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The Spell Template

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The Spell Template Empty Wed Oct 19, 2016 5:06 pm


The Spell Template

Please make sure that you have read the Magic Regulations properly to understand how the template works completely. If it is clear that you have not read it via your application your spells will not be reviewed and archived.

  • Each user gets their first 4 D-ranks free of jewels and training.
  • When spells are approved completely (spell itself, and the training afterwards) list them in your Sheet to be able to use them officially.
  • Link the approved spells to the topic/thread when used so other mods are aware that you own those spells legitimately.
  • You may only post spells for review if you have the jewels to purchase them or the slots to train them.
  • WIP tags are to be included in the title if the work is incomplete or requires editing.

The Template

Name: The name of your spell goes here.
Rank: The rank of your spell goes here. Please make sure can actually purchase the spell. We require users to check themselves whether they have a slot for the spell they are purchasing or not. When staff finds out a user has more spells than their slots, the user can face a ban or get their spells stripped without refunds.
Mana Cost: The amount of mana it costs goes here. The costs are: D costs 25, C costs 50, B costs 100, A costs 200 and S costs 500.
Requirements: The name of the magic and perhaps other requirements go here.
Type: The type of your spell goes here. Remember that your Character Class decides which types you can use and that depending on that class some types are cheaper and some more expensive.
Element: The element of the spell goes here. The user can put none if it's not an elemental spell.
Cooldown: The cooldown of the spell goes here.
Range: The range of your spell goes here. Read the range section to see what your max range is and put that here.
Duration: The duration of the spell goes here. Most spells are Instant which means it happens in the post it is used and it is over such as a fireball. In some cases the spell might last longer such as needing a wall to stay up longer, a fist that keeps burning, speed that needs to stay buffed or even a summon that needs to stay around. In that case the duration is called Sustain. The user loses their sustain if they stop it themselves, can't pay any mana anymore or it gets damage equal to its rank.
Effect: The effect of the spell goes here. Start with a motion and then explain what happens. Spells can not auto-hit. When it is a buff or debuff you don't have to note the amount of points because the rank and type already tells that.


[b]Name:[/b] Text
[b]Rank:[/b] X
[b]Mana Cost:[/b] 00
[b]Requirements:[/b] Text Magic
[b]Type:[/b] Text
[b]Element:[/b] Text
[b]Range:[/b] 00 Meters
[b]Cooldown:[/b] X Posts
[b]Duration:[/b] Instant or Sustain
[b]Effect:[/b] Text

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