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The Chill In The Knight [FPP – Guild Collides]

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Lumikki and Tamas moved through the night until they found themselves in Orchidia. The destination they traveled for since the fires within Woodsea. They were tired from the trip and the events, but this, at least from what they heard, is where the Chaos men are.

The final battle is upon them and all they had to do was finish what they started. Lumikki dragged her feet as she pressed on within the city. Excited to fight but exhausted all the same. She inhaled the darkness around her in hopes it would be refreshing. At least that option was available, and for that, she would always be thankful.

"Let's get this done ye? I feel like we've been at this forever. All I want is for this to be over and enjoying a nice bath. So here is the plan. I see fine in the dark so I'm ta fly ahead. Look out for Chaos men. Ya could try to follow if you like, I'll croak when I find any and ye can strike from there. Of course, if ye choose to stay behind till I return ta lead ya then, it's fine too. Though the sooner we could be done the better." Lumikki sighed as she shifted form, feathers falling away to show a tired bird. She beat her wings and began to take flight.


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Tamás Horvath
He was incredibly glad they got out of that maze. He was unsure how he would've handled that if it were not for Lumikki. So he definitelly appreciated her help in all of this. Now as the night passed, the two would find themselves in Orchidia. Were they heard those Chaos people were. And despite him being tired, he had just enough energy to cut down those enemies. They made his blood boil, so just the sight of them would give him adrenaline to kill.

He was going to make sure he stomps out the last embers of the Chaos guild. Tamas noticed Lumikki and the way she walked and he asked "Are you alright?" he was not sure how exhausted she was.

But Lumikki was a trooper and she wanted to get this done. He does nod and agree, it seems like they were doing this for forever. And she does make a point, it would be nice to go back, have a rest. And even a bath. Hell a bath hasnt even crossed his mind, but now that she mentioned it, he thinks he could use one for the aching muscles. Tamas would curiously look at her as she spoke of a plan. Explaining she sees fine in the dark, so she can go ahead. Tamas nodded. She says she would look for the Chaos men and if he likes he could follow
"I shall do my best to follow your lead then" he said. She transformed back into bird form. Now realizing she might be harder to track since she's a smaller target.
"Stay safe" he said as she flew off. Unsure if she heard him or not



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Lumikki took off into the sky and flew high above the buildings. From her vantage point of above she could the sun ever so slightly poking from the horizon. This would do well to aid Tamas in seeing as he fought but made the work of sneaking that much harder. Not like it would benefit him, she supposed. She should have known better than to consider the plan at all. The way it was looking to Lumikki, the sun should rise enough by thirty minutes to light the way for Tamas. Many of the street lamps were still lit from the night so the streets were fairly visible. Though Lumikki's black feathers melted into the darkness making her fairly hard to spot still.

She scoped the way within a twenty-meter diameter, keeping things close at first. Spotting a group of four at Rugbur Street and another five on Elm Ave. Lumikki croaked into the air slow and clear the number of times for the people she saw, alerting Tamas of the news and granting him an idea of the direction before returning to lead him properly. By the time they arrived at one of the roads she's spotted the men, it should be day out.


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Tamás Horvath
Bird Lumikki would lead the way and be the good scout. He'd follow her to the best of his capabilities. It was tricky but he was managing it. This Chaos thing left him fatigue, from the initial travel to Rush Valley, the first battle, the helping of civillians, the burned forest and the maze. He went through a lot. What would've been an easy battle was going to become a challenge.

She caw cawed to let him know of the enemy and numbers. He assumed the amount of times she cawed was a number and the direction she was looking where they were. While they didnt really decide how to communicate such things, he took those as contextual clues.

Lumikki the demon bird led him to where she saw the foes. By the time they arrived, it was first light. The sign of dawn and he saw the foes on the horizon. Tamas placed his hand infront of her, while he was ahead. He was in a defencive and protective manner
"Stay back. You are exhausted. Rest easy" and with that he went ahead alone to fight these enemies, even outnumbered. He drew his blade to initiate battle and end these people quickly



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Lumikki prepared to move forward along with Tamas into the fight but he told her to stand back in rest. She was taken aback since there were so many and much to do but if he insisted then she would be ok with it. She shifted back into her woman and snapped her fingers, black slick ice rose to make her a seat. Lumikki sat down crossing her legs and twirled her fingers within a nearby shadow, ripping the dark into ribbons and slurping them up like noodles.

For the moment as Lumikki rested, she closed her eyes while munching on her dark flavorful noodles. Thinking back on how long the last two days have been since the alert of the attack. She grew an appreciation for the guild she's entered knowing how adamant they are to protect the North, and it filled her with pride to fight alongside them.

"Perhaps in time you'll mean even more for the North than any of them?" Lumikki heard the voice speak within her thoughts once more and entertained her company as she sat back. "I don't have the urge to surpass them so much as I want ta be among them. Reach the heights they had and feel good in it."

"You are so humble in your ambitions for someone as hungry as you are. Though it's something I love about you. You don't let the Obscura mar you as deeply as it could." Lumikki snaps her fingers to make a leg rest and got herself more comfortable. Leaning back the furthest she could go before nearly laying down."Cause I refuse to lose myself, especially to him. Did you handle the dimwitted raven?"

"Oh, I snapped his neck and ate him long ago. No one but me needs to occupy your mind Lumi." Lumikki created a shade for herself with her dark frost and finally opened up her eyes just enough to look at Tamas' battle. If he should need her, or at least be offered an advantage from her magic, she would be ready.


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Tamás Horvath
Tamas fought the enemies he saw. He allowed Lumikki to rest and decided to pull his weight. He fought them and slashed them and stabbed them. Despite the numbers, he would make short work of them. Granted it was not as fast as one would if they were a team of two. But he got the work done.

He looked towards Lumikki to see how she was doing. He was glad to see that she was resting. He walked over to her and said "We may proceed. I hope you enjoyed the show" considering she watched, he hoped she was at least enjoying herself when she can. But now he was ready to continue on.

He was fairly exhausted as he had no time to rest. But he couldnt even waste time to whine or fall back being weak. He had to push himself and press on with their mission



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Lumikki stretched her arms and back hard while softy screeching. Being off her feet and wings for a moment helped her refresh tremendously. She looked over to the massive city and sighed. There was just so much to do and comb over. They were only by the entrance but she knew most of the Chaos men would be much further in.

She pointed to the seat fashioned by ice. "Tamas there is a lot to do," she looked over to him, "Sit, rest. Ya need it just as much I did. We'll meet back at the center." Lumikki grinned, she was excited to get this over with. She finished of her stretches as the shadows around were pulled toward her. Mixing with her dark frost to form six wings. The lower most were the biggest while the top two were hardly of use. She kicked off into the air to find more victims.

It took her a bit to find more contenders this time, she's wondering if last time was luck and she caught them on the way out. She had to go much deeper than she thought. Just before the center. As she glided forward children running just below caught her eye. Just around the corner ran a massive hound, sliding as it made the hard turn. "Stay hidden behind me!" Lumikki said as grounded herself immediately just between them and stomped the ground. A black iced wall jutted just before her and the dog slammed right into it. A whine escaped its mouth as it crash and it took a bit to stabilize. Lumikki let the wall fall as who she figured was the owner finally waltz in the scene.

Before he let out a word she clasped her hand, a tendril wrapped around the hound and squeezed it had before slamming into it into the ground and tossing it back to the man. Struck with his dog he was pushed back, nearly falling to the ground from the impact. Lumikki had no patience to play with the man after setting the mutt on the kids. She crossed her arms, dark shards of ice forming behind and uncrossed them sent the ice daggers forward pelting the man. He fell to the side for good.

Lumikki let go of the hold of her darkness, her wings dissipating in the air as she turned around to look for the kids. Mindfully softening up her features as she did and putting on her sweetest smile. She didn't have to search long as she could somewhat hear the sniffling and cry of one of the children. It was coming from the between the buildings. Lumikki approached slowly, humming at first a song her Nan taught her before softly singing the words. Her stride over there was smooth and non threatening. Crouching at the opening to make herself smaller, even though she's the smallest of the guild. She softly finished her song.

"Hi lil ones!~ Big sis Lumi here to protect you. Mind following me till we find a safe place for ya? The little ones buried themselves deep into the darkness thinking it would hide them, and would from anyone other than herself. She saw their teary faces clearly, two little girls no older than maybe eight years old. "What's you names little ones?" The two girls were still shaken and so they didn't budge. Lumikki pouted but she didn't relent. She stood back up and walked back so she was well lit. She twirled as black feathers floated around her in a spiral before smothering her form and obscuring her. What hopped out the cluster was a small raven. She slowly approached the little ones in this form that it wouldn't dare scare them. Softly humming her song from before as she did as she walked and stopped before them. "What are your names sweet ones?" Lumikki cocked her raven head as she asked.

The girls wear easing in her presence and patience. One slowly reaching out to pet Lumikki and feel her feathers. When there was no reaction from Lumikki who accepting the touch, the other girl reached out too. Wincing just before pushing forward and petting Lumikki anyway. Lumikki walked in further and the girls embraced her.


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Tamás Horvath
He saw that his daemonic partner in questing was well rested which was good. But suddenly she made a chair of ice, or was it there or already and he just hadnt noticed it yet? Well either way there was a chair made of ice and she told him to rest. His head tilted to the side
"I cannot" he appreciated her gesture. But despite being exhausted and having aching muscles and bones and fatigue. He had to push himself on to improve and build that strength and stamina. He will become weak if he gets coddled and being handled an easy life. A warrior struggles and overcomes that struggle. Besides theres nothing a relaxing shower cant fix post battle

He watched as Lumikki formed 6 wings. This was not something he ever saw. Anywho she flew up to find more victims. He looked down and at the ice chair for a brief moment and spoke to it "No" and walked away from it. He would cover Lumikki like a good partner

Granted with Lumikki being ahead because of her well rested wings, she was able to be faster than him and deal with threats before he arrives. He had no strength to run and just focused on walking and keeping up with her. He was gonna be the late backup. He noticed that both of them had to go much deeper than they anticipated. And ahead, it seems like just before the center that she flew down. Something was clearly happening there. He saw in the distance a black icy wall.

Tamas would go there as he saw something was happening. By the time he did arrive, Lumikki had defeated whoever was there. He saw Lumikki dismissing her wings and giving one of the sweetest smiles to the children. He did not wish to intrude on the moment and just kept his distance from them. He didnt want to distract Lumikki from calming the kids. He didnt want to scare the kids. But he also didnt want to worry Lumikki as why the fuck was he here and not resting way back over there with that accursed ice chair.

He watched as she transformed into a raven for some reason. Curiosly wondering why, but he was a bit too far to hear what was happening and merely observing. He watched as the children relaxed in her presence and patted her. And it was an overall a heartwarming scene. One he did not wish to intrude. So he decided to go another way and slice up any Chaos men that he walked into. Luckily they were still somewhat easy to cut down as he was fairly ruthless in his approach. Tamas knew how to disperse and ration his stamina for long campaigns such as this one.



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As Lumikki let the girls find comfort in petting her, some thing moving caught her keen eye. Focused on the apparent danger before and the consoling of the two little girls, she didn't pay much too all around her. Though very little escapes her eyes and so she tried to figure out who it would be. Squinting when she finally processed it was that iron golem of hers. This deep into the city no less. Lumikki was upset, the fool didn't bother to rest at all and now he thinks he could continue fighting in an exhausted state. She would pinch the bridge of her nose if she were not in raven form. Though that and reprimanding the Titian will have to come later. For now she needs to watch the little ones and find them a point of safety.

"Now sweet girls, what may I call ye?" She looked back onto the girls as she spoke, most of the tears were nearly dried up. Seems she's was successful in calming them somewhat. "I'm Meredith and this is Odette," the girl closest to Lumikki had answered. She nodded at their introduction and started walking out from the gap, beckoning them to join her and shifting back into her woman form. "Ya can call me Lumi, and I shall be your big sis as we make our way back." The little girls walked over to her and hugged her sides. Lumikki caressed their heads gently before grabbing their hands and walking. She figured more troublesome opponents would be found toward the center, so she decided to take the girls east to see if she could find residents who would take them. Sides, Lumikki thought to herself as she sighed, that was the direction she noticed Tamas taking. Perhaps if she followed him, Tamas could happen to cut down most of the dangers for her without realizing he was assisting her in escorting the little ones. She could also meet him toward the end when she dropped him off.


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#10Tamás Horvath 

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Tamás Horvath
It wasnt the first time that he was exhausted and that his muscles were achin. But what kind of a warrior would he be if he just sat there away from the action and did nothing. In order to become great or in order to become a leader. One must push his own body to their very limit. Because there will be times where you cant sit on your tushie and have a 5 minute break. And no one would look up to a weak leader. Maybe if they were elderly, but thats because they were wise. But he was too young for such. To prove his worth, he had to go beyond his own limits. He can just sleep the next day off.

He would press on and occaassionally encounter some of the Chaos men enemies. He would cut them down, perhaps a bit too brutally for the small girls. But he didnt know someone would be behind him. And his exhaustion caused him to forsake any grace and strategy and just brute force it on the most brutal of ways possible.
Tamas would continue to fight on. Though taking some damage due to exhaustion and not being able to block or counter in time. His armour mitigated some damage. But nevertheless, damage was damage. Tho for 1 stab to his side, the other person would get a swift beheading with his blade.
He had to press on and complete this mission. Occassionally he'd stop and stab his sword to the ground so he can stop and hold on to it while he catches his breath. Although such pause would be brief. 1 or 2 minutes tops. He felt he could never stop and rest until the mission is done. He wondered where Lumikki was, he hoped she was ok



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"That cloud looks like a kitty," said Odette. She pointed with enthusiasm as she felt she found the best cloud to show off in the sky. "The doesn't look like any kitty I've seen," Meredith retorted as she scoffed before sticking out her tongue. "Look there, that one looks like a horse, way better than any kitty." Odette looked toward where Meredith was pointing. Squinting hard as she could and even tilting her head to see if she could make out the horse Meredith insisted was there. She genuinely give her the benefit of the doubt be she wasn't any more convinced of the horse as Meredith was for the kitty.

Lumikki had the girls look up into the sky and play games. Trying to see who can find the best and most pretty clouds in the sky. It kept the girls active and their heads turned up from the littered bodies on the ground. There were much carnage and cut-down corpses littered everywhere. Just as she thought, Tamas more than likely went down this path. He saved her a lot of work keeping the little ones safe as she escorted them out. Though that never meant Lumikki eased off her guard for a moment. Constantly eyeing all around her to make sure no one would get the jump on them.

"I really don't see it, Meredith. Where is this horse in the clouds?" Odette was keen on making out the shape in the least. Though Meredith would only vaguely point off to the side, a general gist of a cluster of clouds. She looked so confident as she did so like Odette was just daft for not seeing it. Poor Odette who didn't want to lose decided on giving in instead. "Ooooh, I see it now," she lied to appease her friend. Whatever to save herself from needless tears. The girls getting bored of the sky were starting to move their attention. Lumikki conjured some of her black snow before they could be started by the bodies.

The soft flurry brought them a lot of joy and excitement. Quickly taking their attention back from the ground. "Lumi when I grow up, I want to be a mage too!" Meredith yelled out as she was trying to chase and eat the snow. To her surprise, it tasted much like normal snow, but the black flakes were much prettier. "What kinda mage do ya think you'd wanna be lass? Many out there exist, any magic you'd want could probably be yours." Both Meredith and Odette thought it over before exclaiming their answers. Odette the tender and lovely girl decided she'd want powers of nature. That way she could help her mommy tend the garden. Meredith exclaimed how that was such a waste, as she wanted powers over the stars so that she could be one herself. Before they could get into another fight Lumikki chimed in.

"Oh those are some lovely choices. Can't wait to see ya'll magic when ye grow up. Be sure to join my guild one day if ye do." Lumikki blew into her hands and squeezed her palms. Her dark frost nearly bursting out of her hands, she let it sit before opening them up again. finished the works of ice she was making as she was trying to carefully get the details right.

Handing over a lovely black bellflower to Odette and a beautiful black shining star to Meredith. Bpth girls took their gifts hungrily into their hands. Marveling deeply at the details Lumikki so caringly put in them. They held the little ice figures like treasures, comparing the beauty of their own gift to that of the other.


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#12Tamás Horvath 

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Tamás Horvath
After some amount of carving up a path, he'd stop. He assumes he managed to cut down everyone. He wondered to himself "Is it over?" he sighed as he finally was able to lower his guard. He stabbed his sword to the ground once more so he can rest and hold himself up as if it was a makeshift walking stick. He was unaware that Lumikki and two children were behind him. But with his rest, the girly trio would manage to catch up to him.

Tamas would finally notice them and he'd be in a mix of shock, awe and wonder as he'd notice Lumikki with the two children. He was so out of breath and so flabbergasted that he didnt even say anything. He'd just stare at them. If he didnt have his helm on right now, his expression would surely be priceless.
He merely managed to shake his head and think to himself "I need a drink"
He'd look at Lumikki and the two children and try to inspect to see if they are alright. But judging by the daemon girls expression, she was not happy with him for some reason. He merely tilted his head in confusion as to what he did to earn her ire.
Was it about the bodies he left in his wake because she was looking after the children. Which by the way, it just occured to him, she has children. Where did those come from and how are they in this guild hunting and killing equation. Ok, now he was just confused more than ever at what was going on.
And he hoped that Lumikki would be the first one to say anything, because boy was he out of breath and his throat was getting rather parched



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Things were progressing smoothly and the three were getting close to the end. Making the walk instead of flying especially as she escorted the little ones, made this trip exponentially long. Lumikki hated being on her feet like this, but carrying them would be too much to muster.

As the girls were walking in front of her, mumbling about their plans and goals of becoming mages, Lumikki would keep looking around. Just because Tamas cleared a path, it would not mean it would stay that way for long. Though for the most part the trip as been silent, albeit a little gruesome with all the corpse. But lumikki kept the young girls fairly distracted and excited, so the surroundings would just fade from their attention.

Yet nothing was guaranteed to be easy she thought as she happened to hear something from the air. She turned her head to see something crash in a building near by. "Mhac na galla...," she groaned to herself. They were so close to making a clean escape. She sighed an aggressively rubbed her face. Mentally preparing a plan as fast as she could muster. The two little girls were panicked from the loud sound and clung to her legs. She gentle patted their legs and crouched down to eye level. "Big sis gots ta get to work real quick. Mind hidin for me till I call out for ya?" Lumikki spoke to them soft and sweetly, soothing the girls just enough to do as she'd ask. Tucking themselves away in the gap of the buildings. She would watch as they hid, looking lovingly and calm as she did, only to look back at the crash site with pure contempt on her face. She glared in that direction until the intruder finally managed to dig themself out. A massive man with wings crawled out the rubble, rubbing his head to relieve the pain. He didn't even notice she was there until he happened to look away. Startled at first to see someone just standing there and staring but he began to laugh soon after. "Aren't you brave, don't see the need to run away do ya. I wonder then does that mean your up for a fight? Kill on sight were my orders little girl, sucks for you that I happened to fall your way." He was thoughtfully amuse from his find, thinking he found a girl to toy with before he killed her. This made it so much easier for Lumikki to empty her ire.

She cocked her head back as she laughed in relief. This confused the man and got him somewhat annoyed. Before he could open his mouth to annoy her further, Lumikki already shifted in form, her wings materializing in an instant just before she kicked on the ground and darted to him. He was caught off guard he could even fly, closing his wings to shield from the blow. She changed her trajectory slight in the last second, flying just to the side of him. Her arms were crossed as she took off and she uncrossed them as she made her turn. Black shards materilized in the air and shot forward, striking the man in his unguarded sides. He winced from the pain and coughed up blood from the damage. As Lumikki made distance she clutched the air before her, a black tendril slammed at the man and force him down. He wouldn't stay down for long even though the blow was strong. Before she could turn back around to face him, he dart back at her. Lumikki would notice just as she was going to turn over, opting to fly backwards instead. She was gonna channel a spell to toss at him but he wouldn't give her a chance. He grabbed at her wrist and forced her to fly downward. She barely had the time to cut the momentum angle her wings to change direction, clipping a building and she flew past and almost losing a wings.

"Tolla-thon!" She grumbled loudly. She was losing her patience now. The man found himself laugh at her frustration. "You have way more fight in you than I thought little birdie! Way more fun than the other girls I tore apart." He wiped his lip of the blood he coughed, more amused than angry now.

Lumikki took the moment he allowed her to inhale deeply. Icing her emotions so that she wouldn't be anymore reckless than needed. She was alone right now and only she knew where the little ones were. She sighed deeply and mentally prepared. Pulling back into the cold within.

Then before the man could run her down again, she would snap. Her frigid cold chasing done the man who was not far off. Chilling him before he could move, sapping him of strength and speed. He didn't like the feeling of it, but as he darted for her again he couldn't match anyway near the speed he had before. Now he was getting angry. "Hey! What kinda cheap trick is this?!" He spun in place kicking up the wind nearby. The vortex threatening to drag her in but a black tendril held her down. She told the moment to charge a vortex of her own, her bitter frost nebula in her palming slowly picking up speed. Just before he would cut his tornado, she would send her spell out. The wind speeding up her attack. A he finally was still it would cut into him, the force and speed splitting him in too. His body falling to the floor with a thud. Lumikki relaxed her grip and dissipated her tendril. Taking to moment to breathe easy before meeting back with the girls.

She would walk them further in only to see Tamas in the distance leaning on his sword. Her anger spilling out of her all over again, blazing anew.



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#14Tamás Horvath 

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Tamás Horvath
As he did hear a crash in the back. He'd look behind him and see Lumikki face up against a mage of the enemy guild. It looks like he missed a guy or perhaps that was the last man to arrive. He wondered if this was the Chaos Eclipse guilds guild master. He would like to imagine it was. It would give off a more satisfying ending to their guild knowing Lumikki got to be the one to end him.

Even though he was at his wits end, he raised his sword and walked over to the battlefield where she was. He was not going to interfere, but would be there just in case she needs to watch her back.
As he would near his battle partners location, he would see two children hiding and being afraid.

As the two would see him, they'd get frightened, but Tamas said "Be not afraid" in the least friendly and most monotone manner. The man had no way to deal with children. Still he picked them up both whether they wanted to be picked up or not. He placed one on his shoulders giving her a piggy back ride, and the other he would hold in his hand. Because his sword in two handed though, he could not hold it up for battle as the blade was too heavy. Instead he'd drag it down. And worst case scenario, he could just smash in someones face with a pommel.

The kids thought he was a bad guy, but Tamas would calm them and say he was on the same side as Lumikki, the girl that the kids clearly admired. Which did calm them down, but still made them a bit weary of Tamas. Which was reasonable. He wasnt the friendlist guy like she was.

"Come now, we must make some distance from battle. We would not like to distract her and become a liability" he said as he made his retreat.
Before he could've been close to offer support for Lumikki, but considering he had children. Tamas had less mobility due to the extra weight the children gave him. And the movement restriction of not being able to effectively use his weapon. He would just be a hindereance to Lumikki at this point with the kids. So he had to move them away somewhere safer. Lumikki can thank him later.

On the bright side, the kids were easing up more to him seeing as he did place his well being above who knows what. The kids saw he really did mean no harm, despite lacking social skills.
Although they did start to ask him questions all hyper and excited. Asking him is he a Knight or where he'd get the armour. And Tamas like a grumpy parent would try to answer their questions. They would even ask if he was guild mates with Lumikki to which he'd nod. And then asking him all sorts of other things. Tamas would lose track of things. So he would tell them that the two should rest as this was quite the day for them.

And for Tamas it has been who knows how long. Several days perhaps. It felt like it. He was glad he encountered Lumikki during his journey, because he was not sure how he would deal with that forest fire. He was certain he would eventually solve the maze, just not as quick as her. And here? Well he would muster up the strength to fight everyone. But her help was still appreciated. He only wished he could be able to show her his appreciation without making it seem as if he's interested in her. For some reason many people jump to that conclusion. But that was for later. Tamas was now focusing on getting these kids safe. He was sure they snuffed out the last remnants of Chaos Eclipse. But he would have a word with Lumikki about it to see what she thinks

In any case, upon safe distance, he'd watch her battle the enemy and end him properly. He was glad she had the catharsis to take out her emotions on that guy. He was sure they were in the clear. He would smile to her, although as per usual he'd forget he has a helmet so she couldnt see his happy expression. But he was glad she was done with the fight. It meant that they won. Their guild won. And he guesses the people are safe, but he doesnt care about the people. It was about them


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