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Modification - Titania's Sidhe

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Modification - Titania's Sidhe Empty Sun Mar 10, 2024 5:58 pm



Name: Titania's Sidhe.

Slot: Modification.

Type: Race.

Class: -

Quantity: Limited.

Element: -


Description: Titania's Sidhe bestows supernatural powers to Fae and turns them into a Summer Court Fairy: Fae and Fairies all come from the same location, and are beings of pure mana. They are viewed as a very extension and personification of the Earth, its cycle of life and death and the nature of all things. As a Member of the Summer Court, your belief is that life and creation are the most important things. You look at the world as a blank canvas to hopefully leave a positive mark on it. Summer Court Fae/Fairy do not have the same morality as humanity, so them leaving a positive mark on the word could mean very different things to them and the human they just played a prank on: Summer Court fairies are said to be the most beautiful of them all, and while benevolent, they also rationalize any of the more negative deeds and aspects of their personality as doing the right thing.


  • The user must purchase this item from the Mysterious Merchant.
  • The user must be a Fae or Fairy.
  • Fae must have the Seelie Court contract to purchase this item, or be Contractless. If the user removes their contract while remaining a Fae, they will keep their access to this upgrade.

Effects (General)

  • Natural Font: The user and their allies have a 20% reduction to their magic spells and item spells. This effect will not apply to the same target more than once.

  • Fairy's Creation: Most Fairy crafted items are generally crafted by those of the Summer Court, given such a purpose by the Earth. Summer Court fairies may purchase a single item regardless of Availability. This item will automatically be treated as permanent as though it had been purchased off Lupin, and it's element will change to Nature element. It will be identified as "Fairy Item". The item is tied to this Modification, if the user loses Titania's Sidhe they will also lose their Fairy Item.

Effects (Fairy)

  • Fairy Item Channeling: The user is treated as though they had the Holder Magic enhancement for any Nature element item in their posession.


  • Name: Bosom of Creation
    Rank: S
    Mana Cost: 500
    Requirements: 50 RP Posts after this has been purchased
    Type: Supplementary/Healing
    Element: Nature
    Range: Topic Wide
    Cooldown: 1 Week
    Duration: Instant
    Effect: The Summer Courts most powerful spell is capable of bringing even the weakest back to fighting shape in record time or cause their enemies to falter at the last minute, the user holds out their arms wide, leaving themself vulnerable for a moment before a blast of nature energy fueled by their own pure mana floods out of them and into a radius of 20 meters, at spell speed. The Caster then decides one or more of the following effects at the time of the casting to place on anyone within the spell's radius. All effects can only be picked one per person per casting, paying the S rank cost for each effect. The user is able to use this spell, even if they are not able to cast support or healing spells and this can not be negated.
    • 1xS Regeneration (Can be used to regenerate limbs and fix Endurance Damage)
    • 2xS Instant Healing (Can be used only on Constitution and can not fix limbs or Endurance Injuries)
    • 1xS Rank Buff to Strength or Speed
    • 1xS Rank Debuff to Strength, Speed or Intelligence

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