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Cape - Cloak of Quic-Zo

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Cape - Cloak of Quic-Zo Empty Mon Apr 03, 2023 5:42 pm



Name: Cloak of Quic-Zo

Slot: Cape.

Type: Cape.

Class: Mythic.

Quantity: Limited.

Element: Arcane.

Durability: 3x S-rank.


Description: A piece of attire with a long complicated history beginning with its creation and later it's embedding of various personalities that would later come to possess the cloak. Originally owned by a naive Adventurer, Shimada Minori in the earliest of explorations into the Fractured Sky it was nothing more than a piece of fabric, however, after a fateful experience with terrifying monsters deep within the void, Shimada died leaving their lost soul and cape behind eventually binding to each other as the owner struggled to maintain a semblance of self in the chaos that is the Void. Eventually, over countless years, the cape returned to the physical realm only to be obtained by a mercenary, Ranulf Althaus, who had been commissioned to find the owner who entered the void much to the protest of the spirit that now lingered within it. Shortly after reaching the other side, Ranulf also lost his life with his own personality blending into the cape. Both Shimada and Ranulf spent decades in the void together as entities within the cape before finally being pushed back through to the other side via an unknown force.

Measurements: The cape has a width of 1 meter and a length of 2 meters. It can therefore reach out up to 2 meters while worn. It moves at spell speed.


  • Sapped from Magic: Whilst possessing the Cloak of Quic-Zo the user must be an adventurer to receive any of its benefits.

  • The user must have acquired this through the Unknown Sacrifice Event and can not purchase this through Lupin.
  • Upon entering a topic, the user must declare which personality they will be inhabited by which will determine the abilities they have access to if they choose to use the effects themselves. When possessed by the other personality, all knowledge of other people will be unknown to the user as they are an entirely new individual.


  • Ranulf Althaus's Personality: A ruthless alcoholic who values jewels and being paid over everything in life, he is a selfish greedy individual with a chip on his shoulder. He can, however, pack a great punch breaking apart rock and flesh like paper. While roleplaying as Ranulf, the user generates incredible power behind their blows. The impact of their punches and kicks travel one meter further than where their fist and feet end. The damage of extended hits is half the damage of the Strength of the user excluding the Weapon that the user may be wielding.
  • Shimada Minori's Personality: A more reserved persona, Shimada harbors many qualities that are desirable within his Joyan ancestry including a great sense of honor and respect towards one's seniors and even enemies. Despite his young age at the time of his death, he had been an incredibly skilled katana user said to be able to cut the wings of a fly without killing the insect. As a consequence, his talents after centuries in a spiritual form extend to other weapons allowing them to penetrate through armor dealing damage to both their enemy and the armor for one rank lower while in Shimada's Peronality.
  • Weaver: The cape can move on its own accord, is highly aware of its surroundings, and will always try to protect its wearer from incoming damage while worn. When its wearer is being attacked and is unable to defend themselves or is unaware of the attack, the cape can automatically move in such a way to block the incoming attack by taking the damage itself. This is not a mandatory action for the cape to perform though.


  • Name: Levitation
    Rank: S
    Mana Cost: 500
    Requirements: Cloak of Quic-Zo
    Type: Supplementary
    Range: 15 Meters
    Cooldown: -
    Duration: Sustain
    Effect: While wearing Cloak of Quic-Zo, the user can levitate and fly around up to 15 meters.

#2Brone Heavyaxe 

Cape - Cloak of Quic-Zo Empty Mon Apr 10, 2023 9:25 pm

Brone Heavyaxe
I hereby claim this cloak at the sacrifice of the following:

  • Limited/Restricted to remaining as Adventurer.
  • Unable to complete Dark Quests.
  • Unable to Ascend / Restart.

#3Go D. Drakkon 

Cape - Cloak of Quic-Zo Empty Fri Apr 14, 2023 2:05 pm

Go D. Drakkon
@Brone Heavyaxe has restricted access to being an Adventurer, completing dark quests as well as Ascend or Restart and received the Cloak of Quic-Zo

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