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Black Bird Bandit Act

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Lumikki was running in toward the new settlement that Zimnur told her of. He wanted her to attack, but keep it restrained. The little raven figured it a fun challenge to learn how to hold back. More so she could try certain things that she never got to do. And so she runs to the first tower dressed up as a bandit, Tenevi would join her disguised as well.

The two were swift, though Lumikki would wish to be faster. They set out for the first and second tower, to fight at once, joining together again at the third. They planned their route a day ago, after Lumi’s ravens fed her the information she needed.

Now it was time to get to work, all to put on a believable show for the one named Zimnur. She did not particularly care for him, but it was hard not to find his desire funny. Such a weak and cowardice man wanted to become a leader? Why wouldn’t the Demon help grant him his wish, if for anything at all, to see how it would all come crumbling down in time. After all, she wouldn’t be around to babysit together, and didn’t care to have a man like him serving her. No, this was a task to build something up that in time would come crashing down, and she hopped she would be around to see it.

” I’ll be heading off now.” Tenevi would utter before splitting off to run elsewhere. All things were easily going to plan, and soon she would be approaching her tower.

Most of her steps were muffled, but just enough noise would escape. Not like it surrendered her position entirely. The noise would echo from all around. She jumped toward the tower and dashed up the wall. By the time she was at its end, she leapt once more as she formed an ice dagger in hand. The Neko look out was aware Lumi was around, but the attack came faster than she could react to at first. The watcher could barely react fast enough to escape the attack as Lumi slashed downward as she fell back down. But the Demoness didn’t let up, as she threw her diminishing dagger to the side, she opened her arms. A magical circle would flash before her before black ice shards would shoot out. Cutting through the air as they hungrily flew for the watcher. The Neko looker couldn’t recover from the backward lunge, getting pelted with the shards. Lumi held back on the power she put into the spell, letting the Neko live but just get knocked out.

” Off to the next…” She’s utter while she readjusted her Frost Monarch Concealment. The mask slipped a bit out of place in the frenzy of her moment.

Lumikki would look off to tower two, not dashing for her next destination until she saw a burst of darkness shoot into the sky from where Teveni. A sigh that her companion was done with her work as well.

So off she went, dashing for the next place. Tenevi would manage to reunite with the Demoness just before they could converge on the last tower. Just as she had before, the two would dash up. Both raining their dark shards toward the watcher and taking them out fast.

” This should do it…” Lumi sighed, she was bored but playing shinobi was fun. She’ll keep these movements and strategy in mind for later. ” Now let us allow the fool to catch us…”

The three would meet in the spot promised. Zimnur as bold and bashful as ever, playing heavily to the power he wished to emulate, albeit a bit too heavy handed. The three would play the dance and ham up the performance. Just in time for the others to show up and offer assistance. But they were not needed as their leader would win.

Tenevi would escape but Lumi would stay behind, fallen to the ground as if she was fainted. But after she was tied up, smoke like darkness would obscure the scene, while a raven no one could hardly notice flies out.

Later Tenevi would return to pick up the reward. A task Lumi didn’t care to do.

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