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A Ravens Musical Adventure (Lumikki)

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#51Michael Winters 

A Ravens Musical Adventure (Lumikki) - Page 3 Empty Sun Sep 10, 2023 12:27 am

Michael Winters
He had to admit, he completely forgot she was part demi human. He didnt mean to insult her lineage. But considering she was a demi demon bird person, it was different
"True. I completely forgot about that. But when I said that I meant more like the fox, dog and so called wolf variants. Because they're nothing but watered down werewolves. I will say your family is exempt to this. They're not canine demi humans, so they dont count" good save numbskull. You hurt her feelings. Whats next? You personally insult her too.... on accident?!

He hugs her "I didnt wanna be mean about it. I'd never hurt you... on purpose"
She then jumped and nibbled on him for his punishment, which was kinda cute. She used her magic then so she can chomp on him in peace.

After his punishment she'd ask him a question and give him a kiss. He'd think about it for quite a bit
"I dont know. I believe I did. But mostly because I couldnt express myself properly. Unable to freely transform. So I was only the half the person I could be" so in a way one could say that she completed him because he is able to safely transform in her presence.

After that she asked him some more, while also freezing the water and handing him and ice flower, which he took, but also held her hand
"I think you're amazing. And that being with you is like too good to be true. Sometimes I fear the good times will end and that misery will await me. But thats not the question I should be answering. You, i just think you're an amazing demon. And thats right I said demon, cuz I know you'll be one, so might as well start saying it early"


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Lumikki nodded at what she said as the clarification soothed her hurt feelings. Still, the man got his punishment for accidentally saying careless things.

"The saying usually goes "yer only human." She chuckled as that wasn't the case here."Though it isn't exactly the case, I feel the concept still applies, if not, a bit more. As long as you didn't mean to hurt me, I could probably let the matter slide off me feathers. I've come to understand by now how ye speak and I know you could jumble yer words. Tis why I don't want to take everything ya say for the worst if I could help it. And ya know, she made sure to look him in the eyes with a serious expression, "It's ok to make mistakes. It is just how things are. It's ok to mess up sometimes as long as yer sincere."

She kisses him on the forehead. "I won't cast ye away so easily wolf, else I'd be hardly worth me salt and quite the poor safe space no?"

That's when she asked her next thing a kissed him passionately. Her wings would sprout for a moment and wrap around him. Her way of saying he's under her wings now despite all he's known.

Her face hard blushed when he started calling her a Demon already. She didn't expect that. She genuinely thought the first utterance was a mistake until he made himself clear. She fought the urge to look away but to look at him instead. Taking in just what he said at a pace she could handle for the moment.

"I worry yer under the impression that ye deserve nothing good in this world. I'm not sure as to how it came, but I can say I want ya as much as ye want me. If ya couldn't even glimsp all of yerself until now then maybe there are still things ya need to sort. I say this to say me love. Ya gotta give yerself some grace. Whatever happened before ya met me, can't say I care, it's now, and from now I really care for. So long as I breathe, don't fear our good times ending," She pecked his face with kisses."I could easily assure ye for as long as ya live I'll be there. After all, we all need someone to pull us from the Abyss from time to time."

Lumikki very much meant what she said. She herself would live a very, very long time once she became a Demon. Long enough to assure that Michael would never know a time without her. It was she who was doomed for the misery he foretold. When the time could come that he leave her at last. And this was a burden she tucked away and kept to herself, a burden she would hold alone. All she wanted was to enjoy these years before they withered away.

And when it comes, it's hard to say who would be left to pull her from the Abyss anymore....

"Michael, I don't know what. But in time, could ya give me something I could hold onto?"

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#53Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
He grabs her and pulls her in for a hug. Holding her close to him. Chest to chest. He wants to assure her that he doesnt want to hurt her. Even though he worries he might in the future. She kissed him and he kissed her. Though after her words, he kissed her more

He wanted to rest his head against her. But some words she said made him look at her
"Oh? Whats up?" he wasnt sure what she meant by give her an item or something. He didnt understand why. Lifespan wise, he was unaware what would seperate them. So he wasnt in the same wavelength of thinking about it.
He just wondered what in the world can he give her. A few things toyed in his mind. But he first wanted to actually know whats on her mind so perhaps he can give her an appropriate thing. He was curious to say the least


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She looked at him surprised and wide-eyed before they narrowed in a pouty sneer. "How dare ye try and make me think on it Ùlfr. I asked ye first!" She turned her head in another fussy pout but after a short moment, she looked back at him.

"I don't really know meself. I gave ya my feather so ya had something of mine. I'm not sure what wolves deem sentimental to part with. I just figured it would be nice to have something to hold and remember ya by."

Momentos were indeed a powerful thing, Lumikki would believe. She held onto a charm she had taken from the recent war in Joya of the poor girl she killed. A small flower charm to remind her to never lose herself to her nature just because it would be easy to or feel good.

She figured that maybe something would bring her comfort when the two would part. Beyond feeding all the wolves she'll encounter, she wanted to hold onto something so she could express her love. And more than anything, she was curious about what would come to the mind of the very silly wolf she'd come to adore.

She pulled his head back into her so he could rest like he wanted, as she hummed a little song while he thought of his items. She stroked his head and played with his hair as she would give it some thought herself.

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#55Michael Winters 

A Ravens Musical Adventure (Lumikki) - Page 3 Empty Sun Sep 10, 2023 8:02 am

Michael Winters
He blinked confusedly. So she just wanted an item. But after hearing her talk more, he understood what she meant
"Ahhh, a keepsake when I die" he shrugs. "I mean. You can keep everything in my opinion" boom, inheritance solved.

"But, I mean a big memento sorta thing....." he thought about it. He didnt have some big sentimental thing. "I mean my most treasured stuff I have is honestly my clothes, which you're holding onto by the way with your void darkness. Theres also my knife and my mask. But if I want you to remember me forever and ever in case I die. I'd give you" he then approaches her and whispers to her ear what he'd give her. A descendant. A little something or someone that ties werewolf and demon together. Honestly, that is the ultimate memento from someone who doesnt have materialistic ties


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Lumikki was visibly shocked. Grabbing him and shaking him. "Ya daft fool, when I said leave, I meant to the South. Ye aren't allowed to die any time soon! I won't even let it happen!" When she managed to calm down she sighed deeply. "I'll hold ye to keeping all yer things though, it'd annoy me to know anyone has any of yer things. I swear mate, ravens hardly feel all the different from a hoarding dragon."

She nuzzles his face and listens to him explain what he finds he cares for. Finding that his choices entertain her. "I don't want yer favorite things. I want something ya gave me. Suppose a rock would surface long as it was from ye."

But when he leaned in and whispered in her ear, that's when her face went red hot once more, she nearly fell back from how flustered it made her. She usually never considered the notion of having kids of her own. More than happy to be an aunt or a Demon mother. But, the more she thought of it, she would love having kids with him one day. Just, she would rather it be when he could actually be with her, she didn't want to have them alone.

"Aye, maybe I'll take ya up on that Ùlfr, and have a wee pup or two of our own. Maybe lil ones will be the ones to keep me company in the passing times... She went to nibble his ear, "But not yet, I'm not ready to be a mum! Still...." Lumikki continued to toy with the idea. Licking his ear before speaking again. "I think I'd love to be the mother of yer kids," she whispered back.

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#57Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
He laughed as he was being shaken as he really was dense sometimes and was laughing at his own foolishness. He got too into his head thinking about death and stuff that Lumi didnt manage to pierce his echo chamber on the first try. He starts to immediatelly tickle her
"Sure cutie. I mean I dont really have like treasured belongings other than my mask and knife and the clothes you're keeping. So we're good on tha part" he then peppered her with kisses when he stopped tickling her. Though once more he tried to give a shot at what he can gift her.
"I mean you know what. I do have a bit of knives. I can give you a knife or make one for you. You're great with magic. Im sure you can enchant my creation. I know something you'll like. The blade will be like its made of icecicles." he said as he got a sudden surge of inspiration that he was sure he could do. A knife that is good for cutting flesh

Though another idea came and he whispered to her. He smiled widely as her face became red. Though he stopped with the goofy smile when he realized she really was up to it. He nodded with her notion
"Understandable. I think I need a fair bit of maturing myself if I wanna be a good mate. Clearly Im not there yet. But I dont wanna give you a mere rock. So how about I make that knife for you. And the next time we meet you'll have a memento of me. One that really shows my character" he then hugged her once more to hold her and sighed contentedly.


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Lumikki hugged him back tightly. "I really am curious as to what it'll be like when we have kids. What yer like, hel what I'd be like if I were a mother....I feel like I'd be compelled to spoil them...But I'd want them to have the world ya know. I'd want them to meet with me Mum and spend a lot of time with her as well. It's a worry of mine that she'll pass before I show her me lil ones."

She didn't want to stay on that thought for longer than needed though. Knocking on her ice sheet, she allowed it to crumble so the two could enjoy the water once more. She smirked at him as they fell back in. "A knife made of icicles by Mr Winters himself? Honestly, I'd be honored~ Me victims would have ye to thank when I carve 'em nice and slow as they stand half frozen. She returned to circling while swimming as it was enjoyable to her. She ran her finger along his skin as she made her rotations while giggling.

"Can't wait to she the item that would show me yer character. Maybe I should prepare ya something meself, something better than a mere feather of mine. hmmm, I'm curious, if ya could ask something of me Ùlfr to remember me when yer away, what would it be?"

She knew he probably didn't care a lot for stories, so she wouldn't pass him one of her favorite books. Her clothes would never fit him. She could sketch something for him but she figured he'd be more worried about messing it up than enjoying it. She would try to sculpt him a knife of black ice herself, but she already had one of his own to treasure. He already pointed out he's not materialistic and so this made thinking of something worth him holding even harder. At that point, she would just joke to him about crafting him a necklace so it would be like he had a collar. But she never quite stopped thinking.

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#59Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
He chuckled, but soon she knocked on her ice and the two splashed into the water once more. Soon he'd join her in the swim, he didnt want her to just circle him so he swam beside her. Though as they chatted she asked him one more thing which made him think
"I dunno. I mean you already gifted me a raven. I think I cant look at ravens the same way, yknow. I'll always think of you if I saw one"

He didnt know what he'd want from her. As he didnt really want to take anything from her. He just loved her presence. And she was reward enough. Though he thinks he had an idea
"Wanna teach me harp? I can get a harp. Learn from you and I can think of you like that?"
Yup, back to music. The immaterial form of expression. Thats the best he can come up with


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"Aaah! I never thought of it in that way." The Daemon would have a large and cheeky grin on her face. "Ye really would love me....I mean remember me forever." She broke into a laugh thinking about all the ravens he could ever see in a lifetime. Content that they would all make him think of her even for a split second.

She squealed for her conquest and ultimate victory.

"Ya know, it's not all one-sided," cause it was not,"I already find meself compelled to make friends with the wolves around and pass 'em a deer to two when ye aren't around. Figured it could bring me some comfort when I miss ya too much."

The two swim around playfully again, though he mentions learning the harp and she is beyond happy to hear it. Bobbing in the water because she would love to teach him something but also she how he fairs. She makes another sheet of ice beneath her so she can be above the water for a moment. Painting how the harp would be for a moment in her mind. She took it from the water and began to freeze it in a shape she thought would suit him, something more delicate would be far from his fancy, so she went for a more jagged look but kept it where you'd hold it smooth and comfortable. Drawing a long it on the outer side a motif of ravens and wolves coming out from one point. An empty space on the bottom looks like a crescent moon. She bit herself on the finger until she bled so that she could feed the drops into her work, making the eyes of the ravens and wolves shine crimson. Lastly, she would pick the strings from the night sky itself. Lining them to the point in which they needed to be to play the sound she wanted, Lumi tested even string there after making sure they all were perfectly pitched. When she was all done, she would feed a bulk of her mana into it so that it was enchanted with her magic to forever maintain its form. The added bonus would be that a slight chill would come off as he played if he ever needed to just cool down.
When one turns the harp in the night sky, a flash of purple much like her eyes would flash like a purple sheen of a gem. Poking through only when you get the right angle. The strings were soft but strong.

She handed it over to him after sending him back up on ice too, she wanted him to see what she crafted so lovingly for her wolf. So his harp was also a gift from her, not just the ability to play the music on it.

"What do ye think? It's all yers so ya don't need to find ya a harp."

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#61Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
He gives her several kisses and whispers to her "Yes" in which he proceeds to nibble on her ear and just make her body feel nice with him rubbing her back. Almost as if she was back in raven form when they first met. He really enjoyed massaging the raven form

Though her words did touch him which made him give her a soft and tender and yet loving kiss. "You're too sweet. If feeding the wolves will make you happy. I am happy. Just be prepared if you do. Even rando wolves would accept you into their pack and want you to play with them." he then lets go of her as he swims for a bit and floats on the water.

At the mention of music, she'd use her magic again to rise above the water. He'd blink as he'd watch her magic out a harp. He couldnt believe it. Nor he'd think it possible that she can make a functional music harp out of ice. He watched as she even bit herself so her blood can be part of her work. Well... now she outdid himself. Hard not to think of her when watching that harp..

She helped him see the harp better as she helped him to her platform and handed it to her. Honestly the first thing he did was grab her hand and kiss her bloody boo boo. After which he took the harp and observe it. Feeling if its cold to hold or does it feel like a normal harp

As she asked him a question. He asked one back "How did you do that?"


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"I think playing with 'em would be a nice way to find some joy."

Lumikki wasn't surprised when he took his hand first to kiss her fresh wound but it still made her blush all the same. His sweetness and care were enough to make her feel like a Nephilim. Pure and sweet to the core. She wondered if she'd stayed with him long enough, would her wings turn white...

She flicked her wrist so that a frost talon would form, it gently pushed the ice on the water toward the land once more. She wanted to make sure that he would have a moment to get warm. Though she was used to the unending cold, she'd hate if he got sick.

She giggled at his question. Enjoying his curious enthusiasm. So as they were ferried to the land she would begin to explain. First running her fingers in the water again to play with it in her art. She pulled out another flower she made and held it before him. "Me Nan was a very powerful frost mage herself. One of the things she taught me was how to make things with ice. She the woman liked telling stories and she forge 'em in frost." Lumikki let her flower go and opened her empty palm, trying to remember how her Nan had done it since it had been so long. She curled her fingers a few times before a frost wolf would form, It stood at first before she managed to will it to move and now it sat. With more effort, though still poor and stiff, she had it move more. Lumikki would laugh before giving a sigh. "She always made it look so easy...and as a proper raven Demi-human she was fantastic in changing her voice to the characters. Though I find I now have the trait, it's nothing to hers." Lumikki placed her little wolf down and kept with her explanation.

"Granted me magic isn't as good. Me skill to craft is. Nan taught me the way to sculpt with ice while me Dwarven Pa taught me the way to craft and put together things that no one would suspect. So I used what I knew to put something together for ye, though I wasn't fully sure how it would come out." The two were now by the land and Lumikki rose up. Pulling a plethora of pillows from her void and tossing them to the ground. She was the kind to love sleeping on a soft pile and packed away a lot of pillows if she so happened to be resting outside. Lucky for the need to pack all she could ever need, she was indeed prepared. She even pulled out the only blanket she had, not getting cold easily meant she didn't pack many, this one was only meant to be wrapped around for comfort.

She spoke as she prepared the setup, to finish explaining her point. She just wanted to make sure he would get warm and comfortable. Pulling out his clothes so they would be available to him again.

To get back to her point at hand she willed the dark to clothe her in a sheer night dress, and sprout her wings but fairly small.

"Willing the shape of me magic is much like I will me wings. Though I would admit, it took me much time and hard work experimenting until I could make it like fabric." She swiped the air to pull out ribbons of dark, munching on some as she didn't notice how hungry she had gotten but held out the rest for him to see. "When I snatch the dark to snack on, it was always easy for me to pull 'em like ribbons. As if I was how I conceptualize the darkness. So when I was thinking for me spell with the veil I used on us that first night, it was on the basis me dark magic could mirror fabrics if I so chose it. I used that to figure out how to craft 'em strings so that they would give way easily when ya played." She plops on her make shift bed and bekons Michael to join her so he would get some of his warmth returned. Curling up in her comfort and holding up the blanket to toss on him as he arrives.

"But if ye ever get curious of crafting, I come from a family of 'em. Me father an Uncles, well most me Dwarvin kin can smith fantastically. Pa taught me how to tell good work from the terrible along with all he knows. Me Mum is an amazing seamstress, I have fabric sent to her for her work and shop. I was considering bothering her to craft ya a jacket actually. But I don't quite know what ye prefer as yer primp and proper for yer guild. I don't figure what the in-between is just yet." Her face scrunched as she really gave it thought. Clothes were as he said one of the few things he cares for. She supposes she'll just have a few made and sent to him. Options were always nice to have.

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#63Michael Winters 

A Ravens Musical Adventure (Lumikki) - Page 3 Empty Sun Sep 10, 2023 1:30 pm

Michael Winters
He listened as she explained how she did it. Truthfully he still couldnt wrap his head around the fact she can make a functional instrument out of ice. But he loved listening to her voice. She used her magic to get them back on dry land and on pillows so he can get warmed up
"Can you give me pants" he asked so he can partially get warmed up

He continued to listen through her whole explanation, still not understanding the magic. All he could say was "You're one of the nicest people I have met. I dont know how I ever managed to meet you. I dont think I'll ever get over it" he was sure their natural order drew him to her. Him being a wolf and her being a raven. He was sure if she was anything else, he wouldnt have resonated with her and been so protective and affectionate with her. He acted out of animal instinct. But she showed feelings for him. Acceptance in ways he never experience or knew he needed. It turned a chance meeting into something special. They made love. And now they're here. He takes a hold of her and pulls her close to give her kisses. He took her hand and looked at it. The black markings in particular
"Its still pretty" harkening back to what they spoke of before. Now he was curious "What do you wanna do, Birdie?"


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"Get ye nice and warm for one." She'd say as she threw the blanket over him and made sure he was nicely wrapped up. Lumikki was privy to the cold, she felt she was born from it. Usually, this made her completely forget the comfort of others, disregarding their need for warmth. But for Michael, she became acutely aware. Now she was fussy until she could feel his usual burning heat again.

"To be honest, I too am surprised we met, let alone get along so well. There was a chance ye'd never see this city, the chances ye'd never be walking by the river that I had chosen to walk beside. Yet,"
she pulled him in with the blanket she had wrapped him in. Giving him a sweet kiss before finishing her point. "I'll always be the sweetest for ya. I can't believe it but I'm happy for it. And lots about me has changed for it. Would ya say things changed for ye? "

She got up for a moment to take the harp she crafted in her hands and sit beside him. Lightly plucking the strings to play a simple and soft song she knew. Lightly humming the lyrics along to the tune as she tested to make sure the melody played perfectly. Readjusting the strings only slightly to make it sound as it should."Everything crafted deserves a name right, took me a while to figure one out for this one. But I've settled on this...Huntress' Lullaby. What do ye think of it, Michael?"

She handed it back to him after checking for his temperature, and sure enough, he was warming up quickly enough. She patted her lap as she promised him this comfort. Thinking the wolf would still enjoy resting on her lap. And if he so chose to take it, she would lightly play with his hair. "Do ya ever worry if ye were better off never crossing paths with me?" She was curious as she knew her existence was more than he was prepared for.

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#65Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
He chuckled and made sure to stay warm before he got the sniffles. Then he'd listen how she too was surprised they met and clicked so well. Indeed something he couldnt understand. He wondered how she felt about it. Still the chance that just 1 different choice and they wouldnt have met. Its mindblowing. He couldnt help but hold her hand as he listened to her speak that part. Gently squeezing it.

She got up for a moment to take the harp she crafted in her hands and sat beside him. She started to gently play it and hummed a medley. She'd fix the strings more and then speak how ever song should have a name. She settled on one which made him chuckle and say "Its perfect"

She handed it back to him after checking for his temperature, and sure enough, he was warming up quickly enough. She patted her lap as she promised him this comfort. And with a goofy smile, he took the first chance to rest his head in her lap. "Mmmmm Im in heaven~" he said in a soft sing song tone.

She then asked if he ever wished he never met her. He simply said "The thought never crossed my mind" he was happy that they met. The alternative never crossed his mind


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She smiled as she looked down to him on her lap. Stroking his head and combing his hair through her fingers. ”I’m glad, cause neither have I.”

She leaned back into the darkness to get more comfortable. ”I’m curious. What makes the mask one of yer important things? The knife I could understand, it’s handy to have.” She pulled her own mask from her void to show him, it was a simple black raven mask carved and made of her black frost. ”I made this meself much like I had yer harp Huntress’ lullaby. Was one of the first thing I crafted for me journey and me Uncle helped me put it together. He even suggested the design.”

She turned it around so she could see the front again herself. Looking over the details over and following the lines with her fingers. The two have their masks to wear if they so choose. She put it on to show him how it looked on, had her face was covered in the mask, thought the angle for him to see down there was terrible and it didn’t really occur to her.

”I wish to make even more things and leave a mark in the world. A selfish tribute that shows, I was here, I lived, I will be remembered. But maybe that’s just the Dwarven in me.”” She laughed.

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#67Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
He looked at her lovingly from down there of her lap. When she asked him about it. He answered "I feel its part of me. Like the knife. It helps me express myself when I lack confidence in myself. It helps me keep anonymity. That mask is a representation of me as my face is. Y'know?" he tried to explain the best way he could. But sometimes, you had a hard time to put feelings in words. His own mask was much more simplistic and crude than hers. Everything they had. Every item with their own design represented them personality wise. Her black raven mask and his white slasher mask

"Being remembered is nice. I think the idea of dying and not being remembered is a scary one. But thats like a large scale existential fear. Something that shows our insignificance and stuff. I never thought about leaving a mark. I did think how I didnt really accomplish much in life. I dunno really" he then looks back to her eyes once more
"I just want a place to belong. I guess thats all I want and just enough strength to protect those I care about"
He may have been a werewolf and a loner. But he most likely deep down wanted a pack of his own. Maybe not the typical stereotype wolf pack to be categorized like an animal with no respect. But to have friends, family and brethren he can call his own. A sense of belonging. He felt that with Lumikki. As he grabbed and held her hand as he looked at her. He rested his head against her lap enjoying the moment of peace they had. He closed his eyes for a moment to take in the peaceful tranquility of the area they were in. The sound of water and that lil waterfall. It was lovely here. He opened his eyes and looked at Lumikki once more


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Lumikki thought the thing he said about the mask over. Understanding herself how important a sense of identify and expression were. When she first left to be a part of Dawn, she only bore the horns of her Pa’s clan. She was only comfortable with that side of her family after Nan died. She couldn’t bear representing her raven side because of all the pain she felt. But after the war as doing what her ancestors used to do. She could not deny how much she was like her Nan and the Omena clan. She wanted nothing more than to show it, adorning herself with many black feathers and wear her Nan’s old dress during missions and battles.

”Aye, I get it Ùlfr. Suppose its much like mine. It connects me with me clan and where I came from. It shows others just what I am. I didn’t always present so raven. I didn’t always show me Demi-Human side. After I lost someone so dear to me, I couldn’t bear to be reminded of her. I was somewhat regretful of it. Looking back at it now, it was so immature. But it was me deep grief that forced me Mum to push me out and send me to the Dawn. She could not bare watch me wither, nor could I bear to be without me Nan. It wasn’t until recently, during the war, that i felt the most alive by doing what me clan was known to do.” She played with her Night Raven Ring on her finger. Though she didn’t realize she was. She then moved a hand to just below her belly button.

”I got the ram here as a token of me Dwarven family, the Hrútr clan. To carry out how much they made me to me core. I have so much love for them. But now I need to figure out more how I want to honor the Omena of me.” She giggled,”And maybe one day perhaps the Winters in me,” Lumikki teased.

She tucked her mask away.

”We are still so young Michael. Too young to be expected to have a lot done yet. Ye still have a long lifetime in ya to build what take yer fancy. Ya just have to let it be. Ye never thought ye’s meet me, nor the things that came of it. How could ya figure to plan what in life yer made for? No something like that takes time. Sure I want to be a Demon, and that could be seen as a plan. But once I make the change, then what? What is there left for me. I would be just as lost soon enough, I don’t know what I want to do then.” She looked down at him and smiled. ”So I’m just hoping to keep enjoying me time. Pick things I want to pursue, so on.”

She went back to leaning back and stroking his hair. Thinking to herself, what really would she like to do after she’s met her goal. Everything feels like it goes by too fast sometimes. When she was a Demon, would it move even faster?

She looked back down after she heard what he said. ”It’s small, aye, but ya always have a place to belong with me. All of ya… And in time, ye’ll get strong without even realizing,” she pinched his cheek. ”But ye’ll have to start getting to work. A lil at a time me Pa would say. How the river would always patiently erode the stone over time, so we too just gotta keep running like the river. If ya do want to get stronger, ye could work with me if ye like. Missions would be more fun in yer company, and the raven I sent ya could always keep us in touch.”

She took a bite out of the darkness and thought it over some more. ”I really want to see what it’s like watching ya fight in full power. I’m curious.” She nibbled on more darkness. ”Ye won’t have to worry about protecting me…if I could help it.”

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#69Michael Winters 

A Ravens Musical Adventure (Lumikki) - Page 3 Empty Mon Sep 11, 2023 9:35 am

Michael Winters
Lumikki explained more about her family and past and showed some gratitude and tribute to her Nan. He listened to her speak her mind out and watched her hold her hand low, just a bit below stomach area. He gently chuckled when she said his last name. But all in all, said that they were young and had plenty of time
"True. We're young"

But soon she pinched his cheek "WHa? Ow! Oi oi oi!" he said and moved that hand of hers away. He pouted "Wha? I do train" he crossed his hands as he pouted "I'll have you know, I got so much stronger then I used to be"
He may have not been on her level yet. But he was getting stronger for sure.
Though one thing she said entertained his idea
"Well, I would like to do quests with you. If you want we can do something"
Though in regards to her demonhood
"Yknow. Im like a nomad, I go with the flow. After you achieve your goals, just spread your wings, go where the wind takes you. I find journeys with no expectations tend to be the best"

He sat up and stopped lying on her lap and asked her "Hey, can you give me my clothes?" he'd like to get dressed for reasons


A Ravens Musical Adventure (Lumikki) - Page 3 Empty Mon Sep 11, 2023 11:29 am


"Im glad ya hear it. Though I'm not surprised. Ya don't feel weak to me. I'd say yer already above the average for people who aspire to be strong. In a bit, I'm sure ye'll be an S rank for yer guild."

She gave him a toothy grin. "I'll take ya on the offer Ùlfr. Invite me when ya plan to set out. I rather ya pick what ya fancy."

Lumikki looked at his surprised and just pointed off to the side. "I took 'em out for ye ages ago when I made us the bed. Ya were just to distracted to notice." She moved around on her pile so that she was smothered and curled around her pillows. Sinking in the plush for supreme comfort. She even covered herself with the blanket so that she was fully hidden away. A gremlin tucked in their nest.

"I would love to travel, Aye. I was waiting to get strong enough to do it at first. I know most won't cross me but the Angel has enemies and it was for the best. Now I'm seeing how well me Uncle is to the idea of getting away himself. But that would all be after a celebration I have to attend, me Clans hosting a reunion soon that all of us Dwarf folk must attend. It's hosted every fifty years and it'll be the first and last me Mum's ever gonna probably see it......" She was glad she was hidden under the blankets, her emotions crept out of nowhere just as she thought of it.

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#71Michael Winters 

A Ravens Musical Adventure (Lumikki) - Page 3 Empty Mon Sep 11, 2023 2:16 pm

Michael Winters
"S rank? I heard of those categorizations. Its a mage thing Im not familiar with" Michael spoke and he honestly didnt know about this A B C D magic system nor why S was there. But he shrugged and went along with it. He trusted she knew what she was talking about

He blinked when Lumi spoke and nodded
"Kay. So I pick the quest. Fine and dandy. I'll send one of your ravens to message you then" he said as he made a mental note to look at the local quests here in the area

He looked to the side and said "Huh. So you did" he said and took his clothes and got dressed. Well at least he was dry now. He also stretched a big and hugged her too

Now Michael was curious about something
"If you were to travel, where would you go to" the world was a stage or an open canvas, if she were to go, where would she go. Part of him imagines the south because he's there. But he wanted to see an unbiased answer. He never got to travel, but he was content with the guild ship and he didnt mind staying in Orchidia for the time being


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”The ranks dictate what missions yer strong enough to take on love. So as S, ye’d get the tastiest rewards for yer work. Getting higher rank only open more doors, so keep it in mind if ya care for it. I try to climb up as much as I could meself since I want to be worth me salt. So I’m prob just a bit above yer rank now. ” Yea, just a bit.

”Yea just send word, I got bored of the options here so I figured it would be more interesting to see what ye’d choose. What would the wolf prioritize I wounded?” She was indeed bored of what the North had to offer. I was beginning to wear down on her and feel stifling even. She poked her head out of her blanket to look at him and he took the opportunity to hug her. She giggled as she hugged him back. Pulling him in and curling beside him.

”I want to travel to the West or East. A mate of mine told me they had the better quests and work over there and I kinda want to see if for meself. The Angel scares away the prospect of more dangerous but more interesting work. I love that I have this much peace to grow in but I can’t take it for much longer. I want to see the rest of Earthland for meself and come back when I’m content. Probably make a massive flock of ravens from all nations to follow me and swear allegiance..…Where would ye go? Maybe I’ll visit Joya for a bit now that things should’ve settled down. It’s me brother’s homeland so I want ta explore it.”

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#73Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
"So what rank would you put me in" he curiously asked. He knew she was above him in rank. Which just contributed to his bewilderness why she fell in love with him. Though it did motivate him to get strong. If he wants to protect her. He needs to be stronger then her. If she cant beat someone. What hope does he have.

Michael nodded. Indeed he will send her a message. But now he hugged her. She was wrapped in a blanket like a lil burrito. He could just nom her right here right now.
Though as they spoke of travel, she revealed she wished to do so at east and west. Both good options in his opinion. Also Joya was also on her radar
"Caelum.Hands down Caelum. If I had the opportunity to travel, I'd love to see my own home and what has come of it. Im hoping to maybe get it one day. I should be the one that inherits it. Hopefully no one else moved in. Not gonna lie, I'd rather see my own home abandoned and in ruin than be used by another family"
He wanted his childhood back. The four walls of happiness he had. He felt no one deserve it. It should be his to reclaim.


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Lumikki gave it some thought, her eyes made it easy to make out information on another but she always had a tough time uttering what she saw. Maybe it was the trade of to her power, who knows. She felt like on of her Uncle's ravens for sure. She settled on making a B with her ice for Michael to see. "If I had to figure love, it would be that. From what I remember. It would mean yer fairly competent in yer abilities." Lumikki smiled, B was indeed a nice rank to be on. It would mean to her climbing higher was only a matter of time.

He hugged her and she curled up to him. Happy to be in his arms even while in her comfortable cocoon.

"If someone indeed lives in yer house, I could cast a storm onto it. Me Uncle hearkens me magic like some supernatural disaster. Wouldn't be a stretch to rip the home from the ground. Would be a sight seeing 'em return to the empty lot too." She pressed her head to his chest and nuzzled him. "But I hope its empty and it's all yers."

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#75Michael Winters 

A Ravens Musical Adventure (Lumikki) - Page 3 Empty Tue Sep 12, 2023 9:27 am

Michael Winters
"And here I thought it was B for Best. But sure I'll settle for Better than average" he kisses her cheek and then hugged her and she curled up to him which was kinda super cute

As she spoke, he listened to her. But didnt know what to say. Like he didnt mind dilapitated ruin. Because he could restore it and reclaim what was lost. People would say home is where the heart is. If he had to say it. He left his heart there and became a heartless wench here. Once more he reached to her hand and held it. Watched how it had its unique colouration. The black which made it look like a talon. He rested his head against hers. It was peaceful here. He wondered if they would spend the night here or elsewhere.
"So... got any plans birdie?" he wanted to know what would she like to do now. So far he played songs for her with her band. They challenged eachother to hunt animals. Had a lovely time and washed off with a swim here. So what came next

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