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A forsaken land ruined by a god. (Judith)

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#26Judith Karlinius 

A forsaken land ruined by a god. (Judith) - Page 2 Empty Tue Jun 06, 2023 3:59 pm

Judith Karlinius
Vex asked an interesting question she consider fair of anyone who had not been married for a long time in a happy marriage with out many problems. As she thought about it at the time. It was an interesting thing to explain to people how her marriage ended up seemingly being at the time."Well he was as shocked as i was. But given how he was also slightly grumpy as well. But he is grumpy about everything."She said all of this with a some what peaceful smile on her face. Almost like it was still over all a good thing."I made a joke about him having a younger wife or being able to consider the marriage over because i was not the same person, He did not agree with what i suggested even if it wasn't serious."

As for the second question it seemed Judith might try and answer even if she knew it was almost impossible to answer it in a way anyone would ever find satisfying."The right path is which ever your heart truly believes is right to do, I merely also suggesting following laws and not getting into trouble while following your heart."


A forsaken land ruined by a god. (Judith) - Page 2 Empty Thu Jun 08, 2023 8:47 am

Vex giggled a little at what she said about telling him not he had a younger wife and he was still grumpy about it but she guessed that was the path of love and you find the right one they will stay with you through anything and she now wondered if she will ever be able to do such a thing and could out of it with someone so loyal to her that would not be scared to grumpy and stubborn toward her but her knowing that it was in a loving way and that she needed to understand depending on the lover she chose that she might lose them far before her own life came to an end and she was still not sure if there was a right way to get this done or talk to this woman as she heard the woman talk on the second thing she had asked she rubbed her chin. "Speaking on the following your heart I see you also have the same cape as me that lets you do that very thing to follow it to your hearts want."

#28Judith Karlinius 

A forsaken land ruined by a god. (Judith) - Page 2 Empty Sat Jun 10, 2023 3:16 pm

Judith Karlinius
They moved to the things she had that she never really paid much attention too if anything she just had this a while go and in some manner forgot how she got it and why she got it as well."Oh yes, I forgot I did acquire this at one point. I have not needed to use it yet, But I have a feeling what it can do is useful."Much like many things, Judith managed to keep herself out of trouble where a fair amount of things she own in the event things did go wrong had never been used, not her magic, Not that bunny hood. May things left used.

But maybe that was the entire point of keeping them, means to use them when one needed too."Suppose it means i will always practice what i tell people."It was not something she said to make pass at some one in an insulting manner it was just more of what she thought of at the time while she was working away at the things she was looking at. But none the less Judith was still looking at all of the things she was before the conversation was just on themselves, looking at tree and taking notes.


A forsaken land ruined by a god. (Judith) - Page 2 Empty Sun Jun 11, 2023 5:27 am

Vex smiled as this woman seemed to be very wise and chose to make the things she says count and she wonders if maybe she had, had her guard up for no reason and she relaxed and looked around a bit more as she touched and looked at the things that were around as there were probably things that needed to be fixed and changed for the better and she was sure that there might be more that the dark raider might have left behind after they had been defeated by the "Heroes" "Does any of this make deeper sense to you miss guild master?"

Vex couldn't help herself as she saw an opening to see if this woman would know something else or might let some kind of guess slip from them that Vex might be able to look into as she knows some of the guild Fairy Tails past was shrouded in mystery and she wondered if that mystery had something to do with Kaito's swift growth in the country as they always seemed to avoid trouble or the country taking them down and calling it a day. "What kind of leader would you say that you are?"

#30Judith Karlinius 

A forsaken land ruined by a god. (Judith) - Page 2 Empty Tue Jun 13, 2023 7:25 am

Judith Karlinius
Did it mean anything? Well Judith was over all a pretty simple thing. you asked a woman who was wise what she could take away from a plain view in front of her and she could easily make something of it, Even if at times it could be an internal reflection of her own life and world she had been a part of for many years."No matter how empty the world around you can be, your life can blossom a new no matter what."Judith said since it was a plain statement but could be taken many ways if chosen.

What kind of leader she was she? Well she would answer."Honesty, bluntness and guidance, rather then power and fear. Equal parts respect...maybe a few other things."she mentioned because she was just over all there and managed it well."Might help to know a few things different from guild work."


A forsaken land ruined by a god. (Judith) - Page 2 Empty Tue Jun 13, 2023 12:50 pm

Vex kept looking the woman over and she wondered what was really going on here was it just chance they had crossed paths or was this a sign from Tutrix that she had been here for a reason to meet with Kaito's guild master and have her as well defend him as his brother had as well or if this was all some bigger scheme like how Odin had been murdered by that two bit guild master of Blue Pegasus. Vex thought of something that she guessed that she should ask of the woman since she was in front of her. "What are your thoughts on the guild master of Blue Pegasus killing the guild master of Eternal nightmare?"

There had been whispers of the ex guild master of Fairy Tail and Odin meeting and being on some level of trust between the two or was it respect? She knows that there is no point to the question she asked about that but in a way it was a way for her to try and understand where this guild master sits on the murder of a person in what was pretty much cold blood, could he not have just been captured?

#32Judith Karlinius 

A forsaken land ruined by a god. (Judith) - Page 2 Empty Thu Jun 15, 2023 4:30 am

Judith Karlinius
This one was a question that she in some manner found interesting to ask she was unsure where she thought it was odd to ask, why would one ask about the death of their own guild master? it was an interesting thing for sure. Judith assumed most people would not want to hear about the opinions of the death of their leader because when your on the other side of it some one who is not your ally would most likely not say things one would consider enjoyable."I can only assume, That if it was Alisa who had done it. It was done for a reason and justifiably so."Judith seemed to make the answer rather simple.

But she would expand on her thoughts about it."Fate has a weird way of working, I can judge Odin for why he had done what he did and his reasons for making the guild and his goal, We all just have to come to terms that our choosing of life and death, winning or losing, success or failure. All at times are never fully in control by yourself."Judith recalls and remember her only ever meeting with Odin, she was far different now compared to what she was right now currently.


A forsaken land ruined by a god. (Judith) - Page 2 Empty Thu Jun 15, 2023 1:20 pm

"Seemed more it was just a hit on my guild master. You good guys talk so many sweet words but only leave a trail of blood in your wake." Vex wasn't going to lie or even put on a strong face this time, it was sickening to hear that this woman could speak of murder like it was just that simple, that it was just that easy. Vex now had to wonder if this guild master had also murdered someone in cold blood and that is what makes her feel that she is so above this and that Alisa shouldn't be held responsible for murdering someone.

"Have you murdered someone in cold blood and people just ignore that you did it? If a bad guy killed someone we are evil, if a good guy does it, it is allowable?" Vex was surprised that such a wise woman would speak so lightly of life and death was that really just that easy for her to dispel and wipe her hands of it, as if they had killed someone they would have had a huge bounty on them that stopped them from doing anything, Alisa is just walking free in broad daylight like she had done nothing wrong.

#34Judith Karlinius 

A forsaken land ruined by a god. (Judith) - Page 2 Empty Fri Jun 16, 2023 1:53 pm

Judith Karlinius
Was this the turn this conversation needed to take? It was a bit of shame in Judith's view as they got a long so well up until this point."I guess you can blame me for being so cold to the man who broke my leg for no reason after answering questions."She remarked about it, in some manner a bit more blunt and almost callous about how she spoke to her about it."They weren't even question to get answer from me...Just who I was, Some one I knew of and this was before my time as a guild master."Judith kind of stopped observing the growing to tree merely stare Vex right in the eye and kind of just continued talking.

After all everyone had their secrets, Judith was not exception to that. There was an almost uncomfortable shift in feeling, There almost as if speaking this now Judith was not scared but knowing the words she would just state would make some one think differently of her for that moment."An answer to a question that like is one you would have to make a deal with that strongly favours me.....Even then you could never reveal what you know as it would be a deal you would take to the grave."Judith said this just as it seemed almost she stared more into then just Vex, almost like she stared into a persons souls and kept trying to reach beyond it."But I doubt even if you could find the answer with out a deal you would know where to look."Then just like that the almost out of nowhere completely different person personality shift of Judith is gone.

It was then Judith who simply asked asked Vex."What makes one good or evil?....actions?, motivations?, desires?, Achievements? Intentions?"This was leading into the entire idea of how everyone looks at something different."I do not consider you a foe even if your guild master chose to do what he did, I do not consider Alisa's actions a slight against me either." Maybe Judith would be over explaining at this point but there was points that she was making here."Cycles of life and death happen all of the time, The only thing promised to us is a person will lead us to the land beyond after we die."It was strange to have Judith talk so casually and nice only to have her speak so grim and bleak now with out even breaking a sweat.

"Well known mages....the actions of a nation, the results of wars and fights from mages and nations in conflict. We all die some just come to terms with it quicker then others, My option if ever selected is to needless death....But fate chooses everything differently."Then Judith seeming was done her strange twisted talk and turned her back to Vex going back to looking at this tree and it maturing process like everything that happen was just daydream.


A forsaken land ruined by a god. (Judith) - Page 2 Empty Sat Jun 17, 2023 1:59 pm

Vex pretty much just stood there dumb founded as she on one hand heard that the guild master woman was fine with murder just to be murder as everyone dies and is guided beyond that and the fact that this woman sounded like she had more screws loose than Vex every thought a person could be able to have loose with out just being an insane looney that walked the streets talking about the darkest days are upon us and trying to get people to buy up large amounts of things and hide underground till the mole people come and take them to the new earth land. Vex wonders if this place has influenced her or if there was more to her than she was able to see on the skin level of it all.

Vex figures that she, should not look into that dark hole that might lead her to ruin if she were to merely peer into it. "So how does the tree look? Think it is going to make it or does it already have a issue?" Vex keeps trying to absorb the huge amount that had been dropped on her head in such a small amount of time there from asking that question.

#36Judith Karlinius 

A forsaken land ruined by a god. (Judith) - Page 2 Empty Mon Jun 19, 2023 2:07 pm

Judith Karlinius
They went back to the tree in which was a good thing, Judith was going to put fourth a theory upon how she thinks it will develop. Seemingly not scaring them away. Judith seemed to be back to completely normal."Well I have a theory now that we don't have to worry about things no one will ever believe happen."Judith made light that she was vary aware that previous matter was odd and out of no where.

Moving on to it quickly she would go and mention."This tree looks like maybe it will manage well, if it is growing off of magic it will take as about normal time for a tree to grow, suggested some one checks on it every once and a while just to make sure it's okay."Then she just kind of nodded that she was happy with her answer, only because magic works in odd ways with nature.


A forsaken land ruined by a god. (Judith) - Page 2 Empty Tue Jun 20, 2023 9:55 am

Vex was not going to open that can of worms that this woman had tried to hand her to open as there was not amount of a deal she was bout to make to know this woman's body count and the ghosts that haunt her past and she was just going to focus on making through this conversion with this woman without getting a knife firmly planted in her back or the fear of death put into her every day as this woman had seemed far to ready to reveal that darkness for it not to have the strings attached to her having to be murdered for knowing this and stopping her from passing it on to someone else and she makes sure that she keeps enough room to not be killed by the woman as she listened to the woman speak of the tree.

"Well if he lift mana here it is probably under the ground so he can keep feeding it from a distance so no one knows it was him right?" The woman was half tempted to dig the tree up to see if there was a portal hidden there that lead to him as he fed it energy as he went so that it wouldn't just randomly die while he was busy and stuck away from it but that sounded crazy she had to admit.

#38Judith Karlinius 

A forsaken land ruined by a god. (Judith) - Page 2 Empty Fri Jun 23, 2023 9:57 am

Judith Karlinius
Vex was most likely on to the right idea and she seemed to agree with it."I think that is also the most logical case, but in the future we might have have to come back here and check up on it."Judith said with a content sound in her voice. Figuring she was not going to learn much else and it might be best to leave before Vex felt like they needed to have another moral argument about varying balances in life, Judith was already a strange elf not being naturally born at one and her views of life and death throwing people off as it did, But she still had nothing against her.

But for now she felt her time was done here and she would be polite about it."But for now I will depart for now so I can be back home sooner rather then later to do a few things, fair well for now."Judith getting use to her new parts just kind of use the Chronos Dragon Slaying she knew and seemingly almost just disappeared as quickly as she snowed up. It was a fun magic at times to use.



A forsaken land ruined by a god. (Judith) - Page 2 Empty Wed Jun 28, 2023 8:17 am

"Send me a letter any time I think I would like to get to know you better." She was happy to have gotten to know her a bit better but she is still unsure on the way that the things seem to be falling into place about that woman saying that Kaito wasn't a bad guy which means maybe she had misread her goddess' sign maybe she was to seek him out and learn from him not attempt to kill him like she had been trying to be but she needs to be careful as she still has a feeling he is more than meets the eye.

She looked over the tree once more and she wondered what they were going to do if this place really did stay baron will they maybe be able to find a way or a magic that will be able to help them to revive this place for the better or was this place just meant to die and then fade away.

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