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The Lil Ram And The Brazen Bull [FPP – Stuck in the Bush]

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Soon after the matter of the forest fire, Lumikki and Tamas followed the directions of the mercenaries to they new area. They made their way over as fast as they could. Running into a path with shrubbery without thought.

Lumikki was still tired from her massive ice spell and Tamas was a man of little words from the start. They hardly shared a word amongst them as they rushed over. Though when it felt like an hour had passed since they entered what felt like a maze, Lumikki was beginning to get really annoyed. "This isn't just me right? somethin's off in this place. We made no progress in getting out but we've been walking an hour? I think I read something about this in one of the books in a library. One sec, I just gonna have to check somethin."

Lumikki was swallowed in feathers before a raven pierced the scattered plumage. Though she tried to get high above to see where they are and how much further they needed to go, she could only reach at most three meters in the sky. As if an imaginary ceiling was keeping her inside the maze.

She groaned as she shifted back on the drop down. "Its what I feared. We're in some kinda maze spell and even though I got to see a lil from above, I can tell you the path doesn't make sense. I spotted some areas shifting and from what I gathered, we haven't made a dent in this maze anyway. Carelessly walking around is gonna tire us more than help. Lets get to looking Titan, though on the bright side I can see the invisible."

Lumikki began to scan the immediate environment for any tells.


#2Tamás Horvath 

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Tamás Horvath
They didnt have time to rest as they needed to follow of the directions of the mercenaries. They went there as fast as they could considering their exhausted condition. They were too tired to notice or care where they ran as they went into a shrubbery like area.

The two didnt share much words during this time. Tamas was preserving his breath, his energy. Thats why he didnt talk. As for Lumikki, he wasnt sure, but he assumed it was the same deal with her.

A long time passed or it seemed like a long time. Tamas wasnt sure how long it was, but it seems they were going nowhere real fast. They were still in a shrub area. Lumikki was the first to break the silence. She verbalized what they were both thinking, that they made no progress. She mentioned how she read this in one of the books and said that she would check something
"Wait... aaannnd there she goes" but he noticed she could not fly too high as she flew only a meter above him before what it looked like that a force was preventing her to really take flight "or maybe not"

She groaned before she switched back to her regular form. She revealed that they were in a maze. Which made sense. He was a fool he didnt think of that sooner. She even mentioned that the area shifted, so they knew they cant walk just randomly. They need to think logically or try to. She did mention she could see the invisible, but he wasnt certain how that was gonna help

"Normally, I do have a labyrinth solving technique. But if you say that the corridors change, then the technique is rather useless because it only works on stationary labyrinths. My other plan is to just use force, like" raises his sword "This is sword. Those are shrubs and leaves. Logic dictates that sword beats leaf. I see no reason why we cant just cut through and take a straight path"
While Tamas is a brute, he didnt really just charge into action like an idiot and get his ass handed to him. He merely explained his actions before following them. In a sane world, you can cut through jungles and forests and shrubs. Why couldnt you do that now?



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Lumikki looked over to Tamas and shook her head solemnly. "If that was the case, we could breeze though it. Like it keeps me from flying, it'll just stop us moving. This is the Synechós Metatopízetai λαβύρινθος made originally by some old mage named Daedalus. It is design to trap us unless we could play by the rules and out smart it. Think of it as some sort of trial. They prob dropped this here knowing we'd be tired and in a rush to the next location. So we'd make a lot of mistakes and get stuck." Lumikki mulled something over for a moment. "We haven't seen any of the others since we entered. Would be best to make sure we aren't separated. I'm not sure any of us could fair well alone."

Lumikki reached over and grabbed Tamas' hand. As she returned to walking, she lead him with her. Now that she was aware of how much trouble they were in she kept her eyes peeled for indications in the shrub. It must be stubble if she hadn't noticed anything the whole time yet as she walked.

If they were still near the beginning of maze, then more than likely it was some how looping them. Lumikki found this odd since they only walked a single path thus far. This means the maze must be shifting so that they would return without them even realizing it. They are going to have to detect a new path themselves.

She looked to the sky, thankfully it was a clear and turning to evening. She could just start to make out the stars up above, and where was the direction of north from the setting sun. Now that she noted the placements, she walked meaningfully. Analyzing the shrub as they passed, her walking brisk. It took a little time, but she noticed a pattern with the flowers that grew among the greenery. Most of them were warm colors like oranges, reds, pinks, and so on. Yet in one section, she found and assortment of cool blue purple flowers flourishing.

No wonder it didn't stand out to her before, in their initial run they didn't know to look out for this. It was an effective indication to where to go next if one even knew to spot it. Lumikki sighed deeply as she touched the flowers with her free hand. A new path opening to them, only proving her assumption. She looked over to Tamas before leading them in further. "No detail is too small, if you notice something just let me know."


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#4Tamás Horvath 

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Tamás Horvath
He did not understand what he could only think as Sevese words. But she knew what she meant so he trusted her. But he was surprised she suddenly held his hand. He didnt really hold her hand back, kind of hesitating to do so.

He merely followed her lead so they can investigate and solve the maze together without getting seperated and lost. But he trusted her the most hence why he let her have the lead

When she said that no detail is too small, he should tell her should he notice something. "Understood"

He made sure to scan his surroundings. Even the types of flower if need be. A thought came to his mind
"Do you have any mana in you?" he asked.
In moments like these he wished his own magic was more versatile and not rigid. Made him think should he change his magical priorities into a different kind of magic that can be of better benefit to the team. Usually the kind of magic he had only benefited him in one on one combat. Or one verse everyone. Basically it was magic for when he was alone and getting physical

But with this guild, he got into situations that would be considered abnormal for him. Made him wonder should he orient himself to something else or should he stay with Greed magic. The idea of controlling an element and being creative with it sounded good. But he had out of combat utilities for that. Another one would be summoning. That one also caught his eye.
But perhaps now was not the time for that. He needed to focus.

When he did notice a difference, a small detail. He'd nudge her gently and point her in the direction of the small detail he saw. Letting her decide should they go that way or not. He trusted her leadership skills here.
While he had ideas on the last quest they had in that inferno. She this time had the knowledge of how to navigate a living maze. Thats what he respected about her. She had power and knowledge and was brave. Sure she's a gremlin with some annoying features. But they were minor in his eyes. Maybe even endearing to him and rather than annoying. Maybe he just liked daemons.
In any case, he focused on getting out of this maze and just solving whatever puzzle or whatever they get put through



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As the two kept on walking, Lumikki kept glancing up at the sky. Having it in full view gave her comfort in that they were entirely trapped and sealed away like they would in a cave; but also because it gave her an idea of where they were going and it help to see the time passing by still as they were slinking away in this maze.

Lumikki's impatience was growing but she would conclude that it would behoove her to stay calm. So she let the cold from within take over, her being iced and numbed so that she would only focus on the task ahead. It was important her and Tamas finally got out.

She came to a stop, there was two paths before her to choose. This was a first and so it took her time to figure out her choice. She began to look around for any tell in which one they would need to walk down. It was then when she had found something moving from the corner of her eye. She looked down to find a white rabbit nonchalantly standing beside her foot. It confused her to finally see some living creature here but perhaps it wasn't a mere rabbit. She wasn't afforded the time to think on it for long though as the rabbit darted down the path to the left.

Lumikki took it as a sign to follow and so it was the way the headed. The rabbit was always faster, no matter how fast and hard the two ran after, and soon enough the rabbit was out of sight. Lumikki didn't stop running until the were stopped again by three branching paths.

They were in a space as oppose to prior, always within a path. The open area they had found themselves had four paths, including the one they came. Each one in different directions. Lumikki was stomped. Not rabbit to be found and no indications anywhere for where to go next. She studied all the paths best she could until she looked up for comfort and realized something odd. It was like the sky reversed? She knew the sky well enough and so she took Tamas' hand and walked the path they came. As they walked through the path closed behind them and a new one formed just before.

Just as she thought. The path was trying to trick them again but with choosing a new path before them. If Lumikki hadn't been minding the sky there was no other way to tell that the path they came was the only one toward the end.

A few steps in this route and the white rabbit showed herself once more.


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#6Tamás Horvath 

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Tamás Horvath
He followed Lumikki and observed her. It was very interesting, he never saw her like this. Calm, collected, focused. He liked this side of her. Ok, maybe not if she only becomes that and changes her identity. But he likes that she can be serious and non serious. That when she knew the gravity of a situation that she doesnt throw a tantrum like an average person would. Safe to say, he was impressed by her navigation system in an ever changing maze

Soon he noticed a bunny rabbit by her foot. He wondered if it was an optical illusion or a trap. He wanted to grab the animal to investigate it and see if his mind was playing tricks on him, but the animal darted away.

Lumikki though seems as she took it as a sign to follow it. And so she did. Not wanting to seperate, he hesitately followed her as well. The rabbit was swift and fast. Lumikki tho was intent on following it and he followed her.
Soon they saw a new set of branching paths. Or at least he thinks its new. Once again, he looked at Lumikki for some guidance.

She looked up at the sky and noticed something. He looked up as well, but did not understand it, as he did not know the exact knowledge of stars. He noticed she took his hand. He held hers gently as to not hurt her, but squeeze it just enough. And he followed her lead once again. As the two would walk through the path. It would close behind them and a new one formed just before.

Tamas observed her as she remained focused. He didnt really speak but as to not make her lose concentration. And soon he saw that the two would find the bunny once again. He really wanted to ask her what were her thoughts or what was going through her mind. But knew that now was not the time to interrupt her. Time may be of the essence.
"You can do this" he thought to himself as he mentally supported her.
When they get out of this, he'll owe her. Maybe a drink if she likes that.
But that was for later. Now his mind was on this task, this maze. Part of him thought that they made it half through the maze. Or at least he hoped that was the case. Its not like he had much rations and such for an extended excursion.



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The rabbit's form peeled away to show that of a raven. Its eyes were out of the norm as it showed red, and two more opened to reveal it bore four eyes altogether. "Clever, clever girl," the raven croaked out. He sounded quite impressed indeed."So sure to chase the rabbit we figured you reckless enough to pick a direction at random. It seems there is much sense to you. Perhaps your potential is indeed not wasted despite your insistent need to rebel. Follow me now, this has wasted enough time ye?"

The raven turned and took flight, not wasting a second to be gone. Lumikki skipped behind, maintaining her stride to match its glide. As they went down the path there were multiple instances of breaks in the route. A choice was needed to proceed further on, yet they didn't really have to guess at the best ways to progress. The raven had done it for them. Lumikki found this whole occurrence to be odd but her desire to be out of the maze beat out her rebellion. She would often look up to the sky to make sure they were indeed making progress to the end and each glance confirmed the raven's choices.

"Yeeees, clever girl indeed for not blindly trusting us. You really do have a sense we see." Perhaps with one of its many eyes the raven had looked back to see Lumikki's caution. Ever so alert on the directions taken. This flustered and annoyed her, she hardly enjoyed being watched. This entire experience made her simply uncomfortable.

" I've been too tired to speak but you have tried my patience. Who are you to help us through the Synechós Metatopízetai λαβύρινθος anyway?" Lumikki's eyes were shifting to a bright purple in her anger and displeasure. She tolerated the help to be out sooner but she can't ignore the feeling of her skin crawling any longer. With Tamas here she wanted to consider him as well, if this was indeed the faster way out then it was for the best. But at what cost was she willing to pay for the freedom? With each step on the ground, she was now leaving frost behind. Her frustration was becoming more and more apparent with every second.

"Testy, testy child; but fair enough. We were wondering how long you could hold off from asking. You were patient enough so we shall grant you an answer. We were sent by your father to observe, you tampered with the pact so we became necessary. He was curious how you would handle the mess so near your home and so he wanted to oversee your strength. We took the form of a raven since it's one you know so well and it worked well enough."

"The fuck he wants with me!? Doesn't he get the point that I want to be rid of him!?" Lumikki spouted through gritted teeth. The air around her was rapidly dropping in temperature. The frost was beginning to touch the shrub beside her. Freezing it as she passed by.

"Oh he is aware child but it does not make him care for you any less. He awaits to see if you can fulfill your potential in time. Run as you may there is nowhere to go. My presence here proves that. I added myself to the maze to also test you and you faired well enough, but it is time I take my leave. But before it I go," the raven began before turning toward Lumikki, flying right at her. It stopped her in her tracks in confusion. "He leaves you with a gift young miss," he said before flying into her and merging into her form. She clawed at her chest as if she could pull him back out. Though it was to no avail. "You can't escape me, silly girl," said a voice she hadn't heard in so long, but he didn't stay long in her thoughts. Another voice soon pushed him out. " As if I'll ever let you..."

The response of the voice in her thoughts brought her comfort. They joined along with her to fight off the presence of her insufferable father. The voice did well to mute his from her mind. It wasn't a lot, but it calmed her down enough to remember the task at hand and continue down this annoyingly long maze.

As the two continued the only path, was a short way to go. Silent after the raven's departing. A rumble could be heard up ahead like the sound of a beast. The sun had already set and was replaced by the shine of the moon. Just enough for someone of normal vision to get the gist of what's before them but not quite enough to see clearly. So Lumikki walked ahead first to scout the noise and spare Tamas the encounter, peaking in the opening just ahead to make out a horned beast of massive size. Thinking over in her head the possibilities she quickly concluded it could only be one thing, holding up her hand as a signal to Tamas to not progress further.

"A minotaur guards the path ahead. Probably blocking the end. We'll have to beat it to get out and be done with this mess. Are you ready for the battle Titan?"


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Tamás Horvath
Tamas lost track of Lumikki for a bit. But he was perceptive enough to catch on her tracking methods by glancing up at the sky. While he didnt understand why she was looking for exactly, he did know her pattern of what she needed to see.
It was like getting a correct mathimatical solution with the wrong formula.

He was unaware of Lumikki's close encounter with someone unpleasant. But he did manage to find her
"Are you alright?" he asked as he was briefly seperated. "Apologies from losing track of you" he extended his hand to her so she may hold it, so they wouldnt be seperated again. He decided to take the blame for being seperated briefly. He should've been more vigilant in keeping track of her.

The two eventually would travel together and continue their maze like quest, until Lumikki stopped for a moment. She went to check on something probably, before speaking that they may have reached the end of their maze problem.

Their only obstacle was a minotaur ahead. Now thats what he liked to hear. A good battle.
He gently let go of Lumikki's hand and looked down at her and asked "Are you prepared for battle? Do you wish to sit this one out?"
It was him indirectly asking what was that about, what happened in his brief absence and if she was ok or if something was wrong. So it was him asking by not asking.
He knew the minotaur was the least of their worries. He just wanted to make sure his guild partner was alright.
Tamas gripped his blade and was ready for battle. Where Lumikki tells him to go. He will go. Soon, their maze troubles will be over



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Lumikki looked over to Tamas as she could sense his worry. Lightly knocking on his armor before a smile worked its way on her face. What ever happened before can be pushed from her mind. We were almost out and best of all there was a beast to unleash her anger on.

"We don't get many opportunities to fight a Minotaur Titan. I think we deserve a lil fun." Lumikki walked over to the opening with Tamas' hand in hers. Looking on ahead to paint him an idea before he ran in.

"The thing as two axes and no armor, though its muscles are so dense he prob isn't lacking there. Since I can see, I'll go in first. This should leave him open for a blow and we can tick away at him till he's timbered." Feathers danced around her as he spoke before she darted out of the cluster like and arrow for her mark.

She went straight for the Minotaur, striking him in the face. The beast sees well in the dark, but the raven was too small and fast for him to pick up at first. Not until his eyes adjusted. Lumikki took a few more free strikes in cementing in her owning his complete attention and focus. As the beast step, well more like stomped around, he shook the floor in his fury. Making so much noise in his brazen attempts to fell the bird that no other sound could beat him out.

Tamas didn't have to worry of his armor cutting into his stealth, only that he could land the hit in between the beast's empty blows. Lumikki entertaining his as a bird until it was time to shift again and cast spells.


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#10Tamás Horvath 

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Tamás Horvath
Her smile was delightful. He smiled back to her briefly, before remembering she cant see it
"You cant see this, but just imagine I am smiling back" yes, somehow saying it was easier than taking off his helm and showing her. He just prefered to hide behind his helm.

She spoke how they dont get many chances for a fight like this. A minotaur, and of course she calls him Titan. He wondered why that nickname stuck. He gently held her hand as they walked over to the opening. He looked ahead and nodded

He glanced at Lumikki who spoke and wondered how did she know this "I see. Ladies first then" he said and let go of her hand and made a little cordial gesture to her to go first.

Soon, she would go straight for the Minotaur, striking him in the face. He observed for a moment, noticing the beast sees well in the dark, but the raven lady was too small and fast for him to pick up at first. Not until his eyes adjusted. And so Lumikki took a few more free strikes in. Tamas took this as a chance to make his own attack. The Minotaur was making so much noice that Tamas and his presence would go unnoticed. The knight would grip his blade and charge into action as well. Swinging his weapon to cut and slice the beast. He was sure that the two with a little amount of teamwork would be able to fell this beast easily. And soon they would be able to make their way to their well deserved exit



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When Lumikki was sure Tamas had landed a blow she glided to the ground, shifting back to a woman before even touching the floor. She landed with a tumble before settling in a crouching stance on her feet. Seconds later she would already be charging energy for her spell, snapping her fingers and casting the beast in ice; her lavender magical circle appearing just below him before her black frost crept along his hide. This help to sap the Minotaur's strength so that it would not be as massive a threat.

Clasping her hand continued her onslaught, obsidian vines formed and wrapped the beast into place. Limiting his range of motion. Lumikki took a deep breath, consuming the darkness around her as she did and she opened out her palm. The darkness warped into an orb before spinning itself into a rapid turned disk of frosted darkness. She rose her hand and sent out her attack to the beast finally striking him down as well. Leaving him angered but open to attack freely from Tamas.


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#12Tamás Horvath 

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Tamás Horvath
Together with her magic, his brute force and strength and their sheer power of smooth teamwork, the two were able to make short work of the Minotaur who stood no chance. Lumikki was easily able to handle the beast and even gave Tamas an ample opening for a finishing blow, which he gladly took.
Granted he didnt need the help, but it was nice to have 'easy mode' every once in a while.

Once they finished off the minotaur, they were able to finally exit the maze in peace. As they did that, he took the chance to compliment his partner "You fought beautifully" indeed that was a wonderful display of power and skill. It should be commended. He was glad they were free of that place and finally able to make some real progress as opposed to just wandering blindly and going nowhere. He couldnt wait to make those pay for this. If there are any of those Chaos people left, he would deal with them personally. But for now, he just savored this moment. Took the time to appreciate the small victories, before once again moving into action for their next quest.



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Tamas took the final blow as she hoped he would and then made for the exit. She looked up at the stars one more time just to confirm there were no tricks to be had. Sure enough, it was safe to walk forward. The feel of the dirt free of the maze was absolutely refreshing. She took for granted how amazing the mundane could be when you were barred within a nonsensical cage.

As her second foot passed the threshold of the maze and she was clear out of the boundary, the maze began to become undone. Like the look of playing cards falling the maze was falling flat. Folding back into the ground as it did like it never existed. Of course it never did she thought, she never heard of a maze in this part, to begin with. Though this was all behind her now as it there was left was to move forward and be done with it. All she wanted was to finish and go home.


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