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Bone Chilling [Void Caverns - Voidfrost Hollow | Open to 2]

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It had been a while since she'd left the country on a proper Adventure. Her work as a Guildmaster kept her in Hargeon for much of the time, and she'd rather spend the rest of it with her family and Guildmates... But at this point she couldn't sit idly by. Alisa would have liked to savour the apparent victory of the Talaz Lagaar Loyalists, knowing that no good could come out of such advance technology falling into the hands of people who were simply not prepared for it. As it turned out, not even the Scholars of the Island truly knew what they were doing with all the power at their fingertips, leading into the debacle that shocked the world.

"You'd have thought wise men knew better than to meddle with forces they don't understand... Guess at the end of the day, all the wisdom in the world still loses out to ambition."

Alisa Vollan knew little of the void, except that it was a threat. She didn't know what it wanted, but imagined nothing good could come of letting it grow unchecked. As she prepared herself for her expedition, her thoughts wandered to the Demonic invasions, where Earthland once again became the battlefield for the ageless war between the Lucent and the Abyss. Countless people lost their lives not only in Fiore but in neighbouring countries too, and the succession of wars left Fiore greatly weakened. With how the Void was expanding, if left unchecked it would inevitably unleash a similar catastrophe all across Ishgar and beyond. She didn't know whether her efforts here would in any way contribute to slow the Void's encroachment into Earthland... But even if the answer turned out to be a vehement "no", she would still have learned something about the Void, and who knows... Maybe she'd even come back with something to show for? However troubling she found the Void menace and what it promised for the future, this expedition still brought her a tingle of excitement as she drew Yamato from its sheath and slashed twice the space in front of her, creating a portal with to walk through, leading right to her destination:

"Still, Iceberg hmm? It feels... Oddly nostalgic being here again.", frigid, merciless chill struck her instantly as she sheathed Yamato once more and rested her hand on its hilt, the icy gale blowing across the frozen mountains as her feet landed in the deep snow, stopped from sinking further only thanks to the use of her magic below her feet to form a steady. Her hair whipped about behind her as she adjusted her long black coat, puffs of breath freezing before her mouth in every exhale.

She hadn't set foot in her ancestral home in years... Born in Fiore, she considered it her homeland rather than Iceberg. But as a descendant of a long line of hunters from these frozen lands, her body felt at ease in the cold, far more than the sweltering months of Summer in the South. Even now she couldn't help but admire this stark beauty of pure while all around her as she trudged her way towards the cave in front of her, past the threshold that would give way into Void's dimension, her left eye turned white as she looked out for threats that could be lurking on the other side, or any potential allies that could have come here seeking the same destination.


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Bone Chilling [Void Caverns - Voidfrost Hollow | Open to 2] CyhFjWA

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The air hung heavy with a piercing chill, ungodly cold as the frigid winds swept over the mountain peaks, where a congregation of earthen titans stood sentinel in the stark realm of Iceberg. Along the horizon, the sun dipped low, casting blades of orange and yellow upon the snowy blanket draping each peak—its warmth insufficient to melt the frost, merely caressing the stony faces with a tender glow. Such bone-chilling cold seemed born of Iceberg alone, existing nowhere else.

He was eager to share this spectacle with Lumikki.

Feathered drapes danced in the wind, bearing a figure shrouded in sallow grey, slicing through the frozen skies. A beam of light—or rather, a streak of fire—flared across the landscape, soaring high. From below, the flickering embers appeared minuscule, yet they radiated a heat that the distant sun could never match. Wrapped in a cocoon of clothing and a feathered cape, Tōga traversed the sky. Adorned in attire fit to defy the eternal winter, he flew, flames erupting from his boots, adding flair and speed to his lengthy voyage.

Whispers of dark ruptures in time and space reverberated across Earthland, captivating mages, scholars, knights, and villains who roamed the globe in search of these mysterious portals. Unfazed by the nightmares guarding them, they sought the secrets these gateways concealed. Tōga, the joyan mage, was no exception. Driven by curiosity, he ventured into uncharted territories, drawn by tales of a friend born in this frigid expanse. This connection, this faint bond with Lumikki, was his passport to explore the enigmatic land with nothing but his wide, expectant eyes to guide him into the future.

Ooooi,” he called out, his broad, toothy smile catching the waning light as he expertly navigated the mountain passes, his trail marked by streaks of flame. He halted abruptly, the fiery magic fading as he descended meteor-like, landing with a thunderous crash near a cavern—a landing so forceful it could have triggered an avalanche.

“Ahhhhggh,” steam rose as his warm body hit the snow, the surrounding frost evaporating with his loud coughs. “It’s soo cold here!” he exclaimed, a sneeze coloring his nose red. Despite his powers as a fire dragon slayer, even he was vulnerable to the whims of Mother Nature. Draping his birdman’s cape over his grey cloak, Tōga glanced at the cave entrance, curiosity sparking anew. With a whimsical step, he disappeared into the dark, his pink hair vanishing into the void.

The cavern's biting cold and enveloping darkness would deter any prudent soul, but Tōga was not one to shy away hastily. Unfazed, he delved deeper into the shadowy depths, summoning a small flicker of flame from his palm to serve as a makeshift torch. It wasn't long before his keen sense of smell detected a familiar scent, and the gradual emergence of another light source confirmed his suspicions as his eyes settled on a familiar face, sparking recognition and curiosity.

Oooooi! Alisa-chan!” hand waving rapidly in the air, the dragon slayer looks on with brown eyes as his toothy smile remains.

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Naryuu Hanakage moved through the shadows, each step quick and tense as he checked out the area around the cave. Coming back to Iceberg was risky, stepping into a place run by his enemies, and he knew every step could be loaded with danger.

He wore his beakface armor, blending right into the stark, icy background. His eyes, enhanced by infrared, scanned for any signs of an ambush as he got closer to where the two mages were standing. The weight of his double-bladed sword on his back was a silent reminder of the potential threats lurking in every shadow.

After finishing his quick sweep of the perimeter, Naryuu figured it was time to meet whoever was waiting in the cave. He walked toward them, his approach direct but his body still ready for anything.

Stepping into the dim light at the cave’s entrance, he spoke up, his voice a bit rough, "So, who else are we waiting for, or is this all of us?" His eyes, hidden behind the mask, shifted from one mage to the other, trying to figure them out. There was a sharpness in his gaze, like he was ready to jump into action at any sign of trouble.

Naryuu stood there between the two, relaxed but alert, ready to get to whatever business had brought them all to this cold, forgotten place.As Naryuu stood between the two mages at the cave's entrance, his mind raced with strategic calculations, though he kept his thoughts to himself. He considered the potential of their current location turning into a pivotal choke point. His eyes subtly scanned the icy paths leading into the deeper darkness, weighing the possibility that enemy clans might also be converging on these dungeons.

The thought lingered in his mind: could this mission inadvertently draw them into a more complex conflict? He remained outwardly composed, alert, and watchful, but internally he was piecing together the tactical landscape, considering how best to maneuver should they encounter rival factions. This quiet contemplation helped him prepare for any scenarios that might unfold in this treacherous terrain.

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Knuckles Shi

It was his first time here in Iceberg, but it was the homeland of his beloved Lumikki. She is Patron, Lover, and now Guild Master. They had a plan to make this place hers, to test Knuckles' grit and rise to the rank of a Demon himself but this was not why he was here today. No, he faced the bone-chilling winds that cut through the thickest of hides and sawed into the warmest parts of a person's body and chilled them within minutes. He hated the cold, the feeling of his body being frozen reminded him of his fight with Brone and Lumi, and most of all he hated how it made him feel shackled and restricted. He never again wished to know that feeling. No, he was not talking about his time in Prison and having his 'freedom' taken he was talking about his soul, how it was chained to that other demon, Beezel.

Knuckles had arrived here due to the Void hammer on his right hip, it had called out to this place, and other items on his person such as his ring and also his normal Mjilnor Hammer quaked with a sense of urgency. It was odd to think that he had unknowingly gathered items from his Future religion, now a worshiper of the Pegan Gods Knuckles was able to feel the quest his gods called him to do. He still was not sure if they wished to redeem his cursed soul, or simply use the Daemon since his soul was lost already. Either way, as long as there were heads to bash in and people to answer the challenge Knuckles would seek these quests in earnest.

Knuckles traveled by Airship, the large red blimp filled the ice-white skies until it was dangerous to do so. He could not risk hail hitting the ballon and crashing so he had made the rest of his travel on the old reliable Pete and Joe, his feet. Using the feeling from his weapons to guide him to where he needed to be Knuckles soon heard the Voice of someone he recognized and wished to fight. Toga, a Rune Knight friends with Ittindi, who was Knuckles' presetant butler. Knuckles had not hired this man to be his butler but instead had been his butler from the time they were children till the night Knuckles made his pact and fled home. They were friends, still, he knew he could not change the mindset of a true butler for once they had sworn loyalty to a family they kept it. Ittindi had risen to Captain now and he wondered just where Toga stood.

Knuckles grinned as he lowered his Clown Helm mask over his face and reached for both Hammers. He would Stalk the group trying to see who Toga was with and what they were doing, when he did not know the others there Knuckles sighed a bit disappointed and walked out making himself known to those who had not detected him before.

"Greeting again Knight! Has the Gods brought us together again to stop another God from attacking the realm?"

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She didn't have to wait too long thankfully. A mere few moments after she arrived, she sensed someone approaching at breakneck speeds, only able to hear a faint sound as a veritable fireball crash landed a mere few meters away from her, dropping down from above at the foot of the cave:

"Wha...?", Alisa's brow arched but at the same time, she shouldn't be too surprised. This Cavern was notoriously hard to get to, after all, from what she heard it was the last one to be discovered. Her stance remained relaxed, after all, she was only worried about threats coming from deeper into the cave. Anybody who came from the outside undoubtedly shared similar goals to her.

No doubt the added time it took for someone to stumble upon the Cavern only gave the beings inside more time to grow stronger off the mana they consumed from their surroundings. Still at the entrance of the cave, Alisa turned towards the portal from which she'd just crossed, wine red hues falling on the new arrival, and her pink lips drew into a smile as she came face to face with a familiar figure:

"Toga? Fufu, you sure know how to make an entrance.", she winked, greeting the man she'd met on that fateful night in Stella, where she had the fortune of reuniting with her old friend Judina. She never saw the woman again, and she'd presumably returned to the land of the dead after Dia de Los Muertos. And now they had bigger fish to fry than a simple God getting up to no good. Still keeping a watchful eye for threats coming from inside the cave, she saw no harm in catching up with Toga for a spell, "So... How's the Knight life been treating you?"

Last time they spoke he had only recently joined the Knights, one of the first new recruits in a good while courtesy of Kon's restructuring of Rune Knights. It gave the two a few moments to exchange some words before two more people arrived, and soon there were four of them, four bold adventurers ready to brave the unknowns of the Void awaiting them further inside:

"Well... It is now. Anymore than this and we'd just get in each other's way.", she replied to the first of them, a dark haired male she'd never seen before. Courtesy of the cross hanging from her back, she recognized the two of them as Daemons, both brandishing Demonic powers in their own right not unlike herself. The other male, a red haired, hammer wielding warrior, was equally unknown to her, however he did seem familar with Toga as well. The woman smiled, and greeted them, "I've met Toga before, but not either one of you. Call me Alisa~"

Of course, other people could still show up and try to challenge this Cavern on their own, but they'd have to find another group to join up with. Once they had the introductions out of the way, the lithomancer conjured her visor over her eyes as she turned her attention towards the singular path leading deeper into the void:

"No, it seems we'll be fighting something else this time. Let's go and find out shall we~", her left eye had yet to detect any threats, but she didn't expect it to take long.

The air inside felt gelid, far more so than even the frigid glaciers they'd just came from... Whatever creatures they'd feel at home here than even those of Icebergian blood like herself.


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Even in the uncharted terrains of a foreign land—territories where Tōga’s eyes had never wandered nor his feet trodden—he marveled at how fate had a peculiar knack for reuniting friends. Separated by miles and months since their initial meeting during the vibrant festivities of Dia de Los Muertos, they found each other once again. That memorable night by the river, where the veil between the living and the dead seemed thinnest, Tōga first laid eyes on Alisa. A guild master and a striking wife, she possessed an unfathomable power, one that could single-handedly devastate nations. Even now, as a seasoned Rune Knight with newfound strengths of his own, her capabilities remained beyond his grasp.

Today, their paths aligned as allies as they ventured into the cavern in search of the mysteries harbored by the Void Fracture. "Hahahaha, I didn't know any other way to get up here," Tōga chuckled, his toothy grin casting light on the cavern walls, outshining the flame flickering in his hand. Standing next to Alisa, the pink hues of his hair glimmered in the ambient light. "Bet you had no trouble getting up here!" he exclaimed, his cheerfulness palpable.

Though unfamiliar with the specifics of her magic, the aura emanating from Alisa was unmistakably potent, her presence alone enough to daunt the faint-hearted. Her power, like velvet lace adorned with raindrops, radiated strength and awe.

"Knights are well, just been so busy lately," Tōga shared, his expression shifting to reflect the fatigue of a tireless worker. "Quest this, check that—go here, do that!" His hands animatedly moved left and right, painting a vivid tableau of his recent exploits and professional endeavors. "But I can't complain! Keeps me busy, and ooh! I made it to the rank of Colonel—neat huh?" His pride was palpable as he disclosed his recent promotion, a significant milestone placing him just below the esteemed General Kon in the hierarchy of the Rune Knights—a rank achieved seemingly as much by diligence as by destiny.

"Huh?" While Tōga and Alisa could easily lose days reminiscing, the cavern began to buzz with the arrival of new figures. Tōga turned as he caught a mix of scents—one unfamiliar and another distinctly known. "Oooh! Knuckles-san!" he exclaimed, waving dramatically upon recognizing another ally, a daemon he had battled alongside against the goddess of war not so long ago. The sight of the familiar face brought a cascade of red locks tumbling from the mage’s head, unveiling more of the adventure that awaited.

Brown eyes flicked to the side, catching sight of the other newcomer. His hair was a deep raven black, and his aura carried a somewhat menacing air. "Oooh! Nice to meet you, too! I'm Tōga!" he exclaimed, extending a formal introduction to the third party, previously unknown to him. As the scene unfolded, it was apparent that the four assembled adventurers were ready to embark on their journey into the void dungeon. This group would be the pioneers to delve into the untamed depths of the cavern. Today was going to be beyond exciting!

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As they prepared to enter the deeper recesses of the dungeon, Naryuu took another glance at the group, this time considering the fourth member. His strategic mind kicked into gear as he thought about how they could best work together.

He broke the silence, his voice carrying a practical tone, "Let's talk formation and fighting styles . Looks like we're mostly close-range fighters here, right? That could work to our advantage if we coordinate properly."

He looked around at the others, making sure to engage each member of the team. "We should consider our approach to combat. Keeping tight might give us better control over the battlefield, letting us back each other up quickly. But we'll need to be smart about spacing to avoid getting caught in each other’s way or in any wide-reaching attacks from what is down here."

Naryuu’s eyes lingered on their weapons and the visible elements of their magic, piecing together a mental map of how they might combine their strengths. "If we can sync up our moves, using our strengths at the right times, we'll make it through more efficiently. What do you all think?" His tone suggested he was open to input, recognizing that successful teamwork would hinge on everyone’s cooperation and mutual understanding.His breathing grew heavy, visible in puffs of white that rhythmically burst forth, mixing with the icy air.

Naryuu's face was set, his eyes focused, betraying no emotion other than a fierce determination. Beneath his mask and betrayed by his posture was unwavering confidence. "I myself wield cursed flames that will maim the average target." Transparency did not concern him as he was upcoming mage in Joya. Eventually his magic would be common place and well known. As such he rather embraces his power let others prepare. And in the ashes of war he alone will stand purging all in his way."Call out your spells and targets and don't fire spells from the rear." He would enter the dungeon along with his teammates drawing his blade.Hell hath no fury like a prince on a path of redemption.

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Knuckles Shi

Knuckles turned to the woman with them and bowed in the manner in which it was raised to do to properly greet a Lady. She was not the typical gutter trash he saw when he usually met, he could feel the power coming off of her presence.  Yes, she was strong and she was someone he would love to swing his hammers at and test his metal against the edge that was the Guild Master, just to see if he was sharper than it.  Alisa is the name she gave.  Lifting only his head his purple hues locked onto her own as he said with a playful smile.   "Knuckles The Clout Chaser Shi." He stood to his full height looking towards the black-haired male.

"A plan? I am sorry friend but besides Toga I have never met nor fought with anyone else here. Making a plan would be foolish as we have not trained or fought each other before. It is best if everyone just stays out of the way while Toga and I handle the front line. I could care less how you fight as long as you fight."

His eyes panned to all three of them as his face shifted to one of seriousness, his other side was now coming out to play. The side that would hurl anyone of them at their prey if they proved to be useless in the fight.  This was life and death, this was not for training or fun this was for glory.  He sighed. "Apologies if that is rude. I will say however, range is not a factor for me.  I am fine taking all of the attention, however."

It was at this point that dark and sinister energy began to leak out from his body it was his Daemon energy known commonly as Obscura. Though Toga had seen this energy come from Knuckles before, he might notice that the feeling of it was different now that his pact had shifted from Beelzebub to Lumikki.  The Frost Demon now fed him his Daemon powers, and thus his power reflected that.

Knuckles grabbed both hammers and lifted Shatted Mjlnoir to the sky as he cast Tempest's Rage. Mana Flooded from his necklace into the shatter hammer feeding the spell. Beckoning to his call the skies above would darken as a blinding bolt of lightning struck into the hammer gifting Knuckles with the Power of Thor, the God of Thunder.  His body rippled with new-found muscles as an aura of lightning surrounded him.

"Shall we go now?"


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Alisa could only chuckle as the Dragon Slayer expressed his difficulty in arriving here, and his belief that she herself would have found it easy:

"Fufu~... I cheated a bit~", she winked at Toga, after all, even though she posessed countless means of travel including a key that let her walk between any door in existence, it was the very sword in her hands that allowed her to walk straight here into the mountains, "Oh my, congratulations! You deserve it~... Fufu, I can only imagine how much busier you must be with your new rank~! Still... Now I'm curious to see what you can do?"

Just as well, she could see from her white eye just how much denser his magic power had gotten since they'd last met, and thus it came as no surprise that the Knights had finally promoted him. Last time around, neither of them ended up trading any blows with each other or any of the others, but now... They had the perfect outlet for it. As for other two arrivals... One man introduced himself as Knuckles, a name she was familiar with as a member of Paradise Dawn, and from his reputation, she almost expected he might want to fight her at some point or another. There would be time for that once they cleared out this dungeon:

"Pleasure to meet you~", she replied, returning the cordiality in kind. The other man opted to keep his name to himself, and from his words, she saw him more concerned with the tactics of their makeshift team. Alas, none of them had worked together before save for Toga and Knuckles. So while his desire was commendable, Alisa shook her head, a knot forming in her brow, "Mmm, there's only so much one can plan ahead before seeing what everyone else can do."

Planning combination moves might be a tall order, but she at least agreed with giving a simple overview of where each one of them planned to fight from. The mysterious Daemon mentioned his cursed flames, while Knuckles volunteered himself and Toga to take the front line. Still, while he was right about Alisa preferring to fight from close range, she was an all rounder who could adapt however she needed:

"I use Crystal Demon Slayer Magic, and can strike from any distance without hitting any of you. Fight at whichever range you prefer, just don't try to run over my magic circles, especially the two of you.", she looked at the two Daemons to emphasize that last point. Her spells were destructive enough on their own, but especially so against those wielding Demonic mana, "Armor won't protect you."

After waiting, rather curiously at that, to hear what Toga had to say about his fighting style, she nodded:

"Mmm, lets not keep our hosts waiting~", she smirked, turning around as one by one they all readied themselves for the fight head.

With only one path ahead, they only had one way to go, so Alisa headed in that direction alongside her companions. The slit in her visor lit up as she scanned in her surroundings in detail, her breath condensing in front of her mouth with every exhale... The air was dier in here, but cold enough to make even her hairs stand on end. She could only imagine what manner of creatures could live here... Soon, however, she would have an answer to this question as she made out the shape of a monster just 25 meters away, a large, five meter tall giant of ice. They could barely make out the low thumping and cracking of ice as the creature moved around:

"There's something there, right around the corner. Looks like an ice monster of some kind. As for what it can actually do... Time to find out...!", as she spoke, Alisa glared through her visor and stretched out her open palm in the direction of the target, and a large magic circle appeared beneath her, with another one right below the enemy, just out of sight.

With a loud, resounding shatter, the spell circle in the distance detonated into a storm of spiralling diamonds, immediately followed by the agonized wail of the creature, soon to fall silent as that crystallizing effect took hold and turned it into a veritable statue, brittle and weakened, ripe for her allies to exploit the opening.

If they killed the creature before the sealing wore off they wouldn't find out anything about what they can do. But they would know they could simply kill them before they unleashed an attack.



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"Busy is an understatement!" Toga exclaimed with exaggerated flair. "First, there's all this paperwork!" His hands shot to the side, fingers pointing toward an imaginary mountain of forms and documents. "Then there are all these different kinds of reports you have to finish." He mimicked the gesture on the other side, even more dramatically, a bead of sweat forming on his brow as he imagined the burdensome work. Despite being on an official assignment with the guild master, Toga seemed preoccupied with imaginary tasks. Clearly, his rank reflected his strength and determination, but politics and formalities weren't his strong suit.

"But I shouldn't be complaining! You obviously have more work, leading an entire guild. Hahaha." Humility came naturally to Toga, and he understood it was childish to grumble about a pond of responsibilities in the presence of someone managing an ocean of obligations. Alisa remained poised and never sought the room's center, but she effortlessly commanded attention. "We'll have to spar after this! I've always wanted to test my abilities against you, Alisa-sama!" He noted the shift in tone from casual to respectful. Toga acknowledged his stature compared to hers and recognized Alisa deserved nothing less than the utmost respect befitting the White Empress.

Knuckles and their unnamed ally appeared, the atmosphere suddenly growing serious. Toga listened as each shared their insights and strategies. Though not one for rigid plans, Toga merely smiled when asked to contribute. "I'm a fire dragon slayer—or, um, an Inferno dragon slayer? See, something happened with a god in Stallas, and my fire magic was supercharged! So, boom! I can make fires, but stronger? Oh, and I eat flames too!" He zipped through his words, animated as if rediscovering his abilities for the first time.

"Hey, cursed flames guy! Do your fires work like regular flames? If so, we could use them to charge me up!" Toga grinned, trying to lighten the mood while pointing out a potential synergy between their magics. Their dark-haired demon ally wanted to strategize, and this was the perfect opportunity to see how they could collaborate.

Alisa revealed her dominion over crystals as a demon slayer, prompting Toga to light up in excitement. He had finally confirmed the foundation of her might. While he only knew some dragon slayer lore, Toga understood that their affinity wasn't just with their element but also gave them a natural advantage against creatures aligned with their magic. His power could allegedly slay dragons. Did Alisa naturally counter demons? How would that affect their demonic allies?

They'd have to figure it out soon, as their attention turned to the remaining coordinator in the cavern. Toga's affinity as a Hunter made him unfazed by the darkness, his vision adjusting quickly to the absence of light. He could see clearly, like high noon on a sunny day, and the ice-formed giant ahead stood out against the shadows.

Alisa wasted no time, swiftly trapping the ice titan in a crystalline explosion. After the crystalline explosion that ensnared the massive ice titan, Toga inhaled deeply, summoning the fire from the depths of his core. With a roar, he unleashed a massive stream of intense flames, their dark hue outlined by a dangerously silver glow1. The swirling torrent of fire blazed forth, twisting like a living entity as it barreled toward its target. The cavern walls cracked and blistered under the searing heat, their stone surfaces bubbling and glowing in the fire's path. A wall of blackened flame surged forward, swallowing the ice titan whole in an unrelenting storm of heat and fury.

The intense contrast between fire and ice clashed dramatically, the roar of flames drowning out all other sounds as steam hissed and swirled through the cavern. The ice titan strained against the onslaught, its frozen form cracking and melting, the force of Toga's elemental fury scalding its icy defenses with blistering precision. The heat lingered, seeping into the cavern like a suffocating shroud, amplifying the elemental devastation. Each lick of flame left molten trails and smoldering embers in its wake, ensuring that the titan's wounds would fester and burn long after the initial strike. The flames continued to whirl and coil around the ice-bound creature, a relentless reminder of the fire mage's unwavering power.

The stage was set, and Alisa and Toga had played their opening hand. How would Knuckles and the mysterious demon complement them?

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In the heat of battle, Naryuu's voice was sharp, edged with the intensity of the fight. "Don’t twist my words. Understanding how we all fight, even as strangers, is more than just not getting in the damn way," he growled at the red-haired man. His tone was rough as he moved forward, coordinating with the others as they provided cover.

Crystal shards rained down from Alisa's magic, glittering dangerously as they struck at their foes. Naryuu gripped his blade tightly, readying himself for his next move. "My flames are not pure fire, so no," he corrected the dragon slayer briefly, dismissing any simple assumptions about his abilities. He then used the flaming blast from Toga as cover, racing towards the golem with a burst of speed.

Darting beneath the chaotic fray, Naryuu maneuvered skillfully, staying clear of the golem's retaliatory strikes. As he closed in, about 30 meters from the towering enemy, he prepared his attack in perfect sync with the dragon slayer's fiery distraction.

With a swift motion, Naryuu shaped his left hand into a claw, summoning a purple magic circle on the back of his hand. He slashed through the air, unleashing a 4-meter-wide arc of black flames aimed precisely at the golem's left knee. The dark flames, imbued with a vile energy, struck with a crippling force, dealing B-rank fire/dark damage and designed to take out the golem's support and hinder its movements significantly.

Naryuu made sure to stay out of the firing line throughout his movements. He only got in close enough to counter attack and keep up his forward momentum. The Beakface would grant him greater range of sensory as he could hear everything within 50m cleanely. Any other golem or change in the environment would not escape him as he balanced the noise.

WC:310 TWC:1,004 Mana    1,850 /1,950


#12Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

A demon slayer? Knuckles had never come across one before in his life. All that he knew of them was their magic was deadly to those of his kind, and his beloved. This Alisa woman might be a threat more so if she was a guild master. He would have to prob the mind of Toga about her later.  There was no way he would let someone with that magic ever lift a finger towards his Demoness.  Knuckles was not a normal daemon, as far as he knew he was the first to switch demons to whom he swore a pact. Not only this, but he also worshipped gods.  It was those very gods whose equipment he used, and whose lightning enchanted his body currently.  Knuckles used powers from both demons and gods to serve his needs and those needs were fighting to build his name.

He now got to watch it in action as Alisa led the assault using her crystal magic, Toga quickly used his flames to melt at the Ice Golem, funny how this was twice now his magic countered a foe they faced together. Perhaps the gods blessed him by pairing him with such a profound magic user.  The Other Daemon here whom Knuckles was already a bit out of odds with rushed off using a cursed flame also melting away at the creature.  From what he could see of the other Daemon he was still coming into his own, of course, that was comparing the man to himself, and Knuckles as it went always punched above his weight class and this Golem was no different.  Compared to fighting Brone, Yuurei, Lumikki, and Kon, this Golem was child's play.

Using the heat of his ally's attacks to cover his actions Knuckles swung around using his impressive speed Knuckles lunged once at 20 m/s, and again to completely flank the golem.  Duel-wielding the hammers of Thor, Knuckles swung his main hand at the back of the golem's left leg with a heavy blow dealing 3xS damage to the leg and removing it from his target.  When the golem collapsed in front of him Knuckles wore a confused look on his face.  

"Huh, sorry Madam Alisa. I was only trying to prevent it from moving on us while you got the information for us but I seem to have broken out toy. If this is all we face then perhaps there is no need for four of us. " Knuckles stood to his full height and looked behind him where the enemy likely was waiting for him. He chanced a looked back over to the other Daemon and sighed. "I was not twisting your words but simply putting how it is. Trying to perform complex actions as a team will get us killed.  While I am sure Toga can likely give me a pretty good fight I do not think his magic is capable of killing me as easily as her's. If what she says of her magic is true and we screw up we can be dead. I was not trying to be rude just putting it bluntly. We do not know each other to try such things though likely in three or so fights like this we will gather how we can learn to assist each other more effectively. "

With that Knuckles faced back towards their objective and swung his hammers before gripping them firmly once more.  He began to walk in the direction they needed to head to see this through.  He might be with a respected Guild now, but those who knew of Knuckles knew that he came from an independent guild known as Sleeping Calamity, and they had no true allies.

TWC: 1560


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"I... Understand your pain... I'd much fight horrors beyond mortal comprehension than piles of paperwork.", Alisa all but grimaced as Toga shared his woes with the bureocratic weight of his new position, and sadly, she understood that reality all too well. At his offer to spar, that faint smile returned to her lips, with a subtle glint in her eyes evidencing her interest, "Fufu~ We should. Lets clean up this dungeon first and then we can revisit that topic, shall we?"

She was quite shameless about pushing off much of it onto other people whenever possible, after all, no matter how much she delegated she still had to tackle the lion's share at the end of the day. As he asked her for a spar, she simply winked, brushing her hair behind her shoulder... At the same time, she rarely go the chance to spar with new people since she was in Hargeon most of the time. And she hadn't fought a fellow Slayer in a long time, so she couldn't deny a little tingle of excitement at that. Would be good to see how much stronger Toga had gotten since that time in Stella. Her brow arched as he mentioned something about a God in Stella, she'd heard of that, but this was her first time hearing a firsthand account. Something to ask him about over a drink after they finished this dungeon and had their spar.

"So, two Slayers in the same party hm? Mmmm, no wonder everyone's so eager to get up close and personal~"

After Alisa and crystallized the golem in place, she reached both hands for her sword, watching closely, ready to draw it. She couldn't shoot off another spell with her allies so close to the enemy, and instead watched closely, getting a feel for each of them and their abilities. In the end, between Toga and the other Daemon's flames, and Knuckles Hammers, the creature didn't even have enough time to break free. Alisa's brow arched, and finally peeled her hand from her sword with a satisfied smile when she realized she wouldn't even need to launch a follow up attack:

"Not at all.", she answered Knuckles, hand falling on her hip as she shook her head, satisfied by what she saw even if it finished quickly, "This information is useful al the same... We may not know how they attack, but now we know we can kill them before they try."

Despite the name of her magic, neither Knuckles nor the mysterious Fire mage were her targets, as both had been born on this plane. She wasn't here to talk about her lifestory, but they'd sense no hostility from her. Alisa acquired this magic to slay abominations from the Abyss, a memory that had stuck with her since the Demonic Invasions. A veteran of that war, she swore if otherwordly hordes ever set foot in Earthland, she'd give them exactly what they wanted: A massacre. Obscura touched denizens of Earthland on the other hand, could be friends, foes or anything in between.

"The formation seems more than effective enough against enemies such as this. We might have to split up if we run into more than one of them at once, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.", she turned to Naryuu, knowing fully well how combination attacks and similar displays of teamworks can't really be trained on the fly. They'd come out naturally once they understood how the others fight.

With the first enemy dealt with, Alisa walked over to inspect the destroyed monster, and through her visor noticed something unusual. Walking up to a large fragment of the creature's body, she lifted her leg and stomped down hard, shattering it into a million pieces as the remains of a clearly Icebergian crafted sword appeared, hidded in the ice:

"Hmm... Strange... Leftovers from the previous adventurers perhaps? How in the world did this end up in a monster's body?"

They would have to keep pressing foward if they wanted to find the answer... And this time, Alisa's sensory ability wouldn't help as much. As they came upon a long, large pathway, anyone with good eyesight could catch monsters as colossal as these golems without needing sensory abilities.



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Toga couldn't bask in the success of his own fiery attack for long, as within seconds, two more assaults were unleashed. He smiled brightly from his northern vantage as he glimpsed the mysterious flame user and Knuckles advancing on the ice golem, delivering their powerful blows without hesitation. Although Toga was on an urgent mission requiring the full focus of a Colonel, his rank, he remained a kid at heart, especially when witnessing the magic of others. For a fleeting moment, he marveled at the spectacle like a child in a candy store.

Oooooi! Great work, Knuckles!” Toga shouted, watching as the demon's renowned hammer smashed into the golem, releasing a concussive blast and spiraling lightning that crackled through the cage, engulfing the menacing creature like a spider's web wrapping its prey. Toga had seen this attack before, during their battle alongside Knuckles against the war goddess. But the devastating impact from a single strike never ceased to captivate him.

Meanwhile, the dark-haired demon darted through the cavern, slipping through openings between attacks to unleash his own spell on the golem. “Ooooh, his flames are black like mine!” Toga exclaimed, thinking aloud as he watched the intense heat and force sweep over the creature. “Looks yummy…” The dragon slayer sniffed the air, pondering whether he could devour this magic despite its unusual texture and nature. As the Inferno dragon slayer capable of wielding black flames, could he also consume them? He didn't know for sure, but he was eager to try.

After their coordinated chaos, Toga gazed at the remnants of their opponent, the charred, broken skeleton of the lifeless golem. “I wonder wh— Ahhh, Alisa-chan!” he yelped, jumping back as he watched the guild master grip the golem by its leg before shattering it entirely with a single blow. “Oooooooi, you’re terrifying, hahaha,” he laughed, nervously scratching the back of his neck as his fingers ran through his pink hair. Having challenged Alisa to a spar after their dungeon work, Toga began to question whether he'd made the right choice.

Yet he pushed those thoughts aside with a smile. He knew she would reveal more of her abilities down the line, so why not face her on the battlefield and find out firsthand?

So, what’s your name, fire guy?” Toga asked, his attention shifting to the dark-haired demon as the dust settled around their first conquest. While awaiting a response, Toga’s nose twitched as he detected unfamiliar scents. “Uhmm, guys,” he called out, pointing down the long, wide corridor where several new golems, each as massive and resilient as the first, began to materialize. If the group hoped to advance further, they would need to confront these relentless guardians, the dungeon seemingly intent on exacting its revenge.

A broad smile spread across Toga’s face as flames ignited around his hands, his grin brimming with toothy charisma. The fire dragon slayer launched himself into action, one hand morphing into a cocoon of tightly packed black fire as his energies swirled, coiling in preparation for impact against one of the newly formed ice constructs1. The void dungeon posed a formidable challenge, but Toga felt the thrill of battle surging through him. He was ready to unleash his fiery fury upon this fresh wave of adversaries.

3 new golems appear! in a triangular formation! Stats identical to the first.

wc: 544 [2300]
Combat Log:


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Naryuu's response was quick and laced with a hint of sass. "Syncing up isn't rocket science. I used your spells for cover because I knew what to expect. Making it easier to understand." His tone made it clear he found the coordination simple, even obvious, and he subtly underscored the importance of their awareness of each other's abilities, even as strangers.

As the new golems emerged and Toga called attention to them. "It's Bird." He spat before clutching his head. He felt a burning a throbbing within his own skull. His magical energy surged, wreathed in a dark aura as he stepped forward, his presence commanding and ominous. "Obscura fuel my dread," he murmured, the power within him growing, a testament to his transformation and rebirth as a daemon.Chuckling his hand slipped from his mask covered face.However he still needed more time.

A purple magic circle materialized in front of his fingers, mirroring another beneath the targeted location. Energy gathered, swelling at the focal point, waiting just long enough to travel the distance from Naryuu to the intended area."Cursed Cataclysm: Inferno Tempest," Naryuu announced, his voice resonating with the power of his spell. Suddenly, a massive 16-meter diameter pillar of black flame erupted, enveloping the area and searing everything within with intense, A-Rank damage.

His eyes, alight with a volatile mix of purple and reddish hues, focused intensely on the golems. The dark flames danced violently around the figures, his command echoing through the cavern, "Become plagued with my Twilight Flame."

The energy of the spell and the commanding presence of Naryuu underscored the destructive capability he wielded, marking a critical moment in the battle as he aimed to take down the formidable golems with his devastating attack. His aura was indeed blighted with Obscura meaning his rebirth was almost complete. The spell would land before Toga would strike creating a reasonable time lag to prevent any inter crossing of attacks.

WC:329 TWC: 1,314 Mana    1,650 /1,950

[*]A rank Burn dmg/Limb Cripple


#16Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

Knuckles gave Toga a head nod of appreciation. "As always Toga your leadership in combat has given me the opening I needed along with this one." He said pointing his hammer at the Darkness Flame guy.   This guy had a bit of an attitude and seemed to be the odd man out when it came to experience in battle. He was not new to combat but Knuckles could see he lacked the experience of the others.

Knuckles eyed the strange item within the belly of the beast as it was said. His purple hues looked it over and then back to Alisa, perhaps she was onto something about it being left over from the last person it had fought but that was odd. If it had been would it not have had signs of conflict on the golem? "That is a good theory. I could only come to the conclusion of that or perhaps that sword is the medium for the magic that has made this Golem. Maybe I would know if I had paid more attention to that golem mage in my old guild. No matter why it is there, it is strange and I would be careful with that. "

Knuckles was wondering a few different things trying to figure out just what had happened. Was Toga's flames not different? "Toga your flames seem different. Stronger I would say, congrats on the upgrade."  But before the conversation could move forward Toga shouted to alert them to 3 new targets coming towards them.  The two fire mages used their black flames to deal damage from afar. While he could of course call lighting down or even throw his hammers into the golems, Knuckles would instead ready himself to launch at full speed of his lunges again. "I am going in." He stated loudly putting the others on alert as the flames of the others burned and melted the golem trio.

With a single step, the ice under his feet cracked from his strength as he pushed off traveling the 20 meters in a single second, another step and he was upon the first one.  The first Golem swung down to meet his charge but it would be a fleeting attack as Knuckles met the blow with one of his own pressing Shatter Mjlnoir into the Golem's fist shattering back to the elbow and forcing the creature to let out a horrid scream that echoed out.  His one hit paired with the others was again enough to take the Golem out, pressing on Knuckles swung Mjllnoir into the head of the next one as he leaped up with an upper cut strike.

It was a fool's errand as he might have connected but not he was opened to an attack from the other golem.



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"Fufu~... I'd recommend against eating that, or you'll have the worst bout of heartburn of our life.", Alisa teased, hand raising over her mouth as she chuckled at Toga's ravenous words. Thanks to her Visor, she could clearly sense the nature of the mysterious man's magic, and Toga's in turn. Fire, mixed with darkness element.

Though slayers could naturally stomach their own element, eating a different one was painful and generally unpleasant. Toga was strong enough that it wouldn't cripple him or anything but no point weakening yourself on the battlefield:

"Oh hardly, these things are quite brittle~ Just a little kick and they shatter into pieces.", she waved her hand dismissively, not really finding anything impressive about dismantling the creature's corpse to see what exactly was hiding in the ice, a discovery that piqued her interest, "That is another possibility, yes... Manmade Golems usually need a core to function, and this sword could very well be it... Though I'd expect to see some remains of its owner somewhere. Still, we can investigate more thoroughly after we kill the rest of them."

In the end, this was still an active battlefield. She doubted enemies this massive could mount successful ambushes, but nothing good ever came of underestimating your foes. So, Alisa left the sword alone and pushed those thoughts away from her mind, until after the battle. As they pressed on, she finally learned the name of the mysterious Daemon:

"Pleasure to meet you as well Bird.", she replied, flashing him a smile, after all, better late than never. As they carried on across the dungeon, soon they'd come across not one, not two, but three of the ice golems not unlike the ones they'd just faced. One alone was no challenge... Perhaps taking three of them at once might be good for a little workout, "Hmm, and this time they have friends. Guess we don't need to fight over whoever takes the front line~"

This time, the mysterious Daemon, Bird he called himself, hung back and blanketed the entire area with his black flames, damaging all enemies. They'd survived, but the fire had done some work, weakening them visibly. With all her allies jumping into the fray right after, Alisa couldn't afford to unleash any one of her bigger spells like she did last time. So, close combat it is. She rushed in alongside her allies, and while Knuckles and Toga took aim at the golems closest to them, she took the opportunity to run between them at the Golem furthest away. As Knuckles practically annihilated the first Golem with the swing of his hammer and moved in on the second one, Alisa stepped in before the second golem could unleash his retaliation on the hammer wielding warrior in mid air, thrusting her hand out:

A faint sound of rattling diamond chains filled the air as they flew across, cleanly intercepting the Ice Golem before it had the chance to counter attack. The chains wrapped firmly around its body and locked it in place, after which she simply grabbed onto the chain, causing her crystallizing power to radiate outwards from where it met her chain.

"And where do you think you're going, hm~?", she declared mid run, taunting the creature with a faint smile drawing on her lips...

With the chain still binding her to her foe, Alisa closed the distance at breakneck speed, both hands on her sword now as her thumb loosened it from it's scabbard and her left hand gripped the hilt, before finally drawing it in a swift, upwards slash that cleanly bisected the crystallized foe.

This left only a single, half dead Golem for the two fire mages to finish off, exploiting the creature's elemental weakness to their magic. As their foe fell, both Hunter and Warrior were now free to aid their allies was needed, so Alisa turned around with her sword in hand, ready to interfere if needed... Though it looked to her like the two of them had it well under control.



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In the depths of the void, a realm fraught with peril, uncertainty, and the ever-present specter of death lurking around every corner, the weak were mere playthings, crushed beneath the oppressive darkness and suffocating sense of despair that cascaded upon them like a relentless downpour, saturating the unworthy and feeble-minded in a deluge of utter hopelessness. Such was the nature of the void, its power to reduce the weak to depths even lower than their already pitiful existence.

Yet, the adversaries who ventured into this treacherous cavern were far from weak in mind, spirit, or body.

The squadron surged through the newly encountered golems with the ferocity of a supernova. The seeds of their triumph had already been sown and cultivated, and while the explosion could be witnessed from light-years away, it unfolded in the mere blink of an eye.

Knuckles, propelled by lightning and sheer force, raced through the corridor, his hammers crashing down upon one of the golems with devastating precision. Lightning and thunder intertwined in a passionate dance as the magical hammers cleaved the creature in two, extinguishing any semblance of life it might have possessed. The sheer power behind the attack would have shaken the cave's walls, threatening to bring the structure crashing down upon the mortals within, had it not been expertly focused. In a fleeting moment, the light faded from the golem's eyes, its lifeless corpse crumbling into a heap of icy crystals, a testament to the daemon's unwavering strength and resolve.

Alisa, even more formidable than the red-haired daemon, unleashed her crystalline chains, forging an unbreakable link between herself and the furthermost golem. In an instant, the space between them vanished, and with another deft flick of her wrist, her blade arced through the air, severing the golem's upper half from its lower body with surgical precision. The clean fissure bore witness to the guild-master's unrivaled dominance and served as irrefutable proof of her status as the mightiest among them.

The first golem met its demise at the hands of the flames, as Toga and Bird—the peculiar name bestowed upon the dark-haired daemon—unleashed a torrent of fiery magic that consumed the creature in an inferno of hellfire. The cavern transformed into a blazing oven, the intense heat enveloping the beast until it evaporated into nothingness, powerless against their combined might.

As the dust settled and the temperatures returned to normal, the four companions stood in the corridor, surveying the devastation they had wrought upon the void dungeon.

Thanks, Bird-san(?),” TToga exclaimed, a subtle smile playing upon his lips, the uncertainty of the daemon's true name lingering in his mind. Nevertheless, it was the only appellation he had to work with, and it would be a disservice to address the mage as anything else, even if an air of mystery seemed to be his preferred shroud at this juncture.

"Alisa-chan, look! More stuff in their corposes,” the dragon slayer exclaimed, his gaze drawn to the aftermath of their swift and decisive battle. Amidst the remnants of their vanquished foes, their lifeless forms now mere echoes of their former selves, lay a treasure trove of weapons and artifacts, akin to the bounty they had claimed from the first golem mere moments ago. Toga, his brow furrowed in contemplation, ran his fingers through his vibrant pink locks, a gesture that betrayed his perplexity at the implications of their discovery.

guess we go deeper. Knuckles-san, lead the way!” he chuckled.

wc: 575 [2875]

all 3 golems were defeated! Search further to unlock the mysteries (back to you, Alisa 👀)


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As Naryuu walked further into the dungeon, pressing his mask against his skin, he felt a sharp sting not just physically but deep within his psyche. The dark aura emanating from his body reflected the chaos swirling in his mind, triggered by vivid flashbacks of his clan's destruction.

The images were painfully clear: the screams, the bloodshed, the overpowering rage. Each memory lashed at him, fueling a fury that threatened to break his composure. This anger had once driven him to seek power and revenge, and now it throbbed with his heartbeat, a constant reminder of his deep losses.

In response, Naryuu let out a chuckle, but it was more a mechanism to shield himself from the pain than any real amusement. The sound was tinged with madness, revealing the delicate balance he maintained between control and chaos.

His laughter echoed through the dungeon's cold air, creating a jarring soundtrack to his internal struggle. He felt a rush of power, exhilarating yet terrifying, almost intoxicating in its intensity. This surge was both empowering and a stark reminder of the fine line he was treading.

Naryuu was aware he was dabbling with danger, not only with the literal flames of his magic but also the metaphorical fire of his potential. The power was seductive, making him feel almost drunk, his steps swaying not just from movement but from the heady potential of what he could achieve. Yet, he remained acutely conscious of the need for balance. Fully embracing this power without falling prey to its darker side required a careful moderation he was still mastering.

His laughter, the sway in his steps, and the tight grip on his mask were all signs of a man grappling with his demons, striving to keep command over the powers that both defined and threatened to overcome him.Not bothering to respond to anyone was focused on the path ahead."Let's rend their damn souls."

WC:323 TWC:1,637

#20Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

Once everything had been dealt with, Knuckles scanned over Alisa. She had what people called a sleeper build. Although she had some major assets, it seemed her biggest was the power she was finding behind that cocktail waitress figure.  He was impressed, he could now see how she had risen to the Rank of Guild Master like Yuurei and now Lumikki.  Being around all this ice made him long for his Demoness, his beloved. Though now that his pact was with her he could feel her out there. They could even converse if he wished it but he knew like him she could be in battle at any time and having voices in your head while fighting was not something anyone would enjoy.

Speaking of it seemed like Bird was having a case of that or perhaps the Demon to whom he signed with was pushing for control.  Knuckles heard Toga's words and looked at the pink-haired male, the face of his Rival and truly his enemy outside of these world-ending events, and smiled.  He looked back to Bird and the look of happiness faded.   "Yea sure thing Toga just give me a second, I got something I wish to convey to Bird Daemon to Daemon." With that said he turned to the only woman with them and slightly bowed. "Forgive me for asking such a thing from you but would you mind watching our path ahead while I part some wisdom to my own."

Knuckles stood to full height and lunged back towards Bird stopping just short of them. Knuckles began to talk in a soft whisper. He even attempted to place a reassuring hand on his shoulder. "IF I may Bird, I will tell you here and now that fighting the control and the feeling of influence over you and your actions will only get harder as you are gifted more and more power. Once I had become strong enough to gain access to the full form, I started losing myself at a quicker rate.  I was about your age when I made my pact and had it for about twelve years before I found another Demon from this plain and reforged a pact with them, watching her push the control of Beezlebub from my soul. I do not know to whom you have signed the contract with or why you have made your pact and I do not judge you for doing so as I was in your very shoes.  If you ever wish to talk about it, or need advice, or even wish to break your chains seek me out or as for Lady Lumikki in the North at the Paradise Dawn Guildhall.  I will not bother you anymore on the subject."  Knuckles would lunge back towards Alisa and nod his thanks before taking the front-line role once more.  

Grabbing his hammer back from his belt where he he temporarily stored it while talking to Bird Knuckles pushed forward leading the group down the cave. The walls had quickly cooled back down and the chill was setting back in.   He did not have the senses of Alisa or Toga so he would be waiting for their notice of a threat ahead. He was pained to be trapped in this earth-made prison.  When he was outside he could call down lightning to Smite those in front of him, a gift from Thor himself.  In here though he was limited to the combo he could pull off with his hammers. Though that being said he enjoyed being able to get into so many close-ranged fights.   "OH by the way Lady Alisa, thank you for ensuring I did not get smacked back there. I must say, I am surprised about your abilities, not that I assumed you were weak I just have never seen a Demon Slayer before.  Which God to do follow to be gifted such a power?"

WC 650
TWC 2673

"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

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WORDS: 800 | TOTAL: 4050 | TAG: @Toga | ARMOR

And now she had the front row seats. Both her and Knuckles had dealt with their respective threats, and though the last remaining one would soon go meet his friends, in the meantime she had a chance to admire Toga at his finest. She could tell he was powerful back when they met in Stella, but know he'd grown even stronger still, as attested by his rank. Say what you will about Kon, but he was nothing if not pragmatic. He wouldn't allow someone to climb ranks based on seniority alone, if they didn't have something to show for and in this case. He defenitely did. Her lips curled wider as she admired the show unfolding before her eyes, and she had to admit:

"My~... I need to team up with fire mages more often~", she chuckled, even though she dealt well enough with the cold... The freezing air of this cave was enough to even bring goosebumps to her skin. It was unnatural, far colder than any actual environment on Earthland, almost as though the void was trying to learn, to imitate the area upon which it set foot on. She approached the corpses as Toga called out to her, crouching at the side of the shattered ice, "Oh dear... I can only imagine how all these items got there, but, they'll certainly be of no use to these creatures now."

She ran her hand over one of the items... Now wasn't the best time to start looting the dungeon, when they still most had other enemies waiting for them further inside. All of them were motivated, morale was running high and at a time like this that was perhaps the most important thing... After all, they clearly had the power to tackle these monsters, they simply needed not to get overwhelmed by their uncertain numbers. She raised an eyebrow at Bird, sensing the growing energy of his Obscura. His growing power could help him, if he could master it on the field of battle. But she kept quiet as the more experienced Daemon approached him instead, knowing the wisdom of one wielding the same power would matter far more than whatever she had to say, only to smile as he returned to her side, before the quartet of adventurers finally pressed forth on their exploration. As he mused on her ability:

"You're quite welcome~ While I'm certain you could have handled it, we'd best save our strength as much as possible hm?", Knuckles was quite powerful, after all, probably surpassing her in physical strength, but watching each other's backs was paramount to making the most of their makeshift team.

When he asked about her abilities, she arched her brow, having expected him to be more aloof at first glance. First appearances can be misleading, after all. And thus, she simply smiled, brushing a loose lock behind her ear:

"Oh, it was no gift from the Gods... I suppose you can call it my inheritance? I started learning it on my own after reading about an ancestor who posessed it, but I only truly mastered it in the Abyss. Like a Dragon Slayer takes on the aspects of a Dragon, a Demon Slayer takes on the aspects of a Demon.", It was a bit of a long story, and if Knuckles was interested, she wouldn't mind sharing it over a drink once they got out of here. For now though, she gave him the gist of it, how she ended up trapped there for months in the middle of the demonic invasions, "And when you're down there, you really don't have many other ways to survive."

She had a lot of war stories to tell about the Demonic Invasions, and the civil war that preceded it. For now, she settled for indulging his curiosity a bit, and returning hers in kind, nodding towards his two hammers. Mjolnir was a legendary, recognizable weapon that had been in the hands of several warriors over the last few years... But she knew only of one:

"Likewise, I recognize your hammer, though I'm surprised at how you have two of them?"

They'd have only a few more moments to exchange a few words before the next group of enemies showed up. There were a lot of them this time... One, two, three.... So five of them? The way she saw it... That just meant she needed a bigger spell:

"Hmm, they finally outnumber us for once. Then, I'll soften them up.", Alisa took a deep breath... Her aura flared out, that long black hair whipping about behind her. Glaring at the group on in front of her, she stretched out her palm, "Demon Slayer Secret Art... Vajradhātu!"

A world of Diamond... In a flash, the dull, dusky ice lining the walls of the cave was overpowered by a brilliant flash as the magic circle appeared a few meters away, completely covering all the ground the enemies stood on, before suddenly erupting in a pulse of pure white mana, completely crystallizing everything inside it. But catching all five Golems was easier said than done. The ones packed tighter together were caught cleanly in the spell... But one further away managed to rush to the side and just narrowly avoid being turned into a statue right then and there:

"Hmm, guess they can't always make it easy for us~"



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As Alisa meticulously examined the corpses, isolating the various items and treasures trapped within their icy bodily chambers, Tōga  scratched his head, his curious hues following her every move. The dragon slayer dropped to his knees, evaluating the scene before him and counting the fallen bodies scattered throughout the cavern. Six or seven of these void creatures had been slain with relative ease, their motionless forms evidence to the power that had been unleashed upon them.

The interior of the glacial cavern still bore the marks of their battle, with the licks of fire cackling in the corners, tinged with the remnants of Knuckle's lightning, while the shimmering glow of Alisa's crystal magic danced across the walls. It was an amalgamation of sundry magics and spells, blending together to create an abstract offense that had rendered the golems nothing more than inanimate objects, akin to the items they held within.

In truth, these ice golems likely had no names or personalities to distinguish one from another, and their existence may have posed a significant threat had they escaped and not been destroyed. Yet, they had lived, and that alone was enough for Tōga  to justify his next actions.

"You all fought well... Rest easy," the dragon slayer muttered, his voice barely above a whisper as he lowered his head and closed his eyes. He followed his words with a gentle prayer for the fallen creatures, acknowledging their existence despite their nature. Though not a particularly religious person, Tōga  believed that anything that lived deserved recognition, especially those who had engaged in combat.

In his mind, combat forged a unique and inexplicable connection between individuals, transcending the need for words. The simple clashing of spells or weapons could reveal the depths of a person's ambitions, purpose, life experience, and the prospects of their future—all of it could be translated through the language of battle. This was what Tōga  recognized, the way in which he came to know his opponents. Through their brief encounter, he had gained an understanding of the golems, a correlation that he chose to honor in his own way, even as their lifeless forms lay scattered before him.

As Tōga  rose to his full height, he surveyed the scene before him, watching as his companions engaged in lively conversation. Knuckles and Alisa were deep in discussion about the intricacies of her magic, while she made sure to praise the weapon that the red-headed Daemon wielded. The raven-haired beauty's acknowledgment of the lightning hammer that sizzled in Knuckle's hand brought a smile to Tōga 's face, as he warmly remembered the way it had split the skies and rained down lightning upon their foe during their battle a month ago. Those shattering blows had been replicated within the cavern, a testament to the weapon's power.

Off to the side, Bird seemed to isolate himself, much as he had done throughout the battle. However, Tōga  could only smile and look upon him with patient eyes and a wide grin. Despite their brief encounter, the Rune Knight felt a connection with Bird, a potential for a great friendship, and perhaps even the possibility of a future rivalry, akin to what he envisioned with Knuckles. Of course, Bird would need to grow in strength, learn a bit of control, and smile more before that point, but Tōga  saw the promise within him.

Before the quartet could rest further, the darker end of the tunnel they occupied seemed to stir with agitation at their presence. From the opposite direction, five new golems emerged, each as powerful and enduring as the ones they had defeated before. As Tōga  brushed himself off, his mana screaming from his form, Alisa took the initiative, striking first. With all her might, she unleashed a crystalline assault, filling the interior of the cavern before them with a sparkling array of inevitable entrapment.

Quick to follow, Tōga 's energy seeped from his being like water as fire erupted from his skin, shifting and pouring down his figure before vanishing in a thin layer of smoke. In the wake of the fiery demonstration, those around Tōga  noticed the extraordinary changes in his features. His once lightly tanned skin had reddened, with layers of onyx scales painting his countenance and frame. His eyes had narrowed, the irises tightening to take on a more draconic appearance1. Dragon Force roared to life as the pink-haired mage clasped his hands together, his mana exploding once more, ready to face the new threat that stood before them.

"Knuckles-san! Bird! Stand back and try to attack the one that got away," Tōga commanded, his voice resonating with authority as a smoldering cirque of mana formed between his palms, heating the environment with its extreme energy. As he lifted his hands, the gaseous sphere expanded, growing until it resembled a lesser sun, casting a brilliant glow throughout the cavern. With a mighty roar, Tōga  launched2 the attack towards the ensnared golems, his eyes locked on his target.

The impact was nothing short of cataclysmic, a grand explosion of solar proportions erupting as spherical hell found its mark. The detonation was so powerful that it threatened to reduce everything within its radius to ash, the flames hungrily consuming all that stood in their path. The fires erupted outward from the center, rapidly swallowing the golems in a vortex of red and black, as the cavern's interior shook violently from the magmatic fury unleashed upon it.

Fortunately, the mages stood just outside the range of the brilliant display, their eyes wide with awe as they witnessed the sheer destructive power of Tōga 's attack. The heat was palpable, the air shimmering with the intensity of the flames, and the ground trembled beneath their feet. It was a tribute to the dragon slayer's vigor, a raw display of the power that coursed through his veins, amplified by the scales that adorned his skin.

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Naryuu turned to Knuckles, his grin hidden beneath his mask. "See, that's because you didn't dictate the terms of it. The contract is tied to the emotions and intent. Your feelings, your will they all become one. The more I lose myself, the more stable and focused I become. Because that is my will, those are my terms and conditions. Such a rush. Only those who I am sworn against shall die and those who would try and stop me."

As they pressed forward, they encountered more giants. His allies had already begun their assaults when Naryuu activated his obscura, the purplish hue filling his eyes with power. The miasma surged around him again, and he couldn't help but laugh.

He summoned a magic circle and expanded his palm, channeling the dark flames within him. With a focused effort, he fired his spell, the black flames joining the frenzied attack on the golems. The combined onslaught from his would-be companions and his own magic reduced the golems to ash, clearing their path once more. Naryuu reveled in the power, feeling the intoxicating blend of control and chaos that came with every spell he cast.

Whispers echoed in Naryuu's mind, dark and sinister chuckles that seemed to resonate from the depths of his soul. The voice of the one true lord of the Hanakage, the embodiment of the seven sins, made itself known. This was the ancient entity that had fused with him, granting him the fearsome power of the black flames.

"Ah, Naryuu," the voice murmured, a blend of amusement and malice, "you wield my power well. Remember, our pact is more than just a contract; it is a symbiosis of will and desire. As you give in to the darkness, you become more attuned to the strength I provide."

The darkness within him seemed to pulse, feeding off his emotions and thoughts, growing stronger with each passing moment. The entity's presence was a constant reminder of the cost of his power, a reminder that this bond was not just a gift, but a binding force that demanded submission and alignment with its malevolent will.

"You seek revenge, control, and power,"the voice continued, each word dripping with temptation. "Embrace these desires fully, and you shall find yourself unstoppable. Let the flames consume your doubts and fears, and together we shall bring your enemies to their knees."

As Naryuu channeled his dark flames against the golems , the whispers became a cacophony, driving him forward with an intoxicating blend of rage and euphoria. He was the vessel of an ancient power, a prince in name and a daemon in essence, his every move dictated by a pact that promised both immense power and an ever-looming shadow of control.

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