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How Did This Even Work?(Closed Social.)

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How Did This Even Work?(Closed Social.) - Page 2 Empty Wed Mar 27, 2024 6:29 am

He laughed softly hearing her sass and he was glad to see that she still felt comfortable to sass him and trusted that he would not take offense to her saying these things to him. He spoke back to her as he gently took her free hand in his own. "Oh I want them to believe me~ You might not see it but I see it~" He winked back at her, and he can kind of already see the future looking brighter for himself and her, but he knows that he needed to reign his horses back before he gets too ahead of himself as she was something special to him and she is in his mind.

He straightened up and smiled. He knows that he is going to have to train and get stronger so he can catch up to her as she was a strong woman and she deserves someone that can back her up if something ever were to go wrong or if she needed a helping hand and he wants to be someone dependable even though he is for the most part impulsive and a trouble maker.


How Did This Even Work?(Closed Social.) - Page 2 Empty Fri Mar 29, 2024 4:25 am

Elise seemed to chuckle."Guess I will have to work harder so no one believe you."She said so casually, in some manner it almost felt like Emil was challenging her and in some manner she did not mind it. But over all Elise was just herself at this time she seemed to have tried things and got showed results."I can just tell people when they have a few broken fingers, it's your fault."Elise sounded a bit smug about it too. Weather or not something would happen it was a good question.

After all she would not be able to guess that, Nor would Emil be able too. After all there was a fair amount of unknowns to factor in. But that was not the point."At least if people do think that for me, I won't burn your food...I am not that vindictive."Over all this was a different pace considering she just ate cheap food, drank and smoked. This was most likely the most polished Elise could be at this time.


How Did This Even Work?(Closed Social.) - Page 2 Empty Fri Mar 29, 2024 5:21 am

He got a bit closer to her and he smirked as he spoke in a slightly flirty tone toward her. "I know something we could something that they would never believe me about~" He was clearly joking that no one would believe that he and her had been together or were dating. Emil knows that would be true as they all just see her as scary and him as an over confident bragger who needs an ego check. He gently raised her hand to his face and he kissed the back of her hand. "May I have a dance?" He stood and he bowed like a proper gentlemen to her as if he was asking her for a dance though he was unsure how she would take that but he was trying to stick to the theme of the night which was more proper and refined.

"I am also glad to hear you will not sabotage my food if they do think or find out." He is happy to find someone that has something they want to do and not be judged for it, Elise was truly coming into her own and that also made Emil swell with a bit of pride as he had helped her a bit to grow and open up her self.


How Did This Even Work?(Closed Social.) - Page 2 Empty Sat Mar 30, 2024 1:00 pm

It was a move Elise should have expected, Since the manner of how they where acting to one another was a back and forth she would merely mention."If your thinking about taking me bed, Your a long way from me considering that."Elise had to throw that in because she knew he was far more respectable at this point of time,But knew Emil was attracted to her and may want that kind of intimacy in the future. But Elise might have needed time for that part of her emotions to come out, Over all it was a massive feat she managed this far and she had not worn herself out emotionally yet.

Using manner akin to older way of charm in some manner was something that Elise would realize slowly was not a bad thing, Even if the reason why she knew these things where entirely the fault of some one who ruined her view of the world."Oh dancing? Did you brush up on your basics?"Elise continuing this sassiness for a reason but most likely she she should have expected otherwise. If anything this seemed to be the kind of charm to win Elise over the kiss on the hand and bow she was actually getting out of her chair mind you they would most likely finish their dinner first, It would give time for things to be taken away. After all she made the food and the main parts of the meal, she didn't make dessert or plan for it.

Almost like so far this had gone better then Elise thought it would."I am sure a few extra burn marks aren't bad right?"Elise had that one final joke in before they started the dance. Emil was leading after all. So he had to make the moves and Elise would know what to do in return.


How Did This Even Work?(Closed Social.) - Page 2 Empty Sat Mar 30, 2024 2:02 pm

He smiles at her. "I know that comes later we are still fresh and new." He was making sure that she knows there is no pressure to rush into that and try for anything but he also wants her to know that yes he desires her, it was a bit of a balancing act he was trying to do with it but he wanted to make sure that it was working so she didn't ever have to think that he would just be stringing her along or using her. Emil was a man of honor and was going to take good care of her and help her how ever he can.

He smiled again at her taking the dance with him and he hopes that his training will see him through as the music started and he placed a hand on her lower back and him stepping in time with the music and hoping that he doesn't step on her toes and risk ruining the moment that they were having right now and he laughed softly at her comment about a few more burn marks on his food.


How Did This Even Work?(Closed Social.) - Page 2 Empty Tue Apr 02, 2024 6:38 am

In some manner it seemed Elise was not thinking at that he wanted to really rush that to start with."Do understand it is merely a joke, I did not actually expect you to try right away."With a peaceful smile on her face. In some manner even if Elise was sassy it seemed Elise was showing signs of trust and bonding, Even if it was a rough to start with. But Elise was hard to deal with to start with. Emil knew that going in some results where shown.

Elise was actually a fairly nice person she was just scared to show it and often had it forced to never be nice to some one. In some manner as this progressed Elise seemed impressed with how Emil was doing, but she did not seem to have expectations. If anything this dance so far seemed to be a surprise to her.


How Did This Even Work?(Closed Social.) - Page 2 Empty Tue Apr 02, 2024 9:26 am

Emil nods to her saying that she indeed joking with him about it and he smiled at her and he keeps dancing with her to the music, fighting and dancing are the same when it comes to the basics it is all bout the foot work and the steps and form you take so dancing was something that had synced with him as yes he was a muscle head and a fighter but that also made the muscle memory that he had to be better suited for it as he would practice hard and long to be able to be able to do these things with his eyes closed. He was lighter on his feet then one might think and his grip on her body is a bit firm but soft as if he was making sure that he didn't lose track of her while still not impeding her movements. "How would you rate this trail date with me?" He asked teasingly while looking into her eyes, but still taking in her beauty.


How Did This Even Work?(Closed Social.) - Page 2 Empty Thu Apr 04, 2024 6:58 am

In some manner this was a good question, But lingering parts of Elise wanted to joke with him more. but in some manner it was over all maybe the sign of things that internally Elise preferred to mention it in a different way. But with in this dance the normally serious Elise while trying to open up seemingly was not focused on dance after all it was seemingly any move Emil made in terms of this dance Elise already knew how to follow along these were all things she already knew and she did not need to worry about thinking about her footing this was all kind of cemented into her brain for many years.

But when he ask Elise, with a peaceful smile upon her face figured her answer was best fitted by wrapping her arms around his hips and resting her head upon his shoulders. Elise did seem to feel like speaking was needed, this might have been a fitting enough review. So he could assume it was a positive review. Elise seemed content she felt like a normal person for once in her life, It was not all that hard to make such a thing possible just no one tried quite yet.


How Did This Even Work?(Closed Social.) - Page 2 Empty Thu Apr 04, 2024 2:48 pm

Emil feeling her press up against himself more smiles as that was a definite yes to his question and he kept dancing slowly with her and he wondered if she was truly lonely all this time and she just needed someone to give her a moment of their time to see past the hardened front she had in as if that was what it was that was a sad life she had but he didn't pity her as this was it's own blessing it would seem. After they were done with the dancing he smirked and lifted her and walked her over to the couch and he sat with her holding her so they could rest and he wondered what next was and he hopes that he can keep her close in some form but he knows that he needs to be careful that he doesn't over do it and cause her to feel smothered.

He needs to plan how he is going to introduce her to his children in a few dates if she wants to meet them that is but he was not going to go crazy and complain or force her to do it but he will have to thing how to best do it on both sides as he knows that his children can be a bit much especially Fang but he needs to think on this a little more and make sure that he does it as seamlessly as he can.


How Did This Even Work?(Closed Social.) - Page 2 Empty Sat Apr 06, 2024 3:21 pm

Last time Emil did something like this Elise was super moody and resisted. This time she did not. but some what given her nature she scoffed at him and rolled her eyes slightly at him."Yes yes. I guess, you needed to get away with doing this at least once it seems."Elise and her eternal sassing continued. But she seemed fine with it.

This time there was not Elise doing a hand stand and getting off of his arm or anything she seemed seemed to stay there, she seemed to not actually complain.Only merely continue to joke."But I do guess I should be careful. I might actually start feeling comfortable enough around some one to finally not think about leaving where i am placed right away."Elise continuing to never give up her sass ways of existing at this time. But showing underlying thoughts in her mind.


How Did This Even Work?(Closed Social.) - Page 2 Empty Sun Apr 07, 2024 3:15 am

Emil laughed softly at her comment and then he spoke back to her. "Oh yeah we can't have that happening now can we~" He spoke in a teasing tone toward her with a big smile and a wink and his hand gently rubbed her back. He was happy that she was feeling comfortable enough to sit with him and bring up that she has to be careful or she might just want to stay here with him in the moment cuddled with him here on the couch. He has to wonder how he is ever going to be able to make up a date idea that even comes close to this level for her as he was horrible at this kind of thing and planning these kind of things he was going to have to tread very carefully and do the best that he can to make sure that she doesn't end up feeling like he isn't as interested in this as she was.


How Did This Even Work?(Closed Social.) - Page 2 Empty Mon Apr 08, 2024 6:07 am

Any of the thought Emil had on his mind, Elise did not have on her mind. She was merely grasping that these kind of feelings could exist and she could be comfortable with them. Nothing about staging up or doing even better with the next date. After all she was merely doing a thank you dinner for showing her a few things as a person that she was ignoring.

Over all she might not even be worried about it at this time. There was always other things to consider in the future as there was just a starting point. Internally Elise seemed to have been thankful for the lesson within her mind. But Elise trying not to think much else at the time seemed to have settled into not thinking about much else going on. Even with Emil rubbing her back it seemed. Almost like the tense feeling she most likely held on too internally for years was slightly going away.


How Did This Even Work?(Closed Social.) - Page 2 Empty Tue Apr 09, 2024 5:44 am

Emil was happy that she was finally able to let her self relax even if it was only just a little bit as he was not one to most worry about the bigger picture but he feels like he can see a picture of her developing in his heart but he was going to just take it slowly and be careful where he steps and how hard he puts his foot down as he needs to make sure that he takes his time and do everything that he can do to help her through the struggles that she might have that will be coming up with the changes that she was under going but he knows that he needs to make sure that she knows that he will support her and be there if she needs him but he also knows that she doesn't really need that from him as she can handle herself.

He aims to be there if she does need him and he will do his best to repel the darkness that her past had drowned her in.


How Did This Even Work?(Closed Social.) - Page 2 Empty Thu Apr 11, 2024 5:10 am

But alas Elise seemed to be unsure what else to think at this point she was merely content and happy. But Elise being Elise merely just had to always add one more slightly humorous comment in."Well how much longer do you want me to sit here with you?"Elise did assume she was not staying here forever at this time. After all it was suppose to be a simple thank you dinner so she figured she might ask.

Sure there was blossoming things going to over all start happening, But these two where not fully dating yet, so she assumed she would have to go sleep some where else eventually, most likely Elise was just going to find a hotel somewhere so she figured it was a good thing to ask. It seemed she was seeing how much long he might want him around before she chose what she was going to do next.


How Did This Even Work?(Closed Social.) - Page 2 Empty Sat Apr 13, 2024 8:47 am

He hear her question and then a thought crossed his mind and he smiled at her. "You are free to leave when ever you would like to or you could stay the night if you wish~" He was teasing her a little but he was being serious that she could she could stay the night and not have to find a hotel and waste money as everything was still here and there was no real reason at least to him that he shouldn't offer this to her as she had done a ton of work and she was clearly a bit tired or she seemed to be a bit tired from all the time on her feet and and over a hot oven and other things.

"That was not me making some smooth move on you." He was going to respect her boundaries, she wasn't in any rush and he wasn't either as he didn't want to screw this up as he feels that he and her had an undeniable bond or something that binds their fates and he hopes that they can be more.


How Did This Even Work?(Closed Social.) - Page 2 Empty Sun Apr 14, 2024 2:17 pm

It seemed at least she would think on it for a moment. She only came here and that was it,All of her stay to sleep was kind of some where with in the building so she could collect it later. It seemed she might be able to save a bit of money for future use. This also could be in Emil's benefit in some manner as Elise could some what attempt to continue her attempts.

Even if there was a risk of limits. Elise seemed to try to make it work even if in some manner she was most likely fairly mentally tired already. But she was not internally discounting and forgetting the effort she put in."I was merely asking to make sure if needed prepared to just go sleep somewhere else or not."Elise mentioned merely seemingly just had made sure she had a plan in mind. She seems to have not thought it out completely yet.

This place was fairly large enough that Elise could stay and even find a spot to herself if need be. She just need to figure out what she actually wanted to do. In which was odd for her. normally she did know.


How Did This Even Work?(Closed Social.) - Page 2 Empty Wed Apr 17, 2024 11:17 am

Emil looked at her as she said this and he smiled softly as she seemed to not be against the idea."If you would like I can give you a tour of the place to show you where the bathroom is there is a tub you can sit in that is deep and isn't rough on your back like the guild ones are." He was offering this as he wanted to make sure that she could be comfortable here and that she can allow him to help her and actually play host well to her and her needs if she needed anything from him during her stay as she was his guest even if he had allowed her to play the party host in his home. Though he knows that he needs to play this carefully and not risk that she thinks that he is trying to push anything onto her as he was just trying his best to make the night right.


How Did This Even Work?(Closed Social.) - Page 2 Empty Fri Apr 19, 2024 7:15 am

Well in some manner it was a good suggestion but there was other things she was use too was much worst. Even remarking."If you think the guild ones are bad...ponder how ones they offer the nun who hunted dark things or to the church."Elise mentioned, In some manner she was going to continue mentioning a few things, in some manner this might be something sneaky Emil could consider help dealing with later.

"It might be easier enough on a few of my joint I might actually have their kinks worked out."Elise mentioned revealing that she might not have tried to work out the stress in her joint from all of the stuff she did in the past and currently does. So who knows how much pressure and cracking might need to be done.

But she also had to ask."But anything else of note a well to show me while I am here?"It was open ended question so who knows how that would go for her.


How Did This Even Work?(Closed Social.) - Page 2 Empty Mon Apr 22, 2024 10:14 am

He looked at her as she said to think about how bad the church ones would have been and he had to wonder if they didn’t treat her right and take care of her or show her hospitality for the work she was doing for them. He would have to be careful going forward as he was trying not to cause something to go wrong but he knows there is always the chance he will cause something to go wrong. He gently took her hand and leads her through the house showing her where the bathroom is, showing her the rooms, showing her his room so she could know where it was if she needed something points to how to get into the attic with a rod to open the ceiling door to make the ladder come down for them to go up.

He heard the part about her needing help to get the kinks worked out of herself. "That sounds like you need a massage, were you wanting me to give you one of those?"


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Even if there was good and bad to all of the things she when she was a nun, There was most likely plenty of stories to tell from Elise. But Elise not helping her own humour."I need a few things, But that is most likely one them."Elise figuring she would try she then reached one of her arms out hooked looped the opposite arm around and pulled into herself slightly, When she did it followed with about three loud cracks from her shoulder blade. To Elise remarking."Oh?...about time."

Then she took the fingers of her right hand and curled them into palm and pressed down, With a loud snap it was all of her fingers snapping at the same time."I guess there are a few things with me that need to be worked out."Elise chuckled about while they seemed to walk about.

But with that offer she almost considered it."You might have to charge me an hourly rate with how much time would be needed to have the message be effective in helping."She was not rejecting the idea just knew there was a lot to be done. At least with being a hand on type it might not be a worry.


How Did This Even Work?(Closed Social.) - Page 2 Empty Sat Apr 27, 2024 3:41 pm

Emil watched as she did that and he wondered if that is just doing more damage than it was doing good for her. He looked her in the eyes and he gives her a sign to follow him and he leads her toward his room then he leads her into the room and he motions for her to lay on the bed. "Up to you if you want to keep your top on or not and I am not going to charge you for it. You can put the sheet over yourself or something so I don't accidently see anything." He looked away in case she wanted to take her top off and lay on the bed so he could get to giving her a massage if she still wanted it or not. He was not trying for anything sly just wanted to try and help her as she said that she was feeling stiff and he wanted to be a good host and to help her.


How Did This Even Work?(Closed Social.) - Page 2 Empty Mon Apr 29, 2024 5:17 am

It seemed like it was a decent offer. But she had to ask kind of out of wonder before really said yes. "Oh is that skill you have? how good at you at it?"This was a chance for Emil do something that might impressed Elise in some manner when he was trying. After all who knows how Elise would feel if some one could solve that problem for her.

Even having to tease him some what more."Or are you just wanting to feel and touch a pretty woman with less clothing on because it's been a while."Elise was teasing him and he most likely could pick up on it. In some manner he seemed. But so far she seemed okay with all of it."A towel will work."Just where they where going at this point seemed to be the question he knew the place better then her.


How Did This Even Work?(Closed Social.) - Page 2 Empty Fri May 17, 2024 3:47 pm

"Hey hey I might be good at it, you can be the judge if you want to give me the chance." His tone was a bit teasing as he was not sure how she would react to him saying that kind of thing to her but he was giving it a chance to see if he can get a good or a bad reaction out of her from the attempt.

He hears her say the thing about wanting to touch a woman in a state of undress and he laughs a little as it seemed that she had gotten the upper hand on him by saying that to him though he had to wonder, if she was actually coming at him or if she was just taking the moment to take a shot at him and see if he shows his true colors or not. He clears his throat and then he speaks. "I am merely offering to add to my repayment of you and your kindness but I guess I would be lying if I didn't say that maybe I wonder about that, myself but I truly believe my only aim is to try and help you." He kept looking away in case she was going to take him up on the offer but he knows that she could just as easily sneak away with his back turned if she was not interest in the offer.


How Did This Even Work?(Closed Social.) - Page 2 Empty Mon May 27, 2024 3:02 am

Even if a tease, Elise seemed to overall continue her games.”Huh, I suppose to it is still nice to try, I at least won’t assume you would use it to touch things you won’t normally be able too.”Elise’s humor was to poke back at him all of the time, since he had handle it well. Most likely trying to handle a clothed Elise was simple when she was not being moody acting like it was an insult to touch her, Also sounding like she joked about it knowing full well he was not going to just do such things.

As for if it helped.”It could…mind you it has been a few years and only I did were minor stretches, So who knows how well it will go.”Elise seemed to continue the humor stuff. But it was something she was trying. Maybe overall it was a struggle and she was trying over all. But there seemed to be some kind of light shining through even if this woman would most likely be unhappy and take it as a sign that she needed to go to sleep to see the light. It was something and hopefully any loud cracks weren’t too serious.


How Did This Even Work?(Closed Social.) - Page 2 Empty Tue May 28, 2024 8:38 am

Emil walked over and he had he lay down as it seemed they were just going to do this like that. He was careful as he knows that he is stronger than he looks so he needs to make sure he doesn't over do it. He is taking his time and being careful as he figures after he is done she will probably be relaxed and asleep as she had been working hard all day to get ready for this and he knows that she was trying her best to just let herself enjoy the day but at the same time she needed to make sure that she wasn't letting her guard down that far. Emil was very respectful with his hands and didn't push his luck as this was a very rare thing that was happening and he wasn't going to blow his chance at getting her to be able to let loose and to get her to better trust him as he had no wants to harm her or control or force her to do anything she didn't want to or wasn't ready for.

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