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There's a Sucker For Almost Anything Isn't There?(Manzo.)

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There's a Sucker For Almost Anything Isn't There?(Manzo.) Empty Mon Feb 12, 2024 4:57 pm

For what was about to unfold, was something rather questionable and most likely as it went on people would see a pattern that in which one could pick up on what was going on. Jai-Han had made her way to the south, Close to more water and the seas to gauge many things she could consider.

But before Jai-Han dived into other problems she had. Some how just managing into a spot she most likely looked out of place in too. But Jai-Han never cared if she ever fit in, She if fit in she would be even more of a future problem at that point.

Given how lazy Jai-Han was if anything she was just finding a place to drink at this time and either taking other people's drinks or their money to buy drinks, Eventually some one would most likely catch Jai-han doing this at least for the moment she was just drinking away at this unknown to know her place seeming enjoying sitting down for a moment. Got her mind off of being shot, being beaten up and almost drowning. That last part she was trying to figure out how she lived wasn't important now.

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Another day another dollar, that was feeling of today. It was time to drown out the days issues with a cold one. That was the only thing on his mind right now and with any luck he'd have a date for the night on top of it. But before any of that could come to pass it was time for him to get down to the bar. Of course he had a few decent picks, but today he thought a nice view of the sea side would be a good change for him outside of the usual dimly lit pub.

The dragon of the south walked through the double doors of the bar, taking a quick glance around to see if his seat at the bar was open. Luckily for him it was, and that was fantastic news. He walk over and pulled the bar stool out and quickly took his seat. He waited for the bar tender to come over to him so he could order a nice cold drink for himself. He ordered a cold pint and took a big swig from it, making sure to get all the foam. It was an important part of the art of drinking.

There's a Sucker For Almost Anything Isn't There?(Manzo.) LGnxHvk

There's a Sucker For Almost Anything Isn't There?(Manzo.) Empty Wed Feb 14, 2024 2:08 pm

Jai-Han would most likely make the eventually make rounds again, casually limping about a bit more quietly as people were starting to drink more. She just needed to find the right person to steal a drink from. So far everyone just kind of boring drinks that really didn't hit the spot.

After all these people seemed to drink if anything weak drinks in her eyes. So much so at some point she just mutter."Jeez do all of these people just drink the weak stuff."Mutter for moment when she eventually would find an open spot to sit down at stool. Seemingly figuring she would finally just buy something herself, With some of the money she had yoinked off of people it was enough to get some thing to allow her to continue on she had some free money but knowing Jai-Han she was most likely going to forgot she needed to save money to eat something and spend it on drinking tonight.

These where just her normal habits. Thus she would wait until there was an opening walk into a section that was open next to Manzo and lean herself over it. In some manner this was normal of her because she would draw attention to anyone who tend to look at the figure of a woman, with butt slightly extend outward from the lean like Jai-han was some what intentionally leaving that out for some one to look at. With one arm resting on the bar top just however slightly under her breasts she would wait and order a tall glass of ale. Jai-han was waiting to see who would be looking at her figure so to say. To see who she could sucker into either giving her things or she could steal off of.


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"Yeah seems like there's no one here who loves to drink anymore." He said wtih a laugh as he peered over to the woman to his right. She was a shapely gal, someone who he could probably have a lot of fun with if he was after such a thing with a stranger. But as of right now he wasn't drunk enough for such an idea. "Got anything in mind for what you'd like to grow some hair on your chest? My treat."

Manzo didn't shelling out money in the pursuit of a decent drinking buddy, regardless of her looks. After such a long day decent company meant far more to him than anything else to be honest. Maybe this lady would be able to help him in that regard. Perhaps wetting her whistle would be enough to get her to engage in some friendly conversation?

There's a Sucker For Almost Anything Isn't There?(Manzo.) LGnxHvk

There's a Sucker For Almost Anything Isn't There?(Manzo.) Empty Fri Feb 16, 2024 12:20 pm

It seems some one kind of thought the way she did, if anything Jai-Han found this welcoming. Some one was not so seemingly bland and disappointing."Shame really, No one really seems to get the power of a good drink huh?"Jai would look back at Manzo as he answered because well some one finally talked to her. While other people she took from either their drinks or money started realizing some one was going around and taking their stuff. Jai-Han was at least smart enough to look like had no idea what was going on. When in reality she knew she took all of the things people might complain about where missing.

"You know what, I am a risk taker. surprise me. I am use to travelling on the season with pirates, I end up drinking a lot of Rum, Whisky, Grog, Sake, Ale and Beer. So you have options. Always harmless to offer a pirate rum."Manzo was given opens. But Jai-Han was a gambler so she was going to see what she got. It seemed if anything Manzo had Jai-Han's full attention at this time, in which if it is a good or a bad thing would be seen in the future.


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"I see I'm in the midst of another drinker. That's good, it's hard to find those these days. Let's see what i can get you on this here menu." Manzo said as he began to peruse the menu for something strong for his new drinking buddy. "Ah that settles it." He said as he made his decision on what the two would share. It was so obvious. It was to break out an old favorite."bar tender, two adios mother fuckers." He said with a big smile as he put the menu back down.

"Ah so you're a sea faring lass, that's pretty neat. I rarely get to drink with pirates I usually just end up hunting them for jewels." He said with a cheeky grin. He didn't mean anything by it, he was just stating a fact or course. He had been pretty well known for such things.

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There's a Sucker For Almost Anything Isn't There?(Manzo.) Empty Thu Feb 22, 2024 5:53 pm

Bingo, It seemed Jai-Han might have suckered some one else for the moment with out much effort. Either Jai-han's horribly attempts to lure people with low grade charm with her womanly features because she knew she some what had them and people often looked at them. Suppose she didn't need to linger off and steal anyone else's drink or money. But just how far could she take this? After all she wanted to know how far she could get.

This was also going to have her learn habits and tricks of other people."Sounds like something I would order just by the name."Jai-Han mentioned with a laugh because it was something she would call a drink, just slap it together and tell a person to drink it. But Jai-han has done that before during long sea travels with whatever they had at the time."Just looks a bit more fancy then how i make drinks."Jai-Han hinting that she made drinks before. But knowing pirates it was just a mix of whatever she could find.

The funnier part of stating that, It over all did not phase or bother Jai-Han at all, She heard her fair amount of threats."Well hunting them comes with the title of Pirate, It isn't as glamours of being a house wench."Jai-Han said not mentioning that she most likely had sold out a few pirates to their end or for some one to cash in their bounties, Why give away a good gig? it sometimes paid better then all of the cargo runs she use to do."As much as I could just about painting my face in a pretty dress. But that ain't me."She then laughed about it and took a drink.


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"I can't imagine you in a pretty dress honestly, now done up like a bunny girl serving drinks sure." Manzo said with a laugh as he rested his arm the the bar, resting his face in one hand and using the other to pour the drink into his mouth from his cup.

He did wonder if pirates ever engaged in such lewdness, but perhaps that was his years inside of the blue Pegasus guild hall talking. They did have a propensity for exquisite amounts of hedonism after all. Though he had never suggested people go and do what he had just mentioned.

Perhaps he was feeling this alcohol all the more, he hadn't had much to eat today. He should probably order something. He motioned for the bar keep to come over and he ordered chicken wings to help soak up the amount of alcohol in his system. Nothing good could come from being sloppy.

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Jai-Han was not scared to seemingly continue this effort and in some manner the efforts of suggestion where entertaining for him. But she drank away pondering if such an outfit would be needed to sucker this man even more."You fancy me a drink maker, I doubt I could make any thing good aside from randomly thrown together Swamp Water or Grog." Most likely their just mixes of anything on the ship and told to drink.

That is if Jai-Han spared them any because she was greedy for the most part. But the bunny outfit on a pirate such as herself. It was only interesting because in some manner even if she did not express. Jai-Han doubted this man had such an outfit that would fit her. She would test the calm waters so to say to see what would happen."Oh? Do you have a fitting bunny girl outfit for me to try on to put this to the test?"She would see if he had the means to get one. Because it was just now to see how far this would go.

"After all maybe after a few drinks, I might be willin' to throw it on."Jai-Han then laughed about it. Because it sounded entertaining to her at that moment. After all a part of her did not think he would actually agree to this and buy her more drinks for such a thing. Unless she was just that good at this time. For now she would not finish her drink until she knew he would buy more. Gotta make your freebies last long.


There's a Sucker For Almost Anything Isn't There?(Manzo.) Empty Sat Apr 13, 2024 9:42 am


"A few drinks is usually all it ever takes to a get a girl in some state of undress around these parts." Manzo said with a laugh as he turned his attention back to his drink, and now food that had been brought before him. He began to eat a few of them and wiping his fingers off on a napkin before turning his attention back to his drinking partner.

"Good thing for us I drink for free everywhere in this city as the Ace of Blue Pegasus." He said with a laugh as he motioned for the bar tender to bring her another drink, same as the one he had them serve her before. "Oh yeah I have a bunny outfit, you never know when a party is gonna break out in this town." He said with another laugh, he wanted to see if this pirate was about to hold her word as well as he could hold his.

There's a Sucker For Almost Anything Isn't There?(Manzo.) LGnxHvk

There's a Sucker For Almost Anything Isn't There?(Manzo.) Empty Sun Apr 14, 2024 1:49 pm

In some manner she had to ponder just how many Blue Pegsus members would be this easy to get along with, After all if it was entirely this easy she could easily sucker a few them into the seas, At least she thought that way."Oh weak drinkers or weak willed?"Seemed like the best way to know that part she was curious about. It could be useful later after all if a chance came up for it, But with knowing what she did about the blue pony guild, Jai-Han doubted she was gonna to get many volunteers from them.

But it was just another thing to keep in mind to think over. But she would be clever about it."Well I might be willin' to risk that free everywhere part."Jai-Han had to ponder where she could take this to start going places. On one hand she wanted free things, On the other hand there was other things she was slowly trying to figure out while she was still ashore.

She just merely had to think."And a gamble so to say, Get me a drink your brain be thinkin' i can't handle. If I drink it with out problems I don't wear the outfit, If I do end up havin' a problem. I have to wear the outfit."Jai-han issued the challenge to see what would happen. It was pretty entertaining in her mind.

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