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How Did This Even Work?(Closed Social.)

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How Did This Even Work?(Closed Social.) - Page 3 Empty Wed May 29, 2024 3:53 am

At least for now, most people would never Believe Emil had gotten this far with Elise, But Elise's own self image was something she never hid from others she openly seemed like she hated everyone and no one really dived into the problem up until this point, Then again maybe the entire idea of attachment was strange to her.

Emil learning all that he has so far it most likely made sense. But as always Elise being an actual human with emotional needs did seemed to sneak it's way through. While she seemed to seemed in. There was one thing if there was any pain she was feeling in her joint from the various loud cracks Emil would hear every once and a while. Elise seemed to not complain.

But years of not taking care of one's self did seem apparently to Elise, A lot of times with some joint with in Elise's back there was a fair amount of resistance, Almost like she had not tried in years to works out the kinks, The stresses over the years still there. Maybe this quiet moment was what the possible future with Elise was like, She would be around home and doing what she can while slightly being witty. For once Elise being quiet was odd for this long. But Emil's efforts even if not the most skilled showed to show maybe how little this woman surely did take care of herself, She smoked, she drank, she most likely didn't eat the beat at times.

Maybe Elise was grumpy because nothing in her life was healthy at this time.


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Emil as he kept going as she hadn't asked him to stop, yet and her back seemed to be in a bit of twists he had heard small controlled shocks helped to deal with stubborn things like this. "I am going to try something please bare with me, as it won't hurt you, though it might feel weird." Emil started building up little jolts of charge that he was using on her back as he massaged her back and tried to help her to loosen up a bit as this tension seemed to run deep in her body. Emil kept working hard in this new way to work it out as the charges were helping reach a bit deeper and getting the muscles to relax. Emil wondered if he was going to really be able to help her or if he was going to have to accept the half victory that he had earned from this happening.


How Did This Even Work?(Closed Social.) - Page 3 Empty Thu May 30, 2024 2:32 pm

There was a problem that Elise might not express what ever she felt pain with or not while she was relaxing, While it seemed to be helping a decent amount. Elise maybe was good at saying this with out words, In some ways nonverbal communication was also useful.

What happen, at some point during a real tense part of her back, During one of the most seeming stubborn parts. It just seemed just Emil needed to try a bit harder, Elise's hand just seemingly appeared and held it there for a moment. While It was close it was almost like maybe she already in a high enough pain. Then almost like the pain she was feeling in that moment was gone she merely then patted the stop of the hand almost like it was okay to continue now.

What resulted was the loudest crack one could hear from any part of the body. Maybe that was just horrible of so much build up. but still no sound of Elise. Elise was just too use to forcing herself to remain quiet even in pain, Most likely there was countless times she could have wanted too, some how fighting over the years made her get use to it. Seemingly now quiet and relaxing.


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Upon hearing the crack from Elise's back Emil spoke out. "Are you okay? That sounded bad." His hand gently rubs her back not putting anymore pressure on her back cause he is a bit worried that he had messed up and hurt her by using too much pressure on her back. His hands are very gentle on her back while he waits for her to reply to him because if he hurt her, he needs to make sure that he doesn't do anymore damage to her. Emil hopes that he hadn't hurt her, though he knows she is a tough woman he also knows she isn't one to complain either which makes this hard for him to know if she was hurt because he knows she will not straight forwardly admit it to him that she was hurt. She had told him her story of struggling and having to just go with the punches that came her way without complaining or having someone that she could relay on when it came to needing support.


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Making sure he didn't worry about too much. Elise would move his hands off of her get up for a moment and almost seem curious herself. But before she tested the worry in this fashion. She merely took Emil's hand and kissed the top of it. Almost like she was grateful."Doesn't feel too horrible at this time." Elise did not seem like she was hiding anything. But just in case she seemed to hold on to Emil's hand while she prepared and balanced out.

This was more for his assurance and showing she was adding more trust into him at this time. After seemingly having no balance problems. She let go of his hand and did a hand stand as perfectly timed as she had been seen doing before. Then did a push up while standing as she was, It seemed everything was fine. Then she would just get back on her feet."Seems okay to me. Maybe there was just an unsure about of build up."Then she just went back into place, It was a sign that Emil was doing a fine job. Or as most might guess Elise was not looking after herself as it always seemed to be.


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Emil was a bit taken off guard by her kissing the back of his hand as he didn't expect that from her and he goes a bit red in the face. He was glad that he didn't hurt her and then he sees her do a hand stand and start doing the push up like that and he thinks he has just fell deeper into liking her from that and he kind of wonders if it would be too corny to tell her that he had just felt that but he guessed that she is blunt so he might as well be honest. "You doing that might have father captured my heart."

Emil watched as she got back into place and he got back to working on her back as she seemed to have liked it and it might actually be helping her feel a bit better. Emil was an idiot but he knows that he needs to be careful so not to upset her or hurt her as she had fully made it clear that she was worth over coming any obstacle.


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There was something about that moment where Elise seemed to chuckle for a moment. While she did a decent job at charming him, Even if unintentional Elise would be sure to let him know."Father captured huh? I ponder what it is means to capture a daddy."Elise knew she was being a horrible tease doing this. She was not being overly rude about these things but while some what kind of enjoying she could poke fun at some one with out feel like she was rude.

Even if she was a charmer, she would be sure to mention."This is date one Emil, Do give yourself time to reflect and before if I am fitting. After all you do have children to think of too."Elise was a fairly forward thinking person. While Emil seemed to like her. Was Elise was a fitting mother? No one's seen Elise around children yet to know.

But she would crack one joke."Even If I am: Pretty, appealing and flexible."She then chuckled about it since it was the only time she had made that time kind of joke. Hopefully Emil enjoyed the humour she let out about it.


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Emil can tell he is very taken with her, but she was right he should really make sure that she will be okay with his children before he gets himself too deep into it and make her feel back, if she and the children don't mix well with each other. Emil picks up his jaw off the floor and he laid back in the bed be side her and he smiled at her. "You are also hard working, quick thinking, and I think you are showing me that behind the scars of your past that you are a kind protective soul~" He was not sure how she would react to that but he laughs softly as she was acting comfortable around him and he was glad that he could help do some good for her and he gently placed his hand on her hand.

"I am pretty sure my children will like you, hopefully when you guys meet that it goes well." He was pretty confident that his children will like her as he knows Fang liked hearing stories of her exploits of monster fighting that some of the other members talk about when Elise is not around.


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Well if anything there was still consideration of sassing him more and more.But that was just Elise merely letting Emil continue his work, no doubt she did feel a bit well enough that for now her bone could settle until she most likely did something to mess them up again, Which was entirely possible."Careful now, might be dangerous to spread around."Elise chuckled about it, But in some manner she knew maybe that was not thing for people to know she was not too horrible but it was most likely still Elise over all was not comfortable with a lot of people and still struggled with it, but if that was known it could be used against her too.

It was a tiring struggle of Elise's mental health."Really, here most of my experience with children where them being dead before I could save them."It was dark and grim for her to state that, But most likely from things she had to hunt before. Maybe that was how she made sure to protect them, seemingly so unfriendly over all."But considering so many things. I might see things most people would consider a nightmare."at times she wondered if people who where spared ever recovered from what she witness and solved.


How Did This Even Work?(Closed Social.) - Page 3 Empty Thu Jun 06, 2024 2:53 pm

Emil looked at her as she said the part about the dead children, Emil gently reached over and he rubbed his palm on her arm as if he was reassuring or comforting her. He doesn't pity her cause she is an amazing woman, strong, brave and willing to run into the abyss if that would save lives. "Well I will help you no worries, I know it will probably be awkward at first but I am sure it will be okay." Emil was confident and he knows not to speak a word of this date to anyone cause for now Elise has an image to keep up as the rough tough badass monster hunting badass of the guild.

Emil wondered if maybe he was pushing a bit too hard for this and he knows that he had a bad habit of being the abrasive hard head that just keeps running at the wall till it crumbles or knocks him out. He wants to make sure that he is careful and doesn't do his best bull in a China shop smashing plates and leaving a horrible mess that needs cleaned up, he is playing this one close to the vest and with time and steps.


How Did This Even Work?(Closed Social.) - Page 3 Empty Sat Jun 08, 2024 11:58 am

Well most might think this might make Elise upset in some manner, maybe it was just the kind of thing Elise did would eventually enjoy to hear. But it showed some one paid attention to what Elise's life was like. She saw a lot of horrible grim things dead children was bleak, but it didn't bring up anything else. The smell of rotting flesh, The screaming, the torn up people, The burnt down buildings, the grieving family's tears and cries between witnessing the even or the aftermaths of it. Elise most likely was just cold and jaded because she had to do these things before.

If anything Elise was most likely thinking she was not prepared to be around children, while also preparing them to meet her, Elise knew she could be kind but she was struggling with other things that made her odd to deal with at times."You are most likely right."Elise did eventually mention about it.

It seemed nothing else was a worry for her at this time."Your doing work now at least too."She was going to change subject away from kids for now to not make her mind think about how awkward she would be.


How Did This Even Work?(Closed Social.) - Page 3 Empty Sun Jun 09, 2024 7:32 am

"I will make sure that you have nothing to worry about with that at least." He made a move and he put an arm around her and he gently hugged her to make sure that she can feel that someone was there with her and that she wasn't alone in the feelings she was feeling that if she wanted to say or just lean against him that she could. He was being as welcoming as he can be if she wanted to move into the embrace.

Emil knows that the woman is not some scary cat or a woman that needs a lot she is still human and she still has the feelings that come along with being alive and someone that can and has seen a lot of bad things as Emil has done his best since he was a child to break his back to try and prove himself and show he has something to give but at the moment he was more in a time of lull as he was not causing that goal right here and now she was the center of the attention and trying to help her be able to take the steps.


How Did This Even Work?(Closed Social.) - Page 3 Empty Mon Jun 10, 2024 3:09 am

But Elise seemed to ponder a bit more on a few other things. Elise was some what feeling a bit better and feeling a bit more relaxed, but in some manner Elise was also thinking about of her vices too, She had managed to deal with this long with out having a cigarette it was interesting she lasted this long before really needing too."I suppose there are always other things to worry about anyway."Elise mentioned casually. But it seemed at least things where gone now.

So she would sit up. Then simply made sure he knew."I am prepared to go sleep now."Elise won't lie she was doing well but her energy was now wearing thin and she was just not mentioning it."Would you show me to where I am sleeping for tonight?"For now Emil knew Elise would sleep here, Elise was around for a bit longer even if she would eventually leave.


How Did This Even Work?(Closed Social.) - Page 3 Empty Mon Jun 10, 2024 10:15 am

"Yeah now that you say that there are many things that could be a worry." He didn't really stop and think about these things a lot but he was trying to push forward and be better about it but he also knows that he is still only one guy no matter how talented or powerful he becomes he was never going to be able to stay on top of it all and do everything there is to do and see. He needed to focus right now just in front of himself and make sure that he does his best to prove to this woman that he was worth her time and to maybe take him up on a relationship.

When she sat up and asked where her room was he got up and gently took her hand and he went to lead her to her room so that she could have a good night and hopefully she would come out of all of this with a good impression as he felt that it had went well and that they are able to be freed from the cycle of her needing to be truly alone and can rely on him at least in some small part, he knows that it was a lot shot to think that she might have some kind of feelings for him yet but he hoped maybe a seed was planted in her to maybe feel or truly think about it.


How Did This Even Work?(Closed Social.) - Page 3 Empty Wed Jun 12, 2024 3:04 am

After leading her to the room she would be staying in for the evening, Emil's signs of progress would show, While Elise was seemingly tired, she seemed some what happen a feat most likely that had not been seen in a long while for some one, Then again Elise knew she had to put out some kind of effort herself, she tried a bit for once and it worked.

But just before these two walked away from one another. Elise would open the door, But just before she truly left for the evening. Then seemingly just turning back around, walking over to Emil. While saying nothing wraps both her arms around Emil's waist. Elise was trying to say thank you with out needing to say it.

Then rested her head atop of Emil chest, for the moment it was almost like she closed her eyes. Elise for once did not have a plan for this she just wanted to feel and relax to some one's else heartbeat, the heartbeat of some one she felt like cared about. It was most likely a different form of emotional expression and in some manner strange to see from her.

If Emil did not tell Elise to let out. Elise would actually be seemingly in this position for 10 minutes. While a strange amount of time her final ending tie showed simply that she felt better, she felt human. After one kiss upon one of the cheeks of his face, Elise went to bed.



How Did This Even Work?(Closed Social.) - Page 3 Empty Wed Jun 12, 2024 11:20 am

Emil smiled as she had held onto him and then kissed his cheek before she had retreated into her room. He was glad to see that she could feel safe enough to open up to him and he wondered if she would avoid him for a bit now because of the step she took and the embarrassment she might feel seeing him and remembering that she had done it. He guessed only time would tell and he would have to see what happened and hope for the best. Emil made his way for his room as he was going to turn in as she was tired and he hopes that he will see her again, but he knows that just because they had a moment that doesn't mean that she is going to owe him anything or that she was fully agreeing with the thought of being with him but he knows that she is flirting with the idea of it and if she would fully be ready to take that jump.

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