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Revelations of Technology(Open Social.)

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Nemo seemed to be at an odd sense of peaceful disconnection, Rosailles was a place she thought she would remember. But much like as most of her results in Minstrel had shown she was not going to find anything to spark a memory or something to lead into maybe where exactly a things would make sense.

But when you knew and felt like you where nothing, expecting to find nothing. Did Nemo find the answer she sought all along with out looking for it? maybe Nemo just did not realize the answer could be in front of her. Or she wanted to find an answer that was not just so empty and hollow as she at times felt like she was. Almost like while she a did have a reason for being around for a long period of time. When away from what made her have purpose, It felt like there was something missing form her.

But here she was in Roseailles walking.


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Elijah made his way down from the lacrima powered aircraft. This had been a magnificent ride from Fiore to Minstrel, it was his very first aerial voyage something that made him overjoyed when he learned was possible due to his aversion of the wide ocean. The cities and buildings all looked miniscule and it was like all his problems faded away for the duration of the trip albeit he was now feeling the effects of the flight on his body, he felt sleepy and a bit weak. First things first he went to exchange a bit of currency, followed by him getting some food from one of the many stalls he found in the not so industrialized part of the city.

He walked around with his food in hand, taking small bites every so often while enjoying the sights. This was a whole new experience for him. Originating from a land where technology was not so advanced made him be in awe of the luxury bikes and cars, the factories and yet even through all those emissions the city's air remained clean thanks to those atmosphere cleansing lacrimas, magitechnology was really something, but then so was technology itself. As he was walking and not paying much attention to where he was going he suddenly started falling after colliding with something, or more accurately someone. Without being able to discern who it was, he tried to hold the person and turn around so he would be like a pillow for them.

"Ach that hurt! My bad, I wasn't seeing where I was going." he said with a pained grimace as he pulled his arms from the person after the fall "Are you ok?" he asked, his voice full of concern.


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It was a silly situation, But it almost seemed move Nemo was simple. But that was entirely from seeming how disconnected her mind was from the world around her was from the world.

But moving her did some what snap her back into reality and it seemed to actually get her to think of other things. Like why she was moving so quickly and if she was quiet possibly going to die again, Even if it was most likely not the case.

Nemo was a quiet person by nature moving her as he did, she still had yet to make a sound.But it seemed there was a slightly panicked reaction from her. He manged to use her as a pillow and Nemo did not seem to worried about or upset. In some manner bumping into people happen and she did understand it happens. After all she was just standing there thinking."Yes. I am fine, Hopefully you are merely just ruffled up and not hurt."


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Elijah had managed to break the fall of what appeared now to be a girl, he helped her stand back up after he stood up himself and was glad to find that she was alright. "Just a bit ruffled up like you said~" he smiled innocently not wanting to complain for his back hurting, turning his gaze downwards for a moment he noticed he had hit the corner of the pavement which would explain his pain. He then took a glance at the girl, she looked quite interesting, with her long dark blue hair, her purple eyes, Elijah was mesmerized. How could someone have such beautiful eye color "Oh my, your eyes are magnificent!" he exclaimed and asked if he could take a closer look, letting her know that it was not his intention to do something indecent or freak her out, he was merely an artist at heart and always looked for something inspiring.

He would be overjoyed if she allowed him this action, looking at her iris through a magicked magnifying glass that would resemble a pocket watch, occasionally letting out ooohs and aaahs, truly fascinating. Then he would offer to get her some ice cream, just a little treat for causing her trouble plus he also wanted one anyway. If she refused, well he would still get her the ice cream, just no ooohs and aaahs.


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It slightly confused Nemo to get these compliment but she did not resist feeling like all this did was left her feeling confused, Not many complimented the looks of some one who was just merely a stand in mother to a demon child who ran off all of the time. Nemo was not there most of the time she was almost a ghost and most people really never saw her.

This was one of the rare time some one would seemingly would actually look at Nemo and her defining futures, She should feel happy about it. If she some what actually could understand what such thins where anymore.

"By all mean...if you wish to look at them, Do so."Nemo was now getting brought back to what reality was around. A minstrel city of advancement and a chance to maybe connect to some one outside of whom she served, But the best was...what did she talk about? what did she do? These memories where as blank as she almost felt she was.

Even then she knew this was where people normally introduced themselves but Nemo almost felt like she had no name either. Nemo was just what was branded to her upon revival. Hopefully soon her mind was not just empty and she tried to seemingly find something interesting to speak of.


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Content with his inspection, Elijah remembered that he hadn't even introduced himself. "Ah, apologies, I'm Elijah nice to meet you~" he said in a soft tone while putting away his pocket magnifying glass. After the woman's response he would then insist on treating her to some ice cream as he spotted a gelato store just two feet away. He not only wanted to make up for his clumsiness but also was in the mood for the dessert himself, after all a meal was never complete without something sweet.

He opened the door for the girl as a little doorbell went off, chiming that there customers coming in. The shop wasn't too populated, a good sign for him as he wasn't a lover of crowds, but they still had to wait in line. He'd look at the girl, seemingly looking lost and kinda melancholic but he didn't want to pry into people's private lives, especially when he had just met them. "So what flavor are you getting? I'm craving something sweet and sour myself." he said with a little excitement having spotted a lemon sorbet that looked positively delicious. The line was arranged in a way that they could see all the flavors offered so they could make their choice before it was their turn.


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This part at least Nemo some what knew, people did exchange names. Manners and Politeness was still something everyone should know. You could only drill it into some one brain so much before it was a lost cause. Even then for at least the only person Nemo could say she knows, She had not stopped trying to drill such behaviour into them, Sometimes it worked other times it was almost like slamming your head into the wall. But Alas that was Nemo doing a job for the longest time."I am Nemo, It is nice to meet you Elijah."Nemo sounded fairly relaxed and settled.

At least in some manner Nemo remember. It was interesting to experience new life in a place you did use to life at, At least it was Nemo's theory that she use to live here but she was not sure yet. Any names of people passed on she looked into did not match anything she some what remembered. The name of this place was not one she remembered either. Maybe it was to her benefit, it was a means to learn more of ones new self.

Some retained memories Nemo at least knew and remembered sweets and what she liked."If that is the case macarons do sound nice."She did enjoy a far amount of them at some point, They where easy to manage how many you could eat and they cane in different colours too. While rather simple to think about it seemed at least it was not bad thing to remember."I tend to enjoy some sweet things, Plus I do not know why over anything else Macarons seem oddly appealing because they are some what adorable."It was a simple reason but at least Nemo did not need much to make her happy at this time.

It was tame to see an older style place such as this in a place starting to advance with various technology. Almost felt like a not refreshing contrast between things around the both here.


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Elijah's eyes widened at the sound of macarons, he was taken back to his childhood in his hometown of Desierto where he first tasted those treats. It was quite rare for them to be found in that area but one single shop had them on sale, they immediately attracted him with their colors and cuteness and when he tasted them, the crunchy exterior and the soft interior felt like a little piece of heaven had landed right on his tongue. Elijah snapped back to reality as the employee asked him what kind of ice cream he'd like. He ordered three scoops of lemon sorbet and two scoops of strawberry sorbet and asked for them to be placed in a small cooling container so they wouldn't have to rush to eat it before it melts.

Then once that was done he turned to Nemo "So! Macarons sound like the best idea ever and I see them over there, off we go~" he said with an almost childlike voice as he semi-rushed to the other corner of the shop were they had all the small treats. There were so many flavors with jams and buttercream, ganache and all sorts of creamy fillings it was so hard for Elijah to choose which ones to get, he was however a bigger fan of creamy desserts and that's what he went with, ordering at least forty macarons -some to keep for a rainy day-with different cream fillings then turning to Nemo and asking her which ones she'd like for herself. He'd look at her with excitement as the memory this situation had triggered was one of the happier ones in his life that combined a new experience with family time as he had found out about that shop from his mother and the day was spent between them eating macarons and walking around the city.


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It seemed some how Nemo had the right idea, Even if she was not expecting it at all. But that just meant some things she remembered from long a go were helping her now. At least she had in mind now that if she really did learn all of what she once was like, she could collect part of it while she when into a new person.

But there was a bit of a smile of her face, Even if it was faint and didn't last long. But over all she seemed delighted her suggestion was listened too, Compared to argued at, complained, Or heard they didn't like it before trying it. Then again it was also she was getting over the some what interesting machines within the city. Merely letting out that she might not be use to it.

"I wonder...how long Rosailles has been this way..."
then again Nemo didn't realize she had never been here or never recalled being here. But it seemed over all at least Nemo seemed to not try and linger on other things too much.

This was starting to seem like a starting to maybe a possible friendship. Then again she would simply suggestion, Knowing very well she would most likely not eat as much compared to other people"Most like three is about what I will need, I do not know about how many you will."Over all


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Three macarons only sounded lame to him, then again the girl seemed to be somewhat petite so he couldn't blame her for being unable to eat much, he was still getting his box of at least forty macarons, so he could enjoy some on the way and save the rest for his trip back to Fiore, after all no treat would go unwanted with him around. The faint smile he had seen before on Nemo's lips even though ephemeral had made him happy to know that his company was enjoyable. Moments later once the transaction had been completed with the shopkeeper and they both got their macarons -Elijah offering at least a couple more to Nemo because he couldn't help himself- he turned to her asking if she would like to wander around the city with him. It was his first day there and he already had made an accidental possible friend and didn't want the opportunity to go to waste, not to mention that with her showing interest in Rosailles and how long it had been this way then maybe Nemo could tell him stories of how it used to be, if she had any remaining that is. He took a macaron and elegantly devoured it within seconds as he was semi-lost in thought. "Well shall we get going then and have a look around? Maybe we'll see what memories you have of this place." he said as he prepared to eat another treat and walked over to the exit.

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