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Cape - Mun'dah's Thousand Lost Souls Cape

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Name: Mun'dah's Thousand Lost Souls Cape

Slot: Cape.

Type: Cape.

Class: Mythic.

Quantity: Limited.

Element: Arcane.

Durability: This item is indestructible.


Description: While some pieces of clothing fall within the void and begin to embody the souls of their previous wearers, some are far more insidious instead hunger after more souls to consume within their fabric. This is the case with Mun'dah's Thousand Lost Souls Cape, a literal reference to the estimated number that now are now within. Mun'dah, himself was originally a greedy warlord who lusted over attaining power for his own nefarious reasons, he was gifted these powers which he used across Ishgar causing violence to touch his every action, however with every gift from the void it comes at a cost, in his case, the souls who were impacted by his hand were trapped within the cape slowly staining the cape from a distinct white to crimson before finally black as the night sky while the restless souls within continued to plague him, mentality and physically as they irradiated from the cloak like a thick black mist.

Note: The item may be indestructible, but it does not offer protection. This means that attacks aimed at the back of the user bypass the cape in terms of regulation. In topics, the user can represent this by accepting the damage done against their backs and stating that the cape got very lightly damaged.


  • Ethereal Fingertips While the user has this cape they will be unable to wield a ring slot.

  • The user must have acquired this through the Unknown Sacrifice Event and can not purchase this through Lupin.


  • Thousand hungry Souls: No longer owned by Mun'dah directly, the souls within though disgruntled by their position are more willing to help the wearer, as a result, they are capable of influencing the users magic and their physical attacks to become arcane and cause those struck by any of their attacks to lose mana equivalent to the rank of the spell itself.
  • One purpose, many minds: While capable of using their magic and attacks as arcane abilities through the "Thousand Hungry Souls" effect, users may also cause their single-target spells to gain homing as the souls within the cape grasp their way through the air towards the wearer's target.
  • Void's End: Those around the user are inflicted by the Void's End curse which is a consequence of the souls within desperately trying to gain life once more which causes them to lose 5% of their total base mana pool each turn whilst within 25 meters of the user.


  • Name: Soul Weave
    Rank: S
    Mana Cost: 0
    Requirements: Mun'dah's Thousand lost Souls Cape
    Type: Supplementary
    Range: Self
    Cooldown: 0
    Duration: Sustain
    Effect: Mun'dah's Thousand lost Souls Cape is a hooded cape that has a thousand damned souls bound to it. Upon wearing the cape which is attached behind the neck of the user, the user can select one of the souls which have been stored in it. This does not only change the face of the user, but also their physique allowing them to switch between genders. The hood does not alter the height of the user though. The user cannot change their appearance into that of another user or a non-player, but they can freely choose any other appearance upon wearing the cape. The user can decide to represent this by adding an image in their posts reflecting their chosen appearance. Upon changing appearances, the user can take off the cape will remain in disguise. The user can undo the effect by putting the hood on and off again, or change their appearance again by putting the hood on and off again.


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@Emil has limited their ability to change race, class or magics and restricted access to their ring and aura slot and received the Mun'dah's Thousand Lost Souls Cape

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