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A Ravens Musical Adventure (Lumikki)

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It took her a bit to understand the point but she knew the answer. ”Ye Ùlfr, I offered for ya to nap beside me as I kept singing me song. Ye didn’t take to it in the slightest though. Too feisty ye were, didn’t even want to use a lass’ lap as if were.”

She let her feet touch ground and walked to him. He was a mess already, smothered with blood, but she adore him all the same as he was before he shifted. She loved all the sides to her wolf and particularly enjoyed this messy one. A sliver of the beast he cared not to show others.

She looked her arm around his neck and pulled him in for a kiss just behind his eye. Nuzzling just under his ears before pulling away. ”Suppose much has changed since then and from that moment.” The Daemon pulled up the bottom of her dress. “Does me wolf finally wanna use me lap for some rest. Hardly a wish worth granting love. I’d do it every time ye ask it of me.” She walked around him until she was behind, giving him the rubs and scratches in places that she already knew he enjoyed before leaning into him with her wait and enjoyed the feeling of his fur once more. “Aye, pick another wish. One worth granting. If I’d of won, I would of made ye do more than that for me.” She giggled before pressing her face to just under his ear once more. “Now what do ye want of me….me precious wolf.” She whispered just into his ear before walking off to the side and preparing some black snow for the pair to rest on. Lumi pulled another dress more comfortable from her void and slide it on just before sitting herself down and patting her lap. What ever mess Michael invited wasn’t much of a bother now.

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#27Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
He was then surprised by the kiss, the fact she'd kiss him in this form. But he returned the favour and kissed her on the cheek. He enjoyed this a lot.
He chuckled "Yes, I wanna rest on your lap. Not sleep, but just enjoy the softness you offered. "

She walked around him until she was behind, giving him the rubs and scratches in places that she already knew he enjoyed before leaning into him with her wait and enjoyed the feeling of his fur once more. He very much enjoyed it. His tail wagged and his body language showed he enjoyed it. He listened as she said that his wish seemed too little, that she'd do it any time.
"Ooou yesss... Mmm... oooh? What is your wish? I mean. I have a plethora of wishes. But most are kind of sexual. I have a fallacy of choosing too much or too little, yknow. But Im curious. What would you wish for if you won"
She whispered to him which sent a shiver down his spine. Made him moan a bit because it was hot. But he wanted to hear her wish, just so he can try again on his


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As Lumikki leaned back from where she sat, resting on her wings to keep her upright, she looked up to the sky. Giggling to see if she really would tell him what she had desired. Finally she would look him back in his eyes.

”If I had won, ye’d be getting a tattoo of a raven in me honor love.” Lumikki would answer in a sing song voice. She willed the shadow to raise her to her feet, walking over slowly once more to Michael. ”Such a curious pup ye are, but are ye inspired now?

She slid her hand under his muzzle pulling him in to kiss him on the nose. ”Ye know, ya’d think a lass would run away at the sight of a bloodied beast but I find ye still quite so charming.” Her shadows swept the fresh kill to the side while she managed to sit on his lap. Her wings growing small as she took her seat. ”Ye didn’t come to me, so I came to ye.” She giggled,”Sure I claimed yer lap, but it’s easier for ya to feel all the soft bits from here no? When ye wind down enough to lay down like a good boy I’ll hand over the pillow. But if ya lull to sleep on me I’m plucking yer whiskers. ”

Lumikki leaned into his chest to feel his heat and pounding heart beat. Cooling the wolf with her chill in return.

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Michael Winters
He would rub her back as he'd listen to her wish. He chuckled "Well, I do wanna fulfill your wish. But I also want to give you a challenge. So maybe we can do a rematch one day and you try again" he kisses her forehead "As for my redo wish. Hmmm. Tell me your kinks~" he tells her.
He wants to know what she like likes. Or what were her freaky fantasies. What was she into. And not like the vanilla stuff
His mind was in the gutter, he couldnt really think of a middle ground for a wish. Only risque stuff. And again, asking her is the mild thing. Doing stuff with her as his wish. Now that'd be a thing.

Meanwhile she slid her hand under his muzzle pulling him in to kiss him on the nose. He licked her face in return. He smiled listening to her an pressed the top of his wolf head to her body for more of that physical contact. She sat on hid lap and he held her in his arms
"I do love feeling them bits" he says as his wolfish hands rub her back and trail to other places of her body
Though he laughs at her next words "Dont worry. Im not falling asleep. Tho it would be fun to do so one day"


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“Hmpt brazened wolf, I’ll have ye place it over yer heart!” A field of black frost flowers were sprouting around them. The Daemon was taken aback by how direct her wolf became. Of course she was aware of what was on his mind, that didn’t bother her. She just never spoke of these things before to anyone and it made her somewhat flustered to say it out loud. Still, she couldn’t falter nor linger. She refused to give him a victory and show weakness. She would of showed no mercy to the man if he had lost.

Lumikki giggled from the touch of Michael. Loving every bitch of it. She adjusted herself so that she wasn’t to far away from his ear, her arms were wrapped around his neck and her body was pressed to his.

”So cheeky and so bold me Ùlfr…” She would begin to softly whisper. This would quell any weakness she could find in her voice should she falter. The hush tone put her at ease as she divulged this vulnerability and intimacy.

“Ye should, least I hope for it, be the first and last I should ever tell….” One of her arms loosened so that her hand could cling to the fur just above his heart. Her face became so red but from this position he shouldn’t see it. And for a moment she let out a small groan and whimper before she resumed talking.

”I love feeling the strength of me lover, knowing they could simply crush me. Being in the mercy of their desire and power I find only renders me more weak. Though I only gathered that with ye…I like being choked and pinned. Nearly crushed in yer grasp. I love yer marks, yer bites and bruises. They make me feel beautiful….I’d want to be tied. Ta be nearly owned by me lover. Overwhelmed by ‘em. I like the sight of blood. How ye tower over me….watching ye rip things apart as ye kill ‘em. I feel I’d get hot and bothered ta see the cruelty yer capable of to others and the sweetness ya give me…”

Lumikki pulled away when she was done pouring out all in her mind what she could offer for his wish. All the things she never thought nor really wanted to say. She proper herself up and lightly licked his nose this time. “I love ye Ùlfr, even in all yer forms and all capacities. Even like this, would I love being with ye.”

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Michael Winters
"Heheheh, well we'll cross that bridge when we get there. Namely, when you beat me. Although I will request it being on my arm as Im not a torso tattoo guy myself" He liked his torso he bare of tattoos and mostly have those things on his limbs. Which yes neck also counts as limb. Though that was his personal preference, but if Lumikki does win one day and doesnt budge on her request, he might have to accept her term and do it. But until then he can try and disuade her

For now he wanted to hear her dark fantasies and wishes. She would position herself and he'd listen. He'd blush a bit, although that would be hidden by the fur. Tho it was valuable information for him to know. Its just he never expected something like that from her. She really was full of surprises
"Mmm, so you like it rough. Good to know" He'd say with a toothy grin

When she was done talking,
Lumikki pulled away and lightly licked his nose this time. Which surprised him and made him blink. But he returned the favour and nuzzled her with his big wolfy head
"For an ice mage, you're melting my heart. Though what do you wanna do now birdie~"
As he waited for her answer, he'd constantly give her affection through nuzzles, licks and kisses anywhere he could


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For an ice mage she was overheating again...speaking of her private desires broke her hold on her restraint. His touches and affections made her feel weaker than the first time he clutched at her throat and she was growing a bit limp in his arms but her pride and spite her holding the last bits of herself together.

The flowers of hers would shimmer for a moment before flying away like dust of frost in the wind. Black snow would pile around them in their stead, inviting more comfort than the hard ground could.

She clung to the fur of his face to pulled him down toward her. "I wanna put the things I told ye into practice Ùlfr. I'm quite curious what ye'd do now knowing the things that I've told ye." Lumikki would continue to whisper in his ear as she began to pull up her dress to reveal more to him.

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#33Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
She clung to the fur of his face and pulled him to her level. He grins as he then grabs her and holds her "Well hmm... who knows.... maybe I let you suffer and wait for next time. Maybe I make you beg for it. Or maybe I just test your desires with my own dark desires~ That is, if you can handle some experimentation" ie try some things with him that even he didnt try yet

He did wonder if they would. He was half tempted, but if they do do it. He at least wanted to try some new stuff he didnt do. Namely, he never really did it as a werewolf and had no idea whats it like. Like they're both transformed in their Daemon and Werewolf form. He wanted to see whats it like compared to the average human form. Though he knew some wishes tend to be too much for some people, because he is essentially an animal. So he was wondering how adventurous someone was. But also didnt wanna be seen as weird or gross for wanting to try something different


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Lumikki pouted as he mention making her wait AND beg. She angrily snatched some of the night into her hands and wrapped it around her like a blanket. The bits of herself that were covered began fading from sight. Her wings growing larger but not back to full just yet. Her temper acting before he mind could caught up and process the rest of what Michael had said.

“Aye, to the depths of Helheim would I beg. The bit I do is as close as it gets. But if ye fine with making me wait I’m sure yer fine with not seeing me!” She was going to flap her wings out his grasp when the rest finally sunk in.

She stopped all her fuss and let it play back in her mind so she could make sense of it before speaking again. “What kinda experiments?” The Daemon would inquire. Thoroughly curious now at that mention and venture. “I already spill to ya all the things I know I like. I wanna hear some of yer’s. Tell me Ùlfr, this is a safe space~ I’ve failed to make it otherwise. Now tell her lil Birdie just what curious thoughts ye got swimming in that mind of yers. I feel ye doubt how deep me love and desires could truly go~ Plus ye owe me now.” Her face was cheeky until the end when she finished off what she said with a pout. Her wings would shrink once more and her veil fade as Lumi reached up to wrap her arms around his neck once more. Bringing herself to look him in the eyes once more just before playfully licking his nose again.

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#35Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
When he saw her go to ready up and fly away, he took that as a challenge and told her "Ohoho birdie. Just so you know, if you try to fly away, I will nip you from the sky and ground you and then.... give you a pounding" wink wink on the pounding

Although when she let him finish what he wanted, she got curious. He reached out to her and pulled her down "Mmm. You know, I never did it as a werewolf. Only in human form. I wanna try and see whats it like" indeed a real wolf and raven 'meet and greet'. A little interspecies recreation

When she'd tickle his nose, he'd lick it in a way to itch it.. He tilted his head to the side to see how she'd react to his little dark curiosity of a fantasy. Granted some of her own desires were surprising to him. But it did make him feel more comfortable to know what she liked or that he can go far. Though he couldnt help but ask "So birdie. You never told me. Whats your safe word?" after all safety was important. Especially if he was in this form where he was more physically stronger


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”Oh trust Ùlfr, I have a way to always slip from yer fingers. Ye don’t know of the tricks the ravens have taught me.” She smirked at his threat to pin her. "Though truth be told, I always want to be in those hands of yers."

He pulled Lumikki toward him. And she complied with his whims once more. He spoke his desire and it was curious indeed. She looked at him with a smug and devilish grin. Pleased to know just how curious and playful he was.

Yet when he tilted his head as he awaited her answer, a pang shot through her heart. She couldn't even tease her precious wolf, nor lie to him. Lumikki simply loved him so. Her face broke in another blush as she spoke back to him softly and sincerely. "I meant it when I said I love ye even in this form, even smothered in blood. I love all of ye Ùlfr, which is to say, that I'd even lock talons with ya as ye are. Though now I suppose I really am curious meself how it would be, I'd be lying if I told ye that the thought didn't cross me mind that first night I saw ya. Figured meself odd for entertaining the idea, but I really liked seeing ye in the form. A lass hasn't met her share of werewolves, not like I'd be seeking anymore now. Ye'd be more than likely the first and last wolf I ever invite into an embrace." Her eyes flashed a shine of purple. "Would I be the last ye'd ask to embrace with fur?"

She gave his concept of safe words some thought before fully letting him respond. She held his muzzle in her hand to imply she wanted a moment longer to finish. "Brynhildr. If yer gonna send me away to Sessrúmnir, I might as well begin me call to the other world's valkyries so that they may claim me." She would finish her point on a cheekier note.

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#37Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
He was surprised by her answer. Truthfully, he never really conveyed that little dark fantasy to anyone non werewolf because he thought he'd be like labled a gross freak. But considering Lumi said she was safe space, well he couldnt help but say it. And well considering he was never with a werewolf, theres a reason he didnt try and didnt know what was it like. But Lumikki saying what she did and now even her curiosity pinged, there was no reason not to do it.

"Oh shut up. You too? I thought I'd be weird for entertaining the idea. I swear birdie, you never cease to amaze." as she spoke all he could do was hold her and kiss her "Considering you see me as your first and last wolf. I must not disappoint you then. I have to represent my species"

When she asked the question. He spoke "You are the only one I dared to even ask" which was the truth. He wouldnt dare ask anyone else. He never felt safe to that level as he did with her. He'd caress her and look at her lovingly "Oh birdie"


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Lumikki would look away for the moment and mildly shrug. "Aye, listen. As a Daemon and a young lass, heheheh the darker intrusive thoughts have a tendency to compel ya. I figure, live the most I can when I can." But his next point to boisterously represent his kind made her throw her head back in a hardy laugh. She didn't mind his confidence, it was simply just a funny thing to hear. She could not help herself from cackling at it.

Yet once again the sweetness of his voice telling her she was the only one to hear his desire, dragged the raven back to the ground after her merriment sent her. She sighed deeply before speaking.

"Aren't I the fool for letting ya dig deep into me heart. Yet here I am, love-struck all the same. I lost the hunt but I'll take the honor gladly. As I said before me Ùlfr, I'd want all of ya. So ye'll always be safe with me. I say, let us dark races have our fun together. Play with all the interesting notions to compel us. After all, we have a monstrous and sinful reputation to maintain." She smirked from her words, her fangs in clear view as well.

Aaah but there it was. "Oh Birdie"....such a silly pet name but it locked her in. Pulled her to him. All just because it was said in his voice.

"Aye, I could hear ye say that for 10,000 years if ye could manage it...."

She kissed the end of his snout lovingly, clinging to the fur of his chest. Even her dark wings would manage to glow and sparkle in the night, catching whatever light was around. The pour Daemon sunk deeper in her love-stuck madness. "I'm yers...." She'd kiss his face all over and let him touch all the softness she had to offer. All while her small sparkling wings would softly flutter.

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#39Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
"Hahahah, a bunch of dark races enacting their dark fantasies. Sounds on point now that we put it like that" he joked, but it was true. For an icy daemoness, she knew how to melt his heart instead of freezing it. Like a love struck dog, he couldnt help but show her his affections. But with her blessing, he was able to finally get wild and raunchy. Letting lose and having fun with her. So much so that during a moment she'd make him howl. Was this the 2nd time they had this kind of fun under the stars? At this point it might become a trend.

Well this was one way to take the win for a hunting challenge. And it all sparked from his degenerate question. And now they're just living eachothers fantasies. And he felt very good. Eventually though, after all was said and done, he'd look at her and give her a lick and ask her "How was you?" yea forget grammar at this point


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It seemed the lil raven would be locking talons with the wolf once more, diving deeper than they had before, and even deeper than she ever figured anyone would ever take her. The girl felt like she was snatched by the mercy of the waves and currents. Weakening with every whim he carries out. She was rendered to a bird that hardly stopped chirping, and her wolf would even howl.

The two tangled into the night for some time. Pushing the extremes of what they could handle. Figuring if the floodgates had burst open, then they might as well love deeply with no worry or remorse. The Daemon invited all the werewolf's fancies, and the man lost himself to everyone. Brazen enough to want and try to pursue them all at once. The wolf would even grab at the base of her wings and pull. The sensation was more than she could have ever predicted, overwhelming her all the more.

And despite the form he held, Lumikki had indeed fully enjoyed his embrace. It was something she never considered trying before meeting him, but she now found she'd want to do it again. It was different from usually doing it with humans. The strong and towering form of her small frame also made her smitten. She would admit her love for him and transformation many times in between her moans.

Lumikki is truly sunken in the passions her dark race makes compelling. Fully submerged with no intentions to live on pretending otherwise any further. She wanted to enjoy all her impulses with Michael and keep letting the moments take them. She wanted to make him feel alive, safe, accepted and wanted. Sure, as she figured he was quite popular, that he was "wanted", but were they for the best reasons? Did they really want him, or just parts of him? Want him or what he could give him? She herself would not know.

The Daemon surrender a piece of her soul to that desire. Hoping that by chance they were truly soulmates that would last the centuries together.

But alas, now they finished their dance. He licked her on her face, something she was growing to find quite charming. She took a moment to gather her thoughts and her voice before answering what she thought was a two-fold question.

"I'm too deeply in love with ya. So as for how I am, well, I accept it. Bodies sore aye, but that's just how I like it. How was it? Honestly, better than I'd thought. Would indeed do it again anytime ye wanna lock talons again. And I would add...the licks are nice.... How would ye say it was for ye?"

She curled up to him grabbing his face and pressing her nose to his.

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#41Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
He didnt expect to make her chirp, but he was glad that he did. It was music to his ears and much more graceful than his howling. But the experience was something else. Liberating would be an understatement. Blissfully and heavenly. He wanted to ask her how was she now and how did she feel then. Was he good? Did he make her feel good?

He chuckles and kisses her. Gives her a french kiss, just to feel whats it like in this form with a different physique before softly breaking it "Mmm you are a snack indeed. But yes, I'd love to lock claw and talon with you. I am sinfully addicted. Im glad I made you feel good. Hahah, goal achieved" he said with a wink, before stretching
"Mmm, yes sore. Sounds about right for the both of us then. The good kind of sore. Mmm yeah you really made me squeal back then"
She grabbed his face again and he smiled, he then started moving his nose left and right against her. Giving her like an 'eskimo kiss'
"Well looks like my challenge victory went further then expected"


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Lumikki laughed,"Aye it did. Didn't think we would be acting yer darkest fantasies either. But I will say, I sure learned something about meself." She went in for another kiss, licking his muzzle first so he knew to humor her.

When they'd finally pull away again, she'd speak. "Aye, yer the best I've locked talons with." Lumikki got herself up and walked to the edge. She looked to the far-off distance like she was thinking about something for a moment before looking back at Michael with another grin.

"Well, we're already here and quite a mess. Would ye like to take a dip and go swimming with me Ùlfr? The was a charming spot I found on me way flying to the city that I think ye'd like."

Frost talons would grab the kills and Lumikki would fly high up into the sky to guide the talons to the spots she knew a wolf's den would be. When she was done she'd let herself descend and sit on her wolf's shoulders. Leaning forward to kiss his nose. "Yip, yip. Let's go swimming Ùlfr! I'll point the way."

And as she said she would, she did. The two moved through the forest unbothered. Chating things over like the songs they'd play on their instruments. Lumikki eager for some new ideas of songs and styles. She would tell him things like how she likes artistic hobbies. Dancing along with ice skating, sculpting with her magic, drawing, and music. She said it helped her establish a sense of mastery and consistency without the added stress of ranking up as a mage does. That she loves her magic but that she worries no matter how hard she tries she will be the weakest of Dawn and useless in a fight with other strong mages. She told him of her fights with Yuurei and how he'd win. Of Kaito, Vex, and Emil. How they made her all feel pointless at the time. She worries that she'll never be the threat she means to be.

Soon enough, they made it to the spot she adored. It was beautiful. It almost looked like it was sparkling, even in the night. It was a small waterfall on a short cliff that would feed a large pool of water. Flowers flourished all around it and many plants had grown large. Lumikki figured these waters nourished this part of the forest and found the view breathtaking always. So she hoped Michael too would enjoy the spot she kept secret, and secret it was. All the overgrown bush on the way tucked it away from looking eyes. Lumikki would move them over with her magic so they too could get through, but not many would be so privy to wander in the thick of things with no reason for it. So this place has been untouched by all but her and now Michael. She would come here from time to time to relax and be alone. Whether to read and so her studies or swim. If there was anyplace that she would claim hers and defend, it would be this.

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#43Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
He was overjoyed to be with her and just wanted to have that physical contact with her. She asked him if he wants to go for a swim and he nodded "Sure, lead the way. I think I need a swim"

When she said she'd lead the way, he'd nod and follow her, on all fours. They really were like a wolf and a raven in the wild. Sometimes he'd wish they just stay here forever, part of the natural order. Life seemed the most peaceful in nature. No guilds, no politics, no capitalism to buy stuff. Just them and nature and their skills for survival.

As they'd explore they'd talk about hobbies and such. Music and all kinds of things. She spoke of her hobbies and he spoke of his. Or namely how he didnt have much and was looking into it. He liked running and liked sports. Of course he liked the boyish stuff. But he didnt really do that much. He spoke how he needed to branch out clearly.

He listened how she spoke she felt like the weakest of Paradise Dawn and how she sparred many people but lost.
"You fought your guild master? You must be mad. Yeah no wonder you think so negatively. Nah, the way to get stronger is not to have curb stop battles. But if you pick someone your own size. You cant git gud if your fight lasts a few seconds. You cant learn anything if its over in a flash. You need to pick someone your own size, not literally, but skill wise. Someone who throws speedy shots and you have a nick of time to react to block and dodge. Someone whose attacks will sting and hurt you. But not put you out for count. Birdie my dear. Anyone who tells you otherwise is just using you. The Heartless Angel as you say, he's using you as a moving target to sharpen up his 6000th skill. If he's a real dude bro. He'd spar with you, but like just dodge your attacks. With a guy like that. Speed is no issue and landing a hit is success enough. Stand your ground birdie and demand them that they play by your rules"

He knew after 2 or 3 losses that he'd feel depressed. Just like her or more. She went getting power in a mentally unhealthy route. Those foes crushed her confiedence. He didnt even get to begin on the Vex topic.
"We wolves, our nose knows. We can sense danger. If you need help choosing your foe for battle. You just call me and I can scope out if they're good match for you or nah" he then shrugged "Though if you want, we can train too a bit. I dont think I can spar you. Honestly, I cant see myself hitting you. But yknow. Like coop stuff, that be cool"

Upon arrival he laid down on the ground, like a typical dog "It is beautiful. I really dig the waterfall" he closed his eyes to listen and focus on the sound of water for a bit, before opening them up and looking at her
"Thanks for showing me this"


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Lumikki jumped at the idea of it. No one has given her the offer and she was determined to keep going even if she was alone. "Oh I know he's a bod ceann Angel, but it's the closet practice I figure I'd get to slaying gods and making sure no other mages could match me." Her eyes when cold for a moment,"But if I could rip his wings off meself I would......"

When she snapped out of her dark fantasies she turned back to him with a face of glee. "I'd love to fight with and alongside ye. The class I chose to study in was meant to support me team. It was me hope that when I entered, I would make me Unlce more bloody annoying ta fight. That way I could cackle from afar as I enjoyed the enemy's misery." She was giggling as she spoke of her small dream.

But she would hug him around his neck and sweetly whisper."Oh but I'd love ta support ye most Ùlfr. Me sweet wolf, let's make all our foes suffer together. Let's get strong and make sure our fun never ends..."

The finally made it to the spot and Michael took it in. His reaction was more serene than she would figure but it made her all the more happier.

"Aye, I'd show ye and lead ya to all me treasures. May ya always find peace in 'em like I do."

She kissed the top of his snout before walking slowly toward the water. She kept walking even then the land had ended, stepping on the water and instantly freezing the surface so she never broke her stride. When she finally got a good way in, her next step would let her drop in. She didn't bother to dip her toes since she already enjoyed the cold, it was all refreshing to her. She let her body sink as deep as it could muster before rising back up and shaking her hair out of her face. Finally pulling it back with her hand as a better means to move it away. She let herself float atop the surface, drifting back toward Ùlfr.

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Michael Winters
He wrapped his arm around her "First, what is bod ceann? 2nd, baby steps. Work your way up. No use fighting if the fight cant last." he smiled when he saw her happy and nodded "Aye, I'd love to team up with you on quests"
He hugs her after she hugs him. He rubs her back because she really is sweet "Ma birdie"

The two eventually got back on topic, which was swimming. He'd watch her enter the water and he'd approach the water as well. But he'd surrpisingly enough change to his more human form. He doubted he would like the wet dog smell. So he slowly went in the water. He wasnt really as easy to adapt to the cold like her, but he managed. It was nice and serene. He never got to take a night swim like this. Or at least not as peaceful


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Lumikki paused before breaking out in a laugh. Forgetting she too used words uncommon to others, but it was a nice change of pace than usual. She took a moment to translate the gist of it, and unlike the words he taught her, there wasn't as much of an explanation to be needed.

"If memory serves me well, I believe it's like the common phrase here for "Dickhead". I feel I won't have ta explain to ya why I gifted the Angel that obscure title." She broke out into another fit of laughter.

By the pools Michael was slowly getting in

"I'd figure being around me ye'd be used to the cold by now. I'll say this, it would be less painful if ye did it all at once!" She lightly splashed him as he finally fully entered himself. Her face gave away her happy glee. She swam to him and began to clean off his face from all the blood that still clung to him. Making sure to wash him over, as he would have a hard time cleaning it all himself.

When she was down she'd grin, before leaning into him for another loving kiss. And when the two parted she would swim away toward the center. Looking back at him as she did to beckon him deeper. She almost appeared like a siren in the night, her eyes still glowing and her face of playful seduction. Without her even considering that, she even softly began to sing a song of the seas. One her Nan said was carried from a long way off.

When she finally made it to the center she looked back at him one more time before diving in, curious to see how deep she could go and just see what was under the waters. Though she would swim back his way in hopes to touch his legs and spook him.

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#47Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
He chuckled as for once she was teaching him words "Hahahah, thats a nice one. Icebergish?" he asked
Eventually after that talk, Michael would go to the water, just not as fast as her. She teased him about it and splashed him about it
"Oh birdie. Its different. Water is wet. And you... well... The one part that was wet was actually quite pleasant"
Lumikki was basically dry land. Her coldness was just cold air. With cold water, things are different.

But he did get in the water and swam. He never swam like au naturale, considering she had his stuff. It was a new experience for sure. He wouldnt know how to describe it.

He'd watch her take a dive and swim over to her, looking at her and see how deep she went. He was surprised she could hold her breath for long. He was still getting used to swimming like this
He did it for no reason, but since he was alone as she was diving, he didnt know what to do


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Lumikki couldn't stop laughing."Dwarves are a colorful bunch with a vault's worth of words. I doubt Brone ever manage to give 'em all to the Angel and I doubt he knows our tongue."


As Lumikki rose from her dive, she'd lightly pull him down before breaking the surface. "Rawr indeed me wolf, but I figured wolves only howled." She swam around him playfully in circles, getting a good look at him all around again in human form. "I know ye have a preference to not be bothered for yer race, but I'm curious. If ye had the choice, what form do ye like more?" She finally stopped before him. "I would say riding ya here was quite pleasing, even the way ya laid on arrival was adorable. It is nice to witness a werewolf in comfort. Demi-human wolves don't compare to this." She tilted her head and gave him a cheeky smile.

"If I make me dream come true, I figure I'd be more a bird than I am now. From what I read, seems Demons have more than one form. One very akin to a beast of their alignment being their truest. Now could ye imagine a massive raven in the skies surrounded by all the others." She swung her arms out for a moment to exaggerate her point, dipping into the water for it and bobbing back. She made a sheet of ice to lay on before him, her arms crossed as she rested her head on top and looked him dreamily in the eyes. "I wanna show ya things from a bird's view and see what locking talons would feel like when I'm a Demon. Now that'd be the sight aye, me in between form, with your wolf's. Makes me giddy and eager."

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Michael Winters
She lightly pulled him down which surprised him. It was lucky she did it lightly. If she did not more, he probably would've bitten her. He shook his head
"Wolves do more then just howl dearie" he spoke as she swam around him as if she was a shark. She spoke to him, asking him a question
"Mmmm, hard choice. Both have pros and cons. I dont think I can choose because if you cut off one, you'd lose the full package."
He couldnt really choose. Maybe if he had the power of the animal in human form.

She stopped before him, saying riding him was pleasing and how he layed down was adorable. He chuckled "I do love giving people a ride. Its just I dont get to. Same with how I laid down. Its just like still a funny sensation as I rarely do it. In regards to your previous question. I did consider abandoning my humanity to live in the wild. So maybe that helps your answer"
He shook his head
"Demi humans are halfbreeds. Not human nor animals. Inferior to both species if you ask me"

She spoke she'd be more bird than now if her dreams came true. Telling him about demons and such.
"I never really dealt with heights. I dunno how that'd go" he probably had a mild fear of heights. Granted he didnt know as he was never put in that experience.

In regards to her other stuff, he merely kissed her forehead
"Cant wait to lock claws and talons in any form." he spoke softly


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She was taken aback by what he said before flicking his forehead and pouting. Looking away to glare elsewhere. "Careless words ya say, but ye forget me mother side are raven demi-humans and I and but a half of such." She looks over to him again with the biggest pout she's done so far. "I don't think us inferior Ùlfr. We just have different specialties and cultures."

She fussed on her sheet of ice, but his kiss and soft voice did calm her down. She looked him over in his eyes and just sighed. Well would make sense She suppose a wolf would feel that way, they got the better parts of both halves. It just was a toss-up of what the demi would have. She herself sadly got very little from her mother. At least becoming a Demon made her feel she would get closer to that aspect in that regard. Being a Daemon alone blessed her with wings beyond what her ring could give her.

She half sat up and grabbed him by his chin. She kept balance with the night she hardened to keep her tipping forward as she did. "Quite the passionate and opinionated one ya are. Still, I can understand yer thoughts and won't waste the energy to change 'em. I'm curious where else our thoughts differ, though no matter the thought I won't resent ya. Thoughts could be so pointless until put into action and I nor me nature has it in me to make them more than abstract. Still, the Daemon pouts,"Don't be so mean about it though."

She pouted some more before jumping on him and nibbling for his insolence and crimes upon her person. Sending them both into the water before rising back up. She made another sheet below them to send them above water so she could mildly chomp on him in peace.

"I think I've punished ye enough for yer crimes." She took a pause to think for a moment, this conversation brought something to her mind. "Did ya ever feel ya were incomplete? Like some incomplete being? I wonder sometimes if there were things of meself missing, or perhaps I'm inherently shattered. Are Daemon's abominations, I feel some would concur." She paused from her wonders and gave Michael a passionate kiss. "I know, I know, with yer nature, ye'd say ya hell with all that. And usually, I agree. It's just one of those annoying feelings that nag at me sometimes."

She played with his locks of hair, her other arm keeping her upright as she sat in a way that would make her fall over. Lost in the current moment. "Every once in a while, I'd get this feeling like I've known ya forever. Time kinda falls away and it's the emotions that denote the moments passing. I like it though, I hope to know ya forever after all. I'm curious Ùlfr, what are yer thoughts of me." She kissed his forehead as soon as she asked. She finally leaned back and laid down on her side all curled up on her ice. Playing with the water with her fingers as her head rested on her other hand. She was freezing the water in ways that would make little flowers, before plucking one and handing it to Michael. "If only I could freeze time."

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