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"The World Tarot" Lumikki

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"The World Tarot" Lumikki  Empty Sun May 21, 2023 3:00 pm


The sun was reaching the highest point in the sky as Lumikki was packing a small black bag meant to tie around the waist. She had gotten settled not that long ago into the guild and already she is meant to set out. Though it would not be that very far her uncle Brone assures her. Seems his little odd companion has made a request of sorts. The shifty fellow wants to make out to some cave somewhere in search of an item. Lumikki was actually kind of excited about the trip, a chance to already garner some experience. A Large smile crept along her face as she thought about it.
She walked over and sat beside the window overlooking the valley.  Gazing at the waterfalls she found a lot of comfort in them. They reminded her so much of home. Taking in the view Lumikki sat there pondering her new life. It filled her with so much excitement and anxiety. The uncertainty gets to her sometimes.
In her rush to arrive at Paradise Dawn, she had become hyper-focused. Her resolve to be met at the halls negated all other thoughts and feelings. They had also negated the whispers that always linger in the depths of her thoughts. Maybe even the depths of her being. The voice of this menace wasn't that of the creature she met before but of her own, just in a way somewhat warped of herself. It did not scratch away at the edges of her sense of self but somewhat comforted her like an old friend. As if a sliver of herself long lost had returned and they were keen on merging once again. It was such an odd feeling experiencing the hum as it ebbed and flowed in her very being. Lumikki didn't want to think of it too much though for there were things she was more pressed to think on.
She wanted so badly to become a person of her own. A person of their own merit. Much like her uncle, she wanted to one day be a force noticeable in this world. It was this desire that ate at her as she too desired to consume all that in her way. Like a void cascading over all as it spreads its presence further. Though who is to really say this desire is even her own? She changed so much after Nan had left.
Lost in her thoughts, Lumikki stayed by the window as she awaited her uncle and his creature.

#2Brone Heavyaxe 

"The World Tarot" Lumikki  Empty Sun May 21, 2023 4:49 pm

Brone Heavyaxe
Brone Heavyaxe had awaken early to make sure his equipment were tended to and ready; his weapons were sharpened and his armor was sturdy. He had been approached by Gnicholas the gnome for a request. Apparently he had been researching lore about an old artifact he had a great interest in and eventually found it's possible location to be, fortunate enough, at the very base of the cliff that the Paradise Dawn Guild sat upon. This was very convenient for the dwarf, since he's usually reluctant to leave the region ever since the first time the guild was attacked.

Muninn, one of the ravens, had flown in through the window and perched atop the door frame, "Gnicholas is waiting outside with Geri, he's reviewing some documents he brought" the raven spoke.

"Aye, I guess it's time to get my niece" Brone finished fastening his armor onto his chest, strapped the oni shield onto his back, and grabbed his blue helm, resting it under his arm before he walked out of his room.

"I have yet to meet this niece of yours" the voice of the oni spirit spoke from the mask that was embedded on the shield.

"Ye were asleep when she arrived; and try not to be creepy with her, or ye'll regret it" Brone laughed. Benimaru hummed, thinking the dwarf was being protective of his kin, but he didn't realize Brone actually meant that Lumikki had fangs of her own.

Brone left the male's dorm and entered the building of the women's dormitory. Even though he was practically the second ranking official in the entire guild, he still needed to processed and patted down by the female guards. He muttered under his breath in irritation as he signed his name in the visitation booklet before being allowed to walk into the halls. Muninn had to assist the dwarf in locating Lumikki's door, given his sense of direction was terrible. When finally locating the door, he gave it a rough knock.


"The World Tarot" Lumikki  Empty Sun May 21, 2023 8:20 pm


Shook from her trance at the sound of the knocking on the door, the dark tendrils coiled around her began to recede. Her ruminations brought to a manifestation, but nothing malicious. The dark was always a part of her and now she is simply becoming part of the dark as well.

It took a bit for Lumikki to get grounded back into the moment, but sure enough, her scattered thoughts were no more. "Aye, I'm coming! Zoned out a little there but I'll be there in a second. Just gotta grab my stuff."

She slowly got up from her seat and walked over to her bed. Tying her bag into place and tucking her fan into the band. The last thing was to check her reflection in the mirror. Tucking and brushing her hair into place until she was satisfied and looking over her makeup. The surge of emotions was bubbling within her as the moment was sinking in. It's time for her first adventure, her first everything. She practiced her spells many times sure, but now she's going to put them to use. The temperature in the room was beginning to drop in her excitement. Lumiki hadn't noticed, as usually does not, and made her way to the exit. A light frost spread along the knob as she twisted it to open the door.

"Took you long enough to get me, I'm ready uncle. hmmm wheres the lil critter of yours." A large grin unfolded on her face as she met him.

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"The World Tarot" Lumikki  Empty Mon May 22, 2023 9:10 am

Brone Heavyaxe
He heard Lumikki's voice, confirming he did indeed find her room, but then gave a heavy sigh; he had hoped she was already prepared. Brone leaned against the wall facing Lumikki's door as he counted the seconds.

"Forgotten I'm back here?" Benimaru grumbled as his mask was pressed against the wall.

"Never" Brone chuckled as he moved away from the wall; indeed he does tend to forget at times that his shield was sentient. He then looked at the door in silence, waiting. This was a normal thing when it came to younglings, usually females; though the dwarf did recall when he was apart of Blue Pegasus, even the men would take an extraordinary amount of time preparing themselves in dressing rooms. As for Lumikki, the last time he had seen her was when she was barely a pre-teen, not caring as much about her appearance or hygiene. But he admitted such things become more of an importance in time, for his cousins had changed over the years, now his little niece is no longer so little.

"Time changes things, but not all things" the voice of Minori echoed in his eyes, bringing a sense of calm to the dwarf.

"Man the hell up!" but the sudden loudness of Ranulf, the other personality brought forth irritation, reminding Brone why he hated the fact that two other personalities were in his mind. He gritted his teeth and began to pace back and forth until Lumikki appeared.

Seeing his niece brought peace back to him; yes she was no longer the same little girl she was back then, but a sense of pride was there that she has grown so maturely. "Gnich is waiting outside, so let's be on our way, lass" already rushing her, but he knew Lumikkie's father would expect Brone to not be too soft on her since he had raised his daughter with structure. As he walked down the hall and exited the building, Muninn and Huginn flew down from a high perch and landed on his shoulders.

"I was just about to summon you" Gnicholas said as Brone approached him and the wolf; the gnome put away a few parchments of text before looking at Lumikki, "And you must be Brone's niece; pleasure to meet you, I'm Gnicholas" he greeted her as he walked up and held out his hand to the taller being.


"The World Tarot" Lumikki  Empty Mon May 22, 2023 8:17 pm


Lumikki bent over to a respectable height and extended her hand. Was very curious about meeting her uncle's gnome, hearing of them but never meeting one of her own. The two grasped hands when Gnicholas recoiled. It seems without notice Lumikki's hand was too cold and it took the little gnome by surprise.

Taken aback by his reaction Lumikki had giggled playfully. "Sorry Lil one, I have a tendency for getting a little frigid sometimes and I hardly ever notice. Mean you no real harm though, I take it you mean a lot to uncle and all. Any kin of his is kin of mine. Though I would love it if you tell me the story of how ya met, I'm quite curious myself.

As Lumikki was introducing herself to her uncle's companion her eyes trailed to the wolf in the company. "Oh your such a handsome wolf aren't ya? How did Uncle get his mitts on something as cute as you?! Without much thought she reached out to the wolf and began to scratch and pat their head. Lost in the pleasure of how soft their fur was she began to scratch all over, nuzzling along the wolf's muzzle and side in contentment.

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Brone Heavyaxe
Gnicholas rubbed his hands together to warm them. He figured Brone's family were adapt with the element of frost if they had mages within the family, and his suspicion was correct, "Worry not, Ms. Omena, it's that enthusiasm that I precisely need for this expedition" he chuckled as he went back to packing up the rest of his documentation.

The tempest wolf was happy to be petted by cold hands such as an Icerben native, "I found Geri in the Oddr mountains when I was on a quest hunting a bounty" Brone chuckled, though he quickly gave an exaggerated cough when he realized the Oggr mountains were just north of Fjallgard, "Let's get going before the sun falls" he said as he picked up the gnome and placed him on his shoulder before mounting the wolf, quick to change the subject to avoid Lumikki from questioning why he didn't stop by Fjallgard to visit, "Lass, hop on and we'll be off".

"The supposed entrance to the cave that will lead us to the Temple of Truth should be at the base of the cliff, so just take the southern path" Gnicholas explained as he slipped off the dwarf's shoulder and into the white cowl of Brone' cloak for a more secured ride.

Huginn and Muninn flew off from Brone's other shoulder and took to the sky, curious to see how this venture will be.


"The World Tarot" Lumikki  Empty Tue May 23, 2023 8:45 pm


Lumikki made sure to secure her things. The last scenario she wanted was for any items to slip away from her right on her first adventure. When she was confident and sure that all things were secured, she began to approach Geri, mounting just behind her uncle. Finding it uncomfortable at first she shifted until she was satisfied with her position and grabbed onto her uncles cloak tightly.  

Geri soon after began his strut and the small party made for their decent. Lumikki took on the view of her new home from a variety of perspectives as Geri made ground. She found it near breathtaking in it’s splendor. So used to the city of her home, it never occurred to her how beautiful it was elsewhere; and here she was on the first of many adventures and opportunities to continue to see the world.

”Its so beautiful here Uncle. I see why you were keen to make a home here. Father told me your ilk are the kind to like moving  round, but here you are so cozy. Suppose that’s what adventuring fills for ya, gotta see the sights and all. Must have you so busy too it seems.”

Lumikki’s eyes began to narrow and a kind grin stretched over her face. The expression brought out her soft features, if anyone had the moment to gaze upon her, and she let out a small giggle. It sounded like the soft chiming of bells, one could almost likened it to the sound of fairies in merriment.

“Oh yessssss,  very busy indeed I suppose, but I see you in good company. I’m very happy for you Uncle. Geri is just so cute and I doubt he’s that many years. I really do hope I find a companion of my own. Perhaps one day when I have the time I’ll give a look around Oddr mountains myself and chance an encounter too, since it worked so well for you Uncle. I guess while I’m already there, I could even visit mom and dad since I happen to be near by. I’m quite sure they would be beaming to see me after all. Would hate to keep them waiting years without seeing me.”  

As she spoke, Lumikki left a light streak of frost behind her. In Geri’s stride a haze trailed behind for a few feet before it dissipated in the air. Where she gripped the cloth of Brone’s cloak, frost began to spread. Slowly did it encrust the cloak in ice that it looked as if flowers were blooming on the fabric. The sun has yet to sink as temperatures were already cooling rapidly. The light waning ever so slightly as darkness emanated from Lumikki in soft wisping tendrils. It coiled around the small party and lightly clung to them.

Despite the presence of darkness, there was no malicious energy behind it, but that made it no less menacing. The chiming of giggles yet to cease  were heard still.

#8Brone Heavyaxe 

"The World Tarot" Lumikki  Empty Wed May 24, 2023 7:56 pm

Brone Heavyaxe
As his niece mentioned the beauty, Brone paid attention to the landscape and smiled as he remembered his reaction when he first arrived at to the guild; the travel was long and it was tasking reaching the top of the cliff, but when he finally made it, he turned about and saw the view and his heart remained ever since. "Aye, lass, a beaut if I ever seen one" his voice almost trailed off as he took the moment to appreciate the sight that his niece reminded him of.

Lumikki's giggle drew him out of his trance and back upon the tempest wolf who continued to move down the slope of the cliff side, "Geri is a seasoned boy, but still gots his youth and strength" he would tussle the wolf's pelt upon his head, "Ye go right ahead, Lumikki, I'm sure ye'll find a good one for ye, and it'll be nice for yer parents to see ye" for a moment, Brone thought about going with her to visit as well, though he didn't tell her as of yet, for he worried his request wouldn't be approved. The guild had been attacked a number of times in the past which was why he was usually stationed there; but who knows the future? Maybe luck will be on his side and he'll get to travel with his niece.

The white cloak had jerked at the frozen touch of Lumikki but settled as the icicle stars formed on it, "Forgot te mention; my cloak has a mind of it's own, but it's a good one" he laughed.

The sun was inching closer to the horizon, the sun reddening. When they had arrived the base of the cliff, they were guided by Gnicholas through a pathway between two large rocky structures that looked like a large crevice. The ride slowed with the rocky walls closing in eventually to the point they had reached a cave entrance. With that, Brone dismounted and reached out his hand to help his niece down. "Ye sure it's in there?" Brone asked the gnome as he examined the maw of the cave, not recalling ever seeing this.

"Entirely sure" Gnicholas assured him as he looked down at his map. He then reached into his bag but worried because he had forgotten his lantern.

"Worry not, little one" came the voice of the oni spirit as the sword and shield floated from beneath Brone's cloak. The shield had an oni mask embedded on it, and though the voice came from it, the mouth didn't move, "Pleasure to finally meet you, Lumikki Omena, you may call me Benimaru" he said as a single blue flame appeared to be floating above the head of his mask.

"Ah, yes, thank you, Benimaru, please follow me" the gnome sighed with relief as they all entered the cave.


"The World Tarot" Lumikki  Empty Thu May 25, 2023 6:58 am


The sound of Uncle's laugh brought Lumikki out of her annoyance. She hadn't seen him for so many years that she forgot how little she was when he last came. It never occurred to her in all that time that perhaps she didn't grasp what her Uncle was like. That he was probably a daft fellow and so indirect means of talk were pointless on him.

She pouted that she would have to resort to direct grievances as it takes the fun out of jabbing her target, but she hardly is all that surprised. Her father was also a very straightforward man and she should of known better.

Then a thought struck her; the cloak has a mind of its own? What an odd thing to mention. She thought all this over for the rest of the ride until they were met with the large crevice. Her mind narrowing on the closing walls. The space growing tighter made her unease. The further they went for the more anxious she grew.

Her father being a dwarf himself, she mulled, came from within the mountains of her home. The earth wrapping tightly around him like this would of seemed normal, maybe even comforting. She didn't want to feel any less to her father in this regard. Taking a deep inhale and puffing her chest she forced herself back to center. The discomfort dissipating from her sense of will.

Not long after the entrance to the cave appeared before the small party. Brone soon dismounted and extended his hand over to Lumikki. She found the gesture charming and accepted his support as she hopped of Geri. Petting him thoroughly once more for being a fine steed.

A strange voice spoke in the background, for once not from her own mind. Caught off guard Lumikki's head snapped back to her uncle as she focused on where the voice had came from. It appeared a sword and shield slide from uncle's cloak and hovered in the air. A mask with perturbing horns and fangs affixed a shield. The mouth unmoving but words so clear.

" Aah I see, then it is nice to meet ya too. I never realized everything uncle wore had a mind of it's own, least I know he'd never be lonely." Nodding her head to reciprocate a greeting for there were no hands to grasp.

A blue flame appeared just above the mask. It was dazzling to watch dance in the air. She glanced at shadows cast on the walls and enjoyed the sensation of the darkness wrapped around them as she followed Gnicholas' lead into the cave, munching on stray darkness as they entered for a light snack.

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Brone Heavyaxe
Geri was left at the entrance of the cave, along with the two ravens who mainly there to keep an eye on the area while the other entered. The cave system seemed naturally made by what Brone could tell. So it seemed odd that the gnome was tracking something the could possibly be located in such an odd place. In the dwarf's experience, usually things that are naturally made, like gems, would be found in such cave structures, but given that this wasn't his own personal quest, he shrugged off the thought.

"Very interesting indeed Brone-san possesses an array of companions, living, dead, inanimate, and other" Benimaru said as he floated along side Lumikki.

"'Possesses' wouldn't be the right word, I have free will" Gnicholas spoke up as he walked ahead with the map in his hand. He would wave Benimaru to keep close to him since only half the group is able to see in the dark.

Brone would gesture for his niece to keep close to him, though she is grown, he still tends to worry for her safety; he then notices Lumikki chewing on something. He wanted to prompt her to share whatever snacks she had with him, but taking another look, he realizes what seems to be strands of shadow from the darkness of the cave were trailing from her lips. The dwarf hesitated at first, not really understanding what was happening, "Lass, what are ye eating?" an eyebrow raised as he watched his niece consuming the shadows.


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As Lumikki stepped deeper into the cave she ran her hands along the darkness. It parted ways through her fingers, steady streams of black ribbons trailing after the back of her palms. With her inky black fingers, appearing almost stained by the darkness itself, she plucked the ribbons from the air and slurped them into her mouth. The sensation was so satisfying. The inky strands tasting rich and sweet in her mouth.

Soon after her Nan had died, did Lumikki realize she had this skill. When the voice beckoned to her with a pact, she changed in many ways; most she has yet to realize and fathom just yet. In Lumikki's taxing journey to the guild it was this very skill that helped her keep moving tirelessly, especially at night. For there was already a meal always available.

Eating at the darkness had long ago felt common place. It no longer occurred to her it would seem out of the norm.

Brone gestured to Lumikki; fair enough she thought, can't predict any dangers after all. She came to his side slurping a mouth full of dark ribbons, when her uncle's reaction shook her from her daze. She looked at him blinking hard before she registered what he said.

"Haaah, ye. I forget now how odd this is anymore since it's so handy." Lumikki whirled her hand in the air causing more ribbons to tear out of the darkness. Snatching the ribbons and gasping Brone's hand, she placed them on his palm.

"I don't got a way to explain it per say Uncle, I could just eat up the dark really. You know, I never really showed anyone. Can I trust you with something? I mean you have Benimaru, no. You probably seen odd things on your quests. " Lumikki nervously twirled more darkness between her fingers, swirling the ribbons until it was a mouth full before shoving it into her mouth.

"I can't really tell ya when it started Uncle. I was a lil kid then, but I always heard whispers. It was fine at first, easy to ignore. They were soft and nearly quiet. At most an echo really. You haven't visited in a while so I doubt you know but Nan, she died... It was hard, really hard. After that the voices got so much louder. One in particular Uncle. After that well, I don't really know, things just changed. I changed..." Without her knowing a dark haze leaked from her body. Encroaching around the shields small blue flame, coiling around the only light as if to snuff it out entirely. More tendrils lightly clung to the rest of the party as Lumikki was lost in thought. It bled and blurred with the darkness of the cave only slightly distinguishable by its purplish hue. Lumikki herself becoming hard to see as the dark of the cave almost began to swallow her whole, like a comforting embrace to Lumikki's distress.

"Now a days Uncle it feels like the voice I'm hearing, well... It's me. She echos in my head and if feels like she is tryin to drag me deep but, well it doesn't feel bad. Doesn't feel evil. Honestly it almost feels comforting, like returning to a stillness. Like returning to myself.

#12Brone Heavyaxe 

"The World Tarot" Lumikki  Empty Fri May 26, 2023 10:02 am

Brone Heavyaxe
Brone watched her casually consume the tendrils of darkness as if they were mere finger food. Then she placed some of the tendrils into his hand, but he couldn't feel it; they simple faded through his hand as if it was simply smoke. "Aye, I've seen some stranger things, lass, ye don't have to worry" Brone chuckled; he was indeed telling the truth, for he recalls seeing Kaito himself devouring the energy of a rogue magical portal, but such abilities were only known to Dragon Slayers, and they were rare as it was. He wanted to ask her if she was a dragon slayer, but Lumikki began her explanation already, though not confirming his suspicion.

As Lumikki went on, her demeanor slowly changed, as if she was lost in a daze as she spoke, returning to the past; Brone realized this and figured it was due to the lost of her Nan, which was a surprise to him. He wasn't aware that Nan had passed away, he didn't even initially known that so much time had passed since he had visited the family. The atmosphere had changed, became darker figuratively and literally. A dark haze trailed from Lumikki, seeming without her knowing, it was grasping at the rest of them.

"Interesting" Benimaru said as he noticed his flame began to flicker, but when it started to dim, he felt his energy being drained and began to slowly descend to the floor, "Interesting indeed" he voice echoed before he gave a weak chuckle.

"Is everything alright?" Gnicholas asked as when he noticed his only source of light had dimmed, but when he looked back at the party, everything seem to have fell into darkness save for the little bit of light above Benimaru's head. He could barely see Brone, but Lumikkie was already gone, "Hold on, I'll get my lantern" he said as he stopped to drop his backpack, but before he could look into it, the haze of darkness enveloped him, "What's going on!? I can't see! Brone use your axe and cut through this magic!" the gnome began to panic. He realized this was some form of magic the way the darkness seem too thick and the cold air it brought was too sudden.

"Oh, Snowflake" Brone voice was calm and sadden as he slowly moved to Lumikki. He wasn't sure how this magic of hers was working, for his knowledge on such things was very limited, but he knew well that it was magic; though Benimaru and Gnicholas couldn't see through magical darkness, the dwarf was able to, and for that, he was able to see the purple hue in the shadows. "I'm so sorry, lass" he reached out a hand and gently places it on her shoulder, she was cold to the touch, but the cold darkness didn't bother him as much as the trouble his niece was going through, "Whatever or whoever it is, we can figure a way to get through it; I have voices in my head too, one of them is just too loud at times" he tried to make a lighthearted joke to better the mood despite the immense amount of cold darkness that was pouring from his niece. Brone heard Gnicholas, and he could bring forth Spellcleaver to negate the magic in the air, but he didn't want to upset his niece, he didn't want her to feel as if she caused any trouble or startle her.

Though Brone wasn't blinded, for his eyes could see through such darkness, and his magical equipment kept him from freezing, he knew Gnicholas and Benimaru weren't handling the situation too well, "Ye have strong magic here, lass, I'm greatly impressed, but if ye could, can you pull it back, the others can't handle the clan's might" his voice was still calm; he gave a smile, hoping it was enough to bring Lumikki back to the present.


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The Dwarf reached out and placed his hand on Lumikki's shoulder. The feeling of his warm and gentle touch snapped her out of the daze. In her drift of thoughts it felt like she was spilling out as she poured her feelings to her uncle. His little kindness did her good to ground her back into the cave.

Startled at the aura oozing out from her absentmindedness she willed it all back to herself. In the surge of energy recollected from her stray magic she sculpted a chair from dark and ice. A wild mesh of jagged  black shards jutted from below sloping just a bit in front. Left overs of her dark tendrils warping the chair and softening the surface. Slumping into her creation she took a deep breath. Embarrassed her feelings were taking over and looking so distraught before her companions, she sighed sadly.

"Honestly Uncle I don't know what's taken over me. Sorry, I..... didn't mean to scare anyone. Just had no one to talk this to, so its been spiraling in my thoughts." Lumikki took a moment to pause and gather herself, thinking back on her uncle's words she responded. "You also hear voices? I figured with a chatting shield maybe you were used to extra voices in the background but its highly comforting you hear em too. Makes me feel less mad. Like I was unraveling. My voices, they don't spook me but I can't say I know what to do with em. I suppose you feel the same for the loud one, thank the primordial frost mine likes talking lightly.

Lumikki sat up and straightened herself in her chair, looking back properly at her company. She still looked tired and pained but the sense of relief was strongly noticeable in her features. In this moment of vulnerability, Lumikki appeared quite soft and fragile, despite her stray magic attempting to snuff the party of all warmth and light.

To regain some of her fortitude she took to plucking noir ribbons from the air once more. The substance very desirable for recovering from her out burst. Lumikki thought back on her thoughts before on how suffocating the closing of the earthly walls had felt; concluding they are indeed more comforting than she has initially thought. The boundless darkness and coolness of the cave was very inviting indeed.There's almost a sense of calming stillness here, like that of the beginning of times. She would not mind finding herself creeping in the deep crevasses after all. A smile tore through her face, she enjoyed any little thing that made her feel closer to her family.

"Gnicholas, Benimaru are you alright,"Lumikki lightly sighed."Will you be okay? Oh and I see you're hardy as ever Uncle," Lumikki grinned.

#14Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone sighed in relief as the tendrils of cold darkness retreated back into Lumikki, though not before conjuring a chair, impressing the dwarf further. Hearing of his niece's trouble with the voices did concern him; though he admitted her delt with his own inner rogue voices, wherever they came from, he handled it as he did with most obstacles he faced, but when it comes to the people he cared about, especially his niece that he's known since she was a child, he desired nothing more than to tackle the problem head on, but his heart ached, knowing he couldn't fight bodyless voices.

He wasn't sure what to say, he tried thinking of whatever comforting words that may help as he watched Lumikki continue to pull shadow strands from the darkness to continue nibbling on, "Aye, lass, at least I know I don't need to bye ye anymore lollies" he chuckled lightly, feeling more calm now as he observed the ice mage's demeanor had slightly changed for the better.

"Y-yeah, I'm f-fine" Gnicholas said through chattering teeth as the magical darkness was pulled away from him. He stood up and rummaged through his bag and found a handkerchief and used it as a blanket in order to warm himself.

"As well as I am, little tundra witch" Benimaru's voice echoed with amusement as the shadows pulled away from him; his bluish flame reignited and he levitated back to eye level.

"Watch ye mouth, Beni, calling my niece a 'witch'?" The dwarf turned to face the floating shield, an expression belonging to a mercenary leader, in which Brone was always associated as.

"I meant it as a compliment, Brone, nothing more" the oni mask didn't have any fear in his voice, nor remorse, but the amusement was still there as he floated above Gnicholas who checked his map again.

Brone looked back at Lumikkie and gave her a reassuring smile, "We'll continue whenever yer ready".


"The World Tarot" Lumikki  Empty Sun May 28, 2023 4:03 pm


Lumikki tilted her head back and rested on the chair. Her strength returning quickly in waves as she absorbed the darkness around her. She chuckled at her uncle’s words. “Oh I don’t know about that uncle. I would always appreciate a lolly.”

Lumikki leaned forward in her chair and watched as her companions recovered. Relief washing over her from knowing they are fine. She even found Brone’s reaction to Benimaru amusing. Tundra witch she thought, well it has a lovely ring to it actually. It vibrated with her very core, but she wasn’t thinking much of it. She was more focused on returning to the mission.

“I’m fine, I’m much better. We should get going. I don’t want to keep us down here forever. I will say though the cave is growing on me.”   She stood up rearing to go. “I’m curious of your thoughts about the voices Uncle, and do yours have names?

#16Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone laughed, "Aye, we'll get ye that lollie after we complete the quest" he was glad to hear she didn't lose her child-like sweet tooth. Once Lumikki confirmed she was ready to move on, they continued their trek through the cave system, with Gnicholas leading the way and Benimaru above to light his path.

"Ye get use te it in no time, the Stone will teach ye much when it comes te moving through the tunnels" Brone said as he ran a hand along the rocky wall. He wasn't religious, but when it comes to spiritism, he commune with the Stone as his mother did before him. The dwarf then grumbled when his niece asked about the voices; though he made them seem bearable, in truth, he did find them annoying.

"Shimada Minori is an honorable samurai" Benimaru chimed in.

"He's the tolerable one" Brone rubbed the back of his head, recalling the calmness he feels when Minori either speaks to him or takes over his body, "I hope ye don't have to deal with what happens to me, Lass, but those voices tend to take over; Minori is fine though, a peace lover and is friendly."

"Very interesting that you favor Minori instead of Ranulf, since the latter fits your personality better, Brone" Gnicholas didn't look away from the map and the tunnel ahead, more focused on trying to stay on track.

Brone groaned, "Ranulf Althaus is a brute, too aggressive and relies on his anger and greed to get the job done; the only thing I like about Ranulf is that he prefers ale over tea" saying that, Gnicholas and Benimaru laughed.

"When Minori was present, he drank some tea after a battle, but when Brone returned, he had a fit because he couldn't get rid of the taste of tea from his tongue" Benimaru turned to face Lumikki as he laughed.

Brone himself saw this as a light thing, though he hated sharing a body as if it was an apartment, but he worried for his niece, hoping she wasn't going through the same thing.


"The World Tarot" Lumikki  Empty Mon May 29, 2023 10:02 am


Lumikki mimicked her uncle in running her hand along the cave walls. She didn't think she'd have much affinity with stone as her dwarven family had, but she really enjoyed the cold and solid surface. It's almost ice of a different grit she thought. Perhaps in her pursuit to become the most incredible ice mage, she could create ice that could last just as long as any stone—a true ice, one that won't ever melt and hardly break. This thought ran shivers down her spine. Oh, how she longed to create something that magnificent.

"See I hear voices, yes, but nothing takes over me. The one I met before different from my own said he knew my true father. He was insistent on talking about "that one" and said he had a nice deal. Went by the name Lorimer, least that's what he claimed. The other well, she's just me, but not me. Her voice is mine, she feels familiar even though almost ancient. She doesn't give me a feeling there's something she wants from me beyond returning to me. Like she was a piece that broke off long ago itching to settle back in. This voice gives me a sinking feeling though as it pulls me to the depths of, well my mind I suppose. It feels serene there but overwhelming. Clouded even, with how it smothers me. I just don't like how unclear my sense of self has gotten."

Lumikki pouted as she continued to trace the stone with her fingers. She never spoke any of this to anyone, didn't want the worry it would cause her parents. Especially since it became so rampant as of late. It pricks at her to wonder if her father or grandmother had a hand in her newfound distress, but she doesn't think much about it. It is already tiresome to think of it as is.  

Her eyes kept on Benimaru's flame as she traced the cave walls and minded her steps. Seems Just Ahead was a branching path. One slightly slopping down though the entry a tad narrow, not as if it matters all the much. The party's stature was small enough to enter fine. The other path was more jagged in its descent. The walkway was cluttered with rocky terrain making the walk a bit difficult if not careful.

The gnome, and in turn, the party, made a hult. Gnicholas taking the time to calmly study his map as he traced all the paths drawn, keen to make the proper decision. Lumikki walked over to Brone and rested her head on his shoulder as she waited for the direction. Playing with the darkness between her fingers casually.

#18Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
The conversation began to concern the dwarf. He rarely heard anyone speak of Lumikki's father, and when Viola ever mentioned him, it was as if poison was being spat out. For the sake of keeping peace in the family, no one other than Lumikki's mother was allowed to speak of that man, so to hear that an inner voice had brought him up, to Lumikki of all people, "Having no body doesn't excuse babbling too much; maybe we should talk the therapist Gnicholas recommended me" Brone hid his anger behind the joke, he didn't want to worry Lumikki; so young and yet she's dealing with such potential troubles, two different voices, many possible outcomes, he was at least glad she decided to join the guild so he can keep an eye on her and help anyway he could... the problem was trying to figure out how he could help her.

They eventually came to stop where a choice was needed to be made. Since Brone wasn't leading the expedition, he couldn't help in any way, so he just waited for the gnome to make the decision. Lumikki laid her head on the dwarf's shoulder and her uncle lightly leaned his head against hers; he was greatly for her. Even when he was fuming with rage, his niece managed to bring him to smile, "Yer secret is safe" he whispered to her. He wasn't sure if Gnicholas and Benimaru had heard what Lumikki had said, given that they were some distance ahead in the group, but he was sure the two would keep their mouths sealed, for he discovered their loyalty during their time together.

Gnicholas made his move and made his way down the more jagged path. It wasn't long before the gnome began to complain about how difficult the terrain was, so Benimaru wrapped his long tassels around the gnome and lift him up before they began to float down the path. Brone laughed, but soon after that, he was beginning to have the same problem, the rocks were uneven and jutting from all sides, so he sighed and asked his cloak for assistance. The dwarf picked up Lumikki and bridal carried her while the cloak flapped as if there was wind, magically lifting the dwarf and allowing him to float above the jagged rocks and following Benimaru. Though he hoped his niece would find this impressive, he couldn't find himself to open his eyes, still fearing not touching the ground.


"The World Tarot" Lumikki  Empty Tue May 30, 2023 6:50 am


Lifted by her uncle and taken into the air, Lumikki was impressed. Not often you see a dwarf fly. What made it even more grand was his confidence in himself to glide with his eyes closed. He must have no worries in his skill she thought.

Trusting in her uncle she fully leaned into his grasp, taking the time to rest and enjoy the sensation of flight. Lumikki herself could fly, a gift to her from Nan was a ring that let her do just that. She was told it was a long pass down heirloom within the family. Etched into the family's history as the ability helped pave interesting paths. Allowed for beneficial alliances or helped in some impossible tasks. Least those were the stories her Nan would tell her and Lumikki held them all true and dear to her heart. The resourcefulness of her kin was her pride and she will continue to do them proud.

It had already helped her tremendously on her journey to Paradise Dawn, taking form of a raven and soaring through the day. She found being a bird was very freeing. The shift in perspective and ability was overwhelmingly pleasurable. Though as much as she enjoys this gift, a break is also well appreciated. Especially when enjoying all that her uncle is capable of.

She never knew Brone also could take to the skies. Really there was just so much she didn't know about him, it almost made him mysterious in her eyes. Most of what she knew came from stories, what ever inklings reached back to the city. Who is to say what was true or not. No story mentioned he too heard voices as they took over his being, or his interesting companions.

In Lumikki's ruminations, it settled just how much she's learned of him and all the potential to learn that much more. The sharpened excitement pinged at her chess, frost flowers blooming over her heart as she swelled with elation. In her rapid cycling of thoughts she had almost forgotten."Uncle, what is a therapist?"

#20Brone Heavyaxe 

"The World Tarot" Lumikki  Empty Tue May 30, 2023 12:23 pm

Brone Heavyaxe
Brone had peeked just a bit, enough so he can make sure the cloak was guiding him correctly. Luckily for him, the ground was only about three meters below him, though it didn't do away with his fear. Up ahead, Gnicholas and Benimaru continued floating down the ragged path.

"A therapist is one of those mages that get into your mind and fix it" Brone answered his niece, though reluctantly. He never enjoyed the idea of talking to a therapist since he was already self-conscious about being able to handle his problems; now he had two voices in his mind and he didn't want another probing.

"I would highly recommend that you at least speak to one" Gnicholas had heard the dwarf as Benimaru had slowed enough for Brone and Lumikki to catch up. Before the dwarf get snap at the gnome about giving orders, the gnome pointed out a well-crafted door at the base of the slope, "We're here, the Temple of Sight". Benimaru lowered the gnome onto the ground in front of the door and soon after, Brone landed and let down Lumikki.

Brone looked at the door and was impressed by its design, smooth to the touch, made of stone, and covered in numerous depictions of eyes. There was a moment of confusion as there was no lever or handle to open the door, "Don't worry, I'll it" Brone said as he drew forth his black axe, Dhurandarin, and was about to strike at the door until the gnome interrupted him.

"Don't! You can destroy the whole temple with that artifact of yours! Let's actually think things through first" Gnicholas halted the dwarf, and though he did, Brone sucked his teeth in disappointment. It was only a few seconds later that Gnicholas was able to open the door by poking a specific eye on the right side of the door. Once inside, it was no longer a cave but an underground temple; the walls were smooth stone, also adorned with eyes. The ceiling was about twenty meters high while the walls were just far apart enough that two people can walk abreast. Once the group walked in, the door would close after them. Now before them was a long tunnel.


"The World Tarot" Lumikki  Empty Tue May 30, 2023 3:53 pm


” Aye, I’m not sure I want any mage getting into my mind and fixing it,” Lumikki said quite annoyed. “ How do ya trust they don’t go making it even worst in there. Or keeping their mouth shut on what they find.” She shivered in disgust at the thought of anyone lurking in her head scape, but before she could complain any further they were met with a large stone door.

All the eyes starring back at them took her mind off the displeasure. When Brone finally let her down she approached the door herself, feeling along all the carvings in fascination. Wasn’t long before Gnicholas figured out the trick and the door swung open. Lumikki was a little disappointed in how easy the task had been but was satisfied at the very least with the gnome’s reliability.

There just past the door, standing before her and the party, was a temple. The motif of eyes persistent. Lumikki could barely hold her excitement to enter her first temple in her first adventure.

#22Brone Heavyaxe 

"The World Tarot" Lumikki  Empty Tue May 30, 2023 4:57 pm

Brone Heavyaxe
"As I suspected, the temple seems to be dedicated not to god, but to a power called 'The Great Sight'" Gnicholas explained as he seem to be reading the designs upon the walls as the group continued to walk through the hallway. Brone, nor Benimaru, could make heads or tails of the area, but they cared little more than simply admiring the artwork.

Eventually they would reach two doors standing side by side. Each door had a large eye engraved on it, identical. "What now?" Brone asked as he yawned. Though the temple hallway seemed very intriguing, the dwarf quickly gained boredom, for there was a lack of excitement of any type that he cared about.

"Both eyes can see the truth before them, but to spot the blind, one must close off the sight" Gnicholas had recited a written inscription that was engraved on a nearby wall. He then looked over to the two doors and hummed to himself while Benimaru just floated nearby, curious, and Brone just yawned again.


"The World Tarot" Lumikki  Empty Tue May 30, 2023 10:13 pm


Brone and Benimaru didn’t seem intrigued in their surroundings, but Lumikki was elated. She never experienced any of this before and she was eager to soak it all in.

Soon they made it to the twin doors and Gnicholas denoted the trick to opening it. Ready to smash through the doors earlier, it seem her uncle was no longer interested now.

Lumikki approached the door and traced her hand over the eye. Remarkable craftsmanship must of went into this she thought. She took a step back to study both doors, the gnomes humming filling in the silence. Perhaps she thought, it was something quite simple. Not everything needed to be intricate. The journey here alone was obscure. If this is the temple for a power of great sight, then blinding would be in her favor.

She slid her hands once more over the eye of the left door. Enjoying the sensation of the stone beneath her palms. She inhaled deeply and brought forth her lavender aura and in her sigh a frost spread over. It crept over the carving as if stars bursting forth slowly. The frost crackling and inching forth until the surface of the eye was encased. Lumikki wasn’t satisfied until her frost was thickened for proper effect. As she enforced her frost she heard a loud click and turned to the right to see the door shifting open. Content with her contribution she turned to the party to see what they had thought of her quick thinking.

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Brone Heavyaxe
Everyone turned to face Lumikki as she placed her hands upon the eye of the left door and used her magic to coat it with a layer of ice, which in turn had caused the right door to open. "Impressive" Gnicholas gave a simple nod to the young mage before he walked forward through the open doorway.

"I had a feeling she's special" Benimaru said with confidence as he floated after the gnome.

"I told ye she holds the blazing fire of the clan's forge!" Brone burst out laughing in excitement as he patted Lumikki on the back, pride swelling within him and showing in his expression as he smiled brightly at her.

Suddenly, the door slid closed as quickly as it opened, separating Brone and Lumikki from Benimaru and Gnicholas. "Oi !" Brone, now concerned if it was a possible trap, had ran to the door and bang a fist against the stone, "I'll get to ye!" he called, hoping the other two heard him as he drew forth Dhurandarin, but before he could swing his axe, the voice of the gnome stopped him once again.

"Don't! The temple is an artifact as a whole! I'll figure out a way back to you, just wait... and don't do anything!" the voice was muffled through the solid stone, but it was enough for Brone and Lumikki to hear. The dwarf groaned in irritation, now that he was asked to wait and not to do anything, which he knew was directed specifically at him. He then looked to his niece a shrugged, wondering how long the gnome would take.


"The World Tarot" Lumikki  Empty Wed May 31, 2023 6:49 pm


Lumikki wasn't pleased that her success was so short lived. The gnome may have insisted on Brone not doing anything but that had nothing to do with her. In her annoyance the temperature of the room was dropping. Least there was no one left to harm in her fits she thought.

Lumikki approached the doors once more ready to pour herself further into the endeavor. If this place needs sight, she ruminated, then surely blindness is still her best bet. She loses nothing on this insistent idea at least.

Hands on both doors now Lumikki growled in her fury. "I won't be made a fool. Oh no, and especially not from some measly doors!" The frost raced from her finger tips, shooting like streaks of lightning across the stone. In her agitation the frost flowers bloomed at alarming rates and grew in thickness rapidly as it incased the doors.

When her fit of anger subsided, Lumikki finally lifted her palms from the door; but before she finished stepping back and catching her breath, a darkness that wasn't hers over took the room.

Though Lumikki could pull darkness from the air and consume it, she could not see very well in it. As she flew in her journey to Paradise Dawn, it could only be done in the day. During the night she would always travel by foot so that she could still travel safely.

Even then this darkness wasn't akin to normal darkness. Least this was all she could surmise in this occurrence. Before she could call out to her uncle to inquire further, something had caught her eye.

In the corner of her vison she caught an orange hue that must of hardly been visible in the light. Her curiosity took over as she walked over to the stray glow. Her fingers traced over the lines as she was studying the shapes. Before she had realized, she was swallowed in the hue and taken to a new room.

Lumikki blinked until her sight was clear once more. What an odd sensation she thought.

The room the young girl found herself in was a vast one. There hardly felt like an end. It was ceaseless as the sky appearing above and the still water below her feet. In the sky were stars and planets, a massive moon over took the celestial, and as above so appeared below. The waters surface reflecting all so that Lumikki felt suspended in a void. A new sensation to take in. Just before her was what looked like a little shrine, or perhaps a monument. it was hard to tell just yet.

It then hit her, as she frantically looked around her uncle was no where to be found. Panic filled her rapidly in her loneness. The ice mage knew not what to do. In her fear a giant ice flower bloomed from beneath her, the water below warping into jagged frozen petals that curled around their caster. Lumikki crumbling in the protection of her ice.

"Uncle Brone, where are you! Uncle! Don't leave me please..." She pleaded to an empty room. With no way out she felt resigned to a fate trapped in this floating space, but a surge of emotion burst forth in her. An inclination to approach the shrine. The sudden displacement into this room shocked her with fear, but her stubborn nature inherited from her precious family now melted over her. The inexperience she had in exploring was becoming more apparent to her. Becoming more aware of her naivety, she felt like a child. All she had done was impulsively give in to all her moods and fits. Her uncle showed how to be so much more. She gritted her teeth from the annoyance in herself and climbed down her frigid blossom.

As she approached the shrine, its features became more apparent, as well as an orange aura. Once she was close enough in view, she saw a tablet on the pedestal surrounded by planets. When she studied the tablet, it depicted a serpent like dragon biting its own tail. In the dragon's coil was a women holding two wands and wearing draping robes. Just above her head was a radiant halo and in the four corners on the tablet were eyes looking in different directions. Placed just before it was a rainbow jewel orb.

Lumikki tilted her head as she processed what she saw. Gnicholas sadly wasn't here to explain what is etched on the stone and now Lumikki also realizes just how unwell read she is. She added it into her mental list to bother the gnome for books so that she could prevent this uselessness again.

"Greetings power of great sight." Lumikki said expecting no response in return.

All four eyes shifted to peer back at her, the gem aglow. The reaction startled the girl.

"I see those on the outside still call me as such, though that is not my true name little one. You may know me as Théama. I have been watching you since you've entered my cave; I'm pleased to see you've found a way into my domain. There is some potential in you indeed if you were able to find the real door." The voice was soft and of a women. She spoke slow and calm, it soothed Lumikki greatly though her words had flustered Lumikki as well.

After a moment Lumikki bowed respectfully to the monument "I don't know what you see in me lady Théama. I'm still a rock unpolished." Lumikki bit her lip lightly as she settled in her insecurities.

"Too soon you forget child that I see more than you know, even to the deepest aspects of your core. I can "see" the coils of darkness closing around you as they drag you under. One of your own and one of another. It will be a long battle to bare, but it would behoove you not to fight it blind. In all the possibilities of which you can become, I feel I want to cultivate the best iteration. Watch how one such as yourself would grow. It has been long since I have encountered one so enshrined in haze as yourself. So easy to think the world ends when one does not see the subsequent paths; I wounder which you would choose if you could."

Lumikki hung on every word the great one spoke trying to understand what she was being told. It was nearly more than she could bear. Her mouth agape as she tried to form a response.

"Think not too hard, I mean you no harm little one. I simply take pity and fascination in you. The choice is yours if you would accept my gift. Would you choose the path of what you see from your own eyes, or that akin to mine. Both possibilities fascinate me."

Lumikki grabbed at her braids as she pondered her decision. Bunching them in her hands. "Before I make my choice, may I know more of ya? I want to know more of a great one who favors me enough to grant me aid."

Théama chuckled at the response from the little ice mage. Thoroughly entertained from her reaction to a gift. "I have existed for much time little Lumikki. I have witnessed the vast and empty void till all collided into the universe you know now. In it I was given form. In it I became the world. I have seen all and will continue to see more. That is my nature. Though at times I feel called to pass on the view as well for the sight must remain present. Too many blinded walk as if they see child. More and more my touch wanes as they look on to others. So in my gift of sight, simply remember for which it comes. Never let the illusions of the world blind or confuse you again as you take your steps towards what is to come. Do you understand me now little one?"

Lumikki nodded as she allowed the words to settle in her mind. This great one insisted in her potential and she refused to falter any longer. "I understand great lady Théama, may you light my path forward. I will never forget you influence for all that I live."

"Very well child, reach for the orb before you. Accept my blessing on your journey."

With full resolve Lumikki reached forward. Grasping the jewel in her left hand she gripped tightly. A warmth radiated from the gem and washed over her in waves. Its orange glow seeping in her palm and traveling to her eyes. She felt the sensation and tingles encompass her head as the magic settled in her.

Squeezing her eyes shut as lights and images flashed rapidly and haphazardly in her vison, overwhelming her senses. It was almost too much to bare, but she refused to crumble. Gritting her teeth she tightened her body, accepting all the visons as they came until finally they had ended. Lumikki blinking her eyes open as she took on the sight before her.

The realm she had been in was gone. The oppressive moon replaced with the dancing lights of an aurora. In the horizon stood the sun, whether dusk or dawn she could not tell. Just beneath  the lights, a massive dragon, scales an assortment of colors and horns akin to branches from a tree. It hovered in the sky coiled, A large woman sitting atop in comfort. Before her a lantern floats bobbing in the air. Two wands in her grip.

Lumikki discerned the woman to be Théama. She fashioned an elegant robe of deep purples. A veil over her face so Lumikki couldn't quite make out her features beyond her lips. Crimson hair peaked out in tendrils from just under and her arms bore many bracelets. Around her waist was a laurel.

Lumikki held the orb tightly to her chest as she looked upon the great one. "My eyes are open," she softly proclaimed.

"Yesss child, they are. I am pleased to see it, you took on the magic well. What a fierce one you are; yes I chose well indeed. Now little Lumikki, you have spent enough time in my company. The gem is yours as well for I have no need."

"It was nice meeting ya lady Théama," Lumikki pouted in the thought of leaving. Coming to enjoy this realm and the lady's influence though she knew she had to part."I hope one day I could be great as you, gift someone something as well that could change their life."

Théama chuckled once more. "I am sure you will find the power to do just that one day, little one. Until then, keep looking at that which is before you."

Lumikki bowed deeply in her adoration. "Thank you," she uttered, but when she rose back up she was in the room with the twin doors once more. Everything appearing perfectly clear as she scanned the room. The darkness obscuring her no more. When she spotted her uncle she ran to embrace him, excited to be reunited in his company once again.

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