identities to people who aren't Akudama.

  • Guild members agree to protect the guild location.

  • Members of the guild must not reveal sensitive information about the guild. This can result in Banishment or other forms of harsh punishment.

  • Members must be B-rank or higher & level 3 to be apart of the Kingpin Council & a horseman.

  • Sins are most trusted members and ranked directly below the horsemen.

The Base

The Akudama Syndicate base is a fortress that prioritizes the transportation of their illegal wares. Their method of transportation is heavily reflected throughout their guild territory- a megaplatform train station with six stations. Five of the stations are specific to the five forms of crime that the guild specializes in. Weapon trade, Human trafficking, Drugs, Espionage and Science. The sixth station is the general station which is used as the only entrance into the guild territory. There, folks are verified by the receptionist before entering. Inspection of cargo and visitors go through tight security here before being escorted to the other five appropriate stations. Each station is a platform, but within the stations are facilities dedicated to each form of crime. Laboratory, arsenal, drug house, chambers, etc.

The train itself is an elongated steel fortress used to transit the guild's illegal wares to undisclosed locations for sell and distribution. The guild territory has many train tracks that run through the course of its structures. These tracks circle through the guild territory at various elevations. The basement of the guild hall is where the armored train switches tracks or rests until further use.

At the center of the guild territory, is the main guild hall itself- a common area between all six of the stations. It serves as both a meeting place and living quarters for the guild members. While the majority of the guild members have their own quarters or share barracks rooms on the lower floors, only the Doms or Crime Lords live at the top of the guild hall. Each Don has their own section of the guild hall adjacent to the station they control. The main hall is a sight to behold; Spa's, state of the art dining hall, auditorium, casino, and even a pool. Akudama live a lavish life, and the hall is reflective of that.

The Horsemen (Kingpin Council)


Akudama Syndicate's leadership stands as an anomaly that sets them ablaze in the shadows. Here, no lone figure holds the scepter of command; instead, a collective of orchestrates the underworld's symphony. These architects are known as the Kingpin Council or the Horsemen of Akudama, a title that shrouds them in mystery, while beyond, they are whispered about as "Dons" or "Crime Lords." One may reign as the Don of Assassins, and another as the Don of Weapons-Trade. Yet, it's in their union that the true marvel resides, the Hand of Akudama, where leadership transcends a single person. Each Kingpin controls their area "area" how they see fit, so long as it doesn't conflict with the organization.

  • Death (Theft/Assassination): Erebus

  • Conquest (Science/Tech): Zariya

  • War (Weapon trade/Muscle): Knux

  • Pestilence (Drugs/Illegal Substances): Nana

The Seven Sins

The Seven Deadly Sins constitute a core group within the Akudama Syndicate, their status just below that of the Horsemen, endowing them with unparalleled influence that lower-ranking Akudama cannot dispute. While they may not always be the most powerful mages within the guild, each of the seven possesses a unique element crucial for the Syndicate's prosperity. Since the Horsemen aren't always directly involved in operations on the ground, the Sins play a vital role in guiding and instructing lower-ranked members when necessary.


Level 1:
  • Network: Akudama have a chip pouch item called the "Echo Chip" implanted inside of their body which allows them to communicate with other Akudama over long distances. This chip cannot be used between members present in the same fight thread.

Level 2:
  • More Power: Users receive 10% more experience when obtaining rewards.

Level 3:
  • Influential: Members receive a 20% discount on shop items.

Level 4:
  • Money on My Mind: Members receive 20% more jewels when obtaining rewards.

Level 5:
  • Great Exchange: Members may once per week claim bonus stat points by either completing a quest or battling someone else. The outcome of the battle does not matter, however, the battle must be completed. The amount of bonus stat points received is based on the rank of the quest or opponent (D+1, C+2, B+3, A+4, S+5)


  • User 1: Nana (Horseman) | Level 5

  • User 2: Zariya  (Horseman) | Level 3

  • User 3: Knux (Horseman) | Level 3

  • User 4: Erebus (Horseman) | Level 3

  • User 5: Kanji (Pride) | Level 3

Akudama Syndicate  Lightning_bolt_simple

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