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Guess what we fight? [FPHS – Pest Control/Lumikki]

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#1Salem E. 

Guess what we fight? [FPHS – Pest Control/Lumikki] Empty Fri Mar 22, 2024 10:35 pm

Salem E.

Salem stood looking at the sign. He checked himself to make sure he was not wearing glasses. He was not. Then he made sure he understood the Fiorian language correctly. Turns out he was perfectly literate. It was just a tad confusing that they were calling for help to quell fire bunnies. A lot of things were possible to him but the threat of bunnies was not on his top list. They were cute fluffy creatures. Even if they shot a little fire. They were labeled as so dangerous that mages were told to fight them in pairs.

Taking up the job was part of his guild thing. He was not an active participant but he got some benefits. It was the only reason that he signed up for the mission. Seeing as how he needed to battle in pairs. He decided to wait a bit. If he could find someone else to take on the mission with that would be for the best. Salem started to make large bubbles in the air as he waited for a partner to show up. He would use this as time to practice since he had it to waste.

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“ Yer telling me, there are flaming hares around here and that’s why it’s so infernally hot right now?” Lumikki seethed as she walked forward in a bad mood. She didn’t like the heat if she could help it, but the excess warmth was trying her patience as it was ruining the bliss of a cold winter night for her.

The Demoness was walking about in her human form to not draw more attention than needed. Though her voice still had an otherworldly echo to it, almost indistinguishable from the howling of the tundra’s wind. Lumikki’s hair was pulled back in a cluster of braids to keep it out of her face and as cool as she could manage while wearing a short dark blue loose dress to not restrict her moment. Almost in the fashion of a summer dress which was odd to be seen in during the winter. As though this night was “warmer” it would still warrant thick clothes to those not privy to the cold. Atop her head was a sheer black veil that would drop down and drag along the floor, it obscured her face a bit, making it hard to make out her two-toned eyes; one the sheen of the sky and the other the sun. It was slight magic on her part to keep fairly unnoticed, albeit the lack of winter clothing would undo such efforts, not like such a thing would occur to her though. Her brown thoughts would give way to the mark of Paradise Dawn as the rest would be coiled by living darkness that would move sluggishly around her legs and softly jutting like feathers. This aids with her lack of shoes as well as ever since her rebirth, the Demoness could hardly tolerate them. And just as dark were her legs, were as her arms and hands; almost like they were stained with ink, but they loosely gave the impression of black talons.

“ It would seem so my Revna. As odd as it sounds, it was on the report I skimmed over. I know you didn’t want to work while visiting another section of Fiore but I doubt you would want to suffer a temperature rise either. I made note of shops to visit after so we could pick up a treat later, until then well, we have to find who your partner is.” Responded Tenevi, the harpy companion to Lumikki. Where Lumi stood just about four feet and eleven inches, Tenevi would just reach three feet. Despite her short disposition, she was just as cold-hearted as one would expect of a harpy. Very much find enjoyment in the suffering of others. Lumi would be the only one to garner any warmth as the others she’s encountered would have to make do with the harpy’s cold politeness. After all, it would be irksome to be reprimanded for her demeanor at the cost of dragging her master in it. Though now as she kept pace with the Demoness, she would look up to her master with half-open eyes. Often keeping them shut to all but Lumi. They would sheen like the lights of an Auroras night sky, but as eyes are the window to the soul and she was but a fragment to Lumikki, those lights were there alone.

” Partner? To kill rabbits?” Lumikki asked perplexed. She already thought the request odd. “ Odd, I know. They probably thought it would be quicker this way. Maybe for covering more ground.” It was a sensible response and Lumi would take it. It made no difference to her but now she has something to be curious of.

As the pair would near the location of their company, a raven would glide over from such direction. Landing swiftly on the Demoness’ outstretched arm before uttering the words he meant to say.” Well good day to you Revna, Vee told me of the task you had planned. Your partner is already there waiting. A particular looking man to say the least, though something about him would be familiar. As to why, well I’m not sure.” It was Lonu to greet them, a raven of her main flock.

” Curious and curiouser~” Lumi would smirk as she continued her approach. All until she finally caught a glimpse of him. It would take much time admittedly for her to understand how such one as he could any bells for her raven. But upon peering into him with her World’s eyes and remembering the account of her past raven, it would become more clear. The man before her fit the description of one of the guild mates she failed to fight. Not privy to his meeting then, her raven would pass on the description of the man so that she may know when she finally met him in the future. Indeed quite a lovely surprise, but not unexpected as they were far from the Dawn.

“ Oy, what a pleasure to see a long-lost guild mate here of all places. Ye could note that I am Lumikki Hrútr, the one who sent ya a note to entertain a battle with me.” Lumi always had a soft spot for those in her guild, offering up her name and pleasantries where often she wouldn’t. Her voice now was more like that from when she was human. Losing all the echo and chill entirely. And the veil that was meant to obscure her face would now ease in magic to simply present sheer.

Tenevi’s eyes would already be entirely shut by now, the cold and disinterested look on her face now planted. She gave a small bow as her greeting, opting to refrain from speaking for the moment. And Lonu, Lumi’s raven would be perched atop a branch at a nearby tree. Accompanying another raven by the name of Trygve, who sat back to observe the man further. “ You missed nothing, I’d say. All he did was keep reading the sign. You think something was interesting there I missed?”

” Doubtful. Maybe he reads slower than most?”


Guess what we fight? [FPHS – Pest Control/Lumikki] Img_0212


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#3Salem E. 

Guess what we fight? [FPHS – Pest Control/Lumikki] Empty Sun Apr 07, 2024 7:37 pm

Salem E.

Salem was focusing on his bubbles, well the snakes he was trying to make out of the bubbles. It was a good exercise. Salem was entirely focused on the bubbles he was making with water. The shape, the feel, the texture of the bubbles. He did not realize he came close to understanding a special type of make magic. Not that he would have used it. It was not his thing but he appreciated magic in all its forms.

The sound of someone talking to him made him dispel his magic. It took his brain a moment to register what was said. She was from the guild. That was an amazing coincidence. Out of everything he had come across before. He was not aware of the people in the guild too well. He looked at her to see if he could recognize her from the list of names he knew. It took a minute but her vast reputation allowed her to be placed. She was a heavy hitter in the guild and in Fiore.

“Oh, you must be Luminakki. I’ve heard about you. It is my honor to finally be able to meet you.” He did not realize he butchered her name. He just went on with it. “Those are some intelligent Ravens you have. I mean the species is smart as can be anyway, but you can tell these mana beasts are smarter.” Salem was not surprised to hear the ravens chattering about. The birds can do that normally. The fae just understood that they were speaking too clearly and intelligently. He chalked them up to being mana beasts instead of something like normal ravens. The rumors going around Lumi just made him believe he was close to the truth.

He would let Lumi respond before getting back to the task at hand. “I would normally not try to do a rush job when it comes to taking down rampant beasts but we should shake a leg. Longer we wait the more damage they could cause. I have a date here later and I would prefer for the place not to be ruined.” Salem spoke with a smile but he made sure to examine Lumi. The rumor mill had it going that she could be a daemon or even a demon. Salem did not know but wanted to make sure she was not. His disdain for the demon invaders could not be hidden. Just like how his boyfriend disliked humanity.

When ready Salem would grab his staff and be the first to rush into battle. He would use his surf spell, placing his staff underneath his feet and riding it along as fast as it would go. They would be waved through to the sauna area to start battle. They would be greeted by the site of five very large red rabbits. Hoping about, tearing up the very large area, taking out the mages fighting them, and terrorizing the guests. The place was an utter picture of madness.

One of the rabbits jumped into the air. As if it was a human in an action movie. The rabbit managed to land a flying kick into an attacking mage. Sending the poor fellow flying towards him. Salem sidestepped to allow the man to hit the wall instead. It would not make sense for him to take damage as well. It would be a bigger pain healing himself than someone else. The rabbit had a look of satisfaction as it saw the man go down. It stood on its hind legs and waved its paw as if goading them. Standing like this the rabbit looked more like a kangaroo. If it was not for the difference in tails and some ear stuff, it could have been mistaken for one.

Salem glanced at the downed man. He saw the chest rising and falling. He cast a low level healing spell. He did not care too much if a random person died, but it would be a pain if someone knew he could heal, then decided to hold it against him if he did nothing. The least he could do was keep the person alive, and keep the bad publicity away.

The moment the man started healing it was like the rabbit took offense. It thumped it’s furry leg as if trying to get Salem’s attention. It used the flying kick move again. Salem called forth a water wall to block it. Leaving the fae only a tad nervous. Healing and shields were his thing. When it came to fighting he needed a lot more practical experience than he had.

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It could seem odd that Lumi had no interest in correcting his mispronunciation, nor confirming any details with her birds. Instead, she reveled in it, finding it quite humorous. The Demoness didn't think it practical to be known completely, and as her reputation grew to her dismay, being known for conflicting things and obscure details suited her fine. After all, not many people could recant a fairytale with the perfect accuracy of what happened, and one who would prefer being a meddlesome observer to spread mischief and chaos, she did not think it pleasing for others to know her entirely.

" Aye, they are smart, aren't they? It's part of why I like to align with such birds." The Fae man would waste no time after her answer though, moving on quite rapidly to the task ahead. This would not bother her either as she also wanted to rid the area of excess heat sooner than later.

The pair would wander off to the sauna. Salem would arrive while riding a wave and Lumi would skate behind him. It had been a while since she did this, often flying for every little thing. The change of pace was something Lumi found quite pleasing and it would butter her mood up before they reached the chaotic scene. And chaotic it was, the area was quite the mess. Lumikki could hardly hold her laugh as she watched the mages struggle with large red rabbits. The beast almost seemed like they were in a frenzy.

In the next moment, a rabbit would send a man flying toward Salem who would sidestep it fairly easily. Though it would be the heal he offered that she'd find more amusing than the spectacle. Though the rabbit would not share her sentiments as he lunged forward for another attack, the Fae was hardly a slouch. His barrier would come up faster than his healing spell did.

Of course, Lumi would faintly be aware of his arsenal. The existence of his offense spells would not echo in her awareness like his supportive ones. So she would see the reason for her enlistment and play into it. " Those furs look nice enough to keep." She'd mutter as the shadows cast onto the floor by the rabbit warped into tendrils that would bind it and hold it into place. It tried to fight the grasp of her spell pointlessly. As Lumikki approached the beast, the floor would freeze under every step. Black frost flowers would stretch and grow in their place and the chill would hang in the air. Lumi would run her hand along the fur, examining if it was worth using. And with an indifferent nod, she decided that she'd take it.

As Lumi's hand reached for the throat the fur would frost over, sprouting more of her black crystal-like blossoms. When her palm pressed to its neck, the rabbit would frenzy once more with all the might it had left, but it would be futile. Her ice was spreading in its throat and cutting off its air and the black jagged shards would cut it from within so that it bled but not in a way that messed up her new fur. Once the life was drained, she willed her spell to toss it to the side and returned to watching the other mages struggle with their opponents.

Of course, her action would not go unnoticed by all. One of the rabbits that was stomping out a man would take notice. It would halt its attack immediately and charge for the Demoness instead. Only this beast would not be met with her magic but the talons of her harpy who was flying in the enclosure. Tenevi would dive down with talons outstretched, knocking the rabbit from the momentum of its charge. The harpy would not relent either as she willed the darkness among her feathers and the ground into a large black talon that would seize the beast before it began a new rampage and squeeze the life out of it within her magic's grasp. The rabbit would screech and squeal from the pain of its bones shattering in the grip, but the harpy did not care. She only wanted the sounds to end. So she perches atop the beast's shoulders to do away with the neck and the problem altogether.


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#5Salem E. 

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Salem E.

Salem had a relieved look on his face. The relieved look did not last long, but it was there for a moment. The man that Salem had healed was already in good shape. The fae was always a bit smug when it came to how he healed. He would be lying if he thought anyone could heal better than him at the moment. It was two elements that were made to heal working in tandem, along with his natural disposition.

The thing that took off his annoyed look, was how busted his so- called partner was. She took care of the rabbit that attacked his wall with ease. It lost momentum and stopped moving after it came in contact with his wall. She was able to take advantage of the situation and froze it. When the frost started to spread Salem felt uncomfortable. His body hailing from Desierto, he was used to the freezing nights a bit, even if he preferred the heat. It was something else about the ice that was bugging him. The chill did not feel right to him.

The moment Salem watched her kill the rabbit with her icy prowess, Salem was able to put it together. Her ice, like his water, was not pure. What it was mixed with he could only guess. Unless he managed to get a clear glimpse of a magic circle when she cast a spell he may never know. Even if he was pretty sure he could guess it correctly. The part that was not ice gave him too much of a familiar feeling. Anyway, one thing was certain. The guild he was a part of was so much stronger than he would have guessed.

“I gotta hand it to you. You are a powerhouse.” Salem made a joke to lighten the air, as he made a hand from water and tried to give it to Lumi. She was probably too busy dealing with another rabbit to notice his funny pun. “Well it would not be fair to let you handle all the work.” Salem cracked his neck a bit and decided to put in more effort. He was here for a job as well. He had to make sure it was done correctly.

He sat back on his staff, and rode it again like a witch on a broomstick. He decided to take on one of the five rabbits as well. His target was one that was trying to take out a small human child. Salem was fine if the rabbit wanted a meal but this human was too filled with fear. It would ruin the taste of the meat. Salem tsked as he shot a beam at it. It was another healing spell more powerful than the one he used on the man. In normal circumstances it would be a bad idea, but his disposition allowed him to control his healing magic to do damage when it hit enemies. It barreled into the flaming rabbit releasing steam and getting its attention.

Salem was one to always think several steps aside. When the rabbit turned around it got on all floors. Getting ready to hop. A wave of his hand caused water underneath it from the sauna to rise up and wrap around it, not actually keeping it from moving just having it wrapped. Then he directly had his staff go upwards, when the rabbit hopped like it was going after him. The wraps had it fall face first. Closing the short distance when it fell pretty much assured his victory, with a small dash he was above the rabbit. He moved his staff to grip it in his hand. Coming down with the force of gravity and a blue streak enveloping his staff. He made sure to hit it directly in the neck. A sound of snapping can be heard as the beast fell face first in the sauna waters.

Not wanting the spot for his future date to get marred with blood and dead rabbit. He simply used his magic to send it back out. That was enough to take care of that one. Salem went to find Lumi. They were the main people taking down the rabbits in question. “After this one. Do you think you can handle the rest? I can start on healing the injured and making repairs to the place.” Salem asked because he found the fighting to be a bit boring. The rabbits were not strong enough to be taken as serious opponents. He may as well get some good publicity out the way. That and take a rest. It would be annoying if he broke more of a sweat.

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It was in the periphery of her eye that Lumi noticed his water magic, forming into what appeared like a hand. Her gaze shifted to see it properly and a smile crept on her face. She found the little joke humorous and surprising. With all the mages she came across, not many would use their magic this way, it was disappointing. But that was probably because she was so used to her Nan's humor and artistry with her spells. She was hoping it would be more common.

Then Salem would do something else that she found quite satisfying. He took to the air with his staff beneath him. It was almost like some old stories of mages and their use of magic and staff. " Wonder if this shows his age?" She'd wonder to herself, despite what her eyes could tell. Much about him was still unknown as if certain details were lost to time. And the Fae before her had no interest in letting such factors be known. It would only add to his appeal though and now her intrigue was rising. Much like he had before plummeting down and impaling the rabbit. Lumi would clap her hands in applause as his attack was indeed more dazzling than most she's seen but she would be alone in the cheer as most others were distracted with their peril.

" Aye, if that's yer desire. I could make this quick." She would utter while breaking her clapping to swipe at the air. Two lavender magical circles would appear briefly before large black frost talons descended and clamped down on the remaining rabbits. It happened so suddenly that they barely had a moment to react. And as she squeezed her hands, so did her spell on the prey. They fell still just as quickly as they were grabbed.

" What made ye come here anyway?" The Demoness would inquire as she walked toward Salem at work. He was healing another human in that moment and Lumi would observe his spell at work. There was elegant grace in his magic, very different to her own. Where her's felt like the creeping wake of death, his seemed like it was brimming with the source of life. It was a delightful inverse to witness as she was a being built with the purpose of decay. Her preference for destruction was slow and inevitable, like the entropy of space and the crumbling of time. It gave her time to enjoy things before this world fell into oblivion, but she would save it from the abyss as this world was hers alone. No other Demon needed to hold influence here as far as she was concerned.

And as Lumi tried to spark conversation with her guildmate, Tenevi would drag the corpses of the rabbits elsewhere to be skinned. Lumi noticing her efforts, circled the air with a finger where a dark portal would manifest. She reached inside, fishing within the void until finally, she pulled out a key. With a small twist into the air like there was a door, a group of eight sprung out of thin air. Six would be men and two women. All were dressed much like one would expect a high-class servant would. For Lumi's, they were draped in clothes reminiscent of her homeland. Fashioning sparse bits of leather and furs as well as decorative linens. ." I need some of ye to help clean the spa of debris and ready the men for healing, while the others could get to work skinning and prepping the rabbits we fought in battle. I hope to make something of the furs, so if ya could get it ready it would help."

They took no time to heed her request and got to work with seldom a word. Leaving Lumi to get to pester her new friend in peace again. " Water is an impressive affinity to have, I often stare into the ocean to enjoy its unbridled strength. And the plethora of beasts it holds within would rival only that of the Abyss."

Guess what we fight? [FPHS – Pest Control/Lumikki] Img_0212


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