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Room of Angel (Open)

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Room of Angel (Open) Empty Wed Aug 02, 2023 12:08 pm

He has went to Orchidia for the past week. Like a daily visit, ever since he found the church that the town had. While it is true that Elise told him about it. He never really noticed it or came across it in its travels

But now that he has seen it, he would come over and visit it. He hoped maybe religions icons and prayers would help him ease his pain. He never got to turn to religion for help. But he wasnt sure of its success rate. He didnt know if religion just opened old wounds. Though question is, are they really old wounds if they never healed. They were old, but still hurt like they were fresh. Its just guilt and imagery like that doesnt go away. It doesnt leave a man. The red doesnt leave. The only thing that can help him at least numb it was alchohol. Thats why he was drinking as he was walking through Orchidias streets to the church. He hoped that would help. But maybe going drunk to a church wasnt the smartest idea either. It was either drinking or question or doing both or this.

Once he finished the bottle, he just tossed it to the nearest trash. Revealing he wasnt 100% intoxicated, otherwise he'd just toss it where ever. He still had some semblence of being. Though as he walked, he stopped around halfway point to the church and just found a place to sit. He needed to figure out a way how to deal with this.
It is true, he never opened up to anyone about this. But how could you. All he could do was mourn in peace. It just hurt so much that even getting drunk doesnt help. At least he's in Orchidia. He couldnt allow someone from Paradise Dawn to see him be a mess like this.


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The sun was descending its highest point. It was beginning to droop in the sky. The clouds were showing hits of shadows and an orange hue crept to the horizons.

A lone raven flew in the sky of Orchidia, freshly done with a quest near by and was now hunting local bars. Her eyes were keen and scanning below to find anything interesting to visit until the night. She often hopped around the choices as she didn't find one yet she would want to local. On her hunt for the best option she passed the church that she overlooked every time. Never interested in the sort of thing, there was no comfort there for her especially with how she was. A Daemon would never find home in a place of that making, and with her primordial gods, she found plentiful peace. So per usual it had gone unnoticed but the sight of some thing else did not.

Even with the distance she was, Lumi could make out the form of a fellow member. Alex a good friend to her precious mate Tamas, was sitting alone on a bench. Looked to her that he was pondering life but even with her eyes, she simply could not tell.

And so she went to him, lowering her glide sooner than she had expected and perching herself to the back end of the seat next to him. "Penny for yer thoughts mate? If ye are also hunting bars then we could seek it together."

She was a raven so often that she usually assumes it became just as normal to the others. Whether Alex was aware, she did not know. She looked to him to see how he'd respond. Eager to perk the guy up from his woes. After all they were all haunted from something, but there was no need to face it alone.

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He was wallowing in his own despair. Quietly weeping and mourning his loved on. He wished to be alone. Hence he was far away from the guild hall. Though despair overtook him before he got to the Orchidia chruch. He didnt notice a certain avian landing and perching herself to the back end of the seat of the bench.

Hearing the familiar voice scared the hell out of him, it made him jump a bit. He looked around and saw the bird. He immediatelly went to wipe any remnants of sadness from his eyes and went to follow the girls subject
"Oh um... what did you say? Bars? Yeah sure. Bars are good. Are you thirsty? Eh,.... what brings you here actually?"
Yeah, that was a smooth save. Smooth as sandpaper.
This was embarassing, she scared him half to death and now saw him in this pathetic and wallowing state.
He sighed, might as well get more drunk


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Lumi hoped to the shoulder of Alex and nuzzled his cheek. He tried to hide it but she already saw. Though it was not her place to say or ask. She cared but not enough to pry.

"Aye mate, ye know what? I'll just take ye to my favorite place. Think it's a good time for something nice don't ye think."

Lumi hoped of Alex toward the floor, feathers shifting around her until her woman form was revealed. She was wearing a short grey dress and boots. Her hair in two massive buns and the feathers of ravens poking out of them. She would look over to Alex expectantly as he would humor her to get and and follow. She lead the way down the roads and alleys, rambling on about the things on her mind. She knew they didn't matter to him and it was imposing on his thoughts, but she felt he needed a break from the inner workings of his mind.

She stopped before an alley, "Ah were finally here!" she would say before dipping inside. Passing the many open door to vendors and restaurants before entering the one she wanted.

"Carla love! Could I get two strong ones today!" Lumi shouted to be heard. A stout woman from the kitchen poked her head out to greet her. "Sorry it's been a while, dragged another guild mate of mine though. But be gentle woman, he's not in the mood for yer infernal pestering!"

An older Dwarven lady stepped out to greet them. Sighing as she made her way over. "Ye make me out to sound like a menace my dear. Ye know an old hag like myself just got to enjoy the small things." She looked over Alex and mulled him over. "This ones an old one himself aye, still handsome all the same," she winked. "Ye be watching over me girl I hope. I won't accept less from a member of the Dawn aye." Carla left to her kitchen to prepare.

Lumi groaned as Carla started. The woman was like her second mom. When Lumi first came around this city taking on stray quests, she so happened to meet this dwarven woman and was dragged and invited to a meal. Every since, Lumi would come visit, bring back little gifts and stories. Always trying to keep Carla some company or cooling her kitchen in days to hot to cook. Carla knew she had the lass' heart, and Lumikki hated that she knew it. All the same she loved her too and would come to eat here any time she felt down.

Lumi dragged Alex to her favorite table that over looked a window. It was a table for two. She took her seat and waited for him to take his. "This here is my secret spot, but it won't be secret long. Maybe I could make it a place Dawn comes to, Carla would love the company. She's a good woman but an even better cook and her drinks here are the strongest in this watered down city. I'll tell ye that. If ye ever come in the morning I recommend a dwarven brew, its my regular. Its a coffee blend from around my home parts mixed with a hardy liquor. It really gives ye the will to be awake in the mornings when ye have a mission nearby."


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It was easy for her to hop on his shoulder since he had a shoulderpad which made it roomy for her to land. Though as much as he tried to hide the pain, she still managed to see it. Although mostly because she caught him by surprise.
She offered to take him to her favourite place and soon hopped off his shoulder to the ground, before her true form being revealed
"Oh I know you. You're that girl that Tamas...." realized what he'd say he stopped "Nevermind" yeah it was not his place to butt in with romance or people liking eachother.

He decided to follow her as she spoke about some things. He didnt know what she was talking about since he was out of the loop, but he appreciated what she did, because he understood what she was trying to do.

She stopped in an alley and claimed they were finally here.. Coincidentally, he frequented this place before. He had stayed in Orchidia before joining Paradise Dawn, so he tracked a fair amount of places to drink. Sleeping Calamity didnt turn out as he hoped.

The guild mate whose name escapes him called out to Carla and made the order for the two. Luckily, Alexandre didnt frequent this place too much so he was mostly just a passing face to Carla. He hoped she didnt remember him or any ramblings he might have said. Although as the dwarven woman spoke, it seemed she didnt. Which was relieving. Though she did call him handsome which was unexpected but weirdly welcome.
"Uhm yes. I will. She is in good hands" just not with him, but with his comrade.

Soon enough his guild matedragged him to her favorite table that over looked a window. It was a table for two. She took her seat and he did so as well. The girl would speak and explain this is a secret spot. Which just confused him a bit of why sharing with her. Well, he had a vague idea. It seemed like a ploy 'i tell you my secrets and you tell me yours'. Thats at least how he thinks.
"Oh I see. Um, thank you... whats your name again?"
Yeah the minimal interaction between the two caused him to not really know her name. All he knew was that she was a daemon and used ice.


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“Ye could call me Lumi mate,” she answered so matter a factly. It didn’t bother her that he couldn’t remember her name because she didn’t expect him to. They hardly got to hang out often since the man was more to his own devices. Tamas could be the same way himself but he got used to her tagging along.

She didn’t know what bothered him but she figured she could at least leave him full and drunk for the moment. Life becomes so much more bearable when one has their fill.

“How’d ye meet Tamas the iron golem? It’s quite nice knowing he had friends before joining the guild. It’s curious to wonder how the man lived prior with is stubborn disposition to do things the hard way nd alone.”

Carla made her way back with pints of her strongest ale, setting them on the table before them. “Took a moment at put a name to a face dear, but ye used to visit me restaurant till ye didn’t. I wonder what came of ya Alex but its good ta know ye found ya a more busier guild. Things haven’t been the same for the guild round these parts since they faced up Dawn. Been sleeping since, and I’ve been missing quite the few faces for it. Sometimes I catch myself wondering where they’re off to.”

Lumikki took a sip of her ale sweetened with some honey before inquiring.’Why’d they bother Dawn of all places anyway? With that annoying angel, it would make anything up our direction not worth the trouble.”

“Show respect lass, that Seraphim does well by the North. Ye saw what happened with Chaos Eclipse when they had thought him gone. As to the quarrel, heard it was over some petty feud. Whose to say now. But food will be over shorty.” Carla made her way back to the kitchen and Lumi gulped down more of her drink.


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"Pleased to formally meet you. My name is Alexandre" he said as they finally met for real and not just passing by in terms of some party like the ice skating one or pool party or just passing by in guild hall.

As the girl spoke, she seemed curious how he met Tamas. "Oh, well... through battle. I was the guy who tried to rob him. Granted I had nothing to lose, so I went at him. Then again, I still dont have anything, so not much has changed. Although if you're curious about Tamas, I could tell you a bit about him. But just a bit" as much as he did know about the 'iron golem', he didnt want to reveal just everything. Mostly because it didnt feel right and figured its best Tamas opens up and tells her things about himself. Just like he did with him.
Speaking of revealing things, one thing he told Lumi now is a bit of a hint why he is down. He has nothing.

And now as they got their drinks, much to his dismay, the woman did end up recognizing him. He at least hoped he didnt say anything bad when drunk. He just nervously smiled and waved to her "Nice to see you too. Ah yes, I have joined a guild"
He took a drink and listened to the two ladies interact. Indeed, it seemed Paradise Dawn had quite a foothold here. And he hoped their guild would be like this in the West. In any case, while the guild Tamas was thinking up would be a perfect home for his kind. He wagered that it could fill up a power vacuum that was happening. As much as the people of Paradise Dawn were pleasant. It was never good to have a monolopy of power. The scales could tip. And while the seraph was benevolent and immortal. You never know if something could happen where a darker force takes hold. Granted Alexandre wasnt the nicest guy either. He doesnt know where his morality stands. He was a bit lost in a limbo. Should he do good and seek redemption for his past misdeeds or should he relish in the carnage.


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”It’s fine, ye told me all I need of him. He’s a private man and I like waiting ta see what he’ll let me know. You’ll just ruin the fun. Of course, learning how the two of ye met was a must. He’s a tad dry on the story telling see. I’m glad ye use more words.”

Lumi broke out into a laugh from her words. Tamas was an odd one among odd ones. Yet that gave him a lot of charm. She drank more of her ale and let it settle in. Leaning her elbows on the table and resting her head on her palm. She looked out the window as she spoke almost like she was half there and half gone. Like she was digging somewhere deep.

”Ye know, we all have nothing in some regard. Feel yer grief but let it die. Not to say its easy, as a Daemon I know, but ye said it perfectly yourself. Ye got nothing ta lose.“

Lumi shifted her focus looking directly in his eyes. Her gaze somewhat piercing but caring. “But if ye want something to call yer own mate, you’ll have to forge it. Temper the steel with yer grit till yer happy to call it yer own. But ye can’t can ye, cause it ain’t true that ye got nothing. Ye holding onto something ya should of long let go since ye prob had it when ye crossed Tamas.”

She broke her gaze to chug the rest of her ale. Droplets running down the corner of her mouth and sliding down her neck. She let out a long sigh of relief when she came back up for air. Enjoying the satisfaction of finishing off her drip. By the time she looked back at Alex there was a goofy smile on her face again

“All of this guild was dealt a hard hand. Won’t ask of yers, it ain’t me place to know. I respect ye made it this far and I hope ye find yer peace.”


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It seemed that she wanted to learn more about Tamas from him. That is respectable. But he assumes there might be a bit of a wait for her. Because if he's right, then their relationship would be a different one.

As Lumi spoke, he'd listen and nod. While also occassionally drinking. But in the end he'd shake his head
"Its not that ..." he needed to knew how to vocalize it "It cant die. Not when its your own fault. When it haunts you every day. There will be no peace. The fact that I'm here is a reminder...." he drank more and emptied his glass. And he got right down to the point. Maybe he was getting drunk, hence why being blunt
"You see, what happened was.... I killed my own wife and son... It was years ago. An accident... instinct.... All I wanted to do was help..." he holds his head.
Life dealt him a terrible hand. Not once, but twice. First losing his parents as a child. And then losing his wife and son to him. How can someone lose their family twice. It hurt him.
He cant wash away his guilt. He can only numb it


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Lumikki caught Murlo, an employee here, in the corner of her eye. She held up two fingers and the man nodded in response. She kept her main attention on the one before her. Soaking in his pain and guilt emphatically. Giving him his moment. His mourning agitated at her Obscura, but it wasn’t anything she couldn’t tuck away.

Murlo was quick to bring over more ale, Lumi pushing his drink closer to Alex. She gulp down more of her ale as she processed all he said. This took mindfulness and respect. So she handled it with care.

“Aye, that’s a demon if I ever heard one. A mighty shit hand. I can see why ye can’t walk away no matter how many years pass it by.” She paused for a moment to think it over some more, sipping some more of her ale in between the thoughts.

“I never got the choice to be a Daemon, nor the grace of making a pact. Me father nd his shortcomings, became one. Probably long before he met me Mum. Cause he got lost just before I was born. What ever Demon he pacted claims he had a hand in making me, told me so himself. So when me Nan died, guess who came a knocking in me head. It was that fucker, and here I am. Plague by have two fathers that did me no good. The Obscura eating away at me all the time and I have to fair it alone”

The air around her started chilling and the shadows began to lean toward the Daemon as if they were called comfort her.

“But you aren’t alone.” A voice whimpered in her thoughts, but Lumikki pressed on. “Now I have too many voices than I would like in me head and the dread of knowing I’ll become a monster if I ain’t careful.” she fished for something in her bag before pulling out a little charm that resembled a flower and placing it on the table. “I tell myself if I direct it a monsters, it won’t count. I can act on the worst parts of me nature and it would be heroic. I can pretend that I am as valiant as me Uncle cause I’m just a monster killing monsters. And sure I like it, maybe a little more than I’d like. But it’s so easy to slip the ice when ye start making mindless excuses. “

Lumi gulped the rest of her ale gesturing for more to be brought. She already started in her tangent and sobering up was no longer an option. ”During the Joyan war I told myself I was killing monsters. I danced at the opportunity to slaughter as long as I could find a fault in them to convince myself it was fine. Eventually I was met with a pair. A man and woman, two shinobi tasked with defending their camp. They were quite the fight, gave Brone a hit that even shook him albeit for just a moment. But it was fighting the woman….fighting Hanabira, the I was reminded just how blurry the line becomes when ye see all yer enemies like beasts. Ye start to lose yourself and yer humanity all the faster. The lass was like looking at myself, something to prove, protect, and fight for. Her partner coulda been just like me Uncle. Yet here I was on her land toying with her like some hare. Carving at her like the monster I didn’t want to be.”

Lumi picked the charm back up and raised it to Alex’s face. “Sometimes for folk like us, we need reminders. Sometimes we lose control in fighting our demons and making excuses. All ye can really do is prove ye could stick to it and do the hard thing. Ye ain’t doing yer fam or yourself any service holding this in to the point ye crack and crumble. Ye owe it to ‘em to just BE better. As I owe it to her ta never forget my humanity or blur the lines so carelessly just cause it feels good.”


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He nodded and listened to her. Although when he had the chance, he spoke "But you are not alone" coincidentally as the same time as her inner voice. "All your struggles are not to blame. They were predetermined. And I think you can persevere."He'd listen to her and nod. As well as drink.

"Ah the Joyan war. I was supposed to go there. But as I was preparing. I believe there was a mistake or something and I didnt get to travel. But I heard about it"
he drank and drank as he listened to her more

"I am curious though. You are a daemon. But you are not like any I have met. There is a daemon I met. He uses fire more. Savage one, proudly wears the Pear of Anguish on his belt. And uses a branding iron as his main weapon. An armourer, a jailer, a torturer that one. He went off to join another guild. I am unsure was it Utopian Demise or Eternal Nightmare." but he focused back on the main point "Before I digress. What I mean to say. You arent like other daemons. So since you arent bloodthirsty as them. Do you actually seek a more peaceful life? Truthfully, if one has a dilemma of inner darkness and temptation by violence. Isnt then the best choice to settle down and only use violence to defend oneself and loved ones?" he asked

Eventually their conversation would go on to the topic of reminders. He nodded and took out his own reminder, which was a locket.
"Some reminders are good. Some only bring pain." he looks at it but doesnt open it "I cant bear myself to get rid of it. But looking at it only brings me pain. It is... paradoxical. Its both good and bad for me. Honestly. I dont know what to do with myself... My life has no urgency. No drives or goals. I just do as I am told."
He had a life, something that was all set. Everything fell in place. And he fucked it up. It was going back to square one. A huge setback with maximum amount of pain. He had no idea how to even get over it, get past it. How to let the wounds heal. His head was still stuck back then. A reminder is all he had.
"I do wonder actually... Do I owe it to them to be better? I mean... I dont feel I deserve it. I know I do deserve this pain... I only did harm to people.... It is like you said. You start to do what you feel is right. But at a certain point, it is excuses. What I did starte as a necessity and then a pleasure. And perhaps an excuse"
DID he have to go out to support his family? DID he have to go out and rob some innocent people he'd kill just to bring a boon home? He probably didnt. Most likely didnt. He was a stay at home father and wanted to make himself useful and do more. Or was it that he missed the thrill and wanted to do a job. He cant even remember what is the truth and what is warped.
He just held his head and said "Im a monster. I dont deserve any good. I dont even deserve this. How can I move on? I dont know what to do"


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“Aye, I’m one of the last of the pact of honor Daemon to be made. It’s grants me at least the freedom to do what I must long as I stick to my creed. But me Pa had only raised me on honor anyway so I wouldn’t live any other way. Still this itch gots to be sated. Can’t pretend to be what I’m not and let it catch me the moment my guards down. I am the catalyst for a monster and I could live with it long as I maintain my honor. My dream down the line is to get strong enough to become my own Demon so I may meet my father and tear him apart myself. I’ll tear down any other Demons down the line while I’m at it. Hopefully a few Seraphim if the Guild Master believes I’m strong enough to join him.

Murlo placed down another set of drinks and took the last pitchers back. The food was almost ready he stated before heading back.

”I don’t wanna peaceful life. When I was a lil girl me Nan would read me stories and I want to make my own. My Uncle’s done it, I just hope I just hope I don’t show up a monster in mine…..”

Lumi sipped at her ale as she listened. Nodding along to the points she sympathized with. She fully understood his pain of existing within a back and forth paradox. She is a good person deep down herself but one simply could not fight the Obscura easily. At least not at first.

”Ye over think the matter mate. You’ll never atone in the way you’d wish. Ye are chasing a divine punishment that’ll never come meanwhile you’ve been the warden of yer own hell all these years. So long lost in yer anguish ye keep doing the same thing over nd over. When are ye gonna end it for good.”

Lumi leaned far back in her seat to the point that it tilted with her. She steadied her balance as she looked up to the ceiling. She was getting a little frustrated with his need to rehash the same pain. It defeats the point she thought, you’d have to be more than you were eventually. She sighed deeply before she began again.

”You’ll never forgive yourself and ye don’t have to. It’s not important anymore. The point is yer cycle is doing ya no good. Yer wasting some failing to yer pain when ye could be making it up to ‘em. Ye wife deserves better than this mate. Temper yer pain and do everything that would of made her proud. Pay yer debts with the work that must be done till ye die. If it was Robbin that got ye here then ya know where to start. Ye ain’t weak no more mate, nor are ye alone. So this need to slink back as if yer fresh off the streets is a waste of yer time. Tamas wants te build a guild for folk like ye thought ye both are already one of ours.” She slapped her thigh the bore the tattoo hard.

“Ye already have a friend and family yet ye wanna wallow like ye got none. Mate! We are hear for ye. Like I’ve said, we’ve all lost. Ye ain’t any less for yers. But times come that the feeling is peaking cause it’s time to do something different. There’s woman and children now that need ye. It’s time to get to paying.”

Murlo returned with to massive plates of food. Mashed potatoes with thick and savory gravy served with slices of cube steak and shrimp on top. He placed them on the table. “Heh sorry for the wait Lumi, ye know how Carla could be in the kitchen sometimes. Hope ye enjoy it.” Lumi smile and nodded as he turned to walk away. Immediately stuffing her mouth with a massive spoon full of mash and cooling it just enough not to burn her. She was too impatient when she eats.

”Look mate, ye did real bad. But now it’s time to actually make up for it. I need ye to draw up a new creed and new standard. And stick to it, evolve it. Direct it to the good ye feel ya need to bring into the world and make yer peace that it’s all you’ll ever get for closure. The time for grief is over. It’s time to make it up to ‘em. Make her proud. And I’ll be here tinkering along with ye helping ya in the harder things. It’s what I want ta do. So don’t wander needlessly alone, ye lost the luxury to do it how you’d prefer it. The is no running either. I’m sure to find ye with these keen eyes of mine. So let’s get to work, but first let’s eat. Misery loves hunger mate. ”

She began to gorge in her meal hungrily. The taste of gravy killing her remaining senses. She was thoroughly enjoying her meal.


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He listened to her words. Though the seraphim part made him uneasy. Less what she said, but more about her or his too guildmaster. Yuurei was a seraph, right? Why would he tear down his own kind? He is more understanding of Lumikki and her plight, but doesnt know Yuurei's story. The idea of a seraph killing seraph was not a pleasant one because he didnt know who is the villain here. He certainly doesnt want to be involved in that.

As the drinks arrived, he'd continue to drink more. She'd explain how she doesnt want to settle down. She wants to create a legacy and be like her uncle. Though the next thing she did speak was a bit eye opening to him which made him think. He did try to ration it out. Or as much as he could while drunk. So he ask "So, how does one end it?... If I could, I'd do it right now"
She worded things in a way he never considered. And he did believe she was right. He just needed to move on somehow. Time heals all wounds. Perhaps he was the one that kept the wound open. But how does he let go? The cheesy option would be to find love. But.... he's not really.... marketable for that. Kinda past his prime and no one in their right mind would want a guy like him.

He was in a bit of a deep thought. He looked at the locket, which was a grim reminder of his past and pain. Part of him considered throwing it away. But that would be too cold. Although maybe he could leave it elsewhere. But for that he'd need to actually go home. Which now that he thinks about it. Since they are gone, he is technically the owner and inheritor of that place. While its is nice to have some real estate... he thought that place isnt the healthiest for him. But he could leave the locket there, at least it would be safe. Going to the grave and leaving it there is just inviting grave robbers. And he knew their kind and how they operated.
He shook his head and he needed to stop. Stop thinking about them. Lumikki was right. Perhaps enough was enough. He needs to get a move on. So what should he look forward to? What would be his goal? He was helping Tamas form his guild. Though he was failing at it
"I guess, I need to stop. Or maybe not talk about it" he looks at the drink and considers taking it, but for now pushes it away
"No.... I cant... Drink I mean. It makes me a mess. I need to get myself together. I guess I can help Tamas form his guild. Althoigh originally the 4 of us were supposed to go to different guilds to learn how everyone leads and operates... to make the best one. Learn from others mistakes. " he explained as he tried to change the subject a bit


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Lumikki smirked at Alex pushing away the drink. She lowered her hand to the top of the mug and iced the opening. Sealing the ale away from further thinking. She was quite proud with his choice to make the first step.

“I’m proud of ye mate. Taking the first step already, just know I’m behind ye to watch over that ye follow through. There are many ravens watching ya could say. But on that note I’ll always step in when needed. Isn’t easy work staving off being a monster. But the work worth doing is usually hard. I learned my fair share livin with dwarves. Hell if ye wanna start figuring things out, they would make good company to help temper the plan. If yer travels to learn how to lead a guild ever take further North, ye can visit my city of Fjallgard and tell ‘em ye know me.”

She dug into her meal further and allowed Alex to settle his thoughts. Pushing his plate further to him as a gesture he should eat. The work that needed to be done could only be done over time.


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He nodded and was focused on his thought. That is until he noticed her push the plate. He had completely forgotten about the food
"Thank you" he said and pulled and proceeded to eat his meal.

Between taking a new bite of food. He would use the opportunity to speak "I'm sorry you had to see me like that. I didnt want anyone to see me that way.... Its a bit embarassing. Its not really a good first impression" he continued to eat.

He felt the most important thing was to apologize for such a heavy handed topic. Sometimes, he does wallow in his own despair and the pain just swallows him up and makes him a mess. Its especially not how he wanted to meet someone. He definitelly wished he met Lumikki under better circumstances. But he cant dwell on that either. He needed to move forward. He needed to find a goal. One though was to get stronger. He worked with Drakkon, but the guy didnt give him good vibes. He figures he should train to protect himself. Just in case. Maybe it was paranoia. Or maybe it was elderly knowledge and experience. But his instinct told him to prepare himself


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”Meet like what mate, we’ve met plenty of times already. And yer already family. There’s nothing to be sorry for either, I enjoy helping out. And this won’t leave the two of us either, yer business is not mine to tell. So take the time straighten out in peace. We all got out moments and break downs to manage, no one could pretend they’re any better.”

Lumi went back to her meal, letting Alex eat in peace. When Murlo showed up to check on them, she requested juice for herself and let Alex choose the drink of his own. She decided if he wasn’t going to drink any further, then neither would she. She was content with this and the outcome of their first meeting.

”What kinda magic ye practice mate, hope we work together lots in the future. Even when yer off to ya new guild.”

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He also entertained the idea of a juice. Perhaps it be the better option for him. Now as the chatted, she asked what magic he does. He scratched his head when he realized she didnt know. After all, he saw her magic. But she didnt see his
"Well, I am an ice elemental like you. But I am a Dragon Slayer" he answered her with a brief and to the point answer.

Frost Dragon Slayer. Thats what he was. But its not like he got to actually slay dragons. 6 years ago when some dragons actually attacked, he was still in prison. He glanced at the alcohol, but just sighed
"My magic isnt anything special. I hear your ice is much more impressive. I had a bit of an interregnum" basically a fancy and more archaic word, meaning an interval or pause between two periods of office or other things. In his case, he had a period of pause from any action since he was in prison.


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"Aye, don't mind the level of me ice. I've been doing it for years since my Nan taught me and I didn't even get serious on how to use it in battle since I joined the guild. Ye could say the same applies to ye. We pretty much started the same way, fuck all till it was time to do all. And look at it this way, this makes us kin. What I learned I could share with ye and vice versa."

A massive smile stretched across Lumikki's face. She was ecstatic to meet another frost mage, though her Uncle used ice it was through items.

"Think of it Draginkin, what better time was it ta meet? We could get ye off to ya goals even faster than if ye were tinkering alone. Aye, I think we could turn yer woes around. So let me know when ya need some help in crafting yer magic, I live in the library half the time anyway."

She gulped down her juice and enjoyed the sweetness and the moment. She never thought she would bond with Alex today, nor like this, but she was rearing to help him along his way.


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The girl had a huge but incredibly sweet smile to her. She seemed really happy to have met a fellow ice mage. Hell, it seems that even earned him a nickname. Dragonkin, now thats cute coming from her. Ok, this girl definitely lifted his mood.

he said and offered her a fist bump as a sign of camaraderie and teamwork for the forthcoming future.
After that he'd take a drink of the juice to finish it "Library? Interesting. I guess I could join you there. Used to like reading and learning new things. Could be fun to try and do some old hobbies." surely many new books were printed and made during his absence.

Eventually he'd finish both his meal and drink
"Ok, so what would you like to do now? Do you want to go back to the guild or do you have something else in mind?"
Now he was interested to see what would happen. He didnt expect his day to go this way, so he was intrigued what she had in store next.


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Lumikki looked out the window to check the light outside. There was still a lot of day left from what she could muster. It would be a waste and a drag to get back home just yet and so she give the prospects thought. Drinking, one of her favorite pastimes was firmly off the table. Yet she figured there were things they could still do if she thought about it or maybe even looked around.

She sipped at her juice as she mulled it over. Finished it off like she had with her meal. In her thought, she didn't notice Carla making her way over. "How'd ye like it, I'm figuring it hit the spot. Nothing like a hardy meal to set the fire ablaze aye?" Lumi looked over to her Ma ready to chime right in."Heh, it's like I told him, no place around here matches the food. We want to walk off the food Ma, do ye have suggestions."

The woman grabbed her chin and gave it thought, took a bit until she could settle on an answer. "If I remember correctly lass, there's an event not far off by the edge of the markets. Most folks down there are showing off their art for sale and viewing. Though there are a few stalls out there as well, some fine work too. It's by the river near Chider if ye want to poke yer head and see."

Lumi fished the jewels from her purse and handed them to Carla as she rose from her seat. "Sounds like a good way to pass the time for us aye. It's too early to head back and on a full stomach too." She began to make her way to the door and waited for Alex to come follow.

"Lass ye know I don't care for yer jewel here, and looking it over this is far too much. Ye silly girl, you'll never save for the things ye need for yer adventures if ya keep spending it here."

"Spare me ya old hag, ye know yer worth more. Take it and let me have the peace I need that yer doing fine." Lumi was just out the door now as she didn't want to argue about the pay.

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He nodded "The food was great. Just what the doctor ordered" indeed, the meal came in quite clutch. He was satisfied with the lovely meal. But he didnt know what to do next. He considered turning in for the day and having a nap. But he thought that might be bland and boring for Lumikki.

So he was fine with something else. Lumikki asked their patron if they had any advice, and they said that there was an event at the markets. He wanted to pay his share of the meal, but it seems that Lumikki insisted. He told her he'll pay her for that later. He made his way over to Lumikki and waved bye to their patron who gave them the meals

So as they made their leave, he spoke "So to the markets. Are you a person who is into art?" he didnt know if he was. He enjoyed books. But he never got the arts. Unless music counts as art


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"Don't think on paying me back, this was a treat on me. It would cross me the wrong way if ye tried." Lumikki made her way the crowd picking up within the alley. There seemed to be a lot of activity and traffic at the moment, which could probably be from the fair. Lumikki did her best to stay in this form, bypassing it as a bird would be easy but it would mean leaving Alex behind.

Once they finally made their way back out of the alley where there was more space to move and breathe, Lumikki finally entertained his question. "Arts is a very broad term mate. Ye got paintings on the wall and paintings for stories. Ye got music and crafting. I personally picked up a harp myself and am polishing my skills to wild it for my craft. Though I learned to sculpt with ice from me Nan."

Lumikki glanced at Alex for a moment before holding out her hand and letting ice form. The likeness of Alex as a bust manifested from her dark frost and it was very much a perfect rendition of the man at the moment. She handed him her creation so he could hold onto it if he liked.

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He sighed "Fine fine fine. I wont think of paying you back" granted he could, because she said not to THINK of paying her back, not that he cant pay her back. But as much as he wanted to use the verbal loop hole, she did say it'd cross her the wrong way. Which is why he hasnt. But he thought its fair and honest to pay someone back. So this did give him mixed signals with how he was educated and what was said to him.

The two made their way to the next destination and Lumi answered his art question. "Generally love, when saying art, it is generally referred to the visual arts. Such as drawing, painting, sculpting, etcera. Writing is well writing, books reading stories. Music is well music for audio. No one asks do you like audiotorical art. I mean its not even a word or... do you like handwritten art. Get what Im saying?" he explained himself more that of course he meant the drawing and visual kinda art.

Though aside from that she said she plays the harp and does ice sculpting. He raised his brow "Harp? That is rather unexpected. Usually when i hear harp I think of seraphic and angelic like visuals and imagery. Seeing you play a harp would be very... unique" a harp sounds so divine and holy, so a daemon like her playing such an instrument was a surprise. But a welcome one. She really was different from her ilk.

She soon demonstrates her ice sculpting with her magic. "Ah" he didnt know how to react. He would say that he's ugly. But didnt because he didnt know if that would hurt Lumi and make her think her creation is ugly, while all he did was want to poke fun at his own appearance. So he didnt in order to avoid a misunderstanding. So he was a bit at a loss for words. But also hesitant to hold the mini art piece. She did hand it over to him, which did make him uneasy. Mostly because he wanted to crush it. Because it was himself. Sometimes he couldnt bear to look at himself, so he'd think it'd be deserving if he was crushed even if it was an ice replica. But again, this was someones art piece and a gift or a kind gesture. He couldnt do that. So he just kinda barely held it and it made him uneasy or nervous with that he'd do with it.
He did get a hold of himself though and used his other hand to see if he can manipulate her ice to change the pose of the ice sculpture. He wasnt sure how much of the ice he can control, since hers was different then him. It was like a dark frost instead of a pure one. So the movement would be much more rigid. Because of that he'd stop trying to use his magic on it


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"To which I feel ye are hung, are the limited views many would have on the matter. As art is by nature hard to define and therefore hard to restrict. Me Pa could argue with ye that armor is art, as he toiled a multitude of hours to craft it masterfully and with intention as any other artist their craft. One could easily call him an idiot for thinking that, but it would be a pointless battle all the same. When I visited Joya, it was brought to my attention as I was there that they too see the art in the things they would do. Techniques and act of life executed purposefully and meaningful with the intention of mastery. Perhaps in time we could all agree that on a basis, that is what art is. Intention to create with meaning and purpose of the action executed and not simply by the means, to which I myself find boring. Though the Daemon in me hates the idea of restriction and consistency, I found I had always had a disdain for limitation."

To the mention of her playing the harp, she would chuckle. "I have an affinity for instruments I could pluck with me fingers. I enjoy the strings. When I spotted me harp in a shop I simply knew I needed ta have her. There's some sort of magical qualities in it as I played, almost sireness. Though quite uplifting or dreadful depending on how I play the tune. Really, I'm in love. Have yet to play for others though.

When Lumi passed him her figure, she could see the hesitation and his not so content reaction. She studied his face as he cycled through his emotions knowing it could not be the art itself but something within it she was not quite sure of. His attempt to change it amuse her but confirmed he wanted something change. It was meant to be a nice trinket, but it was not. So in a moment of him simply holding out, she quickly snatched it out of his change and crushed it in hers. Reforming her ice to that of a black angel instead, as his mention of them being the ones to play harps in his mind were still fresh in her thoughts.

"When ye held it out, I found something in the angle I simply didn't like. Sorry bout that dove, this one here is much better to prove my point." She would hand him over the new one and see if her would take a better liking to it.

The angel had the wings curved around her as she played her majestic harp, even the strings were accounted for in Lumi's insistent need for perfection and detail. It looked deliciated, but it would take her to crush it like she did the last, her ice grew quite strong and throwing it to the floor would cause for nothing to happen.

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He shrugged because he didnt know what to say. "It is certainly a unique view on art. I dont think I can add much to the conversation" he didnt find his definition limiting. Sometimes if you play loosey goosey with definitions, the words lose their meaning.

On the harp manner, he listened and nodded as she spoke and why she had a fondness for such an instrument. As she said she never played it for anyone, he spoke "Perhaps one day you will play for someone. Perhaps your uncle would be interested in hearing your talent? I am sure he'd be proud?"
If one had stage fright, it was best to start on a small scale, with one person whom you trust and love. What better then family? Brone was her family. It seemed fitting. Alexandre wouldnt mind hearing her too. But he didnt wanna make it seem like he was forcing her to play for him. Nah, only if she felt comfortable.

On the topic of the ice sculpture, its not to say he was unhappy with it. He had an idea to add to it. To combine their artwork, he just wanted to try and change the pose of her sculpture, so he can adapt his own with a little hand holding action. To make a wholesome piece. Its just her ice was daemonic, combined with darkness, so it was not pure ice he could easily control and manipulate.

Although in a way his fears came to fruition as much as he wanted to avoid offending the daemoness, she took the art piece and crushed it to remake it into an ice angel
"You know.... both pieces were lovely" he said, a bit remorseful if he made her feel bad. "I just wanted to see if I can combine our magic to make a cooperative art piece" he said as he explained himself.

Still he extended his empty hand and wanted to make a nice gesture in return. So if she made a harp playing angel. In his hand he'd make his own ice sculpture, a harp playing daemon, who had a mischevious smile on them. It was detailed, just not as detailed as hers. If Lumikki's was a 100% accuracy of details. His would be like a 70% of detail and accuracy for this ice piece

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