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How Did This Even Work?(Closed Social.)

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How Did This Even Work?(Closed Social.) Empty Fri Jan 26, 2024 4:10 pm

One could question many things that went on in recent event in Elise's life. her some times odd behaviours left everyone in some manner always guessing between how moody she could and how nice she can be. Elise was not a ticking bomb so to say she was just much to handle at times.

Now here in Bosco not really thinking about how it could matter to anyone else. Elise was here to kind of do the thing she would say she would do. She just needed to finish the shopping. she was so far on track of her time line of things to do before Emil really arrived.

She was just picking up the things she would use for the food, She had prepared everything else and made sure everything was clean clothing wise before hand.

Letting out a sigh how she was unsure how this matter would go. Would Elise's effort all be worth it.


How Did This Even Work?(Closed Social.) Empty Wed Jan 31, 2024 3:31 am

Emil had answered the woman’s letter with a simple meat, potato and wine type of dinner idea and he had invited her to the country in which he had come from and had been born and raised. He was sure it would be fine as his father was still on the run so he shouldn’t be here to ruin this day or if he does Emil would make sure that he was not ever going to bother anyone else again. Emil was cleaning up the place that he had invited her too which was his childhood home the Demi-human servants are helping him to get the place in order as in his dad’s absence he is their boss and in charge of them so they are working extra hard to get the place prepared for the woman to come over to have their date like thing.

Some of the maids are gossiping that maybe he is going to be able to charm her and have a new wife and maybe a new heir to the home to go along with the other two heirs from his first marriage that ended in death from sickness.


How Did This Even Work?(Closed Social.) Empty Thu Feb 01, 2024 3:05 pm

For the most part everything would be laid out pretty simple. Everyone knew what was going to happen. Unless they really knew or not Elise was there and she was a woman on a mission, Emil was going too enjoy this meal and Elise if anything was prepared to do things her way and her way was something else.

Was this place fancy? Yes even with the demi-human maids, but Elise seemed to not pay much attention while she walked towards the goal. One could see how prepared she was. She was already dressed up for the dinner she had yet to cook. But there was something different seeing Elise in a fancy dress that fit perfect to her body, But still covered her enough that in some manner it was still clothing it was a dress that still went to her ankles and she had styled her hair to actually to be not tied back for once. Even dark red lipstick. Things not normal for Elise but most likely a nie change.

Then well she would remove anyone from the kitchen if there was anyone in there. Which most likely was going to be interesting. Then the sound some one preparing food, Elise was doing this all by herself. She knew how too do all of this herself. It seems in the end.

While Elise was preparing of the stuff for the meal. She seemed to have chosen a table. Starting setting it up in her way. In some manner Elise was going to continue doing all of this with out saying anything else


How Did This Even Work?(Closed Social.) Empty Fri Feb 02, 2024 12:47 pm

Emil hadn't heard any of the gossip of course as he was far too busy making sure the place was ready and when he tried to go into the kitchen the staff stopped him and said it is not proper to invade the kitchen as the woman was at work and they would rather him see her once she was done and had broken her back to make dinner Emil laughed softly as if the staff is stopping him he knew he must be in for one hell of a treat from Elise as he was even surprised that the woman had even accepted to see him again let alone make a date for them, maybe he had left some kind of impression on her that he didn't know.

The staff are actively keeping Emil from wandering in on Elise's hard works and seemed to be having fun of it as they were not wasting the chance to get Emil excited for when he would actually be able to see her and spend some time with her. Emil was surprised yet happy for the turn of events that had lead him here to this day that was nearly lead into evening.


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It might seemed that Elise in some manner might be putting herself in too much work. But in reality she actually knew what she was doing with out much worry at this time. But Elise seemed to have not much else on her mind said from cooking as well as she was. So much so she could just walk away for a moment. Seemingly fixed on her goal most like it was a chance for Emil to see Elise dressed up as she did. But she was pouring glasses of water and making sure things where arranged nicely even if they where already.

Steak and Potatoes where simple, But Elise felt this simple stuff needed flare. It needed a added flare to make it special. So Elise's answer was garlic butter for the steak, a little seasoning for the potatoes she was roasting, Even adding in more things but not too many. She was cutting up some carrots at this point What she was going to do with them was a good question.


How Did This Even Work?(Closed Social.) Empty Sun Feb 04, 2024 9:00 am

Emil had gotten a small sight of her and he near fall over as she was breath taking it seemed that she had gone all out for this and now he was feeling a bit underdressed as she was a Goddess given earthly form and he thought himself to only look like a lowly beast. Making this a real beauty and the best moment without there being talking furniture and other items. He was trying to think of what he can do as he was stunned for the most part as usually he would be running his mouth but the sight of her had really left him speechless and unable to be witty or cocky cause this was a date by all means to him but he was feeling like he might not be good enough for this kind of thing. He simply could only get one thing to come out of his mouth. "You look amazing Elise."


How Did This Even Work?(Closed Social.) Empty Mon Feb 05, 2024 4:43 pm

Elise was not really going to be saying much at this time, These things where beaten into her to complete effectively long before she ever became a nun and even after it she could just do all of these things effectively with out thinking. Even if no longer in her grasp. Elise's mother trained Elise to be the perfect wife and it reflected how quickly this woman could go form a hunter to that entirely wifely image quickly.

But alas she was not really thinking much else while she was making sure everything was has she planned it. Every detail was in mind:Plate,cup,fork,knife, drinks, how the food was placed, What was made, How it was cooked. It all mattered Elise removed everyone for reason. Because if she didn't get it perfect internally much like previous parts of her life some one would beat her or yell at her.

But she was not actually at risk, thinking of times that were long ago that echoed in her mind when she was free from it. But she was also making things look nice and smell nice. She would be done cooking soon. Not even realizing Emil had been staring.


How Did This Even Work?(Closed Social.) Empty Sat Feb 10, 2024 8:16 am

Emil sighed as she seemed to have ignored him but he guessed that she just had her planning on her mind as he also got a sneak peek of the stuff as she was doing and making and he was wondering if he had just happened upon a home maker and then he remembered that she admitted to being from a country that prides them selves on such things and he wonders if he might have made her feel she had to do this even through he wanted this more to be a fifty fifty ordeal. So not to make her feel he is dead weight but it seemed for now he can’t do anything to change this outcome as she had pretty much taken over his home and was making it look and smell good like she was making the most refined and higher class versions of the foods he had asked for which to him was surprising.


How Did This Even Work?(Closed Social.) Empty Sun Feb 11, 2024 4:48 pm

It would not be much longer of a wait, for while after he sat their waiting Elise would come by again, seemingly humming a song to herself while she walked over with some plates in her hand started by putting out some dinner buns, Elise would admit if he asked she had gotten a bit of a rush in the time frame of getting here and preparing that she did not make these herself. She bought them on the way here. She almost felt lazy for a moment until most people realize she had prepared everything else by herself. In some manner Elise was most likely doing so many things she didn't need too.

But she did because she felt like she needed too."I will be back with the meal, Then we can sit and enjoy our selves."With that it showed Elise was kind of in a state of just working to get the job done the most effective way possible. The thing Emil most likely picked up on that was how Elise was raised to be.

The next two steps seemed simple, She would come back with the plates put them down one in front of Emil and another on the spot to his right. Rather then sitting across Elise was breaking that normal tradition for a reason she was after all intending to talk to him and this was personal. She then walked away again for a moment came back with a bottle and two wine glasses. She would sit down after that wait a moment and well sigh as if she was done and she just had finished a long work shift and could relax.


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"You are very impressive in everything you do huh?" He sounds very impressed even though he had been told of who she was and where she came from and the things she had faced she was just an amazing person over all and was probably way too good for Emil and he is feeling it but is trying not to show it. "I am glad you agreed to have dinner with me and you made a really great dinner." He helps her a bit with the placement and he can tell the dinner rolls are store bought but he was not going to say anything as he was over the moon that the woman was even giving him the time of day.

He waited for her to start eating and he joins in as he tries all the stuff she had made for him to enjoy "This tastes fantastic I can feel the love and hard work you put into making this and you look amazing as well~ How ever did I get so lucky?" he was partially teasing her but was still being a bit in shock at how hard she worked and turned his simple request into something so elegant and beautiful as well as she really dressed up for it as well and she hadn’t skipped a detail of the night the general decor and how stunning she looked and he has to fight the want to just ask her if she wanted to make it more than just just night and maybe life as she had thrown everything into this.


How Did This Even Work?(Closed Social.) Empty Fri Feb 16, 2024 5:05 am

These compliments seemed to make her feel weird, almost like she was unsure how to take them. But not express it if anything she almost looked confused for a moment. To Elise this was all normal she did these things just as normally that it was almost her second nature.But alas a struggle was shown for Elise she was raised to be perfect, not to get praise for it. She was raise to just have this all work this way."Oh, considering how this place looks and all of the servants....I assumed this was normal for you."Elise actually answer it was not that she was avoiding taking the compliments well she just seemed to almost confuse Elise's mind.

Emil could most likely tell Elise was not use to because the first thing she commented on."Here I merely guessed how you wanted your steak cooked, I didn't even ask like I should of..."It seemed almost like that life reflected on her exposing some minor flaws already that where not apparent.

Then she seemingly just snapped back to reality."Right...I should be enjoying myself here some what too." For a moment there was a faint smile. After all under Elise's harden exterior was in fact a woman who was most likely lonely and had no large amounts of known family who was trying to do things to improve herself. The thoughts just where hard to click in her mind times.


How Did This Even Work?(Closed Social.) Empty Mon Feb 19, 2024 9:48 am

Emil guesses he should have seen that coming from the woman to say that he should probably be the pampered brat type that is far use to being waited on hand and foot like some kind of noble because of the slaves and at one point he had been waited on by them and had them doing things for him but as he grew and got more independent he didn’t use them as slaves,Myles they would still help him clean up messes and sort things but he wasn’t just making messes for making a messes sake or forcing them to do things they didn’t want to do. "I guess I could see how you got to that thought but not for a long time has a woman waited hand and foot for me, mostly cause I don’t see that as fair to them. If that is what you want to be for me and my children I will not stop you but I will say something to the matter. You do not need to be perfect and know that I will love you with every fiber of my being~"

He was simply being honest so she knows that he will respect if that is how she wants to be with them but to know that he will appreciate her and love her for who she is not what she does for them as he is a man that is easy to please and hard to let down unless she cheated on him that would let him down swiftly and hurt him and his children who would have let her in by then. "Please do enjoy yourself as well as you did a great job and worked hard and you made this all happen like it was magic but I can see you worked hard for it."


How Did This Even Work?(Closed Social.) Empty Yesterday at 11:15 am

In some manner Elise didn't know what she wanted, She had torn a life she was use too completely to shreds. Elise did not know what she wanted. But she always so far seemed to have wanted simple things. the depressing reality of being free and actually loved by some one. Almost sounded like a parody but to some one who got it. Elise's dream was entirely because she didn't know these things. Elise in some manner almost assumed these things would make her uncomfortable. But she almost seemed unsure mentally how to take this. She just hid it well.

So she would merely admit it."I...don't entirely know what I want."It was said so casually that anyone who had some kind of connection to Elise could find it mentally shattering Elise always knew what she wanted to do and when, Always did things of her own accord all with confidence and glee.So most likely it was a different step for Elise.

But telling Elise she didn't need to be perfect, seemed to in some manner confuse her still. Emil most likely knew this all was going to be a bit for Elise to take in, not from a lack of a trying. Elise pulled out all of the stops and merely got told she didn't need too. Elise however was going to be Elise she was going to try and relax but she could not help herself in some manner."Well I guess you could say it was almost beaten into me right?"Yes she was making that dark of a joke about it. Because she knew this was all possible in heels, a pretty dress and a small amount of lipstick because it was all beaten into her. She was just making a joke at her expense.

But she seemed like she would try to relax, if anything remarking about it."I am merely...doing what i feel is needed in return..."Elise almost still seemed like she was trying but some what emotionally struggling in other manner because she was trying to understand what being cared about was like. But she seemed to be handling it well. Even after a moment a quiet that almost felt awkward she seemed finally to give into the compliment."Well...thank you...It is a relief."She left it at that for now.

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