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The Smoking (ex)Nun(Open/Social.)

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Elise had settled into the guild for a while and had not really made herself stand out. But today she seemed have various stacks of books next to her, in a leather chair. The other side of her was a glass, some kind of bottle of an unknown drink, a box of cigars, a box of cigarettes. Elise seemed to be having another time where she was not hiding in her room and continuing her various notes and lists of other things.

So the question was, we're people interested in talking with Elise she was around yes. she was not locked in her room playing piano or harpsichord. ignoring everything around her before she would head out and deal with a few things she planned too that night.

So far Elise merely done as she wanted too, Joined a group she felt comfortable in. Sure there where being she could hunt within her guild but most of the people she met here so far have been ruled out as a threat to consider. But as the night was still young. So was Elise sitting here. So she would just lite up a cigarette, Open up one of the many things here was seemed to be recent reports of things of her interest and started reading.


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Lumikki in tedium, wandered the halls of the guild that night. Leaving the dormitories and deciding to venture in the shared space, which was a cluster of buildings toward the center of the bridge. It encompassed the library as well as the recreational rooms, and it would be here that the little raven trotted to.

Lumikki presented mostly human, leaving her hair to be a pale white as she growing to like that change. Meanwhile, her skin was still a cool brown and her mix-matched still a staple to stand out. Among the dark stained hands and arms of course, or the continuously coiling shadows that wrapped and shifting along her legs. She was fitted in a night gown, simple and black in detail, with cute ruffles and bows. It was a variant she entertained along with oversized shirts as she was often keen on comfort. Her hair was tied back with a ribbon and bow, and as she took every silent step there were no shoes on her feet.

One her short walk along the bridge, Lumikki would gently sing a Joyan song she’s learned. Still getting to know the sing-song melody of the Joyan language; but as she passed through the door, the Demoness would fall into a whisper as to not be bothered.

That was when she noticed a woman reclined in a leather seat. Surrounded by a particular assortment of things to pass the time, but it would be the books and drink that stole her favor. ”Greeings lass,” Lumikki would begin in her introduction, careful not to scare the woman upon her sudden entry. But the lax posture maintained and the indifferent air would lead Lumikki to promptly assume otherwise, all the while her World’s eye would gleam anything of note to attune her in an instant. ”Aaaah, she continue, her voice in a soft gasp and her features seeming quite pleased. ”It’s rare to meet members still, especially ones that predate me. I’m Lumikki Hrùtr, a fellow member of the Dawn.” There was no need to request a name, the Demoness had it known to her, it was now on Elise to divulge that on her own, which ever choice didn’t matter. Yet eyes still keen on poison in the bottle and books on the desk, Lumi would give them another observation. Her sharp sense swearing it had the gist of the drink, and she plunge into her pocket abyss so that she could pull out more like it. Part to offer and part to partake.

”Oh but would ye mind me joining ya? I almost forgot I wandered in. I got distracted by the prospect of a drink and maybe a book, but admittedly the rest slipped past me.”

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Since Lumikki didn't know Elise her normal behaviours would over all be a bit odd at times. she would learn quickly over time as Elise got comfortable with people she knew her humour would show. After all after lowering the books she was reading after hearing a greeting she would casually mention, Elise answered in perfect Minstrel right away."Bonjour."It was a quick return. Elise's game would slowly start. She was a hunter after all Lumikki was at least safe, she stated she was a guild member.

Translation to english:

As she casually smoked, Elise still spoke mostly Minstrel, After all this was how she played her game."Je suis sûr qu'il y a un bon nombre de membres de la guilde qui ne me connaissent pas."She seemingly effortless able to carry on the conversation, After all Elise seemingly showed she could understand in Fiorian. Maybe Lumikki would pick up on what Elise was doing. Then she would opened the bottle. It was full still and oddly enough it was most likely what most people would expect from Elise. Cheap red wine, she could afford more costly wine now days but seemed to have a taste for it.

Translation to english:

But since everything was taken so casually, Elise seeming switched back to Fiorian."If you really wish to share drinks, I don't suppose you could pull glasses out of abyss realm?"Elise already kind of guessed what she did only because she partly expected seemingly looking demonic entities to have such things for use. Elise didn't know what Lumi could all do but merely seeming was going to see what could happen.

But she would move on the main part."If codex's of: Deities, demons, daemons, gods, angels, Nephilim and Seraphim's are your interest. Then feel free to look at them."Elise did not seem bothered about it. If anything she was most likely far more settled and calm then most people had seen Elise so far.

Even stopping for a moment."I will ask, you avoid my hunt logs, lest you read things that might be...harsh to weak stomach's."it was all detailed notes of what Elise has hunted, how long she tracked, what she did to find them, what all she did to them, Her list of threats to remove. It was a lot of information hence to a lot of books around her. Then Elise merely put her her box of Cigars in front of Lumi."Since we are sharing." Elise did speak clear Fiorian but she did still have a minstrel accent in it.


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”That request is easy enough,” and so Lumikki would promptly lean in and reach into the abyss once more, only to pull back with two glasses in hands. She’d chill them both while they were in her grasp and slide one over to the women. All while she mulled over the prospect of learning the language spoken. For the moment, she was still sorting through Sinese. Perhaps in another few mouths, she’d know enough to be able to move on. Though she was not sure estimate would prove realistic, as this language was more difficult than she initially thought. Still she had all the time in the world, and the desire, to learn all the spoken tongue of Earthrealm. Should she ever need a break, or see the priority change, then she was free to do so.

”A fascinating interest indeed. I even recognize a few of the titles as I had need to read them meself. Though it’s always a delight seeing another make use of this library, and in that regard, those set of books as well.” The warning followed by the reasoning brought a smile to her lips. With the freshly poured just of wine, Lumikki took a nice long sip. Like Elise had her vices, the Demoness had hers. Not much of a smoker, but quite the drinker indeed, and it would be this that she found satisfaction. ”I appreciate the warning, it only makes me more intrigued. Granted we’re a guild of mercenaries and hunters, but it’s become a rare sight to see how the others do their work. Suppose it would do me better to meet each of ye over time so I know who I support in battle, but something like that comes with time.” She polished of the rest of her drink by the next sip, leaning back calmly in her seat.

Lumikki made note of the box pushed her ways and received the gesture with a smile. ”I thank ye,” she spoke as she refilled her glass. Her eyes following the stream of wine as it filled her cup, when it was done, her glance would move over to the pile. Her finger pointing to a book that she recognized Yuurei reading the day they had met all that time ago.

”Yuurei promised me a war with the Seraphim, should I ever get strong enough to fight alongside him. I remember thinking about how pleasing it would be to rip off their wings and make them crawl about the ground they felt to good to walk upon….but a las….I still have yet to enjoy me war, I still have yet to collect any wings. Have ye seen any? I’ve been meaning to cause enough mischief that they’d send for me. Of course, I should focus first on me mischief elsewhere….but it’s nice to plan ahead.” In her eagerness to discuss a passion, Lumikki spoke freely about her desires. It was common enough knowledge that Yuurei had gripes with his own kind, so the intentions to pursue them were hardly unfounded. Of course it would not be the only pursuit Lumikki had in mind, as she longed to hunt those within the abyss as well. Just enough to garner more power and claim to the realm, just enough to server every thread any other world Demon could possibly have.

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Elise seemed to listen with interest after all, they seemed not over all nervous with her, Elise expected any being who met with her to feel some kind of nervousness,unless they where that daring."You do know...these are all copies of what libraries I have been too over the year." Elise mentioned after all she was a bit of an odd woman. Even then she would just even mention who she worked."I will always mark sure it is known to be copies, To preserve knowledge and information, I will spend hours copy information from my travels and allow where i got information to be left there, unless their origin is it being left behind or abandon."Hints of how far more respectful Elise was as a person slowly lingered even if she was known as a:Blunt, Rude, Sassy and Sarcastic at times.

While Lumikki didn't seemed interested in the cigar, Elise took quick not of that and merely pulled the box away. With that she went to merely having a sip of wine and continuing the conversation that was being shown before her now. It was interesting with Elise, that she was looking for information about Seraphim. Thus Elise shuffled around a few books getting the exact ones with Seraphim. So far it seemed to go pretty casually."Any pieces of information on them, I have here. As for hands on experience. Most Seraphim experience so far is just Yuurei himself from person to person."Elise mention, There was a good amount of honesty from Elise almost like she took her work seriously.

But this showed, Elise was a hunter who had a lot of notes and details and her efforts took a long time. She did so much to catalogue Elise might not right away do any hands on stuff because she needed to be sure everything was good.

But even then signs that Elise had been not bias what she recorded was there, even in the Seraphim file was Yuurei himself. Various minor pieces of information. That was just in that section alone. There was minor information on Kaito, Miriko, Averie Yate, Helena Yates a woman marked Patricia”Peaches””Patty””Patches” Jazmine Scott,Judith Karlinius the Guild Master of Fairy Tail and various others, Pictures of what they look like description of look at the time. Then almost like it was on queue for her, Elise moved a few things around, opened a notebook to a blank page and started writing it was no Lumikki's turn to be taken note of.

But while she was taking notes."This idea of going to war with the is new to me,I don't have any wings so to say, But I suppose it would be useful if you have means for me to...catch them."Elise said almost like while she was writing notes now she seemed also thinking about a few other things.


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Lumikki’s face would shift to that of amazement, it was not often she met another around the guild so invested in their research, but what more the lengths they took to collect their notes. A spark in her eyes would flash for a moment as Elise handed over a book and Lumikki would flip over the pages both amused and fascinated. Skimming over the pages with Yuurei first and foremost before glancing the details about the others. Thought seeing Kaito’s name felt odd at first, with every proceeding one she understood there wasn’t quite a simple rhythm nor reason.

”Do ye happen to have a book pertaining to Demons? I have me queries pertaining to ‘em first and foremost…Slaying them are a fascination of mine.” With dark stained hands, Lumikki gently ran her talon-like nail along the page. Using it to help her maintain alignment on the page as her eyes skimmed over all the interesting a minute details. Eventually her gaze would shift back to Elise with notebook in hand and a pen in the ready.

”Whether he calls for it or I, it’s safe to say that we could sever some threads.” A smirk played along her lips before turning to the pages pertaining to the Yates. Enough curiosity took her as she read into them with greater detail first. How could she not, they were from her Motherland. ”Nothing in life is free, even I didn’t forget that. And yer doing me quite the kindness, to which I appreciate. Me name is Lumikki Hrùtr, heiress to the Hrùtr clan of Dwarves, made up of seven families. We hail from Iceberg. Like Yuurei is a Seraphim, I became a Demon; and coincidentally like Yuurei….I became the Guild Master to Paradise Dawn.” By this time, Lumikki was half way through Averie’s page. What ever of note she could gather, she was making sense of it.

”I study magic of frost and darkness, the specialization I entered would be considered Spellhowler. One could note I’m privy to flight as I am akin to ravens, enough to be dubbed a Queen of ‘em. Helps that I understand what they say though.” Lumikki was now making her way through Helena’s notes. Skimming past all the information that crossed over from Averie‘s page. Her long nail, still trailing along the page so that she didn’t lose her place. ”But then again, I also derived from a Raven Demi-human clan called the Omena.” Lumikki did not mention her siblings, she didn’t very well go into her family in much detail. It was her that she was paying tribute with and no one more.

At this point, Lumikki was done reading up about the two sisters and reached to grab her drink. Her “World’s eye” now gleaming over Elise so that she may know more about her as well. And with a satisfied, she’d prop her head on the arm leaning atop the table. Her posture entirely relaxed.

With her understanding, Lumikki was now aware of the monster she sat beside. Cold and calculated for as far as her reputation could be discerned. Beyond that, one could not see the person hidden deep within the facade. Her pain, motivations, or origins were lost to that loudness of her actions. This didn’t bother Lumikki any bit, after all, there was comfort sometimes to be had in the presence of other monsters. ”Out of curiosity, if I requested yer aid in slaying Demons from the Abyss. Would ye join me? I have a particular vexation with beings of other realms treading all over our own.” Her voice was almost monotone, void of her usual playfulness; but at the moment it just felt like there was no need for it. No need for glee, or pettiness, or an energetic declaration. Sometimes, Lumikki just shifted to match the tone of the person beside her. A trait she would never particularly notice in herself. It was why those of dark races made her drunk with desires and those of wholesome intents quelled the hunger just enough for her to show some compassion. But in Elise’s company, she just felt cold and slow encroaching destruction. A feeling so primal and natural to the Demoness of frost and dark that it was in her very being to inflict that on the realm had she felt not reason for warmth or light to persist in the lands. It was people like members of Paradise Dawn and her family that quelled her true demonic nature, and in doing so, helped Lumikki elevate to something else.

The inverse to Yuurei in many ways. She did not suffer being torn down, but she did have to strive to rise up.

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The notes of people that she met where summaries of what her first meeting with them where like, As well of any events to note of since their first meeting with them. Even important sections to note that most people profiles were marked as safe or not a threat to the public. All but one of them in which seemed to have been written over and altered at least three times. It was the profile of Patricia”Peaches””Patty””Patches” Jazmine Scott. And her status was marked: Dangerous to the public. One had to keep in mind these were Elise's profile. Easily shown was that she could have her mind change.

But maybe that was a talk for for later. Elise seemed to be making Lumikki's proflie and writing it down. After all there was still various other files, Kazimir of Fairy Tail, Emil of the same guild. Elise recorded a lot and it was all written from her view of it. With it being Elise's view there was a chance for Bias and possible misleading information."Oh...You want all of my demon information?"Elise was given a fair exchange so alas, Elise seemed willing to share after all it was a deal of sorts. She was given more then enough. Picking through what she had here, Elise them simply moved a few book and placed them gentle down."I have a few...large ones in my room. Let me go get them."Elise sounded a bit excited most likely because these series of events where playing out a lot different then she assumed. But it gave Lumikki time to read everything else she was interested in while  Elise actually got out of her chair, to go to her room and get the larger demon books.

All of the random parts of herself she mentioned were taken into Elise's notes as Lumikki profile was set in the same manner as Kaito's and Yuurei's however the Status section seems to have yet to be filled in.  Either she did not fill it in yet, Or Elise had not fully chosen. So far the signs to seem to favour that Elise found Lumikki in her harmless section."So that explains the various flocks of ravens I keep seeing as I get up at night..Here I thought I needed to add a new page to an unknown section."Elise had mentioned seeming it was far more in the background as she was in her room gathering books and tomes.

Elise collected a lot of stuff. Even as she return the vast weight of each she put down was a apparent each one she put own was just louder as it was placed down due to each ones sheer amount of weight. Massive books from the basics of demons, advance knowledge and Elise's logs of various rumor she heard of how to deal with them in passing, She seemingly was giving Lumikki a lot to read over.

It was a reader's gold mine even hearing it from Elise would even mention as her Request to help her fight demons."Ohhh...now your just sweetening me up aren't you?"Elise said with a laugh." I would be more then willing to help you with that job, But part me thinks you already know what kind of things I will hunt with out a second thought."Elise said merely because she sounded invested.

The minor written profiles where interesting to anyone who had not read them. It seemed reading about Helena showed a lot of connections. Surely what all entailed would be interesting to Lumikki even if she had not met either Averie, Helena and who else was revealed.

Averie's Profile:

Averie Profile did not yield anything too in depth be reveal Elise was quick to act in the past and she was feeling self aware to when she was wrong. But when one moved on to the Helena Profile it revealed much more to connect some missing pieces.

Helena's Profile:

Helena's profiled while left some ending to the point and vague in some parts, Showed Elise's flaws and as well hints that profiles are connected with pieces of information.
Patches' Profile:

While Miss Scott's profile lack appearance and nationality, It seemed to express' Elise's worry to the safety of the public even if she knows there s a small chance for her to saved. But there was an in complete profile for the "Magic Thief."

There was little information on Magic Thief. Elise just had to summarize how much of a challenge this situation was to handle.

Magic thief's Profile:

Written was not the most organized with each note being written the exactly the same, but the important information was still all there and able to be picked up. All and All i seemed Helena Yate had a rough patch recently, But Lumikki got a lot of demon books to read Then Elise settled into her chair and continue her vice of smoking. There was causal wine sips between as well, While she finished her notes on Lumikki.


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”—Bigger ones!?” Lumikki gasped, her eyes aflame and heart fluttering at the prospect of all the collected knowledge. She was nearly swooning at the prospect of reading more, the library of the Dawn was far too limited for her liking. Sure there were many tombs and manuals of monsters and how to hunt them, but there were so much more to read into. She’d have to correct this over time. Perhaps like Elise, it was time for her to travel and collect all she’s encountered. And if she was lucky, sneak in and out of the Abyss so that she may gather more.

Lofty dreams as they were, Lumikki returned to the page notes to keep reading as Elise left to gather more materials. The names that interested her, all bore interesting new knowledge. Along with the occurrence of two Icebergians meeting with troublesome situations. Lumikki wouldn’t pry further, from what she read, the events fell into somewhat of regretful spot for her gracious host; but she would keep all the things she read in mind should she happen on a chance to pursue them. Especially the annoyance of “Magic Thief.” Lumikki decided right then and there, that it was time to learn Bosco’s language in full.

After a small bit of time, Elise had finally returned. Lumikki didn’t look up right away as she was still looking over the unfortunate cases of Ms Scott. What a pitiful human, she thought, I wonder what plagues her? Though whatever the answer may be, she wouldn’t learn a lick of it anytime soon. Between the prospect of meeting “Patches” and visiting her sister. Perhaps the West would make for an interesting location soon.

Each thud only getting louder would instantly stir the Demoness of anymore lingering thoughts. Her eyes widen from the number and thickness of the tombs. ”Those look so….incredible….” She sighed as if swooned by their appearance. She never knew there could be so much knowledge about Demons in one place. ”I’m not sweetening it ye know, just figured it would be a pleasure. As a Demon, I admit I have a desire for destruction and chaos. The temptation to tear things apart and freeze it over in endless winter…but ye see…I feel that yearning for them and any of the like. I want to destroy those complacent fools that think they are so far removed and better. I want to make ‘em rue bothering us at all, cause they figure we couldn’t do a thing about it. Well I’ma soon prove there’s just so much we could do and seeing ye makes me sure we could do even more~”

Lumikki closed the book she had in hand and lightly put it to the side, she already memorized all she’s read and even if she didn’t, she now how a method to retrieve it. The choice of which to start with stumped her for a moment, she’d linger for a while before settling on her choice. Ultimately she wanted to know what could possibly fill the biggest one first and pulled that one toward her. ”Ye must think me odd for wanting the dream I have. Or perhaps not, yer meticulous in yer notes but not too hung up on needless details or motivations. Just things applicable on what serves as a threat or what could be left for the moment. I am no threat as I was born in this realm first and foremost and have too much family and the guild to look over. By the way, for notes sake, I’m twenty-three…” She cracked open the massive book and looked over the table of contents.

”Paradise Dawn was the first and only guild I’ve joined and Yuurei was the first to point out I’m a Daemon and advise me from there. I had to slay me father before I could be reborn, but no one will miss him.” She was now flipping through the pages, less interested in the things she was sharing with each word. It was a fair price for the selection before her. ”Feel free to ask what more ye need for yer notes and I’ll answer what I can. Tis the least I could do for the assortment ye brought me. Of course me reputation has spread further than I would personally like, so ya creating a file of me should hardly do me any more harm.”

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