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A forsaken land ruined by a god. (Judith)

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A forsaken land ruined by a god. (Judith) Empty Sat May 13, 2023 6:45 am

Vex climbed down from her flying ship and she looks around at the wasteland that was laid out in front of her and her cultists had come down behind her and are also looking around the area as they now wondered what kind of god had done this and why it had done this they could also see the war scarred land from where the three "Brave and noble mages" Had taken on this corrupted monster that had no right to tear these lands apart and kill everything for some grand and un-noble need and thirst for power like they had heard rumors of. Vex touched the soil and it felt dead and like it would not be able to be saved easily but she saw that someone had planted a few strange plants that don't belong to this place and they are still living and the ground right around them seemed to be coming back to life.

She gets closer to the plants that are here and she wonders if it was the dimensional dragon slayer that had put this here to test the ground as she can see some other plants that had died nearby. Had they been seeing what would grow here or where they trying to see if a certain type of thing was more likely to grow here but the living plants seemed to be thriving well enough so she wondered if who ever it was had used different types of dirt as well to see if they could help spread life back to this land. Her goddess had seemed uneasy since the flash that had happened to Vex of the robotic island so Vex is worried that her goddess much like her magic had been corrupted.

#2Judith Karlinius 

A forsaken land ruined by a god. (Judith) Empty Sun May 14, 2023 5:36 am

Judith Karlinius
Some one else had been lingering around, One who was far more curious what this place was and it's history. Some one Vex did not know. Weather or not this woman would ever be interested in what to come with Judith going in was not something she would consider even when it came to when these two might cross paths, After all the more and more Judith seemed to explore these lands the more she pondered over it.

Something happen here to turn these lands into the state they where in, What happen was the things Judith was entirely curious about. Since there where no people to go off for a starting basis she was currently at a seemingly dead end while she looked upon it in her wonder. The former nature mage had to wonder what would have been powerful enough to wipe out almost all plant life, It must have been something long before her time and knowing.

Looking in the distance, Judith noticed something stand out, the sole lone golden castle. Might that be the source of what was going on here? Has she still had her powers of nature she might have already attempted to regrow everything here, debatable how much time would need to be altered to fix this land form its current form of damnation. But the morality of altering time ever lingered thus she would not attempt.

So she would start walking towards it in her wonder, Not realizing who else she might stumble across while she went that way, After all Judith thought she was alone. No one was expected to be in this place, even she was not expected to be. A place that almost felt were rather where time stood still everything else at the time. It was interesting.


A forsaken land ruined by a god. (Judith) Empty Sun May 14, 2023 12:56 pm

Vex saw someone else walking toward the ruined remains of the golden castle that was once the place of the battle between the god and the three chosen warriors that had fought him and defeated him. She signaled the cultists to stay back and she was going to go see who this person was as she kept her dagger up her sleeve so in case this person sought to fight she was going to be ready to fight and defend herself and she was worried about what this person might be up to here or if this was a follower of the god that had ruined this place. "Hello who are you and why are you here?" Vex tries not to show fear or that she was ready for a fight but is trying to show more a friendly face as she needed to make sure that she didn't seem to give any signs that this woman could use to try and say that Vex was the aggressor.

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A forsaken land ruined by a god. (Judith) Empty Mon May 15, 2023 4:15 am

Judith Karlinius
Now it seemed the pieces to would some what start falling into place of what was happening around here, Some one else stopped Judith and asked she was here."Oh? there are other people here. Here I thought none would tread this far."Judith said as she always did in her so casual and happy way of being." I see I am not the only one who got curious of this place."It did not explain much up front, Over all still Judith seemed harmless given Vex and her group have not met this woman and Judith did not know them.

This next part might bring a different shift to the matter, If people all knew and kept track of the who's who of the world."But if it helps, I am here to explore and learn of this place for it feels strange to me."She never really did answer questions in order at times and often it was pretty common for people to be confused by Judith and it was a habit that she never really minded going to anyone."And I am Judith Karlinius, Not anything too well known here but back in Magnolia I am the guild master of Fairy Tail."

Even then Judith was not trying to over all trying to seem like such threat."It is nice to meet, as well nice to see this place isn't so confusingly empty."A wonder of these lands was a good thing better when not alone.


A forsaken land ruined by a god. (Judith) Empty Mon May 15, 2023 1:21 pm

Vex was wondering if this woman was up to something as she spoke in a strange tone as if she was something more than she looked and something about this woman was setting off an alert in Vex's head telling her that she should watch how close she got to her and she kept the dagger hidden and her bow still across he back so she tried to stay cool and ready for what ever this woman might pull out on her and then she said something that Vex had not been ready for she was the guild master of fairy tail and that means that she would more than likely know where that cursed monster was and she used a sweeter tone to hope that she will be able to get this info from this woman. "Oh I see yeah this place is pretty far away and there seems to be very little alive on this place so it is not really a safe place to stay without a ton of supplies to protect yourself with. Does that mean that you would know where Kaito Todaro would be?"

She wonders if the act is working and if this woman might tell her where the mage might be as she is long of due for taking him out of this world and she had never really gotten any leads besides bumping into Kaito's idiot brother repeatedly and that was never a fun time if she had to admit but she has seen a lot of people disappear as of late so she was starting to wonder if there was some kind of massive death cult going on that was killing the others that had disappeared or hadn't been heard from for awhile.

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A forsaken land ruined by a god. (Judith) Empty Tue May 16, 2023 4:36 am

Judith Karlinius
This conversation seemed to shape different and fairly quickly. in a manner that maybe Judith was not expecting at first. Expecting the more normal pleasant exchanges, it went right away to her safety and about one of her guild members which was interesting. It seemed some one else was digging into things that might not be worth their time."I am not worried about my safety, I have my own means to keep myself safe."Judith  mentioned. This strange woman did not know who Judith was, She did not know any tricks that Judith could do."I will be okay no matter what happens."But Judith did not mention what that was.

When it came to her own guild member."A stranger asking me about my guild members? Interesting your answer is simple."Judith would stare Vex right in the eyes and smile in the most delighted and typically motherly way possible."Kaito is where ever Kaito is, I do not keep track of him nor do I know where he is now."Then she left it at that and continue on her way she was not walking all that quick. Then again Judith had no reason to mention such information to this person.


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Vex sighed as it seemed this woman was as useless as she looked but this might be the chance to kill off a guild master of a light guild so she stays closer enough that if she decides she will kill her and leave no trace that it was Vex that had done it. "So why would you accept an a front to the gods like a cursed demon like that monster?" She asked to see if this woman had a good reason or if she was just going to give some sad he was in need excuse. You don't protect the cursed you have to kill them off so that their curse doesn't blight the world farther than it already was. Vex is not sure if she liked this woman or not but she had a bit of an unsettling aura and Vex wondered why that she had this kind of aura as she had heard that this woman was nothing more than a push over of a kind person so this was a strange thing for such a woman to give off like that.

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A forsaken land ruined by a god. (Judith) Empty Wed May 17, 2023 5:55 am

Judith Karlinius
This was most likely going to do very differently depending on how things most likely continued, Here Judith thought it was just going to be her travelling along with some one else in a curious minded adventure."So I assume my venture to learn secrets upon a lands long lost time is going to be halted at this time? A shame really would have been nice to talk to an elf while exploring."Judith mentioned then let out the most notable disappointed sigh a person could ever muster possible. Almost like she was fully given focus on this task and not other things where going to happen.

But if she wanted to have this kind of conversation, Who was Judith to judge."Made an enemy has he? or scorned a lover with a broken heart?" Judith mention because she figured this might be the cause but maybe she needed to do some guild master work for once in her life that was not just paperwork and trying to keep people around."One can consider a cursed person and condemn them to a life of suffering because of that, Or one could see the fact they are merely a lost person who needs to be guided in the right path in life as they start working towards living their best life free."Judith mentioned it seemed she was in some manner actually prepared for the question and had been ready to answer it when it came up.

But Judith would look Vex right in there eyes and simply say."You see things so narrow and forward. I am not shocked by that in the slightest. I should not judge you for it."Judith in some manner wanted to think and hope maybe Vex could be turned around to either not talking about her guild member for a while or something a bit more nice and far less insulting."There is a Monster in all of us. The only time people ever note of it is when it is forced to lash out to some one who antagonizes it."It was not a fun conversation then she just simply waited a moment.

Then simply asked."Now are you going to be exploring or not? I would prefer to not cause problems or have problems while i took notes."Judith would try and guide this back to being some what peaceful. Hopefully it would turn out that way. If not we would have to see what happens.


A forsaken land ruined by a god. (Judith) Empty Wed May 17, 2023 8:51 am

Vex has to admit that she was taken aback by this woman flipping this on her and making her question if maybe that new years vision from over two years ago was a sign that he needs to be saved not killed or sacrificed. Had she been wrong this whole time was she the one in the wrong here and not this woman that had taken him in and she wonders if there is a chance that she has a point. "Lets walk and talk then... So what is he like from what I have heard he is a lone wolf that mainly likes to cause trouble and not really say he is sorry for it and rumor has it that he was the one that caused our world to be raided and something about him summoning a blood god on my guild's guild hall." She wondered if this woman that had been defending Kaito had known about these rumors of what things that he had done and she walked with the woman and looked around at what was once a gleaming golden palace where a monster had once lived and held these lands for what reason was unknown.

Vex wondered if the monster that lived her had a peaceful death or if it had just be fully destroyed by the three "Heroes" that had come here. She had nothing against Yuurei or Brone the other two heroes, her thing was with Kaito who she knew of but not of if he was not a threat if anything the reports just said he was a swiftly growing threat to everyone that if he went to the dark side could and probably would empty out the good sides forces if he let himself do it, as well as his brother becoming a titian of his own. Vex needed to be carful not to be tricked by this smaller woman as she seemed to have something up her sleeve as well and that was the scary side of this coin what could this woman do if Vex was to cross her.

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A forsaken land ruined by a god. (Judith) Empty Fri May 19, 2023 4:47 am

Judith Karlinius
It was not how most people would defuse a matter, being the leader of Fairy Tail most people might have thought of her doing things differently. However, Judith seemed to deal with things in the manner of logic over all. Far different then just mindless fighting. At least the situation is defused now and they could continue on."Glad we could settle to that agreement quickly."Judith said almost as if since it was now settle she seemed over all happier with the situation at hand.

Thus they would walk and talk. It made Judith think of the things she currently remember of her past, if things she had done previous even known and shown how it could ruin her reputation, It was a over all a good ponder of in which how to handle these things."Cause trouble? Do you have the context of what cause the problem to start with?"Judith asked because it was a chance to learn but also show maybe if there was what caused it."Was the trouble something intentional or not?"

She seemed to be willing to dive into it but keep in mind this conversation is a double edge sword, After all now she had to ask."Oh your in a guild now are you? which one?"Vex could either be honest about it or lie and it was a risk of what could happen in this matter. It was not the conversation as they walked towards their process of learning things. Judith also seemed to be looking and study the land and how many variables could be taken into account here.


A forsaken land ruined by a god. (Judith) Empty Sat May 20, 2023 7:35 am

Vex sees that the woman in front of her seemed to not wish to speak about the trouble that her guild member had caused and had done to this world. She figured it was just better to move on from the topic as she was clearly not going to win from this and if this woman knew anything of what her member had done she should already know of which guild that she hailed from. "At this point I am one the very few remaining members of the once great Eternal Nightmare but with the death of the grand master Odin and the disappearance of Nana and Erebus the guild at this point is only a true shell of what it once was." Vex had no shame in admitting the guild that she was from even if it was not really a functioning guild anymore and most of the members have retired or have been laying low she knows really only herself and Jin are still active members but in the end the guild hall was more feeling like a hunted house more than a home.

"So do you know of what had happened here or do you also leave under a rock about that as well?" She wondered if there was more to this woman than she is seeing or if this woman is a dumb and daft as she was acting toward her completely turning a blind eye to the wrong that he is doing.

#12Judith Karlinius 

A forsaken land ruined by a god. (Judith) Empty Mon May 22, 2023 6:18 am

Judith Karlinius
Even if Judith recalled her time meeting Odin as a lich and him breaking one of her legs. Judith did not over all hold it as an over barring grudge. After all Odin was a well known for being a dark mage and doing what he did for a reason."Ironic in a way, a dark mage talking to me about how cursed and ruining my own guild member is, being in a guild that has done horrible things themselves."Judith then seemed to give Vex a quick wick about it."Aside from the one mentioned, Fairy Tail in it's self has been known for their degree of mischief. I can only do so much as one person to keep it under control."Judith did mention the flaw of her own guild members knowing very well of what could happen just to close it off."But here, We are curious minds not Fairy Tail and Eternal Nightmare."

Moving on to the main point. After all Judith had more things she knew of Eternal Nightmare, After all Jin was an Fairy Tail member and she was still friends with Judith herself. But when talking about the erased lands they where on now."Sadly, I don't have an answer for what happen. I came here to pick up and study any clues, Not much is said or known about this place."Judith said this while she actually had her back to Vex and was seemingly take in information in her sight with details over all of what is going on here.


A forsaken land ruined by a god. (Judith) Empty Mon May 22, 2023 7:08 pm

The woman looked at the Elf and she wondered if this woman was okay or if this was really a bigger issue that they need to go over. "Yeah my info network also is missing knowledge of this place before your Guild mate and his friend fought that creature here." Vex pulled out her dagger pointing it toward the area that looks like where they might have taken it down. She walked closer to the area and she looked at the broken golden walls and wonders if this is mana or if this is made of the living things that use to be in this place and if this place was really safe for them to be in but she knows this place will probably not last much longer so they best look around while they can if they really wish to see these things at all.

Vex looked back at the other wood elf. "What brought you here of all place was this just another place on your bucket list or was there some kind of tip to come here?" Vex knows the woman said she came here to learn but she needed to see if she would stick to that or if she would deviate from her first story to a second one from Vex asking her if she really wanted to stick to that story.

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Judith Karlinius
When it came to mentioning what happen here in an extremely minor manner,Judith noted that Vex that piece of information. But she did not want to mention it right away because she was unsure if Vex needed to know that or not and if it was going to be something that might be a bit more of a mention used in a possible snap back at Judith herself."Then it is most likely that this area has been left untouched for a long time and none thought to look into it."At least that was her theory so far.

But there was other things to talk about over all anyway. But Vex was some what catching on to how Judith worked as a person."The bucket list part, I can only sit at the guild building for so long. Until I feel like i need to learn something."So she seemed to be here entirely for her own choice and reason. Which might not be shocking to most people who knew Judith but interesting and new for Vex because she did not know Judith all that well. Judith wanted to learn thus she went to learn what she could.


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Vex was kind of perplexed by the way this woman seemed to work as she was one moment a defensive wall deflecting then now she was a well of knowledge ones more close to her may drink from she wondered if this was how she kept Kaito under control by never being sure of what she is really thinking or doing and leaving it up to the drop of a last second hat that could just as easily back fire and cause him to be feeling her wrath. "I see I too get stir crazy if I am stuck stagnated some where so I feel maybe we might be more alike than I first thought." Vex kept walking with this woman and she wondered if she might give some more of her font of knowledge for her to learn something more than the box she had seemed to have found her self in. "You seem wise I will give you that."

#16Judith Karlinius 

A forsaken land ruined by a god. (Judith) Empty Thu May 25, 2023 5:52 pm

Judith Karlinius
Was she wise or just at times thought of things fair more in depth then most minds could piece together, Then again Judith knew a lot of things and yet unsure where all of the information her mind kept came from."Are we now? interesting to think of think that way."Then Judith chuckled slightly about it because she wanted to make a really silly joke this time because she just thought of nature puns."A young sprout has many paths to grow, But no matter must remember where it starts."Judith left that piece for Vex to choose how she thought of it.

Judith wanted to see what Vex could have thought with such a saying,Because she said these puzzling phrases fairly often."Knowledge....experience and wisdom...these things require one thing to exist. What do you think that might be?"This time it was almost a riddle fused question in which either would annoy Vex or leave Vex more interested of all what was to come. After all she would continue to casually walk and explore so far she seemed over all like she was trying to see what could be different, But did not notice much else different.

Even if Judith seemed a bit weird she seemed at least as if she was content with how it all work. She was wise now but Vex could eventually learn to be wise as well."The manner of this land seemed to have yet recover, I am unsure if these land's soil has yer to recover from whatever damaged it."Judith noted even if she was no longer a nature mage she knew how to tell this was a the state of the land here. IF anything it did seem to be of interest to Judith currently.


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Vex listens to what the woman was asking her and the wood elf woman really thought about what the woman had spoke to her then she starts speaking as she could think of two answers to this question. "I feel that question has more than one answer. The bigger answer I can think of is hard work, as though that you gain knowledge, you gain experience, and through the short comings of hard work you gain wisdom to pass on to others. The other answer that comes to me is time. As knowledge, experience and wisdom are gained over time." she was not sure if her answers would be good enough to this woman as this woman still seemed to be above her in some aspects and that was a bit of a learning experience for Vex as she was not sure if she was right or wrong or if there was even a correct answer.

Vex pointed back the way she had come from saying that there was a very tree that was alive back there and that she things because of the plant and the soil around it that the dimensional dragon slayer might have had something to do with it as it looked foreign to the land around it and it was a rare tree to find out side of the wood elf mother land. She was not sure if this dragon slayer stole it or just knew where to get them but she had to wonder why a human would even be able to do such a thing as they usually only blood for those with elf blood in their veins was there something more to Kaito then him being a human with strange skills and being so adaptable or was that just it and she was blinded by the flash from his shine.

#18Judith Karlinius 

A forsaken land ruined by a god. (Judith) Empty Sun May 28, 2023 3:23 am

Judith Karlinius
It seemed some one was not playing into Judith's games if anything she was over all pretty happy about it. Even if over all she might not express it all that much at the time. Since well there was things she was looking at."More than one? what a rarity, But one of them is the correct answer."It was more fun to not outright admit it. After all these questions are entirely about provoking thought to the person they asked too nothing more and or less. This woman was already pretty bright enough so Judith had not other thought about it.

But looking at the things she did."Given the place is voided of seemingly rain and or water...if it is a non magical tree it won't last forever here."But that was just her guess, these pieces still had many things they needed to learn.


A forsaken land ruined by a god. (Judith) Empty Sun May 28, 2023 11:12 am

She looked at the wood elf woman and she smiled as she had seemed to have been able to give her an answer that fit her question so it meant that she wasn't as far behind this woman as she thought as there seemed to be a strange kinship to her as there was a form of forward thinking and wisdom to her as well as her self. "That tree is a special tree, it absorbs magic and mana when it was a seed and as it grows it uses that magic and mana to made infertile lands habitable again they are pretty hard to get outside of certain areas guarded by elves. Think of them as trees of life they don't always take as well and they are slower to spread but will make sure that the area becomes alive again."

Vex rubbed her chin as she was not sure how they had gotten this tree and how they had gotten three of them in total that she had seen so far to actually grow as well as they had, were they not as they seemed or was this just luck and the mage taking good stabs in the dark something about this all didn't seem to fully add up but she would have to figure it out later as for now she was with a very powerful woman in her own right the guild master of fairy tail.  "How do you think this was done?" She figured if anyone knew if Kaito was hiding something the guild master of his guild should know or at least have some rumbling of the some things about him, getting her to share them would probably be the hardest part of this as she seemed to be a hard nut to crack.

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A forsaken land ruined by a god. (Judith) Empty Wed May 31, 2023 2:40 am

Judith Karlinius
It was nice to think about so many other things than the over all varying thoughts of the world around her of the current problems she had in her mind since there was so many things around her mind as she had not thought about for a bit now. These was none of Vex's matters however. they where talking about this place of many voided stories lost to memory. There could be many theories upon how it is was done. Judith did not know the answer over all. She was still unsure about what the answer to it was.

"I am not entirely sure, simple theory is just some one left a magic seed that is weaved to persist as it does to grow. But that is the first simple guess."
Judith mentioned about it. Over all she would think that might be the most logical she could always figure out another way if she felt like it.


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The well dressed exceed pointed her finger at the guild master woman. "Do you think we are stupid, you are a wood elf as well right? How do you not know this?" The exceed seemed to think that Judith had lied there and that she had been the one that gave someone with a great mass of mana that seed to come here to plant and she had now appeared to see if her idea had bared any fruit but she will not admit that to them.

Vex pets Carla on the head and giggles softly. "Relax little on I trust this woman even if we do not share the same side she has not once seemed to even think to grab her weapon or make space to fight." Vex had been watching the other woman's movements and the way she talked and carried herself and she doesn't think or see Judith as a threat to them unless they themselves were to go out of their own way to attack or force her hand to defend herself from them.

#22Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
If some one wanted to be this way it would be an interesting question to answer. they wanted an answer and Judith was prepared to hear how this was going to be taken, while she stared at them with her light blue eyes."I am not naturally born a wood elf." She mentioned staring upon them with her honesty. After all most people would not be brave enough to not say that but it was the honest truth she was use to being a human."I use to be much smaller and human, in fact was a Senior in age before what happen." Vex did seem to do a good part of pointing out it was not really important weather she was an elf or not.

But admitting she was not an elf to start with . But Judith knew far well she herself has been around for more in may unnatural ways then most people assume."I have no reason too, Even then I would not be an easy foe for my own reasons. But I have no interest in these ideas of fights."she left it at that, she was not here to brag or try to start something.


A forsaken land ruined by a god. (Judith) Empty Fri Jun 02, 2023 9:19 am

Vex looked at the wood elf woman and she smiled with a small giggle. "You are honest I can tell but how did you become a wood elf if I might ask was it a rebirth from a tree?" Veex had heard that some times the wood elves most sacred tree was used to turn other races to wood elves rather by a blood sacrifice or forcing them to do it as a punishment and branded them so others would know they were a branded elf. "Nothing wrong with being smaller but are you happy being a wood elf now? Or is it a curse to you?" Vex guessed that she had to ask this woman if she was happy in her own skin or if she had hated that she was forced to be something that lived far longer than the humans in her life besides Kaito who had done something and seemed to have transcended past death.

"I am a healer so I don't seek fighting as well, I only seek to help those that I can to reach their goals rather it be with my goddess Tutrix or it be helping the community that they live in." She was not sure how the wood elf woman would react to hear her say about her goddess, and if the wood elf woman might be a faithful of Illumin and their kind.

#24Judith Karlinius 

A forsaken land ruined by a god. (Judith) Empty Sat Jun 03, 2023 2:09 pm

Judith Karlinius
It would be interesting story since they where sharing the knowledge of one another anyway. Or well Judith did not mind tell her story."I went to a odd event called Samhain,I had gone with my husband and after exploring while doing a few things, I went home and woke up this way."Judith said not enjoying having to tell her husband at the time to go clothing shopping because nothing fit her anymore just so she could go outside and work for that day. She had tried to remake her clothing but Judith was rusty with that skill.

"Well I am taller, keep in mind I use to be almost as tall was a dwarf. I do not view it as a curse, will be a bit depressing I will live longer than the entire family I created in theory."It seemed she did look at both sides of it she was not feeling like she was ashamed of it but at the same time."I follow no faith, just trying to lead people on the right path."Makes sense being the leader of Fairy Tail and all. Not mentioning that Judith would be paranoid a god would figure out things that Judith was to almost smite them on the spot.


A forsaken land ruined by a god. (Judith) Empty Sun Jun 04, 2023 4:33 am

"That sounds like it would be scary to just awaken and that be what happened to you, how did your husband react to all the sudden wake up next to a younger woman?" She had to ask as there was just a huge opening there for it to be asked and not have to really worry about if she was going to get backlash from the Elven woman that she was looking around this place with as there might be some funny stories she might be able to tell about getting use to being a wood elf.

"In the end though is there even a right path? To me every path is right for different reasons dependent on the moral code and compass of the others." Vex was just speaking from experience and she was not sure that she was really right or wrong about it but she knows that she is working on herself still as there are many more things that need to be brought to the light and have people show them that they are from a past era and that they need to move in to the newer one before it is too late and the old ways to ingrained in them causing them to be unable to change their ways.

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